16 Fun Card Drinking Games For Couples

A deck of cards. A ton of alcohol. Each other.

Those are the three ingredients to having a heck of a great evening with your partner!

Drinking games for couples are among the best, easiest, and most fun ways to spice things up and have a bit of naughty fun with each other while being able to keep your relationship fresh. Whether you are new in a relationship or have been all coupled up for a while now, drinking games for couples are an awesome way to have a better understanding of each other and serve up a super memorable bonding experience that you two can share. It’s also a fun way to bring each other’s adventurous, goofy, sexy side out to play!

And all that you and your partner will need are cards and your alcoholic beverage of choice — plus of course, the key ingredient: A “game on” attitude! Sometimes you won’t even need cards — alcohol + the two of you can be more than enough for sexy, silly games that’ll get you both drunk and even more loved up.

Ready to play with your partner (in more ways than one!)? With these drinking games for couples, you’ll laugh, you’ll get closer, you’ll strip… and the rest, my friends, is up to the both of you!

But First, Some Ground Rules

Before you begin, make sure to set some ground rules to make sure that these drinking games for couples lead to you both have a blast (and avoid things getting a bit awry or take an unwelcome turn, which is something you have to always keep in mind when alcohol is involved).

ATTENTION: Must read and agree to before playing.

To prevent jealousy, drunken meltdowns, accidents, and extreme hangovers, do these:

  • Agree on a drinking limit. Drinking is fun, and as things get even more fun, it can be harder to keep track of just how much you are drinking. To solve this, limit your stash of alcohol before you begin your evening. Make sure that you only have on hand the amount you will be drinking that evening. When that stash is done, call it a night and head on over to the bedroom.
  • Do not provoke. Having a bit of competitive fun makes things spicier and more exciting and even ups the sexiness factor for sure. But keep in mind that your games are about connecting with each other and certainly not about emerging victorious no matter what. Provoking is very different from light, playful teasing. Keep it to the latter.
  • Set boundaries. There are certain topics that can be a little, well, touchy still. If you or your partner are very sensitive about some things, set boundaries. Booze draws jealousy in like a moth to a flame.
  • Just be cool. Having said all of this, aside from setting some important rules, don’t be too much of a stickler to structure and get your game on! Now is the time to let loose, have fun, get drunk and maybe even get down!

Drinking Games For Couples

Drinking Games For Couples

Get ready to get a little closer both physically and emotionally and have a ton of fun with these great drinking games for couples! We’ve got 10 drinking games for couples with cards plus 6 bonus drinking games to get the heat and the alcohol rising.

Remember: Relax, drink responsibly, and don’t drive after having played these drinking games for couples!


What you will need: A deck of cards, alcohol

The game of love:

Go Fish is a game that you’ve probably already played at one time or another. This version just comes with an additional twist to make it extra fun for couples to play — and get drunk together. Go Fish as a drinking game for couples is played relatively like you normally would, for the most part.

Here’s the twist: If you ask your partner for a card and they do not have that card, then you have to take a shot. If you ask your partner for a card and they have that card, then they will hand that card over to you and then they have to take a shot. Whoever is able to make a set of four will have to down their whole drink.

You can play it another way: Whenever either of you gets to form a pair, you have to take a shot. When you don’t have a pair when your partner asks you, you also have to take a shot. When you are able to get what you need from your partner, they have to take a shot. What this means is that when you ask for a pair from your partner and they have it, that is the only time you don’t take a shot. This version of Go Fish as a drinking game for couples will end when you have no more cards and whoever loses has to count the winner’s pairs and take as many shots.


What you will need: A deck of cards with the aces separate, alcohol

The game of love:

So for the game called Horse Races, you need to get a deck of cards, and once you have that deck, remove all four aces and set those aside. Now, depending on how long you and your partner want to make this game last, get five to ten cards lined up in a vertical line, face down. The next step will then for you to get all of the four aces that you have set aside and line them up horizontally, this time facing upwards. These four aces will be the “horses”.

Now, it’s time for you and your partner to each put alcohol bets on the horse you fancy — and then let the “race” begin! Whoever is the assigned dealer will take the rest of the deck and begin turning cards over one at a time. Whatever suit is in the card drawn (diamond, heart, spade, club), the corresponding ace “horse” moves one card up (following the line of five to ten cards you first lined up vertically). The game goes on until a “horse” is able to finish the race and reach the end of the vertical card line.

So where’s the alcohol in all of this, you may wonder? Well, if your “horse” is the one that wins, then you give your drinks to your partner. If you lease, you have to take a drink for every single bet you placed, on top of the drinks that your partner will pass to you!

3. WAR

What you will need: A deck of cards, alcohol

The game of love:

War is yet another card game that you have most likely already encountered and enjoyed before! And the modified version of this has gone on to become one of the most popular drinking games for couples. So what’s the difference between the normal War card game and its drinking game variation? The alcohol factor, of course.

As with a typical game of War, the deck of cards that you have will be divided between you and your partner equally, face down. You and your partner will then each take turns in revealing the card at the top of your pile. Every time that you enter into a “war”, the loser (the player in possession of the lower value card) will have to take a shot that is equal to the difference between your two cards. So if let’s say one of you has a 6 and the other one has a 2, 6 minus 2 is 4, which is the height in fingers (4 fingers) of the drink that the loser has to partake.


What you will need: A deck of cards with three out of four queens removed, alcohol

The game of love:

This one is a very simple and very fun drinking game for couples. First off, you should have a deck of cards on hand. You are then to remove the three of the four queens in the deck and leave just one behind. Now, shuffle the deck with the single queen.

You and your partner will then begin to draw cards one after the other until one of you draws the single queen in the deck. And once someone has drawn that particular card, that is when things get really exciting.

When you or your partner draws the queen from the deck, whoever has it has to do one of three things: You can take a shot, or you can perform a dare, or you can drink an adventurous concoction of alcohol that you both have previously decided on and mixed. Then you begin again. You can keep playing on and on and on until one or both of you has enough alcohol in your system!


What you will need: A deck of cards, a lot of beer

The game of love:

The Ride The Bus #2 is perfectly suited for two players (you and your partner!), and all you will need for a super fun time is to have a deck of cards on hand and a lot of beer on hand as well.

Whoever is the assigned dealer among the two of you should deal out 13 cards to him or her, keeping them face down in a pile in front of them. The remaining 39 cards in the deck will then be in another pile. Now, here’s how it goes: The dealer will then start flipping the cards in his or her 13 card pile and start to flip them over, one by one. When the dealer flips over a jack, you both take one drink. When the dealer flips over a queen, you both take two drinks. When the dealer flips over a king, you both take three drinks. And when the dealer flips over an ace, you both take four drinks.

And then, for all of the cards that you have taken a drink (and then set aside), you then add the same number of cards again into the dealer’s 13 card pile. Remember, the cards 2 until 10 are drink-free, but all the rest are fair game! This drinking game for couples will end once the dealer’s pile of 13 cards has no “special” card in it. You can choose to switch it up and take shots instead of beer, but remember that this can definitely take the drunkenness to a higher level, faster.


What you will need: A set of Uno cards, alcohol

The game of love:

You and your partner are probably quite familiar already with Uno, which is definitely an iconic card game. The drunken version of this game is among the simplest of drinking games for couples involving cards, especially since most are likely knowledgeable when it comes to how Uno is played.

The rules of Drunken Uno are easy to follow: Every single time that your partner plays a reverse card, you take a drink. Every single time your turn has been skipped, you take a drink. You also take a drink when your partner switches up a color. Whoever’s turn it is to draw, when you or your partner draw cards from the deck right up until you are able to draw a card that you will be able to play, you have to take a drink for each card that is drawn from the stack.

And then, if you are not able to call out Uno when you have just one card in your hand, you have to draw five cards and take five drinks. As with a traditional game of Uno, the first player who calls out Uno wins, but then again, the loser will probably also feel like a winner after all those drinks!


What you will need: A set of Truth Or Drink cards, alcohol

The game of love:

Truth Or drink is one of those drinking games for couples that are crafted for those pairs who want to be able to test the boundaries within their relationship — and get drunk together in the process! For this game, you just need to have the following on hand: A set of Truth Or Drink cards, alcohol, the truth, and courage.

The rules of Truth Or Drink are as simple and basic as it gets: All you and your partner have to do is to prepare the drinks and get the cards ready. Once you and your partner begin the game, you will each have the option to either tell the truth and nothing but OR to go ahead and take a shot! The Truth Or Drink cards are grouped into five different categories. The first category is On The Rocks, which is a set of very simple questions that are fairly easy and unproblematic to answer. The second category is Extra Dirty, which is a set of adult-themed, risqué questions that can be quite daring and sexy for you and your partner. The third category is Happy Hour, which is a set of questions that are feel-good and may skew on the conservative side but are still very entertaining. The fourth category is the Last Call, which is a set of questions that are designed to push boundaries and put your relationship to the test because the questions skew on the sensitive and deep side. The fifth and last category is With A Twist, which is a set of questions that will take some planning and strategy to answer.

Again, playing is simple: Just answer the question or take a shot! By the end of playing Truth Or Drink, you may be surprised at how communication between you two has become stronger, your connection deeper, your bond better, and your night a little more exciting and alcohol-filled!


What you will need: A deck of cards, alcohol

The game of love:

Perhaps one of the simplest drinking games for couples involving cards that you and your partner can play is the game called Higher / Lower. All you will need to let the game begin is a deck of cards, alcohol, and the two of you!

Place a deck of cards between the two of you, face down. One of you will be assigned to be the dealer. Whichever one is, the dealer will begin the game by flipping over the card that is on the very top of the deck. Whoever is not the dealer will then have to guess if the next card that is on the deck is higher or lower than the card that was first flipped over.

If the one who guesses is wrong, then they have to take a shot. If the one who guesses is right, then the dealer has to take a shot. You and your partner will take turns one after the other in being the dealer. See, it’s a simple as that — and totally fun!


What you will need: A deck of cards, alcohol

The game of love:

When we say Opposite Strip Poker, yes, that means clothes will be put ON — but there are some very fun and sexy twists to it, don’t worry! So you’ll need a deck of cards with which you will be playing the card game called Poker. Alongside that, get your alcohol ready too.

Alright, ready? So here is how Opposite Strip Poker goes. Every single time that one of you loses a round, the loser has to take a shot, and the other player has to put something on the loser (it can be a ring, a funny hat, a sock on the hand!). It can be anything! The possibilities are endless, and by the end of the night, when underwear is on top of clothes, and silly accessories are on every possible surface on the body, and there’s a lot of alcohol in your system, things are sure to get totally hilarious.

Plus, after the game, you two will then strip each other of everything on them, and as you peel clothing off one by one, things are sure to take a sexy turn!


What you will need: A deck of cards, 2-3 slim glasses or open bottles of beer, alcohol

The game of love:

The game called The ‘Blow’ Job is yet another of those incredibly, unbelievably simple drinking games of couples that involve cards. All that you will need to play this game is a deck of cards, plus about two to three open bottles of beer or very slim glasses.

Now, the first thing you have to do is sit across from each other, facing each other, and place the open bottles or slim glasses in the middle of the two of you. The next step is to place the deck of cards on top of the bottles or glasses, making sure to balance them well.

And finally, you and your partner will then count to three and then simultaneously blow as strongly and as furiously as you can onto the deck of cards! Whichever one of you ends up having the most number of cards on their respective side will be the one to drink up! Blow, drink, repeat!



Don’t happen to have cards on hand? We got you! These fun drinking games for couples only need two things: Alcohol and each other!


When it comes to drinking games for couples, no list would be complete without this absolute classic of a drinking game!

Never Have I Ever is very simple and a whole lot of fun, and it also will help you and your partner to get to know each other better while getting drunk together. Get your alcohol ready, and then begin. The game starts off with one of you saying that magic statement which starts with “Never have I ever…”. It’s up to you how to complete this statement: You can either name something wild or out of this world that you haven’t done, something you want to know if your partner has done, or something you yourself have done and want to reveal; to your partner! Whoever has done, whatever was said in the statement will then take a shot.

You and your partner will be taking turns and taking in all the fun revelations that are sure to come out! And if you’re talking about something sexy or naughty that one of you hasn’t done, well, there can be some “teaching” and “demonstration” happening too!


Alright, so 20 Questions is a game that you and your partner probably already know. This one comes with a naughty and alcoholic twist!

You both decide who gets the first turn. That first player will think of a word, any word — person, place, thing, emotion. The other player will get 20 yes or no questions that they can ask before they discover what the word on your mind is, and they also will get 3 chances to guess correctly. For every guess, they make that is wrong, they have to take a shot. If they cannot guess the word after their 20 questions and their 3 chances are up, then they have to strip off a piece of clothing. You can even add more spice to it by requiring a lap dance before they strip a piece of clothing!


Now we have a classic childhood favorite game but this time in a version that will make for an easy-drinking game for couples.

You or your partner will first become “Simon”. Whoever Simon is will then tell them to do something, as the traditional game goes. If the one who is not Simon acts without you first saying “Simon Says” before giving the command, then that person has to take a shot!


Rapid Fire is basically a game about testing someone’s knowledge. To craft this into a drinking game for couples, simply add alcohol into the mix — and keep the questions personal, so it will be all about how well you know each other.

So whoever goes first will ask the other player questions about themselves, rapid-fire style. The other player will be given 10 seconds (you can even make it shorter!) to come up with an answer each time. Now, after the other player gets three wrong answers, they will have to take a shot. You can take turns!


This is another drinking game for couples that is all about getting to know each other more and getting in a lot of shots along the way!

In Drunken Two Truths And A Lie, you and your partner will both think of three “facts” about yourself of your relationship, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. Then you will tell each other those three “facts”. Now, you and your partner will both have to pick out which one you think is a lie out of the three facts. If you are able to guess right, then your partner will take a shot. It you guess wrong, then you have to take a shot!

16. LET’S MAKE EYE CONTACT (Drunk And Steamy Version)

If there’s ever a drinking game for couples that will just be all about the two of you (and whole lotta alcohol), then this is it.

Let’s Make Eye Contact (Drunk And Steamy Version) basically revolves around this simple premise: Staring deep into each other’s eyes! Think about it: Can you remember the last time and your partner truly looked at each other and gazed into each other’s eyes? Now’s the time. Simply put, this is a staring contest made more steamy and fun!

To start, stare deeply into each other’s eyes, as you would in a staring contest but put a little more romance in it. Whoever will blink first will have to take a shot. If that person blinks twice in a row, then it’s a shot and stripping off a piece of clothing. Feel the tensions rise, the alcohol kicking in, and the butterflies fluttering and skin tingling, and get ready for some naughty, steamy moments ahead.


Being in a relationship isn’t always butterflies and rainbows and all that. Sometimes, things can get a bit dull, or you may find yourself stuck in a rut, or you may feel like you and your partner as not as connected as you can be. That’s what these drinking games for couples are for! Drinking games for couples are designed to spice things up, rekindle passion, and strengthen your connection — while getting your drink on and making some super fun memories along the way. Get ready, get set, and game on! Cheers!

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