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67 Best Funny Nicknames for Your Best Friend

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Do you have a lot of friends? How do you call them – by their names or nicknames?

Well, nicknames are cool! Some are cute, some are sweet, some are witty, and some are totally senseless!

Whatever it is for you, calling your best friends by their nicknames shows how fond you are of them. And this contributes a lot to your bond.

After all, they are your FRIENDS! They support you no matter what, stay by your side during your ups and downs and listen to all your serious, silly, and emotional talks without judging you. In short, you can just bare your heart to them – about your dreams, your crushes, and your future plans.

And did I tell you how you can gossip with them about just anything and everything?

Also, you can call them whenever you need them – it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is – and they will be there for you. So, when you give your friends a moniker and call them by it, it does boost their sense of belonging!

Do you have any bynames in mind for your best friends, or are you looking for some?

Well, I’m here to make the search easy for you. So, don’t stress.

Best Funny Nicknames for Your Friends

Best Funny Nicknames for Your Friends

I have listed some of the best cute and funny nicknames for your best friend in this post. But, of course, you can use them for your other friends too. So, why wait?

Let’s get straight to the point!

  • Love guru

At least one friend in every friend circle gives love advice to all the others in the group. Is there anyone like that in your group, too, who provides solutions to all your love problems? If yes, then the best nickname for them would be Love Guru!

  • Meme

Is there anyone in your gang who LOVES memes and keeps sending them on your group chat? Then, buddy, you can call them Meme! Sounds good?

  • Secrets

Who is the one in your friends’ group that you go to whenever you have some spicy news? Or, who is the one to whom you tell all your secrets as you know that they will NEVER pass them on to anyone? Well, I have a funny byname for them! How about Secrets?

  • Minions

Have you watched the movie “Despicable Me?” Did you like the cute little yellow minions? Well, if you ask me, I liked them so much that I have my mobile cover printed with their picture. Also, I recently bought a case for my iPod in the shape and color of the minions. Yes, I’m THAT obsessed with them! Is there someone among your best friends who is crazy for minions like me? How about calling them Minions?

  • Nugget

Now, who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? And is there anyone in your group who is CRAZY for them? Like, whenever you guys hang out in some restaurant and order chicken nuggets, that friend of yours always finishes their plate of nuggets first and then eats from your plates too. Then call them Nugget!

  • Boo

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest of them all?” Does this remind you of someone? Does that friend always act cute and cuddly? How about calling them Boo?

  • Teacup

Now, we all have at least one friend in our group of friends who LOVES tea to the tee! I mean, I have one, and she always orders tea first whenever we are hanging out. And did I tell you that she can LITERALLY survive on tea? So, Teacup would be the perfect funny moniker for this kind of friend!

  • Tarzan

What comes to mind when someone says, “Tarzan?” An almost naked man swinging from one tree to the other and fighting with wild animals whenever he needs to, right? Well, Tarzan can be a good nickname for your friend who never backs off from taking risks and trying new things.

  • Sneezy

Has one of your friends got extremely low immunity power? Do they suffer from cold most of the time of the year? Then, buddy, you can call them Sneezy. Now, they may not like it, but that’s a different story!

  • Smart Pants

Every friend’s group has at least one friend who knows it all!

Talk about a new gadget that they already know it. Talk about a new movie that’s going to release that they already know it. And they have answers to all the questions each one you have.

Does this remind you of someone in your friend’s group?

Call them Smart Pants!

  • Baloo

When I heard this nickname for the first time, what came to mind was the picture of a broad-shouldered guy friend who is always ready to give you tight yet comfy hugs whenever you feel low or you need them. Is there anyone like this in your friends’ gang? Call him Baloo.

  • Giggly

Some people smile at you whenever your eyes meet. And then some people are always smiling. For those friends, Giggly would be the best funny pet name. And this name will fit mostly your girl best friends.

  • Bum-bum

Does your best friend have a good ass? Are they good at dancing too? Then, buddy, you can call them Bum-bum.

  • Lapy

Now, there is at least one friend in every group, who is super busy. Because of that, whenever you guys meet, they always carry their laptops with them. And there are even times when they ACTUALLY go for Zoom meetings when you are around! Give them the name Lapy.

  • Chatter Box

Some people talk less. Some people talk more. And some people are always talking even if you are least interested in listening. Do you have a friend who falls in the latter category? Then Chatter Box would be a great nickname for them!

  • Wolfy

Is there anyone in your friend circle who LOVES dogs? And do they plan to have multiple four-legged friends in the near future? Then How about giving them the nickname Wolfy? It would fit them perfectly.

  • Rainbow

It makes us happy whenever we see a rainbow in the sky, isn’t it? There is something about a rainbow that I find very positive. Do you have any friend who is just like the rainbow and makes you happy even at times when you hardly have the desire to smile? They can be called Rainbow!

  • Cuddle

We all love cuddles at some time or the other. It makes us feel warm, cozy, and of course, happy at heart. But is there anyone among your friends who is always up for a cuddle, no matter when and where? You can call them Cuddle.

  • Puffy

Best friends LOVE to tease each other! But it becomes annoying when they do it all the time. For those friends, you can choose the name Puffy.

  • Oldie

In most groups of friends, you will find one person who always gives mature advice on life and other important things. And the other people of the group seek this person’s help whenever they need some serious advice or solutions. Basically, this person is like an old soul stuck in a young body! Does it sound similar to one of your friends? Call them Oldie.

  • Plum Cake

When I was in college, I had this one friend who was an excellent baker. She used to bake ‘yummilicious‘ fruit cakes and bring them for us. And do I need to tell you how much I loved it? So, we used to call her by the name Fruit Cake! Is there a baker in your group too who makes delicious Plum Cake, for example? You can call them Plum Cake.

  • Puzzle

Do you have any friend who is always ready with questions to ask you as they always have lots of queries in their mind? Call them by funny nicknames, such as Puzzle!

  • Gems

I loved Gems – the colorful, yummy chocolates when I was a kid. After eating Gems, my friends and I used to show the color of our tongues to each other. It was fun in the true sense. 

Even now that I have grown up, I still love Gems, and I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that! Gems make me happy and to all the other people who like it. And so, Gems would be the perfect nickname for your friend who makes you happy.

  • Love pie

We all have friends, but not all of them are always available whenever you need them. There may be times when you need a friend badly, but they are busy in their own lives. So, who is that best friend of yours who is always available to you whenever you need them? Call them Love Pie!

  • Tickles

Some people are very ticklish. No matter where you touch them, they feel tickle! Do you have any friends like this? How about calling them Tickles?

  • Bubble

Do you know the best thing that I like about ordering online? Well, they come in bubble wraps. And I LOVE bubble wraps! As you know, you can pop them up. It is SO DAMN satisfying! Do I remind you of any of your friends? Well, buddy, you can call them Bubble!

  • Bubbles

Not everyone has the same level of control over their emotions.

And so, those who are over-emotional laugh hard even at a not-so-funny joke and cry a river at every petty thing.

Do you know someone like the latter?

Call them Bubbles!

  • Monkey Baby

Baby monkeys are cute, no doubt. But monkeys are generally untidy, and they chatter a lot. But when it comes to people, acting like a monkey means acting inappropriately or behaving silly. Is it very often that you need to tell your best friend not to monkey around? Well, you can give them a funny nickname such as Monkey Baby.

  • Flowery

When I was preparing for my board exams, I took some extra math classes. There I became friends with Selena. She was so innocent that sometimes, she used to end up asking silly questions, the answer of which was known to even a girl or boy of class four! Do you have someone like her in your friend circle? You can call them flowery – a perfect name for an innocent girl.

  • Mouse

Does your best friend love cheese so much that they can eat cheese at breakfast, lunch, and even dinner? Then you can call them Mouse.

  • Munchkin

We often call babies Munchkins – all thanks to their cuteness! Now, are you looking for some nicknames for your best friend who has cute cheeks? Munchkin would be a perfect fit – I must say!

  • La La Land

Have you watched the movie “La La Land” – an American musical film? It has good ratings on IMDb. I have not watched it yet, as I don’t quite like musical films. So, if you have a friend who loves music and even musical films, you can give them the name La La Land.

  • Calculator

Let me confess: I’m terrible at math. When I was in school, I used to HATE this subject. It is because of this reason that I chose literature for higher studies. But does your friend love solving the equations? And are they really good at it? Then, buddy, you can call them Mathematics or Calculator!

  • Sassy

Is your friend a bit fussy and throws a lot of tantrums? You can give them the nickname Sassy.

  • Catalyst

Let’s admit, we all do a little bit of PNPC, if not more! But then, some people are always judging others – it can be anything: their dressing sense, style, way of speaking, love life and what not! Do you have a similar kind of friend too? Call them Catalyst.

  • Volcano

Not everyone has got patience. Some are short-tempered and create a scene now and then. Let me admit; they are annoying at times too. So, the best funny nickname for them would be Volcano.

  • Apple Pie

Isn’t the name “Apple Pie” cute to hear? Well, you can use it for your best friend who loves Apple Pie. Also, you can use it for someone really cute.

  • Twig

Did I tell you that a guy in my college was about 7.5 inches tall? As I’m a short-height person, I felt like I was talking to a pole whenever I talked to him! Do you have any tall friends? You can call them Twig.

  • Lady Killer

Not everyone is blessed with a good physique. This is the main reason why people hit the gym – to create a hot-bod! Does your best friend have a body like the Greek Gods that is enough for some women to go weak on their knees? Well, give them the nickname Lady Killer.

  • Ankle Biter

Don’t you find small feet cute? Well, I do! In fact, I quite like it. Does your best friend have small feet? How about the nickname Ankle Biker for them?

  • Bite-size

Isn’t the name Bite-Size hilarious? This is perfect for your tiny best friend!

  • Ant

Yes, you can use Ant as funny nicknames too. Do you have a short best friend with beautiful sparkling eyes? How about calling them Ant?

  • Alf

When your friend talks on the phone to someone, does it feel like the person on the other side of the phone would hear your friend even without the phone – because they have an extremely loud voice? And are they short in height? Then the right nickname for them would be Alf.

  • Booster

No, I’m not talking about booster shots for Covid-19! You can give the name Booster to that friend who wakes up early in the morning and gives you a call so that you can wake up too. This would be very annoying for me, as I’m a late riser.

  • Bug

People with sensitive skin are always cautious about what goes onto their skin. As you know, they can get bumps, their skin can turn red, and they can even develop rashes if the cream doesn’t suit them. Does it remind you of any of your friends? Then the right name for them would be Bug!

  • Chipmunk

Have you watched the movie” Alvin and the Chipmunks?” I loved the movie a lot. Didn’t you find the chipmunks in the movie very cute? It will suit your best friend who is honest and whose behavior is friendly.

  • Brief

In my school, a friend used to give us an excellent brief of the classes we missed. So, do you have anyone in your group of friends who explains everything in brief? Call them Brief!

  • Ducky

Have you ever noticed how a duck walks? Their toes are in the outward direction when they walk. I have seen many people walk like that – like a duck. Does your friend walk like that too? How about calling them, Ducky?

  • Four Foot

At least one friend in every friend group has a short height. So, who is that in your group? What is their height? If they are the shortest of you all, you can call them Four Foot. Now, they may get offended if you call right on their face, you can keep this name secretly. 

  • Gamin

While some people have short noses, some have long noses, and others have broad noses. Gamin can be the nickname for your guy friend who has a long nose.

  • Frodo

Fruits are full of vitamins and minerals. And did you know that there are some people who follow a diet that involves eating fruits only? Does your friend love to eat fruit, and are they really cute? Call them Frodo.

  • Fire Plug

We are always attracted to people with good personalities, right? It’s like a magnet that attracts us. Is your friend’s personality just like that? Can’t people help themselves from staring at your friend? You can give them the name Fire Plug.

  • Gnome

Is there a gamer in your group? Name them Gnome.

  • Gandhi

Did you know Mahatma Gandhi was a great freedom fighter in India who believed in non-violence? So, if your best friend is wise, short, and keeps as long a distance as they can from violence, you can call them Gandhi.

  • Goober

Is your best friend an extrovert? Do they speak a lot and always manage to become friends with new people in a very short time? You can choose Goober as their nickname.

  • Buck

Do you have a super-rich friend who always spends money on shopping? How about calling them Buck?

  • Coffee Table

Does your friend love coffee so much so that they can LITERALLY survive on coffee? Do they like making coffee for you guys too? Then Coffee Table would be a funny nickname for them.

  • Mars

Is your best friend into stars and space? Are they always eager to increase your knowledge of the universe? Call them Mars!

  • Beanie

Do you find your friend always wearing a wooly hat whenever you guys meet? Has his hat become a part of his identity? Beanie would be the perfect name for them.

  • Ducky Momo

Our friends love us, protect us and stay by our side. Also, there may be times when your best friend is overprotective of you. Now, does this scene of being overprotective happen often? Ducky Momo they are!

  • Dash

Is there anyone in your friends’ circle who is hyperactive? Are they super fast and always have unusually high levels of energy?

I have someone like that in my gang, and we call him Dash!

You can go for this super cute nickname for your friend too. Like it?

  • Dimples

I find people with dimples cute. And if that person is close to me, I end up poking their dimples as many times as I can!

Do you have someone with the cutest dimple in your gang too?

Call them Dimples!

  • Poopy

Is there any daddy’s girl in your gang? How about calling them Poopy?

  • Bambi

Now, who doesn’t like wearing high heels? And did I tell you how hot they look? And not to mention how it adds a few more inches to your height! But what if you are already tall and still want to wear heels? Does it sound similar to the type of your best friend? Call them Bambi.

  • Baby Carrot

We tend to associate carrots with rabbits that have big teeth at the front. Does your best friend like carrots? And do they have big teeth too? A unique nickname for them would be Baby Carrot!

  • Blueprint

My friend likes to plan everything, whether our group tour or his anniversary!

And so, we gave him the nickname Blueprint. Do you know of someone like this?

Call them Blueprint!

  • Troll

There is one poor friend in every group who is always roasted and trolled no matter what they do or say.


These funny nicknames are great to make your friend feel special. And trust me, it will be a lot of fun changing their contact names on your mobile phone.

What nicknames have you chosen for your friends? Let me know in the comments!

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