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10 Best Places To Meet Men In Their 30s

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So, you are single. You are in your thirties and would like to meet men of a similar age, or at a point in your life where a man in his thirties is what you are looking for. You find yourself meeting guys who are not quite in the thirty-something group. And you may currently at a loss as to where you can meet good, quality thirty-something men.

When you become of dating age and are single and ready to mingle, the big question you had was: “How and where can I meet single guys?” As you enter your thirties and are single or have found yourself newly single again, the big question now turns into this: “How and where can I meet single, quality, thirty-something men?”

In your thirties, typical dating routes such as Tinder or social media DMs, or online dating may not really lead to the kind of men you are looking for. Going to bars and drinking out may also turn out to be disappointing. 

But worry not, because actually, with a little mindfulness and a few smart tweaks, you’ll be able to up your chances of finding the type of man you are dreaming of! These best places to meet men in their 30s. Can you help lead you to the right kind of man for you at this time of your life! With the right locations and the right mindset, you’ll find yourself meeting those seemingly elusive thirty-something singles in no time!

Where To Meet Thirty Something Men

Thirty Something Men

These 10 best places to meet men in their 30s can lead you to the man of your dreams!

1. Happy Hours In Good, Upscale Establishments

If you are looking to men quality men in their 30s, then a great and super fun way to do that would be to go to happy hour! Happy hour is something that many guys (and gals!) go to and something we all tend to enjoy more as we mature and get older. Think working men who are looking to unwind and relax after a long day at the office or who want to celebrate a career accomplishment!

To make sure that you will be more inclined to meet driven, career-oriented thirty-somethings, choose bars and rests in more established areas — maybe lean towards a business district instead of a college town, for example. Location is key because every pub or bar caters to a particular crowd, and so going to classier, more upscale places that are situated near offices and the like will up your chances of mingling with the kind of men you are looking for.

2. Engage And Immerse Yourself In Hobbies

Here’s a simple logic: If you are on the lookout for men who are in the thirty somethings age group, then a great tip would be to engage in hobbies that are geared towards that particular age group. If you start joining things like Pokemon Go meetups and the like, you can’t be surprised if most guys you encounter there are in their twenties or even younger! Age-appropriate hobbies are key.

Wondering what kind of hobbies would cater more to men in their thirties? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Try attending art galleries or events that are immersed in culture and the arts.
  • Try becoming involved in charities and attending fundraisers and charitable functions.
  • Try attending “meet up” events that are geared towards singles in their thirties.
  • Engage in more travel! Skip the spring break to Miami Beach or Cancun and opt to explore destinations that attract a more versatile, mature, and cultured crowd.
  • Try exploring seminars that are for business and entrepreneurship or empowerment and self-actualization.
  • Try going to sporting events such as tennis and go.
  • If or artsy and cultural events like the ballet

Aside from upping your chances of meeting quality, thirty-something men, engaging in hobbies and goals for yourself will be a great reflection on you as well. It shows to the men you meet there that you’ve got your life together and you have different passions and interests, which makes you more attractive to quality men.

3. Attend Events Or Go To Places Where You Have To Get All Dressed Up

Attend Events Or Go To Places Where You Have To Get All Dressed Up

Parties and celebrations will always have interesting individuals in attendance. People will always flock towards a fun event or gathering. But it is important to remember that when it comes to these shindigs, the type of event matters when it comes to finding the right kind of man for you.

The fact is that parties, events, or functions that call for a more dressed up, put-together dress code will generally attract an older, more mature crowd. A lot of these types of events usually have tickets that you’ve got to procure and pay for, which younger individuals won’t be inclined to shell out money to get. And gatherings like these are more formal and have more of a cultured, upscale air — which is something that thirty-somethings will gravitate towards.

4. Alumni Events And Gatherings

Think about it: The term “alumni” typically refers to people who have graduated from a university or school or were once part of an organization or institution. So when there are alumni gatherings, the attendees would generally be in the older, more mature age group — such as men who are in their thirties!

Here are a few ideas of alumni gatherings that you can explore:

  • Alumni school parties — whether it be your university alma mater, or even if you choose to attend other university parties.
  • Alumni fraternity shindigs — you can opt to check out gatherings for fraternities or other groups
  • Alumni sports watching events — Usually, when a collegiate team or the like is good at a certain sport, there are usually watch parties for games held by alumni. Or they can organize watch events for games they have a shared interest in.
  • Alumni institution parties — Those who used to be part of a company or an organization often hold gatherings to see each other again and catch up. 

5. Right At The Workplace

Right At The Workplace

At your place of employment, you usually encounter individuals who also work there or are associated with the company that are around the same age group, i.e., in their thirties. So yes, this is a place where the probability is very high that you’ll meet quality, career-driven thirty-something men.

A word of caution to keep in mind though: Practice caution at appropriate behavior. Some companies have certain policies which you have to familiarize yourself with when it comes to inter-office relationships. Also, be prudent with who you choose to be friendly with or associate with, and mind your actions in the office, as to avoid gossip.

But yes, it’s true that there are many who find love and long-term relationships in the workplace. Spending a lot of time together and having a shared interest can really help to form a bond. And since you are around them a lot, you already have an idea of his personality and his goals. That’s already an advantage from having to meet and get to know a person from scratch because these men are not really strangers to you anymore.

6. Live Concerts And Music Events

Any event that has live music in it is sure to draw a crowd. But again, here’s an instance where you have to exercise good judgment and be particular with the type of music the event showcases. A concert or music event that features artists or types of music that aren’t geared towards the thirty-something crowd but rather younger will usually have an attendance of men that are not in the category you are looking for.

Make an effort to think about the kind of music and artists that appeal towards men who are in their thirties. Bands that they probably grew up with, or jazz clubs, or established artists whose songs are catered toward this age group are an excellent choice. You’ll get to enjoy lots of great music and performances, and get to know quite a few thirty-something gentlemen, too.

7. Pet-Friendly Places And Dog Parks

Pet-Friendly Places And Dog Parks

Okay, now this particular one may not be for everyone, and that’s understandable. Not everyone is a dog person or a great fan of pets and for many valid reasons. But if you’re a fur mom yourself or you really have a soft spot for pets, then a good place to meet men who are in their thirties would be dog parks and pet-friendly places.

Thirty-something single men are more likely to take on the responsibility of having a pet and taking good care of them, which includes taking them to walks and such. So these places are great locations to encounter and get to know men who are in the right age group, share the same love of pets that you may have, and have caring, responsible, and doting traits as well.

8. Fitness Centers And Gyms

There are individuals of all age groups who are all about working out and looking after their fitness, and so a pretty good way to met men would be to go to fitness centers and gyms. Men in their thirties particularly have a good sense of the type of physique they would like to attain and to maintain as they get older, and are very likely to hit up these places for the workout regime they want.

Again, the choice of fitness centers or gyms can make a big difference when it comes to the probability of meeting quality men in their thirties. Opt for places like these who have a more prestigious reputation and a membership fee. Often, in these types of places, it is the older men who frequent them as they are the ones with the means and capability to be part of exclusive memberships that can be found in these establishments. Plus, they’ll be men who are taking care of their bodies and their health too, which is always a good thing!

9. Jogging Or Running Or Cycling

Jogging Or Running Or Cycling

This one is connected to the one above because many men can really be health-conscious or prudent about keeping fit. But some prefer to take it outdoors rather than going to fitness centers and gyms. These men will opt for a jog or a run or to go biking at a particular time or schedule. 

As with the other places, it is important to choose the park or open area that you may choose to frequent to meet in their thirties. When looking at places that are frequented by runners or bikers, choose ones that are near or around places that established, thirty-something men will tend to reside or work in, such as beautiful sprawling areas or parks near business districts. Remember, if you go for a run in a college town, then you’ll most likely meet college-aged guys. So it works the other way too — running or biking in parks or open areas near offices will up the chance of you meeting the right kind of men for you.

10: Just Being Out And About At The Right Locations

Alright, so of course you frequent places as you go about your day-to-day. You go shopping, you look for clothes, you buy groceries, you go and get food. Well, guess what? Men do all those things too! Men need the same things and essentials, have the same basic wants as you do. They don’t just go to the office and then go home, and that’s it. So it’s a given that you’ll encounter them in places where you’ll be getting your needs and wants as well.

As with everything else mentioned in this list, location matters. You can maximize the results if you are prudent and wise in choosing the types of places you frequent when you go out and about. Think shopping centers and malls and the like that are located more around business centers and condos. These will more likely be frequented by established, mature thirty-something men who have the means to shop in these areas.


If an established, quality man in his thirties is what your heart desires, then these best places to meet men in their 30s are definitely going to be very helpful. Just keep in mind these two most important things: Location and mindset. When it comes to these places, choosing the right location is key. And having the right mindset will help lead you to the best locations!

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