21 Major Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

When you really love someone, of course you can’t help but think about having a future together. You may find yourself dreaming about the day he will propose, and even picturing having a family with him down the line.

After all, you two have been seeing each other for a while. Whether it’s been a few months or a few years, you feel that connection, and you just know you want a future with him. Things are going really, really well, and the two of you just fit perfectly together.

But because marriage is such a huge step and one that isn’t just taken lightly, you may find yourself in a position where you’re wondering, “Is he going to marry me? Does he want to marry me?” You can’t help but wonder how he feels.

Any serious relationship will eventually have that talk, but for now, if you’re looking for signs or ways to maybe get an idea as to where his head and heart are at, there are some pretty good signs he sees himself marrying you that can give you an indication.

These signs he sees himself marrying you are a helpful way for you to gauge if he views you as potential wife material. Check out these signs and find out if signs point to yes for eventual wedded bliss for the two of you!

Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

Are you wife material for your guy? These 21 major signs he sees himself marrying you will show you if he sees himself spending the rest of his life with you.

1. He’s Completely Committed, And He’s Only Got Eyes For You

Logically speaking, if a man has not made a commitment to you, then he’s probably not thinking about marrying you. So before you start making wedding plans in your head, first make sure that your special someone is committed to you and only you. A man who is committed will want to be with you and make time for you, and he won’t be seeing other women. He’s only got you on his mind.

A man who is committed to you will let you know he is committed to you. He will make it a point to tell you this, and he will also make it a point to let others know — especially other women who may be showing an interest in him. He will only have eyes for you, and he won’t be afraid to show you that and show others that as well. He will make you feel like you are the only woman in the universe for him, because when it comes to his mind and his heart, you are the only one who matters. If your special someone is like this, then it means he takes you and your  relationship very seriously and he desires to spend the rest of his life with you. Just you.

2. The Topic Of The Future Is Something You Talk About — Together

The Topic Of The Future Is Something You Talk About — Together

When a man sees himself having a future with you, that’s a big sign that he feels you are marriage material. And if a future with you is something he can picture, then he won’t be shy or beat around the bush. You’ll find him starting to talk about this with you. The two of you will talk about plans that are long term, set dates for trips and vacations together, and he’ll even share what kind of wedding he would want and how many kids he’d like, if any. He’ll also invite you to big family gatherings and celebrations with friends that may be set somewhere down the line.

If he wants you around for the long haul, then he will make it very, very easy for you to be a part of his life. He’ll make room for you and craft plans around you or with you. And they’ll ask to be included or at least be in the loop for all of the plans you make, too. He sees you as a unit, long term.

3. Conversations Will Be Peppered With Him Starting Sentences With “If We Were Married…”

Now this one is pretty straightforward and telling. A man who sees himself sharing the rest of his life with you will find himself picturing that future. And he’ll also start sharing those thoughts with you too. So listen closely during your conversations, no matter how casual, and you may pick up on this tell tale sign that he’s got marriage on the brain. 

If you find your man starting sentences with “If I were your husband…” or “If you were my wife…” then he totally thinks you are marriage material. Peppering the conversation with little sentiments about how it would be if you two were married show that he thinks of you as someone who can be his future wife. Guys do not play games like these with girls they are seeing whom they are just lukewarm about or are not one hundred percent all in with.

4. He Says That He Is A Better Person Because Of You

He Says That He Is A Better Person Because Of You

Relationships are strongest if both parties grow into better individuals because of what you share together. If a man tells you that his life has become better since you became part of it, then that’s a sign of someone who knows your worth and who values having you in his life. He is thankful for all that you do for him and all that you’ve brought into his world, and he will want to do the same and be the same for you.

In the same vein, if you see that he is changing and growing and becoming a better man for you, then that is a good indicator that he wants to be married to you someday. This is different from getting into a relationship with someone to try to change someone — it’s about that someone desiring in his heart to be a better person for you, on his own. That’s someone who is very serious about you.

5. He Is Proud Of You And Values Your Accomplishments

A true life partner will be proud of you and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished. He appreciates your worth and how incredible you are, and he will share in your joy and happiness. He celebrates accomplishments, no matter how big or how small. He won’t be jealous or insecure, because what he is is someone who truly knows your value.

And he will take pride in your achievements too — he will be so incredibly proud of you. He won’t see life as a competition with you, but rather as something that you share together, and that includes your accomplishments and your wins.

6. He Is Saving His Money

He Is Saving His Money

Okay, so this one won’t be as easy nor as obvious to see, because you probably won’t have complete access to his bank account or his cash. And hey, snooping around and trying to find out this sensitive information underhandedly is something you shouldn’t do, of course, unless he himself volunteers these details to you. But you can notice the signs in little ways.

How is he handling his money? Do you find that he’s being extra careful? Does he seem to be a man who is spending wisely, as if he’s got future plans he is saving up for? Has he begun to eat out less often, splurge less on things he doesn’t really need, find ways to spend less? If so, then that may be a great sign that he’s got marriage plans in the future, which is why he’s being more mindful of his budget.

7. You Are Part Of His Decision Making

Men, in general, are known for their egos and their desire to always be in charge. But when a man sees himself having a future with you, then all that goes out the window and he’ll bring you in when it comes to his decision making. He’ll come to you and consult with you because making any big plans. He’ll want to know what you think first, because you are important to him and he cares about you. And even with the small plans, he’ll be communicating with you as well.

In simpler terms, he values your opinion. He seeks it, he welcomes it, because it matters to him greatly. You matter to him greatly. He wants a life and a future with you, so he wants to face decisions together.

8. He Is Relaxed And He Is Himself Around You

He Is Relaxed And He Is Himself Around You

Here’s a question for you: How does your man act when he is around you? Does he seem tense or is he relaxed? Is he reserved or seemingly like he’s holding back, or is he just himself? People act in different ways around different people. But the more we value someone and care about someone, the more we are relaxed and let our guards down.

A man who is genuine and lets himself be vulnerable around you is someone who can see himself being with you forever. He doesn’t feel like he needs to walk on eggshells or put on a show or be on his best behavior, because he wants you to see the real him. That authenticity is a big sign that he wants to be with you, long haul.

9. There Is A Lot Of Trust — You Trust Him, And He Trusts You

In any relationship, trust is a defining factor. Trust is something that is essential in relationships and it is something that strengthens relationships and makes them last. So if you find that he doesn’t seem to be putting a whole lot of trust in you and he’s not trusting you with aspects of his life or with his thoughts and feelings, then it’s probably safe to assume that he doesn’t see you as someone who can be his partner in life.

But if he lets you know that he trusts you fully, and if he shares everything with you because he trusts you completely, then that shows that he considers you as someone who he wants to share the rest of his life with. And if he shows you that he is someone you can always trust and count on too, then you know he truly values you. Trust is a great foundation for marriage.

10. He is There For You And He Supports You

He is There For You And He Supports You

When you share your life with someone, you want that someone to be your rock, your support system. Your partner, in the truest sense of the word. This goes hand in hand with what we discussed above – trust.

A man who wants to marry you will want to be that person for you. He will do all that he can to be your shelter, your rock, the one who will always have your back, no matter what. He sees you and him as a team, and he is ready and willing and looking forward to facing life with you side by side. He will always be there for you when you need him, and he will support you through thick and thin.

11. He Loves Being With You And Spending Time With You

Simply put, when two people get married, then they will be spending the rest of their lives together. It’s a “for the long haul” sort of deal, and you’ll be around each other from then on out.

So a man who sees you as wife material is someone who will want to spend his free time with you. He’ll enjoy always being around you, and he won’t get tired of you; rather, he’ll seek to be with you and he’ll love every minute of your time together. He won’t get tired of you. That is a man who wants to be with you for keeps.

12. He Misses You When You’re Apart — And Tells You So

He Misses You When You’re Apart — And Tells You So

If you find that your man is beginning to tell you that he is missing you when you are apart, even if it’s just for a short while, then he probably sees you as someone he always wants to have around. And he’s probably thinking that he wants to have you around for keeps.

The person he views as marriage material is someone that he feels he always wants to be with and desires to share the rest of his life with. So if he feels your absence when you are not around and he is sad about it, then chances are, you are that person with whom he wants to share his life. Being apart isn’t something he wants. Because he wants to merge your lives together.

13. He Has No Problem Showing His Affection For You In Front Of Others

Public displays of affection? Well, yes. But we’re not necessarily talking over the top PDA all day every day! What we mean by this is that a man who wants to marry you will never hide how he feels about you. How he expresses is and shows it will very of course from man to man and couple to couple, but the common ground is that if he is serious about you, he will show it.

If your man is proud to be with you and his actions show how much he adores you, and if he is all about showing the world that you are the woman he loves, he probably sees you as his future wife. This man will never be shy or insecure about expressing how he feels about you and letting those around you see that he is completely enamored of you.

14. He Is Open To Sharing Finances And Assets With You

He Is Open To Sharing Finances And Assets With You

Marriage is a serious commitment. It is a total partnership. That includes assets and finances and resources and all that, because after all, marriage is joining two lives together, completely. So if you see that your man is happy to share his resources with you, then it means he i.e. seriously considering making you his wife in the future.

Doing so shows that he is happy to lower their boundaries and choose sharing life with you over “personal space”. So if you’re seeing gestures like him giving you keys to his place, or expressing a desire to move in together, or you bought a pet or a car together, or you opened a bank account together, these things show that he is more than ready for you two to take your relationship to the next level.

15. He Believes In Marriage And Is Traditional

It’s as basic and simple as this: A man has to be someone who believes in marriage before he can be someone who wants to get married. Men who are of more of a “traditional” sort of mindset are more likely to see themselves married and with a family in the future. They value sharing a life with someone.

If your special someone is someone like this, then it shows that he is someone who can potentially see you as his future wife down the line. If he talks about marriage and kids and raising a family, and he opens up about that stuff to you, then there’s more of a possibility that you’re the one he’ll want to to that with in the future.

16. He Stays Through The Tough Times

He Stays Through The Tough Times

Marriage isn’t always gonna be a walk in the park. Relationships are full of ups and downs, and getting married means experiencing those ups and downs with each other for keeps. After all, every relationship, no matter how strong and how much love there is, will always have difficult times. Marriage is a matter of choosing who to weather those times with.

If your man is willing to be by your side even when it is incredibly tough, if he doesn’t flee when things get challenging, if he doesn’t leave you in a lurch when there are big fights or arguments, if he loves you and stays with you even if it’s not easy to do so, then you are someone he sees himself choosing to spend the rest of his live with. He is committed to you, through the good and bad.

17. He Makes You A Real Part Of His Life

Listen up, ladies: If a man really wants you to be in his life, then he will make you a real part of it. It is just that simple. He will share everything with you, he will make an effort for you to know everything about him, and he will make sure you are always included in the facets of his life.

If your man is no longer going through life like a single bachelor, and he makes you feel like he’s walking hand in hand with you in the journey, it means he is sharing that journey with you. And if he shows that he remembers the little things about you, if he is interested in you and wants to know the real you, it shows that he is really making you part of his life and he wants to be part of yours. For the long haul.

18. He Introduces You To Family And Friends

He Introduces You To Family And Friends

One of the most significant signs your man sees you as someone he wants to share the rest of his life with someday is when he makes an effort to introduce you to the most important people in his life: His family and his friends. Because he sees you as someone who is a big part of his life now, he wants those who are part of his life to get to know you.

For him, he sees it as this: You and his family and friends will all one day comprise his life. So he wants you to know each other. And when he also talks highly about you to them, that’s even more of an indication that you are definitely future wife material for him. Add to that the fact that he also makes an effort to get to know your family and friends and get along with them, and that shows that he truly, truly sees himself possibly marrying you.

19. He Shares Everything And Confides In You

Men don’t easily open up. They don’t usually share personal details and thoughts and feelings with just anyone. But if it is someone they truly love and value deeply, then they let that person in. It’s a level of closeness that they only reserve for the most special person in their lives.

If he shares everything with you, if he confides his deepest feelings and thoughts with you, if he confides in you his experiences and his secrets and things that he doesn’t tell just anyone, then you are someone he loves and trusts completely, and someone he really desires to give his heart to and spend the rest of his life with.

20. He Says You Would Make An Awesome Wife And Mom

He Says You Would Make An Awesome Wife And Mom

Have you heard your man tell you that you would be an amazing wife or mom? Has he given you compliments in that gist? That is a pretty good indicator that he’s got you being his wife and mom of his kids on his brain!

Men don’t just drop statements like these into conversation, not unless they’re already thinking about it. So if he’s told you how he knows you’d make an awesome wife or mom, then take it as the biggest compliment… and as a huge sign that he loves you and wants to marry you.

21. When You Talk Marriage, His Eyes Totally Light Up

We’ve talked about his views on marriage and if he brings up marriage when he’s talking to you. Now, let’s talk about what happens when the topic of marriage comes from you.

When you bring the M-word up, how does he react? Is he neutral or nonchalant or avoidant? Not a good sign. But if he’s clearly happy and excited, or if his eyes completely light up, then that’s a great big sign that he wants that with you. That he knows in his heart of hearts that he sees himself exchanging ‘I dos’ with you.


These signs he sees himself marrying you are very helpful when it comes to at least get a feel of what your potential future with your man might be. But remember that the only way to really know for sure is for you and your man to eventually talk honestly about where you both stand in your relationship, and if you are both in it for keeps. In the meantime however before you have that talk, these signs will help you know where his head and heart are at.

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