23 Things to Text When a Conversation Dies

Wouldn’t it be great if we could write a text that people cannot resist reading and, of course, responding to?

But, you know, it is not that easy, especially in this fast-paced world where people are always in a hurry! And let us face it: we have all experienced a dry spell over our messages, at least at some point in our lives. This comes with a feeling of impending doom when we cannot decide what to text when a conversation dies.

Now, do you want to know how you can restart a dying conversation?

I am here to help!

When you text, you get more time to think and then reply. So, you know, there is at least something positive about texting! All you need are a few intelligent tactics, and you are all set to keep a conversation going over texts for hours.

So, what are the things to text when a conversation dies?

Before I move on to the things, let me tell you something. There are some primary pointers that you should be aware of.

You need to be a good observer and understand what the person you are texting likes to talk about. This can let you have a continuous conversation. If you have texted that person before, go through the history of your texts. You can see which kinds of texts had come to an awkward end and which conversations had kept both of you texting effortlessly and endlessly.

Things to Text When a Conversation Dies

Things to Text When a Conversation Dies

Now, let me come to the main part – the texts! The following are some things to text when a conversation dies. Read on.

  • “The Stand-up Comedy Videos of this person are Hilarious. I Started Watching one and then Continued with his Other Videos. His Humor is on-point. I Died Laughing! I Thought of Sharing These with You.”

If you are interested in a person and hoping to have a never-ending text conversation with them, you need to do some research on them, buddy. First, you need to have a look at their social media profiles so that you can have a clear idea about what kind of content they like and post. And once you are sure about that, the rest is as easy as the ABC!

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  • “Hey! Did you Know I Watched this Movie Today? I am Dying to Tell you All About it! I know How you Love Thriller Movies.”

Do you want to revive a dying conversation? Talk about something that the other person likes to do or watch. For this, it is important that you know the likes and dislikes of the other person. Once you are sure about that, just check which songs and movies are trending that match that person’s likes. And text them about that. No one can stop you from having an interesting and ongoing conversation with them. Trust me.

  • “Do you like your Profession? Are you Going to Stick to it all Your Life?”

When you ask the person about their professional and personal life, they go into the details of it and start giving you a lot of updates. Most of the time, this leads to long conversations, which means you two exchange a number of texts that can keep both of you busy.

  • How Have you Been Doing these Days?

Small talks do not tend to go a long way. So, if you want to communicate better, you need to ask direct questions. Focus on asking questions that are genuine and meaningful. Also, the other person should get the idea that you are being thoughtful about them. This will make them answer in detail, which means you will have no problem keeping the conversation going. But, of course, do not inquire about the other person’s life by being disrespectful or intrusive.

  • “Did you Watch the Match Today? Was not it Full of Excitement? I literally Could not Keep Calm!”

One of the easiest ways to keep a text conversation going is to find a common thing of interest. It can be anything from songs and movies to games and hobbies. And when you find that, there will never be a time when you are out of topic. You know, you can talk for hours and even days about something you both like. Don’t you agree?

  • “Hey, Let me Tell you About a Fun Exercise that You can Try: hold Your Breath for Two Minutes. Did you Miss the Air? Well, that is How Much I miss you!”

Isn’t it cute? Yes, you need to tell the person you want to talk to how much you have missed them the entire day. But, of course, you can add a little bit of humor too. And when they get this text from you, they will leave all the other things they were doing and jump on their phone to text you back! This will revive your dying conversation in seconds. Try it!

  • “My Mom Made Pizza for me Today, which Instantly Reminded me of You. I know How much you love Eating Pizza! You know, we Should go out for Dinner sometime really soon.”

It will go a long way when you tell the other person that something reminded you of them. That person will feel special and wanted. And they will be more eager than ever to reply to each and every text of yours and keep the conversation interesting.

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  • Are You in the CIA?

If you text the other person that “long time, no see,” they may send one or two texts in reply, and the conversation has the chance of ending abruptly, as they will go silent again. But, if you add a bit of wit to your text, the person will respond to you light-heartedly, without feeling offended or guilty. This can give your conversation a positive kick, which will not end soon!

  • I just Saw your Post on Instagram. Where is that place? I want to go. I was Awestruck by the View, I must say!

Does the other person you want to text love traveling? Have you seen their latest travel picture on Instagram? Then you have got what to talk about, my dear! First, ask them about the place and their experience visiting there. Then, if you like traveling too, you can ask for their itinerary. Also, ask them if they want to give you any travel tips to that place. And when you talk about travel, your conversation will go long and long – just what you wanted!

  • “Remember you told me that you were Writing a Poem. How is that Work going? Have you Finished writing it? Then I would love to Read!”

We often get so busy typing a response for a text that we miss what that text actually means. If you are out of topic for a text conversation with your loved one, have a look at your previous chats, especially the recent ones. Did you miss noticing something? Or, is there anything that you have not responded to well? Then the best thing that you can do to restart a conversation is to follow up on those things. Doing so will also give the other person the idea that you pay attention to every word they say. And you will be on their good book!

  • “I Have been Dealing with major Depression. Have you ever Suffered from Depression? How did you come out of it?”

Depression is a BIG issue. And remember, if you ever feel like you are in depression, do ask for help. It can be anyone from your friends and family or someone you trust. Now, coming back to the topic, if you ask this other person for help, they will feel like they are important to you. And they will feel useful when they can actually help you. But you need to make sure that you are ready to take the help you seek.

  • “This seems to be a very LONG week. And the wait for the weekend is feeling like a never-ending phase! Is it just me, or do you also think the same?”

Want to make the other person start talking? Give them some space to talk about a rough day or a week. You can also give them some time to open up to you and complain about something. Say something that the person you like can relate to. This will make them share their side of the story too. And it will keep your conversation with them running smoothly!

  • “Are you into K-pop music? I am Totally in love with the latest album by Blackpink! What is your thought on it? Have you Listened to it yet?”

Do you want to have an engaging and exciting conversation with the other person over text? One such way to do that is by talking about movies, music, or series. I am a big fan of K-pop music, so I mentioned them. In your case, it can be anything related to entertainment. When two people have the same taste in music and movies, it does not take any extra effort to keep the conversation going. Words will come to mind automatically, and there will be a never-ending flow of texts!

  • “What are your views on LGBT laws?”

If you want to know the person on the other side of the phone a little more closely, bring up topics that are controversial. This will get them talking their minds. And you will have at least some idea about how the person really and what are their opinions. Just remember, do not instigate them disrespectfully. All I am asking is to know about their opinion on that topic. Trust me; controversial topics work best when it comes to making even the most introverted person talk!

  • “Hey! Did you Hear that Portugal has made it illegal for Bosses to text their employees after work hours? Isn’t that great?”

If you want to revive a dead conversation, try talking about current affairs. It can be any news or topic that is trending. It would be good if the news was exciting. This has more chances of keeping both of you engaged in texting. Don’t worry. I have tried it myself, and it worked!

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  • “I am thinking of taking Yoga classes. Do you know of any such Good class?”

You need to know what hobbies the other person has. Or is there something that they are learning or pursuing? Ask them questions regarding that. For example, are they interested in dancing, singing, or swimming? Whatever it is, show some interest in it. This will make them think that you are genuinely interested and want to learn it, and so the chances are that they will give you suggestions and tips. And you will not know how hours have passed texting each other!

  • “I love Gods, and I am thinking of getting one. Do you know any such place where I can get one from?”

Did you notice where the typo is? That is exactly what you need to do! I mean, you have to write a typo in a sentence intentionally to make it look funny. Yes, humor is the key. You have to bring humor to your texts to that the person reading it cannot stop themselves from replying back. When there is humor, the chances are that you guys will have a lighthearted and funny conversation that can boost your mood any day.

  • “It is so hot outside! I cannot think of going out. How are you feeling?”

When you see that a conversation is dying, there is silence from the other end, and you cannot think of anything that can bring life to your conversation; try talking about that are simple yet relevant. For example, you can talk about extreme weather conditions. This will allow the other person to let you know about the inconveniences that they are facing in their lives because of that. And trust me, buddy, this kind of conversation has the potential to go a long way!

  • “What Plans do you have for this Christmas?”

I have talked about Christmas, but it can be any upcoming events or holidays in your case. This can be one of the top things to text when a conversation dies. You guys will know about each other’s plans on that specific day. And who knows, if you did not make a plan already, you could end up making plans with each other! You would definitely want that, right?

  • “If you Become the Richest person in the whole wide world, what is the first thing you would want to do?”

Yes, you got that right. You need to ask open-ended questions. These kinds of questions can keep your conversation with the other person long and interesting. You will forget to keep track of times! There is one thing that I need to say here. That is, you need to make sure that your questions are unique and have a little bit of humor to them.

  • “How Does your Dream Life look like?”

Everyone likes to talk about their aspirations and dreams, isn’t it? And the person you are texting is no exception to it. So ask them about what kind of life they dream of having and what goals they have in time. This will capture their interest in no time, and they will start telling you all about their goals and dreams. And the conversation that you will have will be no doubt long and continue for hours.

  • “What Are you most Passionate About?”

We all are passionate about at least one thing in life, isn’t it? And this applies to the person you are texting, too. There may be something in their life that they are most passionate about. So when you ask this question, the other person will know that you are trying to know them more closely and that they are special to you. Because, you know, not everyone asks you about your passion, after all.

  • “I Heard there would be a lot of Discounts on your favorite earphones this coming sale. Were you Planning to check those out?”

Is there something this person has wanted to purchase for a long time? Then providing them with the information about those products is the best icebreaker. They will be happy knowing that you remember what they want, which means you value them. This will make them open up to you about anything and everything. Isn’t that something you want? And don’t forget to add an open-ended question at the end. This will save your conversation from dying.


Now that you know things to text when a conversation dies, just remember one thing. All you need to do is to communicate well. If you don’t talk about your feelings, the other person will not be able to know it. When you tell people what you really feel, it can easily revive a dead conversation.

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