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30 Truth Or Drink Couple Questions For A Fun Time

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Here’s the truth: We all want to know more stuff. We’re nosy, we want to know everything! Humans are naturally curious beings. And of course, the more interested we are in a person, the more we want to know more about them.

So, also naturally, any opportunity to get to know your partner more is always welcome! 

A fun way to satisfy that curiosity AND have a fun time with your partner too is to play Truth Or Drink. It’s a great way for you as a couple to get to know each other more — and the alcohol will definitely help in loosening you up so you can share more with each other and have a ton of laughs (plus a bit of heart to heart) too! Truth Or Drink is an awesome way to bond as a couple and, done right, can totally strengthen your relationship. Plus, it will definitely give you a night to remember! 

Great Truth Or Drink couples questions is an exciting way to learn more about each other, get each other to share or open up more, and reveal some juicy truths. And if some questions are refused to be answered, well, then there are shots to be taken! And drinking with your partner is always a good time, amiright? 

But first, The Rules

How exactly is Truth Or Drink played? Read on and get ready!

What you’ll need:

  • You and your partner (or a group of couples, if you wish!)
  • Alcohol
  • Shot glasses
  • A set of truth or drink couples questions
  • A gung-ho, carpie diem, good-natured attitude!

How to play:

  • Sit across from each other. (This game can also be played in groups of couples — in that case, sit in a circle).
  • If playing as a couple, choose who goes first. You and your partner will take turns asking the questions. (If playing as a group of couples, have a bottle in the center that you can spin).
  • Armed with the truth or drink couples questions list, whoever goes first asks the first question. Remember to always start with “Truth or drink.”
  • The other player can choose either to answer with the truth — or take a shot of alcohol!
  • Your partner then asks the next question to you. You and your partner will alternate asking the questions and the other will answer OR take a shot. 
  • Remember that it’s all in good fun!

And that’s it! It’s very easy, very simple, and will make for a very exciting night for you both!

30 Truth Or Drink Couple Questions For A Fun Time

30 Truth Or Drink Couple Questions For A Fun Time

Drinks? Check. Truth or drink couples questions? Check. You and your partner? Check. 

Alrighty, let’s get it on!

Truth Or Drink: Round One

Time for loads of laughs and a barrel of fun — and a lot of shots! — to start off what’s sure to be an entertaining evening! Here are some of the best truth or drink couples questions, a mix of sweet, light-hearted, and more serious ones to get the ball rolling and get you two comfortably settled into the fun night ahead. 

1. When was the first moment that you knew that you were attracted to me — and what was it that first attracted you to me?

Oh, there will never be a wrong answer to this question… just a lot of sweet reminiscing and maybe even a little bit of adorable embarrassment (because you might find out they were attracted to you loooong before they admitted it!)

2. Change is a natural part of life, so what is it that has changed about me since we got together, and is it something you like? 

We all grow and we all change. Hoping it’s for the better for you, your partner, and your relationship!

3. Do you think I am what they call “marriage material”? (Or, if already married, ask: When did you know for sure that I was marriage material?)

This may be a tricky one, depending on how serious your relationship is at the moment! And if you’re already married, it still can be tricky… but it can also be really sweet. 

4. When we are in an argument or a serious discussion, do you ever just go ahead and apologize, not because you feel you are wrong, but because you just want the argument to end? 

Saying sorry should always come from the heart. But sometimes, the word is thrown around for other reasons… including wanting your partner to just stop arguing with you! Tread with caution!

5. What is the one thing that annoys you the most about me? What is my most annoying trait or habit?

Another question to tread with caution. But at the same time, if done right, it may get those annoying habits to stop, finally!

6. We all have an ideal or dream partner. Do I give you everything, or almost everything, that you want or are searching for in a partner?

If the answer is yes, then awww, how sweet! If not, then follow up with, What is it that is lacking? This should be interesting!

7. Cheating is something that’s happened in many relationships. Have you ever two-timed while in a serious relationship?

Remember, the question isn’t about your present relationship! Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is that we learn and grow from them. Bonus points if they share the backstory — and maybe who that ex was!

8. If we had never gotten together, where do you think you’d be and how do you think your life would be right now?

It’s alternate reality time — might be even fun to add to this question with, Who do you think you’d have ended up with instead and would you be as happy as you are now with me? 

9. We all have relationship deal breakers, so what’s the one thing that would make you end our relationship?

Everyone has that one thing they know they will never be able to get over or get past in a relationship. We’re talking no ifs, no buts, we are dunzo! 

10. What is your absolute favorite thing for us to do together? And why that? 

It can be super wholesome, or it can be wickedly intimate. The answers to this question should be fun! Oh, and bonus points if you both feel the same way about that activity!

Truth Or Drink: Round Two

Now that you’re comfortably settled in and the ball’s rolling nicely, it’s time to get into the good stuff. Here are some questions that are a little trickier, a little harder, and also a little bit more exciting to answer — or refuse to answer and take a shot! Alcohol’s sure to start kicking in now… if it hasn’t already. Let’s amp it up a bit and turn up the heat!

11. Would you ever want me to have cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, and on what part of my body and why?

Oooh, this can get a little tricky… But it’s also an incredibly interesting question, and hey, if you’re interested to delve into what your partner thinks about your physical appearance, why not? Also, a shot is always something they can opt for instead of answering!

12. Is there anyone that you have the hots for among your workmates in the office or acquaintance in the neighborhood? 

Keep in mind that this is a yes or no question ONLY. There is no need to name the person — unless you really wanna get into it! That path is yours to choose. 

13. Two lies and a truth: What is the first lie you told me, and the biggest lie you’ve told me — tell the truth!

Nobody is ever completely and totally, 100 percent honest. Maybe this is the perfect time to just get that weight off your shoulders and finally come clean. This can be good for your relationship — if done right!

14. Is your browsing history on your mobile phone something that you’d let me look at? Why or why not?

Delving into the good stuff — internet searches and websites visited, my oh my. Again, a shot can always be the preferred choice instead of answering  this one!

15. Still on browser history and internet activity — how often do you clear your browser history on your mobile phone? 

This can also get really good… unless you guys are super open and honest with each other about these things anyway. If that’s the case, then this question should be a total breeze to get through!

16. As a couple, you know that my set of friends are now in your life, and vice versa. Who among my friends do you just not like? 

There’s always that one person… rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 just how much you can’t stand them, and maybe even go into the “why” of it. 

17. What is your honest opinion on polygamous relationships, and would you ever consider being in one — and would that be a relationship with you, me, and other people? 

Not everyone is up for monogamy one hundred percent of the time. The question is, are you both on the same page when it comes to this one? 

18. If you ever discovered or if it was ever revealed to you that you were cheated on, how would you react and what would you do? 

This is one of the more gut-wrenching scenarios, and one nobody ever really wants to even think about. How far will that pain take you, and what would be the extent of your reaction or even retaliation? 

19. Do you own any sex toys? What and how many? (Bonus: When and how often do you use it?)

This is a fun, raunchy one. You may find out that your partner has a secret stash — or an extra one you may not know of! You can even ask if they don’t have a sex toy if there’s any sex toy they would like to have and why. 

20. What is the one thing about me or that I do that always turns you on really bad? What is your favorite part of my body? 

Another question with no right or wrong answers. Just a lot of fun, a lot of naughty wickedness, and hey, it can definitely heat things up — which is always welcome in a happy, healthy relationship. 

21. What is that one single question that you really don’t want me to bring up and ask you? 

This is a no holds barred activity, so let’s find out what that one question is that’s making you sweat buckets hoping and praying it never comes up! Tread carefully — or take a shot!

Truth Or Drink: Round Three

Okay, you guys have both probably had your nerves rattled enough and you’ve probably both sweated it out enough too. Now it’s time to lighten the mood and get silly with each other! Here are some funny questions that will both get you laughing the night away, together. Cheers to you both!

22. Have you ever just rolled off or fallen off the bed while you were naked? 

For quite a few, this has probably been an occurrence more than once. Ask them to share the most hilarious, embarrassing, or unforgettable one. 

23. Did you ever have a profile on one of those dating apps like Tinder? Is it still active? 

How many dates did you get out of it? What did your profile say? Oh and yes — are you still using the app now, while you’re in a relationship with me? Yup, this question could get a little dangerous, but it can also be fun!

24. If you were a stripper, what would your stripper name be — and say it in a stripper voice.

Nobody’s saying anyone has any stripper dreams, past or present (but if there are, then you do you!). But stripper names are always an interesting, hilarious thing to think about! And hearing your partner take on a stripper voice should be tons of fun too.

25. What was the title of the last R-rated film you watched? And what was the most R-rated scene in it?

What was it about the movie that just begged to be watched? And bonus points if they can also answer how often they watch R-rated films – or if they still do or don’t anymore!

26. Did you ever accidentally send a very intimate, sexual message to your parents or anyone other than who the message was really for?

In this day and age, technological booboos can happen to anyone! What was the message — or even photo, or video? The possibilities are endless. 

27. Have you ever peed your pants — as an adult, while you were with me?

It’s not that uncommon and it’s not that big of a deal. Besides, it can happen for a number of reasons: While you were in a fit of uncontrollable laughter, or suddenly extremely startled… Or you just really couldn’t hold it in. 

28. Have you ever practiced or honed your kissing skills in the mirror? 

One of the most awkward questions with the potential for you both to absolutely roll on the floor laugh out loud too. Of course, they have to share who they were thinking of when they were practicing, for added measure. 

29. At what age were you when you found out the real, true, biological way babies were made? 

Not the stork, not the birds and not the bees, but actually penetrating into the raw truth of the process. Also, did finding out make you want to, um, try it? 

30. Would you rather lose your sex organs or gain 100 pounds?

Priorities, priorities. Pleasure, or vanity… And the why of it all. This will make for a great jumping point for a fun discussion. And with alcohol involved, well, all the more fun!

Truth Or Drink is a great game for couples to play together. Truth Or Drink couples questions are meant to strengthen the relationship. At the heart of it all, it’s about feeling safe and comfortable. It’s about trust and acceptance. It’s about genuinely wanting to know more about each other. And it’s about bonding as a couple and having a wonderful time together. So raise your glasses and toast to your relationship and your couple hood. Cheers!

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