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22 Cute Ways To Ask a Girl To be Your Girlfriend

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Are you struggling to find a way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend? Well, you are not alone, pal. Many guys find it challenging and even scary. After all, we all fear rejection, don’t we? And to be honest, girls can, at times, be really mean and cold-blooded if they don’t like you!

Yes, I’m a girl, and I too get it. The thought of asking a girl out can be really scary because you never know what mood she is in and how she is going to react!

Now, what if I say there are some cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, and you can use these romantic ways without the fear that she is going to reject you? Trust me, buddy, there are. You can try these creative ways out to sweep the girl you like off her feet.

Do you know what is that one mistake that most of you guys do that pushes the girl away you like? It is the minimal effort you put in when you approach a girl. Girls HATE it! They get the idea that you are not really interested in her but still asking her out because you want someone to pass your time with. And that is NOT a good impression!

22 Ways To Ask A Girl to be Your Girlfriend 

Ways to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend 

Dear guys, let me tell you a secret. Girls like someone who can make them feel special and treat them like a princess. They want to see the effort that you put to keep her in your life. And that is the reason I am telling you that your approach needs to be creative, fun, and, of course, unique.

Check the following ways out to ask a girl to be your girlfriend!

1. Take Her on a Memorable Date

No matter what you do, you have to be thoughtful. And that is the key to a girl’s heart. Yes, we love it when guys go that extra mile just to make us feel special.

You need to try something unique – something that will make her remember her date with you for the rest of her life.

In order to make the date memorable for the love of your life, you don’t have to plan a date burning a hole in your pocket. As I said earlier, you need to be thoughtful. Find out her favorite things in life, her likes, and plan a date according to that.

Let me tell you a secret: girls LOVE surprises. So, you can always throw in a few surprises!

2. Write Her a Romantic Poem

Is the girl you like romantic at heart?

You can try writing a poem and ask her to be your girlfriend through it. Trust me. She will LOVE it!

Now, don’t be shy. Whatever you write, she will adore it. After all, it is the thought that matters.

If you write a poem and describe your feelings for her in it, it means you are being vulnerable. So you cannot lose, especially if she is THE ONE for you.

Want to make it extra special for her?

Deliver one line each time throughout the day. This will keep your girl interested the whole time, and she will keep thinking about you as to what you are going to send her the next. And finally, when you ask her to be your girl, she cannot say “No.”

3. Choose A Special Day to Ask Her

Choose a Special Day to Ask Her

When is the birthday of the girl you like? Is it just around the corner?

Then don’t miss out on the chance to ask her out on her special day. You can plan a surprise birthday party for her and then, in the end, ask her to be your girlfriend in the most romantic way possible.

If she likes you too, she is definitely going to say “Yes.”

Now, what if her birthday has come and gone?

Don’t worry. You can pick any day that is special to her, and not just her birthday.

4. Take the Help of Music

Does your crush like music?

Then use it in your favor to ask her out. Create a killer playlist. But, first, decide what approach you want to take first.

Do you want to make her fall for you with romance?

Then make her a playlist of some of the best romantic songs that describe your feelings for her. But hey, no cheating: don’t just download an already created playlist from the internet and gift her. Make an effort and do the work yourself. After all, there is nothing better than a customized romantic music playlist!

And after hearing it, she will not have the heart to say any negative things to you. After all, love, effort, and good music go hand in hand!

5. Let Your Inner Poet Take the Front Seat

Well, I have a few male friends who wrote poems to their girlfriends while dating. And they were not born poets! 

When I asked them, they said that the lines of the poem came naturally to their minds when they thought of the love of their lives. I am sharing this with you so that you don’t worry, even if you are not a pro poet. 

The truth is, there is an inner poet in all of us. All we need is the right inspiration to bring them out. And in your case, this could be the girl you are in love with!

So just give it a try and bring out the inner poet in you. If you are speaking from your heart, you can always put together some beautiful sentences. All you need is to be honest with your feelings, and everything will fall into place!

6. Ask Her with Flowers

Ask Her with Flowers

Is the girl you like an old soul?

Then she will love this lovely gesture. After all, who doesn’t love flowers?

Take her to the place where you two met for the first time. Or, you can play her favorite romantic song in the background while you are asking her the question. Now hold her favorite flowers in your hand and stare right into her eyes. And then ask her the question.

Keep it simple. There is no need to make it complicated. When you do things the old classic way, it somewhat makes it feel genuine.

Her answer is going to be a big “YES.” After all, who doesn’t like to have a boyfriend who is being THIS cute?!

7. Bake Her a Cake

Boy, take all the help you can. Ask your grandma to teach you the art of baking, or ask your mom to help. But learn how to bake!

There is nothing more creative, more unique, or even cuter than a baked cake that says, “Will you be my girlfriend?

And when she gets to know how much effort you had put in just to bake it for her, she will definitely say “Yes.”

8. Try Some New Pizza

Does your lady crush love pizza?

Then, boy, you can use pizza to win her over instantly!

To be honest, it is a bit cheesy, but some girls do like cheesy things, or rather food! You know what I mean, right?

So, order a pizza with extra cheese and slip a note in it that says, “ I know this is a bit cheesy, but will you be my girlfriend?

This cute gesture will surely make her say yes!

9. Write Down Your Question Somewhere She Doesn’t Expect

Write Down Your Question Somewhere she Doesn’t Expect

By somewhere, I meant it could be anywhere, for example, windows, snow, sand, or even mirrors – whatever you get your hands on. It is a romantic and super sweet way to ask a girl out!

Want to make it a little better? Write it down when she is not around. And then when she comes and sees it, she will be totally surprised.

Now, check, is she smiling already?

Then, boy, your wish for having a girlfriend is granted!

10. Create a Treasure Hunt

Does the girl of your dream-like games? How about some treasure hunt?

Does the girl of your dream-like games? How about some treasure hunt?

Well, it is YOU!

Yup. Give her clues and riddles, and how she does. Make sure that those are interesting and funny so that she can have a great time searching for the treasure. And don’t forget to give the last clue in such a way that it leads directly to you. That is the time when you ask her to be your girlfriend face-to-face.

Trust me. She is going to love your idea about how you are asking her out. After all, you are making so much effort just to make her your girlfriend!

11. Try Using a Fortune Cookie

Now, if you try this and succeed, then I will know you really are something!

I mean, I don’t know how, but you have to try and slip a note that says, “Will you be my girlfriend?” in her fortune cookie.

And if you really pull this off, boy, she is already yours, as all she can say is “Yes.”

12. Use Your Singing Talent

Use Your Singing Talent

Do you have a great voice? Then why not make use of it to sweep the girl of your dreams off her feet?

Did I tell you that my husband (then boyfriend) did the same when he asked me out?

Yes! And he did that when there was an event going on in a mall where we met that day. He took the mic, sang for me, and then the spotlight was on me as the crowd wanted to know my answer! I was SO nervous (I don’t like being in the limelight!), excited, and a LOT happy at the same time – it was a mixed emotion. Above all, I liked how he went that extra mile to make it memorable and special for me!

So now you know how you can make a permanent place in the heart of your dream girl!

13. It’s Time for Some Candles

I found candles to be really romantic! And candlelight dinners are my favorite.

So, in order to make use of candles, you need to wait for the sun to set. Otherwise, you know, it will not make any sense.

Now arrange some candles, light them up and create a romantic setting with some cute decorations. 

For some more effect of surprise, bring the girl blindfolded. And when she opens the fold, she will be surprised, and, of course, very happy. That is the right time to ask her out!

Trust me. You are definitely going to get a “yes” for the answer. After all, no girl can overlook your creativity, and, of course, your care for them.

14. Take the Help of a Letter

It is time to go old-school and write a letter to the girl of your dreams.

Nothing says “I like you, and I want you to be mine” more than putting that amount of effort into making someone like you.

So take a pen and a paper and write your heart out. No text message, no email can convey the same emotions that a handwritten letter can. You can trust me on this!

Don’t worry about how your handwriting is. It is the effort and the thought behind it that matters. She will really like the fact that you have put so much effort into asking her to be your girlfriend and letting her know that you like her.

15. Write it Down on a Balloon

Write it Down on a Balloon

Messages on balloons are always very close to my heart. I find it really cute.

This tip is especially for those guys who are not very good speakers when they are with a girl. Some guys get so nervous that they say the wrong things and ruin everything.

Do you fall under this category?

Then the balloon idea is especially for you!

So get a bunch of balloons, blow them and write one sentence on each one of them describing your feelings for this girl. And on a bigger and different colored balloon, write down your question, “Will you be my girlfriend?

You can tie the bunch of balloons to her car door or the window of her home and leave to watch it from a distance. 

Or, you can tie it to the door of her home, ring the bell and leave. And when she opens the door and gets the balloons, just pop in front of her. She will be surprised, happy, and say nothing but yes!

16. Use Your Dog

Do you both have dogs? Or do you see each other every day in the dog park?

Then, buddy, put your dog to some use!

Write a note with your question and tie it around your dog’s neck. Now let your dog run to her so that she can see the note.

Don’t forget to notice the smile on her face! I have seen this kind of scene in many movies. And from that, I can say that it works!

17. Use Her Phone

Does that girl let you touch her phone?

Then you can ask for her phone using some excuse. And when she is not looking, just change your name to “Will you be my girlfriend?

If you guys are that close to sharing each other’s phones, I am sure this will not be a hard thing for you to pull off.

Now, ask for her leave and call her when you are away. If you don’t want to miss her reaction, you can hide at some nearby place and watch her reaction from a distance!

She will be all hearts for your creative and sweet move!

18. How About Some Chocolate?

How About Some Chocolate

Now, is there anyone who doesn’t really like chocolate? At least I don’t know of any such person! Chocolate equals love, romance, and a happy feeling.

So, you can do two things with chocolates.

You can either gift her your favorite chocolate, write a note with the question “Will you be my girlfriend?” and slip it inside the chocolate. Or, you can take a serving tray and write the question with chocolate.

She will be taken by surprise and will have no other option than to say yes!

Let me help you a little more. Nowadays, you can find many pages on Facebook or Instagram that sell homemade customized chocolates. This means you can ask them to make a chocolate bar with the question, “Will you go out with me?

Whatever option you choose, your crush will love it!

19. Ask With a Cup of Coffee

Is the girl you like a coffee lover?

Then coffee can come to your rescue!

But for this, you will have to go for a few practice runs before you actually ask her out. This means you will need to buy her some morning lattes before you take the step of asking her out.

So, what you can do is ask the guy in the coffee shop to print the question on the coffee and then serve it to her. And then all you need to do is watch for her reaction!

20. Try Recreating a Scene from Her Favorite TV Show or Movie

Is there any movie or TV show that your lady crush likes a LOT?

Then you can try recreating a scene from it.

So, the first thing that you need to do is choose a super romantic scene from it. Now, make the girl roleplay with you by recreating everything that happened in it. For the play, find a place similar to it and get some similar clothes.

She will LOVE it and appreciate the extra mile that you have gone for her!

21. Go For a T-Shirt Proposal

Go for a T-Shirt Proposal

Well, when it comes to asking someone to marry you, a t-shirt proposal works great. And it can work well too when you are planning to ask someone to be your girlfriend.

Now, the question is, how good are you at art and stuff? Can you paint your t-shirt with the question all by yourself?

If so, then perfect! But if you are not that into painting, don’t worry, I have a solution for you. You can take the help of a professional. Nowadays, many brands offer customized t-shirts that can be printed with your favorite design or message.

Choose whichever option seems to fit you.

Wear the t-shirt and cover it up with a jacket. Now take the girl you like to her favorite place. When the right moment arrives, just take off your shirt and stand in front of her. You can even be on your knees if you want to make it more romantic.

She will say nothing but “Yes!”

22. Ask Her in a Filmy Way

Is the girl you like a romantic at heart? Does she watch romantic movies on repeat?

Then, boy, you got to ask her out this way!

Okay, so let me tell you first, this way of asking a girl out is, no doubt, risky. BUT if you can do it, it is a confirmed “YES” from her!

Well, you know her house, right? Does her room have a balcony?

If your answer to both these questions is “Yes,” then only you can try this!

So, what exactly do you need to do?

You need to climb up to her balcony and then her room! Yes, I know; it is a bit cheesy and, of course, extreme. But you have to do something out of your comfort zone when you want someone that bad.

Don’t forget to ask them beforehand to keep the door of the balcony open that night!

If you see her sleeping, stroke her on her head and wake her up gently. And when she does, admit your feelings for her right then and there and ask her if she wants to be your partner.

She will be in total surprise to see you there. And all she can think of is to say yes!


When you ask a girl out, you ought to do something out of the box to impress the girl you like and get “yes” as her answer. And to help you with that, I have come up with some cute ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Try these out, and let me know about her response in the comments!

All the best!

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