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A Short, Funny, and Cute Bedtime Story for Girlfriend – Magic of Love

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Does your girlfriend find it difficult to sleep without you by her side? Are you in a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend? Or, for any reason, is she away from you at the moment?

Then telling bedtime stories to your girlfriend is the perfect thing to do!

No, bedtime stories are NOT just for kids! It’s for the grown-ups too. And did I tell you how these stories can actually add spark to your relationship?

Okay, so, to be honest, you may find it silly now that I am telling you. But trust me, when your girlfriend hears you read those romantic, hot bedtime stories, she will get hooked!

She will feel like you are there with her, and she will love every word of it. And why will she not? After all, it is YOU – her boyfriend – who is reading her a story!

Do you want your girlfriend to be happy, have a good night’s sleep, and dream of you?

Then grab the best bedtime story for your girlfriend and read it to her!

Here, I have done the hard work for you by compiling some of the best bedtime stories for the love of your life. Read on.

Romantic Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

Romantic Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

The night is the perfect time for romance with your girlfriend! After all, this is the time when you get to spend some quality time with her after a long day’s work. Also, this is the time when you are the most vulnerable and “in the mood.”

Do you want your love to grow deeper, more intense, and hot to handle?

Read out these romantic bedtime stories to your girlfriend and see how you have a night full of love and passion with her!

  • Online Love

They met on Facebook. He had been lonely. She had just had a breakup. He was a loner and an introvert. She was gregarious and an extrovert. He loved reading. She loved watching movies and meeting people. They were very different from each other, but as the saying goes, opposites attract.

As they overcame their inhibitions and shared more details about themselves online, they realized they had more in common than they realized. Both of them loved pasta. Both danced to jazz music. Both of them were learning French. He loved painting, and she loved drawing.

They slowly realized they were falling in love with each other. They couldn’t spend a day without messaging each other. They had to share their day’s happenings with each other.

The only hurdle between them was that they lived many miles apart.

After several months, they decided to meet each other. She was traveling to London with her parents, and their flight had a stopover. He agreed to meet her at the airport.

They met at the appointed time and place. Although they had shared pictures over Facebook, seeing each other face to face was different. He thought she looked prettier. She thought he looked more handsome.

He met her parents too. They seemed to be sensible people to him. All too soon, they heard the announcement for their boarding.

“I will message you as soon as we land,” she promised him.

I will wait for it,” he said.

As she walked away, she turned back and saw him watching her. His eyes held a promise for a better future.

  • More Than a Friend

He watched her closely as she fidgeted on the bench next to him.

Something had changed. A sweet weirdness has been settling in. She’s been seeming distant yet closer than before.

He gave her coffee and their eyes locked for a moment. Quickly, she glanced over at the park’s fountain. The sweet dreadful silence again.

What are you thinking?” she asked. Her friendly voice now had changed to one mixed with a new longing.

I’m thinking about us,” He answered, looking straight ahead. These were dangerous waters. But she seemed to understand.

“I like you. I really like you…I’ve fallen in love with you.” At last, he had blurted out his feelings. There’s no turning back.

War ensued in his mind, “Will she reject me? Will I lose her as a friend? After controlling my feelings for months, I had to ruin our friendship?”

They’d been friends for 7 years.

She stood and stepped away from the bench, her back staring at him. “I’ve fallen harder for you; I want to be more than a friend. I want you all to myself,” she said.

He dropped his coffee.

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  • An “Accidental” Read

William left his journal on Emma’s sofa. “I am a coward indeed,” he thought.

He didn’t write much, just new ideas and contemplations about life. That day he wrote about feelings, though.

Emma sat at her favorite corner of the sofa as usual and sensed something behind the pillow. “Oh, Willy forgot his diary,” she muttered to herself teasingly as if he was there.

And then it hit her. It’s not nice to read someone’s private thoughts. But it really tempted her. She liked him secretly and wanted to know what he thought. “Maybe he has once seen me differently,” she continued thinking.

Now it was too tempting to take a peek. It was all too unbearable. So she vowed to just check the first two pages and no more.

She flipped the pages in disinterest after seeing the first and second pages full of bullet lists on troubleshooting some software problems. Then, “Musings on This Alien Concept of Love,” the fourth page read. She stopped in her tracks, her heart skipping a beat.

“What is love, a feeling unknown,
One day it’s unthought,
Another is all thought,
It’s a blessing. It’s a curse,
How I long I could share
This love is alien to me,
Yet so familiar in me,
She’s its definition,
Yet an enigma to explain,
How I long I could share…”

What’s he all about?” She wondered. The random poems in the journal talked mystically about a “she” who William had feelings for. How Emma wished she was that “she.”

The last entry revealed it all. She was shaking. He talked about loving her best friend, fearing losing her, how it was all too much to handle, and that he is a coward. She wasn’t sure who this best friend was.

Emma! I forgot…” William, halfway across the room, stopped in his tracks. He had changed his mind. He didn’t want her to see it anymore. It was all too scary.

Your little diary?” Emma finished the sentence for him, but the tease came off in a peculiar tone, matching her inner feelings. “I’m sorry, I…” she trailed off in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry I am a coward; I couldn’t bear losing you…” William apologized, thinking she knew it was all about her.

Their eyes locked in confusion for a minute before Emma got the hint.

They moved closer to each other, their eyes locked as if guarding the moment. He reached out for her hand but hesitated. She drew him closer, her hand on the back of his neck. With a desperate groan, William reached for her lips, giving in to the eagerness of their hearts. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment a long time…”

  • It Always Happens Unexpectedly

Joseph didn’t believe in “love at first sight.” He thought you had to know a person to fall in love with them.

But that was before he met Anna.

It was raining cats and dogs that day, and Joseph had been drenched to the skin on the short walk from the taxi to the entrance of his office block.

As he ran to get out of the rain, they collided in the doorway. Joseph immediately apologized and bent down to help her pick up her things.

When he looked up, he felt his world shift. Her hair was the color of spun gold, and her eyes were blue. He had never seen anyone so beautiful. Joseph finally understood what ”love at first sight” meant.

And thus, a beautiful journey of friendship and love started on a rainy day.

  • Modern Love

After all the years of marriage, love had taken a backseat for Sujoth. Candlelight dinners for him with Anusha had turned into business meetings, while late-night walks turned into long corporate parties. Long phone calls were a thing of the past now, and gifts were no longer a ritual. Even buying gifts for her on anniversaries felt like a task that was not worthwhile.

While Sujoth was busy working day and night, Anusha often tried to express her feelings to keep the love alive. He shut her up with just one line: “Everything I do is for us, darling.” So, she kept quiet.

Once, Sujoth had to go to the Netherlands for a business trip, and his parents had traveled all the way from their hometown to meet him, but he didn’t spare even five minutes to speak to them. However, it was nothing new to Anusha, who packed his suitcase and was smiling by the door.

After checking into the hotel, Sujoth wanted to prepare for his presentation and was looking for an important file. He knew that Anusha never missed out on keeping his important stuff. After a lot of searching, he did find the file. However, there was a pink envelope tucked inside the file. An envelope that they used to exchange before getting married.

In the envelope was their family photo with each of them happy and smiling. It took him back in time. It also had a greeting card that read, “Miss you, my teddy bear.” On his way back home, he bought a pair of diamond earrings for her, something solely for her, after years. After all, the love was never lost between them, just hidden. Hence, these little expressions to show your love from time to time are needed.

  • Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

Many years ago, in a kingdom far away, there lived a beautiful princess with long red hair. She loved roses so much that everyone called her Princess Rose.

But, one day, a curse was cast upon her by a wicked witch – her hair turned black!

She thought it was all over until a golden bird told her: “Black hair in rose water.” At that very moment, a handsome prince bent down and placed the hair atop the princess’s tear, and the red hair turned into a red rose.

She plucked its petals to add to the water in the basin. Then, she dipped her hair, and the curse was broken.

Turns out, when he and the princess were both children, he picked a single strand of hair from her head as a sign of his loyalty to her. And she did the same.

They got married on that very same day.

  • Love Above All

A woman and a man were riding a motorbike.

He asked her: “Do you love me?

She said, YES – I love you.

Then, he asked her to hug him tightly and place his helmet on her own head. She was confused but obliging.

The next day, there was news that a motorcycle had an accident because of a brake failure. The guy died while the woman was injured but out of danger.

He gave her his helmet to save her life.

Moreover, he asked her to hug him because he wanted to feel her warmth and sweet hug just for the last time.

  • Love in Difficult Times

Gerald watched Elaine across the table as she carefully picked up her muffin and examined it. He looked at the clothes she was wearing and realized that her sweater was inside out. He usually made sure things like these didn’t happen, but they seemed to happen more often lately.

Their waitress, Maria, walked towards them holding a tray of milky, sweet tea (just the way Elaine liked it), a plate of delicious-looking butter cookies, and a wide smile.

How are you doing today?” she asked brightly. Elaine flinched at the tone. Gerald looked warningly at Maria. When one had dementia, there was no saying how the day would go.

Maria took the hint, quietly placed the tray on the table, and walked away. Gerald offered Elaine the cup of tea, which she took with her hands trembling.

When are we going to get married?” she asked.

Gerald sighed. They had been married for the last forty years.

“Soon, my love,” he said, placing his hand over hers. Elaine looked at his hand and then up at him and smiled.

“I love you, you know. You must talk to my father soon,” she said happily.

“I love you too, my dear. I love you, too,” Gerald said.

After they had finished their tea and biscuits, they walked away slowly, holding hands.

Cute Bedtime Story for Girlfriend

Cute Bedtime Story for Girlfriend

You know, after a time, your conversation with your girlfriend can be boring, and you may have to think hard about what to say next.

How about making things a bit interesting?

Read out cute bedtime stories to your girlfriend! This will not only make her happy but also content in the relationship, as she will think about how you have gone that extra mile to make things better.

And did I say how it will improve your romantic relationship?

  • True Love Lives On

When Gene was diagnosed with melanoma, he had only been given six weeks left to live.

It was a shocking diagnosis, but Gene decided to use the time he had left to make all the necessary arrangements for his wife, Carol, with whom he had been married for 30 years.

After his death, she discovered that he hid hundreds of Post-it notes around the entire house shortly before he died.

Throughout the course of many months, she found one note after another. The notes served as a reminder of his love but also as an encouragement for her to continue living life to the fullest.

It was really the most heartwarming farewell gift one could ever imagine.

  • A Long-Awaited Response

A girl asked her boyfriend, “Am I pretty or not?” the boy answered, “No,” and then the girlfriend asked him another question, “Do you want to be with me forever or not?”. The boy answered with another “No.” After hearing this, the girl was disappointed and hurt, and she decided to ask one last question, “Would you be sad if I left you?”

Hearing this, the boy answered, “No, why would I be sad for you?”. This response left the girl heartbroken.

Just as she was about to leave, with tears in her eyes, the boy grabbed her arm, and the girl fell on his lap. As she started moving away from him, he pulled her closer and said, “You are not just pretty. You are the most beautiful and charming women I’ve ever met, you are my need, and need is far behind than want!”

Hearing these lines, the girl blushed, her boyfriend smiled a little, and then he told her he would not be sad if she left him because he would not be able to survive without her, and he couldn’t expect a moment of his life without her.”

  • Love has Always Been Enough

A woman was sitting in a forest with her boyfriend.

They were stuck in the middle of the forest with no food and water left, but the guy was still talking to her with a smile and in a lighthearted manner.

The woman said, “Your smile is the prettiest and sweetest. What’s the reason behind this smile?”

The man looked at her and replied, “You are the one and only one reason behind this smile.

As you are present with me, my life is full.

I don’t believe I need anything extra.

I just want your companionship and partnership because that’s more than enough for me.”

They were able to get out of the forest and live a happy life.

  • Just a Moment

One day a boyfriend and girlfriend were lying on the bed, the girl was busy reading books, and the boy was scrolling on his phone when he decided to click a selfie with his girlfriend.

He clicked a picture, and then the girl asked: “why did you click the picture when I’m not wearing the makeup, and you are going to post it on social media? You might be a handsome college boy, but I’m not that pretty, people might make fun of you”.

Upon hearing this, the boy smiled a little and said, “This picture, I will show it to our future children, and I will tell them that their mom was the prettiest of all, even without makeup.”

Hearing this, the girl was all emotional, and she tightly hugged her boyfriend.

  • The Secret Love

A woman and a man were the best of friends. But, the man had actually fallen in love with her; he just couldn’t find the right words to tell her.

One Sunday, he decided to confess. But, she had her own secrets to confess.

His heart nearly stopped beating upon hearing that she liked someone.

“Who is the lucky guy? Do I know him?”

“Of course you do! I won’t tell you his name, though. I have written his name on this,” she said, handing him a piece of paper.

The moment he reached home that evening, he pulled out the piece of paper and angrily unfolded it. He stopped short when he saw that the name was his.

Beneath his name, she had written, “It’s you, silly…

He had never slept better than that night.

  • Hidden Desires

High school romances aren’t forever!” At least that’s what he thought until Alexa walked into the classroom.

As luck would have it, he had an empty seat beside him. But, nothing happened because he had no courage to tell her…until one day.

He cleared his throat and said, “Alexa, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you… I like you. I used to be scared of rejection, but now I just want you to know.”

To his surprise, she replied, “I liked you from the first day I saw you! When I first sat next to you, I was so overwhelmed that I had to keep an aloof face because I thought you didn’t like me at all!”

They laughed and held hands for the first time.

  • Love at First Reflection

“How can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met. It’s just impossible, at least for me,” Dane frequently argued when his uncle would narrate his love story.

But his pragmatic outlook on life seemed to be shattered one day.

As he walked out of his store, he took a quick look at the stunning display of his jewelry through the grand windows as usual. But something unusual caught his eye. Something seemed more stunning than the coveted pearly Italian necklace by the window.

A girl was walking by, her curly dark hair following hurriedly as she crossed the streets towards the next shop. He turned to look at her and noticed her strikingly beautiful amber eyes. They had something alluring to them.

“What’s wrong with me? She’s a normal beautiful woman,” he thought to himself, shrugging out of the uncomfortable stupor. As if used to staring, the woman obliviously entered the lingerie store.

Without a second thought, Dane followed her and pretended to have a conversation with Cindy, one of the attendants. He couldn’t stop watching the lady as she checked out some matching sets on display. He could hear his heart beating faster and his stomach curling excitedly.

He chose to make a move.

“This is weird…me approaching you while you’re checking private stuff,” he said, his silly thoughts out loud. “Umm, hi, I’m Dane,” He said, offering his hand.

She rose up and shook his hand, “Erica,” she replied.

Right there, he knew it. She was special. It was love at first sight, the moment he saw her reflection in his store window.

Funny Bedtime Story for Girlfriend

Funny Bedtime Story for Girlfriend

Did I tell you that every girl wishes to have a boyfriend who can make her laugh?

So, why not be the one for her?

Don’t worry. I am here to help with a collection of some funny bedtime stories that you can read out to your girlfriend.

And trust me. You will love the sound of her laugh before going to sleep!

  • Night of Love

One night, a girl decided to tell her boyfriend how much she loved him. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “I love you so much. I love you more than anything and anyone in my life.”

She assumed he was sleeping as it was pretty late.

But she was to be surprised.

The boy opened his eyes and pulled her into a hug. He whispered, “I love you too, my darling. I love you more than you could ever imagine!”

  • Drunk in Love

One day, a girl had to pick her boyfriend up from the bar. He was very wasted, and her anger upon seeing him in such a condition was justified. However, she had no choice but to drop him home.

On their way back to their apartment, he kept on murmuring, blabbering, and singing random songs. Finally, she somehow dragged him up to his apartment and put him to bed.

She started undressing him to help him change before falling asleep. After his shoes and shirt came off, it was time for his jeans. When she touched the buckle of his jeans, he pushed her away, screaming, “Stay away from me, you lady! I have a beautiful girlfriend whom I love way too much. Don’t you ever think of coming close to me or touching me?”

The girlfriend couldn’t resist anymore and started laughing. She kissed him goodnight and went to sleep.

  • Coincidence

A boy was single.

A girl was single.

They met.

And then they weren’t single anymore.

Because two singles sometimes become a double, and that is not a coincidence.

  • A Fight to Remember

One day, a couple had one of their worst fights ever. Each one of them kept calling the other out for some of the other past mistakes. At one point, the husband became quiet and said nothing.

This made the wife furious, and she started packing his bags and asked him to leave. But, alas, the husband still stayed quiet. To which the wife shouted, “May you always suffer in pain throughout your life.”

The husband burst into laughter, saying, “It seems you want me to stay with you then. Alright! I shall take that punishment.” The wife couldn’t hold back her laughter, and both of them hugged each other.

  • The Naughty Hug

One day a girl went to visit her boyfriend at his home. The guy had a pet at their place, but the girl was scared of the pet.

The guy used to keep the pet on a leash whenever she used to visit him.

This time he tried to be naughty with her. He kept the dog without a leash.

As soon as the girl came, the dog went up to her.

Seeing the dog, the girl started running and hugged her boyfriend. The guy got to hug his girl, and his naughty trick worked.

  • A Strange Proposal

A boyfriend asked his girlfriend, “Will you come to my wedding if I invite you?”

The girlfriend was shocked. Of all things, she hadn’t been expecting this. In fact, she had been expecting her boyfriend to propose to her!

She stuttered weakly, “Wha… what? Are you seeing someone else? Have your parents found a match for you?”

The boyfriend laughed and said, “No, my dearest! I want to marry you and was about to invite you to my wedding as my bride. Will you accept the invitation?”

The girlfriend couldn’t believe what she heard and answered with a resounding “YES!” and a kiss.

Short Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

Short Bedtime Stories for Your Girlfriend

Stories don’t always have to belong. It can be short and sweet too. And that is exactly what you will get from this section of the post!

These bedtime stories are romantic and will not take much of your time.

The bonus?

You will have a happy girlfriend who will fall in love with you all over again!

  • A Love that Never Dies

A husband bought a dozen flowers for his wife. The wife was a bit shocked to see that 11 flowers were fresh flowers while one wasn’t a fresh flower. Instead, the flower was artificial.

She became curious about such a strange mix-up. At first, she tried to figure out the purpose of that artificial flower but failed in all of her attempts.

In the end, she decided to ask her husband, “Why have you given me an artificial flower while the other flowers are fresh?”

The husband smiled and answered, “I will love you till this artificial flower dies!”

  • Nothing is as it Seems

It was that time of the year. The prom was fast approaching, and Mike didn’t have anyone to go with him. He didn’t seem to attract anyone.

“Why don’t you ask Rita out?” Mike’s friend, Joe, said with a smirk. Mike knew why he said it. Rita was the most unpopular woman at school. No one liked her.

But, time was running out fast, so he had no other choice but to ask her. She accepted.

He realized with some surprise that she could make him laugh. And he loved hearing her laugh.

She was a good dancer, too, and the most considerate woman he had ever seen.

As you can imagine, this culminated into something beautiful. He shuddered to think what would have happened if he had not asked her out to prom that night.

  • Selfless True Love

A teacher lived alone with his wife. They didn’t have much, but they were content.

One day, his wife asked him to buy her a hairbrush as she loved her hair so much.

That made him sad because he couldn’t afford it. But, the next day, he set out to work, sold his lousy pair of shoes for a flimsy price, and got the hairbrush. However, when he got home, he noticed her pretty hair was gone!

She cut it and sold it. And, in her hands was a pair of brand new shoes for her husband.

Tears flowed from their eyes as they never expected to find such a high level of selflessness and love in someone else.

  • The Reasons to Love

One day, a girlfriend asked her boyfriend to give her at least one reason behind his love for her. The boyfriend was surprised; he hadn’t been expecting such a question. “Why do you want to know? Is it not enough that I love you?” he asked. But the girl was insistent. She wanted to know.

The boy pulled out a sheet of paper from his bag and started writing on it. The girl was surprised, but she held her tongue until he stopped writing and handed over the paper to her.

On it was written, “I have written down 100 reasons why I love you. Now, write down one reason why I shouldn’t love you.”

Which bedtime story for your girlfriend did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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