7 Definitive Ways to Forget About Your Ex-Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Have you just broken up with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Are you feeling shattered? Are you finding it hard to forget him or her?

I can feel you, honey.

You have spent so much time with your partner. You have so many beautiful memories together. You have known each other for such a long time.

And now, when you have broken up with them, you feel like a broken pile of glass. You feel like you are drowning in your own pool of sadness and tears, isn’t it?

But, honey, you are not the only one going through this dark phase. We have all been there and experienced that.

With time, things will be much better, and you will be the same happy person that you used to be. At this moment, all you need is to give yourself some time. As you know, time heals everything!

And yes, you will be able to forget your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and live a joyful life. So, now, you may be wondering how to forget about your ex, right?

Well, I’m here to make your pain go away with these tips on how you can forget your ex. Follow these, and I’m sure you will get what you were asking for.

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How to Forget About Your Ex?

How to Forget About Your Ex

So, honey, get up, wipe your tears and read the following.

1. Give Yourself Some Time

Now that you have broken up with your partner, you may want to party hard, go for crazy makeovers or drink uncontrollably – all because you think that if you do all these, you will be able not to think about your ex.

But that is not the right way to forget them, honey. And doing these, you are not making the process of forgetting any easier. Instead, you are just trying to hide the actual emotions that you are feeling at the moment.

So, what I suggest is to give yourself some time to heal. You have just experienced heartbreak, and you need time to heal.

Do you feel like sitting alone for a while? Do you want to cry?

Then do that. There is nothing wrong with doing so. In fact, it is really normal. You should release all the negative emotions that you are feeling right now.

And once you feel a bit better, pay attention to your health. Go to the gym or take the dancing class you have always wanted.

Eat and drink healthily. And go back to the normal life that you used to have.

2. Don’t Waste Your Time Thinking About the Past

Don’t Waste Your Time Thinking about the Past

What kind of relationship did you have with your ex? Was it happy? Or was it toxic?

It is normal to have happy and sad memories when you are in a relationship. You know, you can’t always be happy, right?

But once you are out of that relationship, it is better that you close that chapter of your life. Yes, you may have some happy memories and some not-so-happy. But once you close that chapter, keep it that way – closed.

Because, honey, if you have decided to move on, you have to try and make efforts to make that happen, right?

But if you think of the time that you were with your ex, you will be trapped in your past and will not be able to move ahead in life.

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3. Don’t Stalk Him on Social Media

Don’t Stalk Him on Social Media

When you have just broken up with your ex, you may always want to know what they are doing or what they are up to – now that you are not in their life.

And the best way you can think of is social media, right?

So, what you want to do is open your social media, go to their profile and stalk them.

But, honey, that is not how you can forget your ex!

When you see them on their social media, you may want to talk to them again. You can even feel the urge to patch up with them, forgetting all the toxic sides of your relationship. And when that doesn’t happen, you will be left with more pain and sadness.

Would you want that?

No, right?

So, don’t go on social media for some days or months. Instead, take your time to heal and spend some time with yourself. And once you think you are ready and your ex’s social media profile won’t affect you, you can be active on your social media accounts again.

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4. Don’t be Too Harsh on Yourself

Don’t be Too Harsh on Yourself

The first and foremost thing that I want you to know is that, darling, you are NOT the reason for your breakup. Tell this to yourself.

There can be multitudes of reasons behind a breakup.

While some break up because their relationship has become toxic, some break up because they are no longer interested in their partner. And then there are so many other reasons too.

Once you have decided to move on and no longer stay in the relationship, pay attention to that only.

Don’t blame yourself for being the reason for your breakup. Also, don’t be harsh on yourself, saying that you were wrong trusting someone like that. Don’t blame yourself for being stupid all this time and not knowing the real intentions of your ex.

And last but not least, DON’T punish yourself by doing something silly. Don’t start unhealthy eating or not eating at all, don’t start excessive drinking, and don’t indulge in other self-destructive behavior.

We all make mistakes at some point in our lives. After all, we are human beings, and we are meant to make mistakes. Just learn from it.

And remember, you are stronger than you think. So, try hard, and you will surely be able to forget your ex – in a healthy way.

5. Don’t Come Up With Excuses to Meet Them

Don’t Come up with Excuses to Meet Them

You have freshly broken up, right?

So, there is a high chance that you want to see your ex and talk to them at least once.

You know their schedule, and so you may want to bump into him ‘accidentally.’ You may want to talk to them and sort things out.

But, honey, ask yourself, how can you expect to mend up the issues in one meeting that you could end up in the entire course of your relationship?

You know, when you are in a relationship and want to make it work, you give your attention, love, and efforts to it. And these should be given from both sides.

But, if the efforts are only from your side, you may not be able to keep the relationship. And once your relationship has died a slow death, there is no point in reviving it and going through all the pain and heartbreak – all over again.

Don’t you think so too?

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6. Don’t be Friends with Them if You Still Have Feelings

Don’t be Friends with Them if You Still Have Feelings

Now, this is a big NO-NO!

Have you broken up but still have feelings for your ex? Are you planning to be friends with them so you can at least talk to them?

Stay away!

Don’t ruin your life – all over again. You have given a valuable time of your life to this person who has hurt you and left you in pain and sadness.

So, what is the point of getting into the same old circle of pain and heartbreak again?

The relationship of friendship is very special. So don’t use it for any not-so-good motives.

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7. Learn From Your Mistake

Learn from Your Mistake

As I have already said, we all make mistakes, and we all experience heartbreaks at some time or the other. You cannot change this. This is normal.

But while you cannot stop making mistakes, you can at least learn your lessons from them and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

People come into your life for a reason. Each of them teaches you at least some lessons. And if they are meant to leave you, they will leave you – no matter how much you want them in your life.

So, when you have a breakup, learn your lessons from it. Understand what was wrong in your relationship and what you could have done better. This will help you have a less complicated life.


Try these ways how to forget about your ex, and you will be able to succeed for sure.

And don’t forget to share your experience with me!

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