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9 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You: Decoding Their Actions And Intentions

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You were in a relationship. Like any other relationship, you faced ups and downs. But you still managed to stay together, loving each other. But then, one day, you had an issue that had no solution. And you two broke up.

After months you suddenly get a text from your ex that leaves you wondering, “Why, after all these months are they contacting me?”

Well, there can be two reasons behind your ex-girlfriend’s or ex-boyfriend’s sudden comeback.

They might have gone past all the hard feelings they had for you. They are sorry for whatever bad had happened between the two of you.

The other reason could be that they want to know if you have gotten over them or still have feelings for them.

If you find yourself in such a situation, worry not. I have shared some clear signs your ex is testing you.

Sureshot Signs Your Ex is Testing You to See if You Still Have Feelings For Them

Sureshot Signs Your Ex is Testing You to See if You Still Have Feelings For Them

When you are in a happy relationship, the world seems beautiful. You feel like you are the happiest person in the whole world.

But your world goes upside down when things don’t work out with your partner, and you break up with them.

You spend days and nights crying, wondering what went wrong.

Breakups are difficult. And it takes plenty of time to heal.

But things become even more difficult when you finally accept your break up, decide to move on, and receive a text or call from your ex the next day.

You wonder why they are contacting you after so many days or months. Are they testing you?

And that is what I am going to discuss here. I have compiled a list of the most definite signs your ex is testing you.

Have a look!

1. They Remind You of the Happy Times You Had Together

They Remind You of the Happy Times You Had Together

What is your ex talking about now that they have called or texted you? Are they reminding you about the lovey-dovey moments you have had?

If so, what’s the point?

You have broken up with each other, moved on, and are now happy in your own life. So, why would they talk about the times you were together, no matter how good they were?

It could mean that they want to test how you react. They will think you still miss them if you say something positive. So, think before you say anything.

You should be first clear about your ex’s intention.

2. They Ask You For Your Help

They Ask You For Your Help

Has your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend called you to ask you for your help?

It is a clear sign that they are testing your loyalty.

This help can be about anything. Asking for your help means your ex still trusts you and thinks that you are the one who can bring them out of whatever situation they find themselves in.

It also means that they are still not over you and want to see if you are on the same page with them.

It doesn’t always mean they are taking advantage of you or have some other need.

3. They Ask You About Your Current Love Life

They Ask You About Your Current Love Life

Does your ex ask you about your current relationship? Do they ask you if you are happy in that relationship?

If you lie to them about your happiness, they will know you’re lying, as they know you well.

Also, they will know if you lie to them about being in a relationship when you are not.

They will know what exact questions to ask, as you were in a relationship with them earlier, and they know what ticks you.

Now, the question is, “Why would they ask you about your current relationship?”

They want to see if they still occupy a place in your heart.

4. They Text You From Fake Accounts

They Text You From Fake Accounts

It’s a very childish thing, no doubt. But many of us have done it at some point or the other.

Was it you who broke up? What reason did you give? Did you tell your ex-partner you’re struggling to find time for the relationship?

Then your ex can text you from a different account to test you and see what your response is.

They may flirt with you and even want to go on a date to see if you agree. And if you agree, they may show up at the location to confront you and ask why you lied all this while.

So, if you receive a friend request or text from an unknown number after your breakup, be cautious. Maybe it’s your ex trying to test you.

5. They Play Mind Games With You

They Play Mind Games With You

Was your ex a narcissist?

Then the chances are that they will play mind games with you.

These narcissists start by buying expensive gifts, taking you to fancy restaurants, and doing romantic things for you. And when you say “yes” to the relationship, that is when they show their true colors with their nasty behavior.

A person with such behavior doesn’t leave you at peace even after your relationship ends.

They may try the same process of love bombing again to show that they haven’t gotten over you. And when you give in, they will start behaving badly with you to give food to their ego. After all, they are testing your feelings for them.

So, no matter your feelings for this person, stay away from them for your mental peace. Remember, you need to love yourself first.

6. They Stalk You on Social Media

They Stalk You on Social Media

Social media is where you can know all about someone if you want. And that too, from the comfort of your home, with a few clicks.

Yes, it’s that simple these days.

So, if your ex wants to test you, they may stalk you on all your social media profiles – from Facebook to Instagram.

You might get back-to-back notifications of your ex liking your pictures, commenting on your videos, or reacting to your Instagram stories.

They do this to see how you react, which means commenting and reacting to their social media posts.

And if you do, they will feel confirmed that you still have feelings for them and will try to enter your life again.

And if you don’t, they may try another strategy to get your attention or leave you alone.

7. They Test Your Loyalty

They Test Your Loyalty

Your ex can test your loyalty when they want to return to your life.

Did you two separate because of your ex’s bad habits, such as wasting money on buying expensive things they don’t need and then borrowing huge amounts of money from you to meet their unnecessary demands?

It’s just an example. A bad habit can be anything that affects your relationship.

So, one day, one of your mutual friends comes to you and says they are no longer friends with your ex. And they give the same reason – the reason behind your breakup.

They keep saying nasty things about your ex.

Well, this can be a sign your ex is testing you. That friend could be a decoy, which your ex sent to check out our reaction.

If you remain quiet and say nothing bad about your ex, they will know you’re loyal to your ex. And the next thing your ex may do is want to get back into your life.

8. They Pretend to Move On

They Pretend to Move On

Now, this is another sign your ex is testing you.

Has your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend been calling and texting you several times a day since your breakup? What did you do? Did you attend to the call, or did you not respond?

If you didn’t answer and they suddenly stopped calling or texting you, it’s a clear sign that they want to test your feelings for them.

No matter how difficult it is for them to not talk to you anymore or how hard they cry for you every night, they don’t want to spill the beans to you.

If they suddenly stop communicating with you, it could mean they are trying to see how you react. They want you to worry for them. They want you to think that they have moved on.

And if you take the bait and text them asking if everything is okay, they will know they still have a second chance to come into your life.

9. They Try to Make You Jealous

They Try to Make You Jealous

One of the greatest signs your ex wants to test you is that they try to make you jealous.

Has your ex posted pictures with someone of the opposite sex on their social media profiles? Are those pictures a bit steamy?

It can be your ex’s way of testing you. Now you may ask, “How?”

Well, they are trying to see if you are jealous. They can’t see your reaction in real time after seeing those pictures. So, they will make it a point to go to places where they know you often frequent with that person of the opposite sex.

You may be disconcerted to see your ex with someone else. And then, when your eyes meet, your ex may stop and talk to you so that they can see your reaction closely.

If they don’t understand what they are looking for, the chances are that they will call you after going home. They want to see if you ask them about that person of the opposite sex.

And if you ask, they will be pretty sure that you still haven’t gotten over them, so they will try new ways to return to your life.


A lot of things go on in our minds when we break up. The first few days after the breakup are seemingly hard.

You are left with a lump in your throat. You feel hurt and angry and have many unanswered questions about what went wrong.

No matter the reason for your breakup, you may feel drawn toward your ex once you are over the initial feeling of frustration. That is when you may think of getting back together if you still have feelings for your ex.

The same goes for your ex. If your ex still has feelings for you and wants to know if you feel the same, they will try to test you using the ways mentioned above.

So, have you witnessed any of the signs mentioned? Let me know in the comments!

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