17 Sure Signs He Doesn’t Want to Marry You

Dating someone you love for quite some time, yet not knowing whether they’re interested in marrying you, can be perplexing. There would come a time when you’d like to know whether the relationship is permanent or something else.

If it’s permanent, he may agree to the ultimate commitment of marriage. If it’s something else, you still need to know where the relationship stands.   

Sure, you love him and would like to marry him, yet not being certain about what he wants is not going to be of any help. What if he doesn’t believe in marriage or doesn’t see you as his ideal life partner? Such news can be devastating to hear, mostly if you’ve ended up wasting a lot of time to hear that.

Instead of wasting your precious time, now’s the time you need to figure out whether the two of you are on the same page. Now’s the time to look for any signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

If there are no such signs, you’ve got a reason to celebrate as marriage might be on the cards sooner than later. Yet, if you spot the signs now, you end up avoiding any abrupt devastation in the future. 

You should get married to a man that loves you. If you see signs he doesn’t want to marry you, it’s likely he also doesn’t love you. At this point, start tweaking your life plans now. This could entail talking about the current relationship and deciding to give it more time before breaking up for good. 

If you’re dating the man of your dreams you want to tie the knot with, it’s time you found out if he’s equally committed. Here are the 17 sure signs he doesn’t want to marry you.

The Top 17 Signs He Doesn’t Want To Marry You.

1. His disbelief in marriage

When a guy says marriage is nothing but a senseless formality, please don’t take what he says lightly. In effect, he has just discounted the heavenly bond of marriage to mere paperwork.

At that point, any attempt to overturn his disbelief in the institution of marriage will likely lead to failure. His disbelief in marriage is a rock-solid sign. Your relationship with him isn’t going to convert into marriage. 

It’s clear you want to get married, and he doesn’t! Your call should be – either to be alright with his notion and maintain the status quo – or move on to another relationship, if marriage is your priority. 

2. He plays dumb when the topic arises.

Does your man immediately deviate from the subject of marriage whenever you bring it up or pass hints about it? If yes, it’s a clear sign he’s disinterested in marrying you. At other times, even if he does partake in the conversation, if his responses are non-serious or a mockery about the subject, then you know he’s disinterested. 

His inclination to not talk about the topic of marriage, by conveniently brushing it aside, is indicative of his disinterest in marriage with you. Yet, you shouldn’t give up! He’s probably not ready for marriage. Though you can help speed up his readiness. 

Perhaps there’s more you can do to impress him. Bring him to the point he cannot imagine himself being without you. You can do little things like looking more amazing, help destress him by helping him cope with his work, pamper his taste buds with your cooking, and much more. The aim is to get him so interested in you that he gets on his knee and pops the question at you.  

3. Doesn’t introduce you to his family & friends

signs he doesn't want to marry you

When you love someone and mean it, you want the world to know about that special someone. 

Has your man introduced you to his family and close friends till now? If not, it’s a clear sign he’s not into spending the rest of his life with you by his side.

On the flip side, if he’s introduced you to some family members and a few of his friends, then that’s not so much of a red flag. Even so, you should treat such isolated interactions as somewhat a red flag. These in-frequent interactions state he might be double-minded about marrying you.

Remember, there are invites for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more in every family. Suppose you’re not part of any such occasions in your partner’s side of the family. In that case, you have reason to question your relationship.

4. He’s against meeting your family & friends. 

Marriage is a permanent bond between husband and wife. The commitment of which entails getting together of two families through all times – good and bad. When we decide on the person we want to marry, we desire to meet their family members.

If your man doesn’t seem to care to meet your family, he does not imagine marriage on the cards. He does not imagine your family and close friends to unite with his family and friends and form a big happy family.

If he’s not expressing an inclination to meet your family, you should know what this implies. Not only does he not want to marry you, nor should you force him to marry you. 

Your mind would always be troubled if your husband didn’t accept your family. The rule is – be content only once he takes the initiative to desire to meet your family.

5. He says, “it isn’t the right time yet.”

If your man comes up with excuses galore, you should be mentally prepared. He’s not going to pop the big question. A guy that wants to marry you will not wait for the perfect time. Instead, he will make the present time perfect no matter what his professional or personal circumstances.

If he genuinely loves you, things like too much work, family, or financial pressure shouldn’t cause the delay of something as important as marriage. Sure such reasons can cause little bumps along the way, but life is that way. It’s never going to be troublefree.

If his excuses keep piling up, a proposal isn’t going to happen! Take that as a clear sign. He doesn’t want to marry you.

6. Doesn’t share his emotional space with you

In every strong relationship, there are some common ingredients. Among these are trust and emotions. 

If your man is not sharing his emotional side with you, he’s not letting you be a part of him. In effect, he doesn’t share what may be bothering him and sort it out along with your help. Thus, mutual trust is missing in your relationship. 

Your cluelessness about his emotional space can feel like he’s on the brink of announcing a breakup with you. If he desires long-term companionship with you, he will invest in you by sharing his entire world, including his emotional world, with his special someone – you.

7. Keeps postponing wedding plans

signs he doesn't want to marry you

This sign is a no-brainer. Many a time, with the help of friends and family, a bride to be may succeed in persuading her man to marry her. Even when he’s not interested, he ends up saying a hesitant” yes.” Although that’s a great feat on your part, trouble ensues once he keeps postponing the wedding date far into the future.

This is a classic case of when you (in this case, your man) agree with someone (that’s you), so they’d stop nagging for the time being. When it comes to the action part, he uses postponement tactics. 

The lesson here is – don’t trust a man who postpones his wedding date far into the future. If he does, he’s not interested in marrying you. 

8. Your plans are unimportant to him.

Are your dreams, aspirations, and plans insignificant to him? If yes, it’s because he doesn’t see you as his long-term partner.

If that’s the case, don’t get surprised upon finding out you’re nowhere in sight in any of his plans, either. He likely refrains from sharing his plans with you in the first place.

In such a scenario, your standing in his life is that of a mere acquaintance. You’ve come into his life, and soon you’ll go from it.

Unfortunately, his love for you is not true. Continuing the relationship with a man like that would become more and more devastating with time. 

9. There’s no sign of you on his social media posts! 

sign of you on his social media posts

Almost everyone these days is on at least one social media platform. Unless your boyfriend can prove he’s not on any social media platform – which is next to impossible – you need him out of your life if he left you out in his posts.

You missing on his posts is a sure sign he doesn’t want to marry you. Consider it an even more severe sign if he hasn’t updated his relationship status. If this is the case, he doesn’t consider you important in his life. 

If you notice this sign, you can straight away make the decision to leave him. Else, talk to him to explore a further chance (bleak though!). 

10. He’s a nervous wreck who is highly indecisive.

He's a nervous wreck who is highly indecisive

Some guys can’t make decisions, period. Think about this – if your man can’t even decide what pajamas to wear at night, then imagine how far fetched a marriage decision would be for him. You’ll never know he wants to marry you, even if he did.

No guts, no glory – a harsh reality with some men. If they don’t have courage, they will never propose to their girlfriend for her hand in marriage. This attribute of theirs is also considered a strong turn off for women. 

11. You’ve been feeling insecure in this relationship.

signs he doesn't want to marry you

Do you often find yourself begging him for a commitment to marry you? You’re not with the right guy if you feel insecure or desperate in the relationship. In such a situation, even if he agrees, you’ll be at his mercy for the rest of your lives. 

Your married life can only be a happy one once you’re with the right partner. The right partner is not one that you should have to beg. He should be full of passion and anxiousness to walk the aisle with you courageously. 

12. Uses you like a tool 

Is your man self-centered when it comes to moments in bed? Instead, he should be willing to acknowledge and adhere to the importance of mutual gratification when it comes to pleasure. Otherwise, he’s treating you like a tool – a sure sign he doesn’t want you in his life for the long-term. If he did want you, he would’ve cared for your needs in bed besides just his.

If he isn’t bothered about trying to make you orgasm in bed, he doesn’t love you. Hence, he isn’t marriage material anyway. You should dump him if you don’t want to feel abused and hurt in the relationship. 

13. Talking about marriage upsets him.

Does the topic of committing to marriage make him uncomfortable? If yes, chances are when you bring up the topic; it makes him frustrated and angry. 

This is because he isn’t interested in a long-term commitment, let alone one that involves marriage. Every time such a situation happens, there is an internal conflict in his mind. 

The conflict is – he doesn’t want to get married to you, while he doesn’t want to leave you either. As a result, the topic of marriage triggers his mind to go into a defensive mode. This results in discomfort and spurts of anger as he doesn’t want to deal with the topic.

14. He’s confused about his sexuality.

It is normal for many men and women to be confused about their sexuality at some point in their life. But, what if the confusion emerges during a mature heterosexual relationship? Wherein, you want to settle down via the marriage route finally, but he’s still unsure. 

If you notice your boyfriend is swinging the other way – through his mannerisms or actions with his male friends – it might be crucial to investigate further. Once he confirms his preferences – whether he’s bi or gay – you can take a call.

15. He’s acting distant.

Does your man often isolate himself from you? If yes, he’s likely thinking of breaking it off. Isolation is one of the strongest signals that he doesn’t want to marry you. 

Any guy that gives you the silent treatment by ignoring you or distancing himself from you isn’t marriage material to begin with. He lacks confidence and courage to man up to his true feelings.

16. You’re not his top priority.

A guy that truly loves you will always keep you on the top of his priority list. He prioritizes the needs and wishes of his partner foremost and exerts his best efforts to achieve them.

If he’s not doing that, chances are he never will. His chances of proposing to you are also bleak in this case. He probably wouldn’t want to commit his life to marriage over his selfish interests. Even if he does, you wouldn’t want to be with such an uncaring man.

17. He blames all his ex-girlfriends for the relationship failure with them.

He blames all his ex-girlfriends for the relationship failure

Does your boyfriend blame the failure of his past relationships on his exes? Although it’s commendable if he’s had the experience of committing to each woman for a long time, the failure could be due to hesitation to get married. 

Suppose he goes ballistic at the mention of the subject of marriage to the extent of changing over to a new partner. In that case, you cannot rule out a similar fate for yourself unless you dump him pronto!

Final Words Of Wisdom

For life to be complete, it is important to attain success. The biggest secret to success is who you decide to marry. If you find any of the above signs in your man, you’ll know he lacks interest in marrying you, and you haven’t found true love. 

If somehow you forcefully push him to agree to marry you, you’re ending up getting into the wrong alliance. Your life is at stake, and you must choose wisely. 

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