23 Clear Signs He Misses You (But Won’t Admit)

So you’ve been seeing him. Gone on a few dates with him or maybe even more. Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time with him, and now you’re apart for a bit. Maybe things have fizzled out a little but you know you like him a lot. One thing’s clear: You miss him.

And you can’t help but wonder (and wonder and wonder): Does he miss you too?

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? Obsessing over whether or not your guy misses you as much as you miss him? It can be quite the challenge trying to figure out how he’s feeling. Guys are pretty well known to keep things close to their chest. Most men tend to lean towards the side of not being expressive about their feelings. More often than not, they won’t just verbalize how they feel. They’ll hesitate to lay it all out in the open. Which can drive you even more up the wall!

But don’t fret! No matter how they try to mask their emotions, there are always signs he misses you. Once you’re aware of the telltale signs he misses you, you’ll be able to read his actions like a book — and these will be able to give your mind and your heart some of the answers you are looking for!

When Does A Guy Realize That He Misses You?

When Does A Guy Realize That He Misses You

This is a tricky question, and there is no definite answer.

Have you broken up with your boyfriend? Do you still have a soft corner for him? Are you wondering if he feels the same for you or still misses you?

In a romantic relationship, you spend much time with your partner. That includes moments of happiness, sadness, love, anger, and other emotions.

And then, when you break up with your partner one day, it is natural to miss him. After all, you will be reminded of him in whatever you do, at least for a couple of weeks.

Now, you want to know how long it will take your ex to miss you, right?

As I already mentioned, there is no definite timeframe for this. And it depends on not one but many factors. One of them is the reason for your break up.

If you both loved each other but broke up because of external factors, then he may miss you almost immediately after breaking up with you.

Here I’m talking about cases such as his parents disapproving of his relationship. You are worried about what society would say as you are from different religious beliefs, or his friends have brainwashed him into breaking up.

In all these cases, you don’t have any issues with each other. On the contrary, you have strong feelings for each other. But several external factors have forced you to break up.

So, even when you break up with your partner, you love him. And this will make him miss you the moment you break up.

But, if your partner broke up with you because he wanted to, then he may take a longer time to realize that he misses you.

The first few days after your break up, he may feel relieved that you are not in his life anymore, and he can become carefree again. But with every passing week or month, he will realize your place in his life.

He will realize how you had taken care of him so well, how you have loved him with all your heart, how you have helped him in making tough decisions and made his life better.

And that is the time he will start missing you and will want you back in his life again.

Now, you will go back to him or not; it is completely your decision.

You might want to stay away from him if he is a toxic person who never understood you or your feelings and always blamed you for things you have never done.

But if you still think of him fondly and want to rekindle those happy memories, you may want to patch up with him.

So, now the question is, what can you do about it?

The following are the things you can do:

1. Don’t Feel Sad for Him

Don’t Feel Sad for Him

This guy had a chance to be with you, but he lost that chance by messing things up. He has now suddenly realized that you are the world to him.

That doesn’t mean you must jump into his arms as you feel sad for him.

He has done what he has done, and now he is getting what he has sowed. So, yes, it can be very touching for you to know that he misses you again and that he wants to come back to you.

But remember, you ended things for a reason.

2. Talk to Him

So, now he wants to be in a relationship with you again. But girl, don’t be too excited. Hold your horses.

He has some work to do if he wants to return to you.

Talk to him and tell him where he went wrong, what is the reason that you broke up, and take a clear stand.

No, you don’t need to make him feel bad, but you have to stop feeling bad for him, you know.

3. Live Your Own Life

Live Your Own Life

It doesn’t matter if you want to get back with this guy. What matters is that this storm in your romantic relationship shouldn’t stop you from living your own life.

Girl, remember, you have things to do, people to see, and places to go. And that should no way change just because of what is happening in your romantic relationship.

4. Just Be in The Moment and Do Nothing

Now, this is the best option you should go for.

Yes, it is good to know that he misses you now that he has realized your place in his life. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop what you are doing in your own life and go running to him.

Maybe you are better when you are not with him.

23 Clear Signs He Misses You

Here, we’ve listed down some of the biggest signs he misses you. The key is in remembering that actions will often tell you what he himself may refuse to admit (for now, at least!).

1. He Texts You Constantly And Frequently

He Texts You Constantly And Frequently

As far as signs go, this is probably one of the clearest and biggest! When the two of you are not together, and he constantly texts you, then you are definitely on his mind. This is especially true if your guy isn’t the type who texts a whole bunch during the day in general — but when you’re apart, he sends you text after text after text!

A person who misses you will want to find ways to stay connected to you even from miles away. He wants to know what’s happening in your life and still somehow be involved, even if he isn’t physically at your side. He’ll send you messages and even funny quotes or motivational words, or even the simplest “Have a great day!” or “Don’t forget to eat dinner!”. To you, they may just be simple little texts, but for a guy, it’s a telltale sign that he’s missing you a lot.

2. He Calls And Calls And Calls (even when he normally hates talking on the phone!)

This is another clear sign that he’s missing you. Guys will often call when they’re missing someone. In today’s smartphone age, you can give someone a call when you’re missing them and you want to feel closer to them somehow. Guys tend to do this when they’re thinking about you and they want to hear your voice and talk to you. He’ll take any chance to ring you up and listen to you talk and engage with you. And if he’s the type who normally doesn’t like talking on the phone and yet calls you? Girl, he misses you bad.

Of course, listen to what he’s saying too. If he’s calling “just to say hi” or to ask about your day or to chat with you, then that’s a good sign. If he called just to give you important, need to know stuff, then it may have just been a case of him just not wanting to text the info — then again, he may have used this info as an opportunity to ring you up too!

3. He’s Very Social With You On Social Media

He’s Very Social With You On Social Media

 In these modern times, the internet has become a part of our lives. And social media, in particular, has also become a good indicator of missing someone! If you and your guy are both on social media, and you find him liking your posts – and even write a comment or two or ten! – then that means he’s been checking out your socials! He’s clearly interested in you and in knowing all about you. And he’s “casually” letting you know that he’s paying attention.

Even if he doesn’t directly leave comments or like post after post after post, if you notice him sharing stuff on your wall or tagging you in funny memes, then that shows that he’s thinking about you and so many things remind him of you — because he misses you!

4. He Pops Up After You Pop Up Online

So you may have not heard from him much all day. But then, once you go online and your status becomes active on Facebook or you’ve posted on Insta or retweeted something, boom, a message from him suddenly pops up! Yep, he’s missing you. Clearly.

It may not be as “obvious” as some other signs, but this one is a telltale subtle sign that your guy’s longing for you. He’s paying attention to your socials and immediately picks up on your active status, and he takes it as an opening to reach out and engage with you.

5. He’ll Talk About Random Stuff To Make An Effort To Keep The Convo Going

He’ll Talk About Random Stuff To Make An Effort To Keep The Convo Going

If he’s making an effort to talk to you and keep talking to you, then it’s a sure sign that he misses you. If you’ve talked about whatever topic you talked about and then instead of ending the conversation, he then moves on to another topic or even one random thing after another, then he just really likes talking to you and doesn’t want it to stop.

It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about — as long as he’s chatting or texting or speaking with you, and he’s able to keep on interacting with you, he’s happy. It’s not enough for him to just have a short exchange. He wants to stay connected to you as long as possible in that moment.

6. He May Ask You To Send Him Photos — Or Even Suggests Video Chatting

Okay, take your mind out of the gutter! Photos and video chats can be associated with non-PG reasons (which is another topic for another day), but what we’re talking about here are just simple, seemingly random requests. It may be for a photo of you where you are (like, in a coffee shop, so he can “check out the location”), or when you’ve just woken up (so he can “see your uncombed hair”. Any excuse for him to be able to see your face, he’ll grab it.

Same goes for video calls. If it’s something he suggests, then he’s really missing you. He may say it’s just because he doesn’t like phone calls and would rather video call or some lame excuse like that, but in reality, he just wants to catch a glimpse of your face and feel he’s with you, even virtually! He just wants to stare at the face he misses more than anything – yours.

7. He’ll Do Small, Unexpected Things For You

He’ll Do Small, Unexpected Things For You

It’s not always about the hugest grandest of gestures. Many times, it’s about the little things. If he suddenly drops by your house “because he was in the area”, or buys you that coffee tumbler you mentioned you liked, or even just find that quote you’ve been searching for a while now, those small surprises say big things about how he feels.

8. He Talks About Plans For When You’ll See Each Other — And Makes An Effort To See You

A surefire indicator that your guy misses you is this: He will talk about what you two will do when you see each other again! He’ll make plans for the two of you. He’ll ask what you’d like to do, where you’d like to go, what you want to eat… He just basically wants to spend more time with you and will plan things out — visualize and make it happen, so to speak!

If he brings it up and makes conversation about the things you can do together, then he’s thinking about the two of you being together again, which shows that he really and truly misses you and wants to be with you. And he will find ways for this to become a reality!

9. He Gets Jealous!

He Gets Jealous!

When the tiny green monster rears its head, you’ll know your guy is totally missing you. It’s not about being jealous about another guy in particular per se (although that can also be true — a guy who misses you and wants to be with you can get a tad possessive, and as long as its healthy and not unreasonable jealousy that leads to him fighting with you or anyone else, that’s okay). It’s him getting jealous that other people get to be in your presence and spend time with you. Because in his heart, that’s all he wants to be doing right now: Be with you.

10. He Sends You Random Messages

Do you find yourself receiving super random texts or chat messages seemingly out of the blue from your guy? That’s another telltale sign that he is missing you, girl! It’s his way of letting you know he’s thinking of you, and also trying to get you to think of him… It’s a cue that he wants to connect, but he maybe doesn’t want to come off as too strong or he doesn’t know how to begin striking up a convo.

Also, if you get messages from him while he’s away on vacation or out of town or on a holiday, that shows you that even far away, you’re never far from his thoughts. He’s taken you with him in his mind and in his heart, wherever he may be.

11. His Words And Actions Are All About You When You’re Not Around

His Words And Actions Are All About You When You’re Not Around

This one’s pretty easy. If he constantly talks about you or finds ways to bring you up when he’s with his friends and family when you’re not around, it’s clear he adores you and he’s always thinking about you and he completely misses you. He may not even realize he’s doing this — you’re just so deeply in his thoughts that he can’t help but weave you into the conversation.

He may also “casually” ask common friends about you, about how you are and what you’re up to. That means he’s very much interested. So if you hear from others that he’s been asking about you, or if his friends drop hints that he talks about you a lot, then there’s no doubt that he’s longing for you.

12. He Always Seems To Be Around The Places You Frequent

So you and your guy haven’t really made concrete plans. You may not have even heard from him all that much lately. But somehow, you always see him around! He’s there a lot in the place you often go to. Coincidence? More like strategic thinking! He may be too shy to ask you out again, or trying not to appear too pushy or head over heels (though he clearly is or is well on his way!). Guys who are afraid of rejection often pull back a little. But because they miss you and they like you a lot, they will still find ways to see you and be around you.

They may not admit it, but they’re just really hoping you’ll smile at them and start talking to them!

13. He Drunk Texts Or Even Drunk Dials You

He Drunk Texts Or Even Drunk Dials You

There is a saying that goes “In vino veritas”, which translates to “In wine, there is truth.” Simply put, when a person is inebriated, their inhibitions are low, and they tend to show their true feelings. So if he’s out with friends or getting his drink on, and he texts you while he’s under the influence of alcohol, then he’s showing how he really feels: He misses you, period.

Sometimes, instead of texting or in addition to texting, he’ll even drunk dial you! Maybe he’s been wanting to call you but hasn’t been able to find the courage, or maybe his thoughts and fears have been making him hesitate, or maybe he’s been struggling to find the right words to sa what he wants to say. When he drinks, that can all go away, and you may find yourself on the receiving end of a drunk call that maaaay lead to some pretty interesting convos!

14. Three Words: How Are You?

Girl, it may seem like nothing, but a guy taking the time to find out how you’re doing is majorly jonesing for you. These three words may seem innocent, but they actually really let you know that a guy cares about you and misses you and has you on their mind: How are you?

If your guy makes an effort to genuinely check in on you and ask about you, then he’s genuinely interested in you and wants to be with you. He misses you and wants to spend more time with you!

15. When He Sees You, He’s Happy. Just Really Happy

When He Sees You, He’s Happy. Just Really Happy

He may not say it, he may even hold back from showing it when you’re apart, but here’s a truth bomb: If he becomes happy when he catches a glimpse of you or when he sees you or when he’s around you, then he completely and totally missed you. True story.

Sure, he may try to stifle it or hide it, but he won’t be able to keep that smile from appearing, or stop his face from lighting up, or hide that twinkle in his eye. Body language will always reveal what we’re really feeling. So if he’s just happy and joyful every time he sees you, then you know he’s got a bad case of missing you.

16. He Always Responds To You Real Quick

How much time does this guy take to reply to your text messages? Or how much time does he take to call you back when he misses your call?

If a guy is interested in you and misses you, he will instantly respond to you. This mostly happens when you are new to a relationship and miss the other person all the time.

On the other hand, if you see that this guy is taking his time replying to your messages even after seeing them, it suggests that he is less interested in you.

17. He Tags You On Social Media

He Tags You On Social Media

Okay, so this guy knows that you are not very active on social media from stalking you. And that is why he is all in to tag you in posts and quotes.

When someone tags you on social media, you instantly get a notification. Right? And that is what the exact intention of this guy is.

He wants to let you know that he is thinking about you and missing you.

He may tag you in love quotes that summarize his feelings for you. Or, it can be motivational quotes that say to never give up for times when you feel low, and he wants to give your confidence a boost.

18. He Admits To His Friends That He Misses You

Guys open up to their guy friends easily. Do you and your guy have mutual friends?

Have they told you how this guy talks about you all the time when he is with them?

This tells you that he misses you when you are not with them. He cannot think about anything but you. And that is why he chooses “you” to talk about when he is with his gang.

And maybe he will tell his friends to come and tell you how he misses you so much, who knows?

In that case, you are going to hear a confession from him, eventually!

19. He Makes You Feel Special

He Makes You Feel Special

How does he make you feel when you are with him? Do you feel like you are the happiest girl on the planet?

Then this guy is genuinely interested in you.

When a guy likes you with all their heart, he will always go that extra mile to bring the brightest smile to your face.

He will give you full attention, praise you, and have deep conversations with you. He may even plan for surprises on your special days.

And he will do all this to make you feel special.

20. He Sends You Flowers And Gifts

When a guy misses you, he will ensure he is on your mind too. And for that, he may do things to let you know how he feels.

Is it often that you wake up to fresh flowers delivered to your home? Or do you get your favorite kind of chocolates delivered to your home when you crave sugar?

Well, girl, this means this guy is missing you. And he wants you to think of him when you wake up in the morning and throughout the day.

He knows about your favorite kind of chocolate and your favorite flowers. This suggests that he listens to you well when you speak or share your likes and dislikes.

You are all over him, girl!

21. He Shares Everything That Happens To Him Instantly

He Shares Everything That Happens To Him Instantly

Did he just crack an interview that was important for him? Did he get tears in his eyes while giving an emotional goodbye speech to his colleagues? Did he get the “best performer of the year” award at his workplace?

If your guy calls or texts you to tell you about all the latest happenings in his life, you are always in his mind.

And he can’t wait to go home and then tell you all those newsworthy things. He wants you to know then and there because he misses you, girl!

22. He Remembers All the Random Details

He knows what you will order when you go to a restaurant before you even say something. He knows how to cheer you up when you are feeling low. He knows your favorite weekend getaway.

He gives you a call just to let you know that he is listening to your favorite song now. Then, he goes on a business trip and calls you to tell you how good it would be if you were with him.

What do you think all this means?

He misses you! And he wishes that you were with him too.

23. He Honestly Tells You

He Honestly Tells You

Yes, guys usually tend to mask how they really feel. They’re not usually very vocal and they may hesitate to show and tell their true emotions. But sometimes, the longing may overwhelm him, or he may realize that the heart wants what it wants… and just tell you. He’ll decide to follow his heart and lay his feelings out in the open, and just sweetly say it: I miss you.

You’ll see that he is being open and vulnerable and honest about his feelings. And hearing those words, spoken after actions that also expressed the same thing, is one of the most beautiful moments of all.

Knowing the signs he misses you can help you to be able to see just how much he cares about you and wants to be with you. Keep these in mind — being able to identify the signs he misses you will tell you just how much he wants to be part of your life! And hey, you may just find out that he’s as crazy about you as you are about him! Sweet!


Do you have more questions in your mind about your guy missing you?

Then this section is meant just for you!

Here I have listed some of the most frequently asked questions. All you need is to check if any of them matches your query.

Read on.

What Makes a Guy Miss You More?

You are completely into each other when you have just committed to a relationship. But when it’s been some time into that relationship, that spark somehow fades and makes things blunt.
That is when you need to make your guy miss you more than ever.
The following are some things you can do:
• Limit or stop your communications with your guy so that he gets time to think about you.
• Show him how independent you are, as this will make him realize what he is missing.
• Leave something in his house. This will make him miss your presence.

What Does a Guy Do When He Misses You?

Here are some things that a guy does when he misses you:
• He texts you frequently
• He talks only about you when he is with his friends
• He drunk texts or drunk calls you
• He tries to make his conversation with you go on and on
• He sends you flowers and gifts
• He gives you a surprise visit

Does Being Silent Make Him Miss You?

The answer is “yes.”
When you are no longer talking to a man, he will think of you even more, and he will do anything to find you.

How Do You Know If a Guy Is Heartbroken?

The following are some signs that indicate a guy is heartbroken:
He posts sad and depressing quotes on social media
He starts drinking
He doesn’t want to meet you
• He tries to get busy with his life
• He starts going to the gym regularly
• He blocks you from all his social media accounts

How Long Will It Take for Him to Miss Me No Contact?

Well, there is no certain rule for it. It depends on many factors.
Generally, a guy may take a month to miss you after you break up. But that doesn’t mean that you will find him knocking at your door when 30 days are up.
This period varies from person to person.


How Long Will It Take for Him to Miss Me?

Well, there is no certain rule for it. It depends on many factors.
Generally, a guy may take a month to miss you after you break up. But that doesn’t mean that you will find him knocking at your door when 30 days are up.
This period varies from person to person.

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