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How to Make Him Miss You? 18 Simple Yet Powerful Ways

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When you’re feeling all the feelings for that special someone, you want to be around them. You want to feel close to them, you want to always be in contact with them even when you’re not together. You love being with them, and when you’re not with them, well, you miss them. And naturally, you want them to miss you too. 

Who doesn’t want to feel missed or longed for by their object of affection? You want to feel that he misses you, because that lets you know that you mean a lot to him, and he feels the same way about you as you do about him.

Now for the one million dollar question: How to make him miss you? Well, it might not be as hard as you think! See, here’s a little fun fact: Men can actually become more deeply emotionally attached to a woman than her to him — and fall harder and faster too. And by doing certain little things, you can make that happen! And when it does, when he feels that attachment to you, then you can bet he’ll be missing you when you’re apart.

Of course, there is a fine line between being that amazing, charming girl who he won’t be able to get off his mind, and being the girl who tries to mind game her way into a man’s thoughts. Even as you try tips and methods, make sure to stay authentic and true to yourself, and be genuine. Otherwise, it may work, but it won’t really ring true. Besides, you wouldn’t want your man to manipulate you, right? And you don’t want to change who you are just so he’ll think of you – no guy is worth losing yourself over. 

Keep all that in mind, and then also know that it’s totally cool to do your thing and work your angles and charm your way into having him feel super connected to you by being your best, most attractive self. We’ve rounded up some tips on how to make him miss you that can lead to him longing for you while being your best, most thriving self too. 

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing someone is craving for you as much as you’re craving for him, or more. These tips on how to make him miss you will give you the little nudge you may need to get there!

How To Make Him Miss You? 18 Simple Yet Powerful Ways

Make Him Miss You

How to make him miss you, you wonder? All it takes is a little effort and putting a little more thought into the things you do. These 18 simple yet powerful ways will help make him miss you more — while staying your most wonderful you!

1. Press Pause on all Communication

Yes, yes, of course it’s hard to not try to reach out to someone you adore, especially if you’re missing him. When we have feelings for someone, we always want to be around them and be in constant communication with them. But if you want him to start missing you and longing for you, then you gotta give him the chance to miss you. 

He won’t get that chance if you’re always reaching out and communicating. So press pause on all communication. Keep yourself from reaching out for a while. He’ll get a taste of how it is to not hear from you, and that will make him start missing you bad. 

2. Don’t Always be the one to Reach out First – let him Take Initiative

Speaking of communication, time to sift through your message history with your guy. Do all your convos start with you sending out the first message? If you find that’s the case, then it’s time to maybe change it up. Hold off on texting him, and let him have the opportunity to make the first move and initiate. 

But what if he doesn’t message me asap? Don’t worry if stopping reaching out first causes you to not hear from him for a while. It’s ok, it might just mean he got used to you reaching out first! He might also be a bit shy and might not have the confidence to be the one to start a chat with you. If he truly likes you, this will make him realize it more, and work up the courage to boldly take initiative. 

3. Engage in a Little Waiting Game

When you like someone and that someone calls or sends a message, the instinct is to respond as soon as you can, particularly if you’ve been missing him. It may be because you’ve been longing to hear from him and just want to connect already, or you fear that if you don’t pick up or respond at once when he reaches out, he might not do it again. 

But that’s not the way it goes. If you respond immediately, it may make him think that you’re just sitting and waiting for him, and it will make you look too eager. A little holding off will make him wonder why you’re not responding, make him think what you may be doing, and just make him miss you more. It’s said that the rule of thumb is to sometimes make him wait twice as long as it took for him to respond to you. Practice a little patience and a little self control, and you just might find yourself the center of attention of someone who’s totally missing you. 

4. Make the move to End the Conversation

Okay, now let’s go to when you two do finally communicate. It’s a great feeling to connect with someone you like a lot. You want it to last as long as it can. But, and again with the thing we call self control, you have to be mindful of making an effort to be the one to end the conversation. Be the one to “have to go” and hang up the phone, or let him be the one to send you the last message. 

Ending the conversation first will give him the feeling that your communication was unfinished, and he’ll find himself wanting more. This can lead to him contacting you again first — to pick up where you left off.

4. Don’t be a 24/7 Girl

Of course you want to always connect with him, every chance you get. When you’re apart, you find yourself clutching your phone, excitedly waiting to hear from him. When he calls and asks to meet, you want to make yourself available to him. But always being like that isn’t ideal for you, and neither is it for him. 

Your time and energy shouldn’t be directed at him and him alone all the time. He should see that you have other things on your mind too. And that, though you like him, you won’t always drop everything at a single text or call from him. The more he feels like he has to earn a place in your life, the more he will miss you and make the extra effort. 

5. Enjoy your Life – Have a Fulfilling Life of your Own

As mentioned above, it’s important to not focus all your time and energy just on him. A real man admires a woman who is nurturing her goals and passions, and having a blast with her life. Do what you love. Chase happiness. Embrace what gives you joy. Spend time with your friends and loved ones. Here’s the secret: By focusing on yourself and loving yourself, you become the best person you can be — and you become your most attractive self in his eyes. 

Remember: A good relationship is a good relationship because it isn’t everything. It’s part of a fulfilled, happy life, not the sole reason for your fulfillment and happiness. People who love their life and take care of themselves are magnetic. They draw others in, effortlessly. And this will draw him closer to you and make him want you even more. 

6. Have a Blast – and Share your Experiences with him

As you get on with cultivating a fulfilling life and embracing all it has to offer, make an effort to share what’s going on with him also. Whether it be a cool new hobby or a great work opportunity, or an awesome night out with friends, tell him about it. Let him in. Aside from becoming more attractive in his eyes because of the complete, fulfilled, happy person you are, this can also make him feel that he wants to be a part of all of it even more. 

Don’t overshare or dump all info on him at once. Just let him have a peek into your life, and he’ll want to know even more… or be a bigger part of the awesomeness that is your very existence. 

7. Let him have a Blast and Enjoy his Life, too

What? But I want to be around him because I miss him. Why make him go out and live his life on his own, without me? Yes, it may sound counterintuitive, but actually, encouraging him to “go out and have fun” will make him miss you even more. Listen up: To be able to pull this off, you gotta believe in your own worth and know that you’re a catch and he’s lucky to have you. Tell him to go out.

Give him space to live his life. The sweet irony of it all is that a woman who gives a guy his freedom will make the guy feel like he’d rather have you, because he’ll end up adoring you for not stifling who he is and for being confident enough to let him be. 

Besides, if you’re always just around, then when will he miss you? Let him miss you and realize that hey, he loves his life, but he’d love it even more if you were in it!

8. Send him Sweet Little Messages Every now and then

But I thought I wasn’t supposed to reach out to him first? Yes, that’s something you should strive not to do all the time, especially if you’re really aiming to start a conversation and all that. This is different. This is you sending him a cute little text once in a while to get him thinking about you and remind him how awesome you are. 

The key here is balance and timing. Align yourself with the stage your relationship is at, and then craft a sweet message that’ll make him smile and definitely get him wondering about you. Not a text bomb or a barrage of messages. Just one. Once you’ve struck the right balance, a well-timed, sweet text is a great way to make sure that you are in his mind. He’ll be thinking about you the rest of the day / night, and he’ll find himself wanting so much to be with you. 

9. Leave Something of yours with Him

Think about this: How many times have you experienced finding an old trinket or movie stub and being transported back to a particular memory – and person associated with it? Memories are associated to objects, even subconsciously. So maybe once in a while, “leave” a scarf or an earring or even just a pen you always use somewhere he’ll see it. Trust me, when he finds it, he’ll think of you and smile, and wonder how you are. 

You can also maybe place a little note somewhere he’ll find it, or snap a photo of yourself on his phone. Don’t overthink or overdo. Just the smallest, simplest personal thing that’s from you, strategically placed and found at the right time, will get him to remember you when you two are apart. 

10. Have a Signature – Something that’s Undeniably YOU

A signature is something that people will find themselves associating with you. It can be a signature scent, a signature song, a signature expression or saying, or even a signature mini obsession. Think about it: You’re singing this song over and over when you’re with him, or talking about how much you love vintage orange vw bugs. When he’s alone and he hears that song or sees an orange vw bug on the road, who’ll pop into his head? Why, you!

Whatever your signature is, whenever he encounters it he’ll find his mind wandering towards you. You’ll be in his thoughts. And that’s a great way to have someone long for you!

11. Familiarize Yourself with the Friend Zone

The friend zone is not where I want to be! Before you protest, hear us out. When we say friend zone, we don’t mean that you’ll be there. In fact, the very way you can avoid being friend zoned it by putting him in that position for a little bit sometimes. We know that when you’re missing someone, you probably can’t help but fawn all over him adoringly when he’s around. But it may be a good thing to reign those feelings in every once in a while. Switch it up and be casual and not flirtatious, just friendly. He’ll start to feel like he might not have a big hold on you, and that will make him want you more and make more of an effort. 

Keep in mind though to not overdo this. Because a little too much might make him feel like you have no interest in him at all and discourage him from pursuing something with you. Find the right balance. That will show him you’re a great friend to have too, and at the same time make him want to win you over so you’ll have not just a friendship but something more. 

12. Always Leave him Wanting, Craving, Longing for More

It’s as simple as having a taste of food that is incredibly scrumptious. You can’t help but want more of it, or find yourself wanting to have another taste. But in the same way, if you end up eating too much all at once, then you may find yourself just.. over it. However, if it’s a little harder to find or there isn’t enough, then it becomes something that you desire more of. You can’t get it out of your mind. 

The same can be said about people and relationships. Anything that’s too much too fast can lead to a loss of interest, because it’s all already laid out there. But if he just gets a taste, just a little yummy bit of you at a time, then he’ll keep coming back for more. This will draw him even more to you, and make him long for you. 

13. When you know He’ll see you, Look Fabulous and Slay

It’s said that men are visual creatures. They are wired to be stimulated visually, and that whole thing is connected to emotions. So it stands to reason that a great way to have him feel something for you is to look amazing every time he lays his eyes on you. There’s nothing like absolutely slaying and looking fabulous when you’re with him to make him absolutely long for you when you’re not around. 

Put in a little extra effort when you’re going to spend time with him. You can also play up to his likes by maybe leaving your hair loose if that’s how he likes it, or wearing your glasses when you know he loves a gal in specs, or keeping it simple if that’s his thing. You’ll draw him even more to you, and hey, if he also knows you’re being that kind of extra for him then that’s an added layer of flirtation that can drive him wild. 

Make him feel butterflies and his heart skip a beat when you’re in his sight. His heart will wind up beating for you even more. 

14. Mirror the Man

They say that we are all naturally drawn to people who are like us. That’s true. It doesn’t mean you gotta adjust your whole wardrobe or personality to be just like him. Of course not! Never overhaul who you are just for a guy. However, little things like maybe lifting up your glass when he does or holding your phone the same way as him can actually make a difference. Body language mirroring, like putting your hand on your knee when he does so on his, or leaning towards him when he leans towards you, can raise sexual tension levels up high when you’re together. 

And it goes way beyond the physical too. Maybe sometimes use the same expressions or the same phrasing he does, refer to something in the same way he does, match your tone to his, match an adorable move with one of your own, show a genuine interest in what he’s interested in. These seemingly small things can make him feel more connected to you, and make him long to be around you all the more. 

15. Open up to him – and be Someone he can Confide in as Well

There’s a difference between always leaving him wanting more and being so closed off that he feels he doesn’t really know you, and therefore won’t feel connected to you. Make sure that you are still able to open up to him, letting him in little by little. This will create more intimacy between the two of you, and make that connection even more palpable. The deeper your revelations, the deeper the bond between the two of you will be. 

Also, making him feel like he is your “safe haven” will also make him feel he can confide in you too. For your love connection to grow even stronger, he should feel like you’re his haven too. That he can tell you anything and everything. That he can confide in you. That he can be himself with you. This is a very important factor in nurturing stronger feelings and a more passionate connection, and make him miss you when you’re not around. 

16. Engage in new Activities or Experiences for Just the two of you

A way to guarantee that you’ll always pop up on his mind is to create more memories together. Do something together like driving round and round a particular path or walking around the city at night or pretending you two are out of towners exploring a place for the first time, or have experiences or conversations that make for some pretty cute inside jokes that only the two of you will get. Sharing moments like these will help develop a stronger connection between the two of you. 

When he sees something on social media that reminds him of a special moment or adorable bit that you two do, of hears something that reminds him of an inside joke, he’ll find himself remembering the awesome times and thinking of you. It creates an intimate bond that only the two of you will get, and it will also make him want to be with you again and make even more of those great memories. 

17. Do Random Little things Specifically for him

You can never go wrong with little acts of kindness. That is a universal truth. And even more so when it comes to someone you care about. Just the smallest, most seemingly random things can make a huge impact. If you two frequent a coffee shop and note that he likes two extra sugars in his cuppa Joe, make sure to have them for him next time you go there together. If he always forgets to bring a comb for his hair, have one ready and sweetly run it through his hair when he’s feeling a little rumpled. If his lips are constantly dry, have balm ready for him. 

These may seem insignificant, but the little things you do for him will make him warm up to you more and crave having you around. And when you’re not around, ordering those extra sugars or combing his hair or seeing lip balm will make him think of you and the kindness you show him. 

18. Make the Time you Spend Together Count — and make Yourself Stand out in his Mind

The best way to make him long for more time with you is to make sure that the time you do spend together is amazing. It doesn’t mean doing extreme, grand things all the time. What we mean by this is, if you find yourself truly enjoying each other’s company and loving being around each other, then being with you is where he’ll heart will want to be. 

Also, when you make the moments together stand out, then you yourself will stand out in his mind and in his heart. By being the girl he truly feels connected to, the girl he can be himself around, and the girl who makes him feel safe and cared for, then he’ll know that you’re definitely special, and will remain in the forefront of his thoughts. He’ll be missing you when you’re not with him, and he’ll always think about how he wishes he were right beside you. 

With a little help from these tips on how to make him miss you, and by being your awesome self all along the way, chances are you’ll find your man missing you every bit as badly as you miss him, because he’ll feel more connected to you than ever and he’ll realize how much he wants to be with you. 

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