13 Good Signs Your EX Will Eventually Come Back

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When you break up with your ex, whether it’s with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend or your ex-husband or wife, thoughts of getting back together may spring to your mind. Although personal differences may have led to the split, love could still be brewing in each of you — somewhere in an area of your hearts. Fortunately, signs your ex will eventually come back.

Do you end up spending a lot of time wondering if your ex thinks of coming back to you too? The good news is, instead of wasting time wondering, in this post-breakup phase, you could look for some evident signs your ex will eventually come back. In this article, we’ve shared 13 such signs that hint at your chances of getting back together.

Can a breakup be good for a relationship? Can a relationship work after the breakup? There’s no definite yes or no answer. Yet, the positive notion is, if you’re thinking of your ex, it’s worth your while to look for the signs your ex will eventually come back. 

If you’re anxious to get back together with your ex and would like to know if they are too, this article is going to be helpful. Read on to learn about the 13 good signs your ex will eventually come back.

signs your ex will eventually come back

13 Good Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back To You 

1. You’ve caught them stalking you on social media.

signs your ex will eventually come back

If you’re still friends on Facebook or following each other on Instagram, it’s not difficult to make out if they are stalking you. If your ex keeps liking and commenting on every new post of yours, it’s a sure sign they’re thinking of you and missing you. 

In effect, your ex is following your every move. They want to know what’s going on in your life, whether you’ve moved on, or if you’re still thinking of them. If you’re doing the same, then it’s worth the attempt to try a second inning with them as it’s likely your ex will eventually come back. 

One of the biggest signs they miss you deeply is when you find they’ve recently commented on older posts having amazing pics of you both. Whether they’ve commented saying “lovely memories,” or “miss that time,” or anything along those lines, it’s a strong sign they’ll eventually come back if you’re ready for a reconciliation yourself.

Also, if in the post-breakup phase, they’ve posted memories of you both on their social media handle or account, that’s a clear sign they miss you.

To confirm things, you can try a few tricks yourself. Try posting a picture with a new guy friend to confuse your ex. This is to see if they like or comment on your new post. If he does nothing or responds unhappily, it could mean he feels jealous — a great sign if you want your ex back.

2. Your breakup was on amicable terms.

Think back and sum up the whole experience of when you were together with your ex. From the beginning to the breakup stage, is your answer as follows?

  • Fun
  • Romantic
  • Helpful
  • Exciting and Adventurous
  • Healthy and Meaningful

If yes, it’s a matter of time before your ex will arrive at a point of self-realization and eventually come back to you. Be patient and give it some time.

When you and your ex both reach a common ground that there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the relationship, you’ll both realize it’s time to patch up again. For instance, if it was him, who called things off, wait for an emotional breakdown in him, that will bring him scurrying back to you one fine day. 

When the reasoning behind the breakup isn’t something substantial — no cheating, no mind games, etc. — your ex should soon realize there isn’t anyone more perfect than you in their life. Since there’s nothing damaged about the relationship, the relationship is salvageable; it’ll just be a matter of time before your ex returns. 

3. They are already with a new partner.

They are already with a new partner.

Is your ex in a new relationship? If yes, before getting into a tizzy about this, think of it as a probable “good” sign. This could be a rebound relationship to overcome the trauma of breaking apart with you. It could also be a temporary relationship to make you jealous or to test if you’re still interested. 

Sure, they could be relieving themselves temporarily, but beneath all that fake happiness is a heartbroken soul that still wants you. As much as they’d like the new relationship to last and help heal them, it’s easier said than done. 

It takes more than a few days to match up to the previous relationship’s memories, attachment, and trust. So don’t be surprised if your ex soon realizes their newly found partner is not for keeps. 

 On the other hand, they could be having several brief relationships in quick successions. That’s another sign that they’re looking for a rebound to cover up the pain they feel. They’re on a quest for happiness, and their brief experiments are leading to nothing but failed attempts at matching up to their relationship with you. 

4. They prefer being single.

This is one of the most obvious signs that your ex is willing to come back to you. By being single, they have chosen to live a life based on the memories they have of you. That’s because, to them, nobody can replace all that you stood for in making your ex happy. 

Further, they are waiting for you to be the initiator of reviving the relationship. All you have to do is, make the slightest effort in showing them that you are willing to be back in a relationship with them. They will jump at the first opportunity you give them.  

If your ex remains single because of such strong feelings, then they probably don’t have the courage to date someone, for the sake of making you jealous. Their helplessness arises as they feel depressed due to the trauma of having lost your company. 

It’s the sacrifice your ex is making in hopes you will eventually come back one day. In other words, while you’re wondering whether your ex will be back, your ex is pretty much wondering the same thing. 

5. They haven’t returned your belongings.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make out this clear sign. In all likelihood, your ex may have kept your things for either of two reasons, both of which are interconnected. 

First, they want you to call them, text them, or visit them for your belongings. It’s a way of getting to see you and meet you — a sign they are not disgusted with you. Also, they find it difficult to let go of the memories associated with every single item and gift received from you. Returning these is painful.

Second, it’s to indicate that they have decided not to throw you out of their life — a sign to patch up again. They feel time will heal; you will be back together, so there’s no need for returning the belongings. Both these are good signs your ex will eventually come back to you. 

6. They call / text you when drunk.

signs your ex will eventually come back

The intoxication of any kind, whether through alcohol or drugs, is a terrible thing. Yet, it’s incredible how courageous one becomes and the truth that spills out of the mouth once you’re drunk — your ex may use drunk dial you and spew out the truth about how much they love you and want you back. Being drunk gives them the courage to do and say things they normally wouldn’t.  

The same goes for drunk texting. If you’ve received text messages on occasions, it shouldn’t matter if the sender (your ex) was drunk while doing so. What should matter is, they missed you.

The fact that you were remembered and written to with words of admiration and love is as clear a sign as any that they want to be back in your life. At this point, if you don’t want them to quit drinking, text them back and offer to meet them. Well, only if you’re interested in the first place!

7. They keep meeting your friends.

If your ex keeps in regular touch with your friends, it’s a good sign they want you back. The fact that they haven’t let go of everything that’s got to do with you indicates they’re not trying to erase you from memory. 

Just like your gifts and belongings, your friends too are a reminder of you and a method of keeping oneself abreast with what’s happening in your life. This sign shows they are protective of you and truly care about you. 

They want to be up-to-date with your whereabouts and general well being. When your friends tell you about their frequent interactions with your ex and all the positive things your ex asked or said about you, it becomes clear to you that your ex is concerned and still loves you. 

8. They pick up your calls immediately and answer your texts instantly.

If your ex picks up your calls immediately and replies to your texts instantly, it’s because they’ve been glaring at their phone all day for the chance to be in touch with you. If you’re looking for the opportunity to patch things up with them, consider this proof enough that they want you back equally.

Further, if their text reply is longer than yours, they’re probably desperate to come back. They have so much to express and share it can’t be done in a few words. 

If they’ve started texting you throughout the day, think of it as an attempt to re-establish the relationship. Your ex probably remembers you so much, they feel like keeping you posted about daily developments — be it to do with work, home, or something funny. The sole purpose of keeping you posted — to bring a smile to your face.

9. You keep bumping into them.

You keep bumping into them.

It’s understandable if you bump into your ex in the mall once or at a party another time. To bump into them frequently is another good sign. What’s happening is, they’re stalking you at your favorite hangout places, your routine shopping trips, and at parties they’ve investigated you’d be going to. Yet, they claim it’s a coincidence. 

They’re ensuring they see you often because being apart has been painful. If you want your ex back in your life, there’s no better sign than this. Exes don’t accidentally appear in places for no reason. They make special efforts when they miss you to the moon and back. 

10. They have only good things to say about you.

Has your ex been deliberately complimenting you on various aspects of your life like your career, achievements, fashion sense, and personality, among others? If yes, they want you and your close friends and relatives to know how much you appreciate them. Upon hearing these praises directly or through others, your liking towards your ex increases manifold. In effect, both of you are working towards the same goal — amending the relationship.

If you want to be back with your ex, then the least you can do is exude positivity so that you remain in the best light. There’s no room for negativity, especially when it comes to keeping the attraction alive and on the growth path.

On the flip side, if your ex is saying negative things about you to others and you come to know about it, you may want to consider moving elsewhere. 

11. They haven’t changed one bit.

If your ex hasn’t changed one bit, it’s likely because they feel it’s quicker and easier to catch up where they last left off. If they change themselves, they will risk their new persona not being acceptable to you. Having spent quality time with you in the past, they’re sure to know what you loved about them. 

If they change their style, attitude, or anything else now, it could be at the expense of finding themself distanced further away from you. Your ex is being true to their character rather than personifying someone they’re not. In a way, they’re making the right efforts to come back into your life.

Partners who are not interested in a patch up often undergo major transformations to become new personalities. They undergo physical and psychological changes for a fresh new start — they want to forget about the past, especially their exes. So when you see your ex has remained the same, you can be sure they don’t want to forget you. It’s a clear sign they want to be back with you by continuing from where you last left off. 

12. You had a long-distance relationship.

signs your ex will eventually come back

 If you broke up solely due to a long-distance relationship, the breakup wasn’t fair to begin with. While it’s true, some aspects of a healthy relationship remain unfulfilled due to it being long-distance, the core of that relationship — the love (not romance) — remains intact. 

The things you miss out on often, due to the relationship being a long-distance one, are things like romance, having a family together, and dating. When careers are at stake, and there isn’t much either partner can do to overturn the barriers disrupting the relationship, the tie often fails to continue. 

What follows the breakup is not necessarily happiness. That’s why, in the post-breakup phase, each partner often feels guilt for not having made the required changes for making the relationship work. 

When you find out your ex is planning to relocate to your town or searching for a career shift nearby to you, it’s a good sign they want to be back. They’re willing to make major sacrifices after realizing they can’t be happy without you in their life. 

13. They’ve been unhappy ever since the breakup.

It’s uncommon for an ex to admit they’ve been devastated due to the breakup, especially if that ex is a guy. When you do hear of such a confession, then you can be darn sure they’re extremely unhappy. In such cases, they would ensure the message that they’re missing you madly gets passed across to you. For this, they may approach your friends or any other known messenger. 

Partners that pretend nothing happened and they couldn’t be any happier end up only to fool themselves. Following this, there is a period of major devastation and mental turmoil. Eventually, they would tell you directly or indirectly how much you mean to them and want to get back together as soon as possible. 

Summing Up

If you’re missing your ex and wondering if they want to come back, look for the above signs. There’s hope once you spot the signs. Then, in the future, mutual efforts can lead to reconciliation. 

Witnessing couples reunite relatively common these days. We’ve all heard enough examples of couples that tied the knot after a breakup. Who knows, things might work out better than they ever were in your first inning with them.

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