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6 Best Sex Positions To Conceive Twins Naturally

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Giving birth to a child makes a mother feel joyous, ecstatic, empowered, and indestructible. Furthermore, the extent of her happiness when she gives birth to twins or multiples is immeasurable.

Over the years the twin birth rate has pepped up due to fertility treatments. Yet, natural efforts to increase your chances of conceiving twins can’t be discounted. One of the natural methods worth giving a shot at is trying different sex positions to conceive twins.

There’s no exact science or evidence behind this. Yet, many individuals and mythical beliefs have triggered the popularity of some sex positions that could increase the odds of conceiving twins. Each recommended position is instrumental in releasing the sperm as close as possible to the cervix.

The notional advice derived from such individuals and myths is — instead of leaving having twins entirely up to chance, you may try these 6 sex positions to conceive twins naturally. If you don’t achieve the desired result, at least you’ll end up having some fun.

And not just that, I have added much other information about conceiving twins naturally. Before we get started, let’s delve into some background information.

The Possibility of Conceiving Twins

The Possibility of Conceiving Twins

Today, many mothers dream of having two babies in one go. Going by the statistics, doubling the newborn cuteness isn’t the case with 97% of live deliveries. As per the US National Center for Health Statistics, as of 2018, the twin birth rate, although at a historically higher level, is merely about 32.6 per 1000 live births. That’s a rate that may at first seem worrisome to parents-to-be aspiring to have twins. Yet, it doesn’t mean conceiving twins is far-fetched.

6 Natural Ways That Can Help to Conceive Twins

Nowadays, getting pregnant with twins has become easy – thanks to the fertility treatments available!

One of my friends went for IVF and got pregnant with twins. However, many other women out there have issues with pregnancy, take the help of treatments, and then conceive twins.

But are you someone who doesn’t want to go for medical treatment to conceive twins? Do you want to try to conceive twins in natural ways?

I have good news for you! I have come up with some amazing ways to help you be a mommy to two cuties simultaneously. And the best thing is that none of them requires you to go for any medical treatment.

What I’m trying to tell you here is that I have listed some amazing ways you can conceive twins naturally.

Of course, none of these ways guarantees that you will conceive twins. But they increase your chances for sure.

So, what are those natural ways?

Have a look at the following.

1. Eat as Many Dairy Products as You Can

Eat as Many Dairy Products as You Can

Did you know that women who consume dairy have five times more chances than women who don’t consume dairy products daily to give birth to twins?

And I’m not saying this; this is what doctors are saying.

According to Dr. Gary Steinman, MD, Ph.D., a renowned physician in New York, “The continuing increase in the twinning rate into the 1990s, however, may also be a consequence of the introduction of growth-hormone treatment of cows to enhance their milk and beef production.”

Some scientists believe that the growth hormones you generally get in milk can help you conceive twins.

So, if you want to be a mommy to twin babies, make sure to include dairy products in your diet now!

2. Ask Your Partner to Consume Foods Rich in Zinc

Did you know that zinc has the power to improve the levels of your partner’s sperm?

Yes, it increases the chances of fertilizing not one but two eggs at the same time.

This makes it all the more important for you to ask your partner to eat food with high levels of zinc.

Some zinc-rich foods include yogurt, green peas, lamb, pumpkin seeds, bread, oysters, and green leafy vegetables.

3. Consume Wild Yams

Consume Wild Yams

Do you eat wild yams?

If not, then it is high time you do so, especially if you are trying to conceive twins naturally.

It is because when you eat wild yams, it stimulates your ovaries a lot. And that leads to the release of not one but more eggs for your ovulation.

This is great as it heightens your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Wild yam is a part of African Women’s ethnic diet. And so, they have more chances of giving birth to twins.

Did I tell you that the Yoruba tribe in West Africa has given birth to the highest number of twins?

Of course, you need to eat food that is rich in protein and that can hyper-stimulate your ovaries. Some food that can help you with this are whole grains, whole wheat, soy isoflavones, and tofu.

4. Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding

Are you already a mommy to a toddler? Are you still breastfeeding your little one?

If your answer is “yes,” then there is a high chance that you will give birth to twins in case you get pregnant.


Because when you breastfeed your child, your body makes a very high percentage of prolactin. And it doubles your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

5. Don’t Take Birth Control Pills

Don’t Take Birth Control Pills

Do you take birth control pills?

Then, stop right now. Birth control pills play an important role in aiding you to give birth to twins.

If you take these pills regularly and suddenly stop taking them altogether, your body needs to adjust its natural rhythm. And so, it takes up quite some time.

It leads you to have a significant amount of hormone flux, much higher than normal.

This is when you need to try to conceive, as it increases your chances of conceiving two babies simultaneously.

6. Keep the Gap Between Two Pregnancies

Are you a mom already? How old is your baby?

If you get pregnant again just a couple of months after giving birth to your first baby, your chances of conceiving twins decrease.

So, it is best to wait a year or two before you conceive again. It increases your chances of giving birth to two babies at a time.

Best Sex Positions For Conceiving Twins

Do you want to be the mommy of two little bundles of joy at the same time? Are you looking for the best sex positions for conceiving twins?

Well, honey, that’s awesome! Being the mommy of two babies at the same time does come with some perks.

One of them is that you don’t have to go through the pain of carrying babies inside you for nine long months twice. And did I tell you what the best part is?

You don’t have to go through the labor pain twice. Now, that’s a blessing, I must say!

You know, I conceived twins only to lose one of them after three months of my pregnancy. And the emotional pain that I went through is beyond words. Of course, now, I’m a mother of a little sunshine who just turned two last month.

But tell me, are you ready to bear all the stress of handling two babies together?

I’m talking about feeding them multiple times a day, changing their diapers, and staying up all night because that is exactly what I have had to do for the last two years!

But then, if you have twins, you don’t have to worry about going through the same tasks again during your next pregnancy, as you will have two babies in one shot. And that’s cool!

I didn’t go for any specific sex positions to conceive twins. And to be honest, I didn’t even know that any such thing existed.

But now, this has become a trend. People are searching for ways that can make them pregnant with twins, and certain sex positions are one of them.

If you are searching for the same, know I have done the hard work for you. I have come up with the best sex positions you can try to conceive twins.

1.  Missionary Position

If we were to recommend the one best sexual position for pepping up your chances of conceiving twins, it would be the missionary position. Central to this position is the fact that this is a man-on-top position. Hence, gravity is in favor of the little rascals (sperm) swimming to the egg(s) ASAP — and probably even conceive twins.

In this position, the woman’s cervix is relatively better aligned with the upper end of her vaginal entry point. That’s where (vaginal opening) the freshly ejaculated semen gets pooled.

This famous man-on-top sexual position permits the pooled sperm to flow super-efficiently from your vaginal opening toward your cervix. Gravity favors the flow of sperm here, yet some suggest — and this is a tip — placing a pillow under her hips further enhances the angle.

The down-stream angle and gravity help bring sperm closer to the cervical opening as compared to other sex positions. This energizes the odds of directing a greater number of sperm to reach the right destination at the right time. Hence, there’s a higher probability of conceiving twins.

2. Side-By-Side Scissoring Position

In this position, both partners are facing each other while their legs are in a scissoring position for deeper penetration. This is one of the best sex positions to achieve greater depth of penetration while also charging up oxytocin (the love hormone). Due to deeper entry, sperm can reach the cervix relatively quicker. Hence, the chances of conceiving twins are greater.

This position helps as a way of bonding and feeling emotionally intimate, which can work as a bonus for the female partner as she may end up orgasming. A female orgasm isn’t necessary for conception to occur, but according to some theories, it could.

One such theory has to do with how during an orgasm, contractions of the uterus help semen deposited near the cervix of the vagina to get sucked up so that the sperm can swim to their destination more efficiently.

3. Standing Up Position

There are a plethora of standing-up sex positions. Yet, for increasing your chances of conceiving twins we’re referring to the one similar to doggy style. Here instead of being on all fours, the woman is bending over at her waist while her partner grips her stomach or hands for support, while simultaneously penetrating her from behind.

The couple’s chances of conceiving twins increases as the deep penetration results in the cervix being more approachable to the sperm.

4. Rear Entry, or “Doggy Style” Position

We humans have learned a lot from other species, particularly dogs. The doggy style position entails the woman lays on all fours while her partner penetrates from behind. To get the best angle, make sure the woman’s booty is in the air while her torso slants down towards the mattress. Through this position, the man can penetrate real deep, allowing sperm to get as close as possible to the cervix.

The “Doggie style” sex position is incredible for impregnation. Particularly if you’re trying to boost your chances of having twins. This is because it grants amazing penetration depth, making it possible to put the head of the penis right at the cervical opening . Smooth sailing for sperm to reach their destination on target, eh!

5. Legs on Shoulders Position

The legs on top of the shoulders position is what you get when you fine-tune the missionary position a couple of notches. Having said that, this position may be one of the best sex positions to conceive twins naturally. So give it a shot!

In this position, the woman’s legs are hooked on her partner’s shoulders, while she’s lying on her back and being penetrated by him. During intercourse, gravity helps the man’s penis be completely drawn to the woman’s vagina. Next, post ejaculation, the sperm finds it a breeze to travel up to and through the cervix.

Another way of looking at this position is — you get the benefits of deep penetration as with the doggy style position, while you get to look at your partner’s eyes. So go ahead, try this fantastic sex position, whereby gravity aids in sliding sperm right into home plate!

6. Reverse Cowgirl Position

This is an incredible woman-on-top position that gives the woman complete control during intercourse. During the action, the man lays flat on his back, while the woman rides his penis sitting on him with her eyes towards his feet.

The key take here is, having control over the depth of penetration, allows the woman to ensure she’s in the optimal position for sperm to swim past her cervix. This increases the chances of conception, bringing your desire to have twins one big step closer to realization.

For women who have a tipped or retroverted uterus, this position creates the perfect angle to help sperm reach the cervix. If you don’t know if your uterus is tipped or retroverted, it doesn’t hurt to try this position anyway, even if it’s for fun. Who knows, twins might be in the pipeline for you.

Factors That Can Affect the Odds of Conceiving Twins

Factors That Can Affect the Odds of Conceiving Twins

Do you desperately want to conceive twins?

Well, honey, as I already mentioned, there is no sure-shot way you can get pregnant with twins naturally.

But, of course, there are several ways you can try your luck. And no one’s stopping you from that.

In this section, I have discussed the factors that can affect your chances of having twins.

Read on.

1. Genetics

Do you have a twin sister? Does your mom or anyone in your family have twins?

Then you have a higher chance of having twins! But there is a twist.

It is you who needs to have a history of having twins in the family and not your partner. Why? Because you are the one to produce eggs and not your partner.

The chances are that you will release two eggs while you ovulate. This is known as hyperovulation.

Did I tell you that certain genes heighten the levels of non-identical twins when it is combined with hyperovulation?

2. Maternal Age

Maternal Age

Did you know that your age contributes to your pregnancy to a certain level?

Well, yes. So, if you are thirty-five years old or above, you have a higher chance of conceiving twins. Why so?

Because, during that time, your chances of releasing more than one egg increase. Your chances of conceiving twins become higher than younger women – all thanks to your hormonal changes as you are approaching menopause.

Now, if your partner’s sperm succeeds in fertilizing more than one egg, then congratulations, you are going to be the mommy of twins!

3. Weight

According to Sara Twogood, MD, a board-certified OB-GYN in LA, “Obesity increases the chances of having twins, and other correlations with diet are being investigated.”

A study in 2005 says that if a woman has a BMI of 30, she will have more chances of being pregnant with twins than a woman who has a BMI less than 30.

It also says that there has been an increase in the rate of multiple births because the rate of obesity has also increased.

4. Height

Now, there is an ongoing debate regarding this. While some say that the height of the woman contributes to the chances of having twins, others differ.

According to a study, women whose height lies somewhere around 5 feet 5 inches have a higher chance of conceiving twins compared to women who are shorter than this.

Summing Up

Those were the top six sex positions to try if you want to boost your chances of having a double bundle of joy in one go. Identical twins can happen only by chance, yet to know better the chances of having fraternal twins, consider digging through your family history and heredity as well.

Other natural methods, again not backed by any scientific evidence, include certain herbs that are recommended through Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Also, exercising to maintain better reproductive health, and some common sense measures such as stopping birth control pills a year before family planning will also be of help.

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