213 Flirty Truth or Dare Questions Over Text

Is your partner out of town? Do you want to create some sexual tension between the two of you?

Well, the best way to do that is by sending truth or dare questions over text! Trust me. I have tried this with my husband, and it works really well!

Has it not been long since you have been in a romantic relationship?

Then these truth or dare questions can work for you too. This will keep your conversation flowing.

And did I tell you what the best part of this game is?

You will get to know a lot about your partner – their likes, dislikes, dirty secrets, and whatnot! But, of course, you need to choose the right questions and a hot set of dares.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of what questions to ask. I’m here to help!

In this post, I’ll tell you all about flirty truth or dare questions over text. All you need is to read them and get some inspiration so that you can send them to your partner and have an oh-so-hot time with them even though they are away.

You can thank me later!

How to Play Truth or Dare Questions Over Text?

How to Play Truth or Dare Questions over Text

So, first off, you may be asking how to play “Truth or Dare” over text? I mean, usually, you’d listen or watch as your friends answer truth questions or play out each dare.

However, it’s not possible to play the game this way in your situation! Not to worry – playing “Truth or Dare” over text is not impossible to do!

Follow these tips to set up your own long-distance, socially distanced, or just-plain-more convenient “Truth or Dare” game today!

Once I’ve covered these tips, I’ve got some easy “Truth or Dare” questions to play over text for you, too!

1. Set Up a Chat Group for All Players to Communicate on

First off, you definitely need to communicate with each other to play a game of “Truth or Dare” questions over text together. The fewer players, the easier this is to achieve.

But, don’t worry, if you’re a bigger group, you can still play! There are a few ways to play over text, but how you play also depends on the group’s available technology.

If you all have a phone or computer with a video camera or webcam, you can do a live video call. This option is great for a moderately sized group of friends.

If you have limited internet access or data, though, you can just set up a text group or chat group. This is great for any size group, especially if you opt only to do questions, not dares.

2. Decide How to Pick Who Goes First & Go Over The Game Rules

When playing over text, it’s a bit trickier to choose who goes first. After all, you can’t sit in a circle and spin a bottle or spinner to choose at random!

So, the best way to do this is to pick as a group. Get everyone to randomly nominate who they think should go first and text it, then tally up the votes.

Whoever got the most votes goes first. They can then also select who goes next after they do their dare or answer their question, and so on.

Each player can also opt to sit out their dare or question if they feel uncomfortable, too. Just be sure to go over the general game rules before you play, so everyone knows what to do!

3. Decide How Players Will Capture Themselves Doing a Dare

Doing dares is probably the hardest part of playing “Truth or Dare” over text. How do you prove they did the dare? How is it embarrassing if no one sees the player do the dare?

However, there are ways to get around this apart from foregoing doing dares at all! If you’re on a group video chat, only make dares that players can do right there in front of everyone.

Or, you can also opt to get players to record or take a photo of each dare they do. This is a better option if you have limited internet access or can’t do a video call.

This way, you’ll have proof of the dare! Just be sure the player is comfortable performing the dare and having it on record. You can also decide to delete all the evidence after the game.

4. Use The Digital Tools You Have Available to You

These days, there are so many convenient and unique ways to connect online. And, play “Truth or Dare” questions over text – be it a video call, a call, a chat group, or sharing on social media!

Though these options may not always be quite as fun as meeting up in person, they’re still pretty nifty! So, do use these platforms to make the most of playing “Truth or Dare” over text!

You can even integrate dares into social media by daring users to post embarrassing things online. For example, you can dare a player to post a TikTok of them dancing like a turkey!

Yes, platforms like Facebook, IG, Twitter, and TikTok offer many possibilities. Just remember to always respect each player’s right to privacy and to say no to posting any dare online, though.

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Flirty Truth Questions to Ask Your Partner Over Text

Flirty Truth Questions to Ask Your Partner Over Text

Let’s start with the flirty questions that you can ask your partner over text!

  • Have any of my actions ever made you cry?
  • What fantasies do you have that you want to try out with me?
  • Have anyone ever cheated on you?
  • Have you cheated in any of your past relationships?
  • What rating would you give me if there was a scale of one to ten?
  • What embarrassing thing have you ever done to catch someone’s attention?
  • How many relationships did you have before me?
  • Is there anything that you have always wanted to tell me, but you always have second thoughts about?
  • Do you still feel attracted to any of your exes?
  • What is that romantic fantasy that you always had but never got the chance to make a reality?
  • What is that turns you off the most?
  • If I somehow convinced you to look at your Google search history, what would I see?
  • Is there something that I can do to make you hotter and crave for more while making out?
  • What is the most amazing thing that you have done on your first date?
  • How far have you gone in your previous relationships?
  • When we met for the first time, what did you think of me?
  • What do you wear when you go to bed?
  • Have you ever had a naughty dream that involves me?
  • Have you ever imagined what my naked body would look like?
  • Who is that one person you still regret getting intimate with?
  • How are you in bed? Do you like to take charge or be submissive?
  • Is there anything that you find hot but most people find gross?
  • How many men or women have you kissed to date?
  • How many men or women have you got intimate with to date?
  • Have you ever been on a first date and had sex with that person?
  • Are there any instances of you wearing no underwear while on a date?
  • What is the hottest thing about me according to you?
  • How far have you gone with BDSM ever?
  • Is there any instance where someone tried to do something shocking to you in the bedroom?
  • What is the furthest that you have gone to impress someone?
  • What is the most romantic date that you have ever planned?
  • What is that one thing that makes you all hot and turned on whenever you think about it?
  • What is the color of your favorite underwear?
  • Have you ever had a crush on your brother’s or sister’s friends?
  • Have you ever fallen for your best friend’s sister or brother?
  • Is there anything that I did you didn’t expect me to do?
  • Is there any special intimate scene that you want to try out with me?
  • Have you ever fallen in love before?
  • Has it ever happened to you that someone accidentally saw you naked?
  • What scares you the most?
  • Do you want to visit a nudist beach ever?
  • Do you want me to touch your most erogenous zones the next time we meet?
  • Which is the one part of your body that you like the most?
  • You have so many friends. Is there anyone whose relationship is something that you are jealous about?
  • Which of my body part do you find the sexiest?
  • Are you still in contact with your ex on your social media channels?
  • Have you cross-dressed ever?
  • Name that one thing that someone has ever gifted you that embarrassed you the most?
  • Do you like it when I kiss your neck?
  • Do you like it when I bite your lips?
  • Have you ever flashed anyone?
  • Which part of my body would you like to explore?
  • Have you ever given love bites to anyone?
  • Have you ever been to a strip club?
  • Did you play strip poker before?
  • Is it often that you don’t wear your underwear and leave the house?
  • Which was your best date ever?
  • Which was your worst date ever?
  • Have you ever shared your toothbrush with any of your exes?
  • Have you ever stalked me on social media?
  • Have you ever looked into my friend list or followers on my social media accounts?
  • Have you ever watched x-rated movies?
  • Who is your favorite porn star?
  • Have you ever imagined yourself in the shower with me?
  • What fetishes do you have?
  • Did you ever have a crush on your co-worker?
  • If I searched your room, what is the most shocking thing I would find?
  • What are your views on role-playing?
  • Are you into sex toys?
  • Have you ever practiced kissing before actually kissing someone?
  • What is the last dream that you have of me?
  • Have you ever seen me naked in your dreams?
  • What is the worst kissing experience that you have had?
  • Who is that one person you want to hug again and again?
  • What would you buy for me if I gave you $50?
  • When was the first time that you saw a porn movie?
  • When was the first time that you masturbated?
  • Have you ever used a toy on yourself?
  • What is it that you fear the most?
  • Name one person whom you are afraid to lose.
  • What is that one food that you want to eat from my body?
  • Do you prefer dating younger women or older women?
  • What is that one lesson about love that you have learned from your previous relationships?
  • Have you ever had a hookup?
  • Have you ever broken the law and done something really childish?
  • What do you like to eat the most when you go on a date?
  • Have you ever had sex with someone on your parents’ bed?
  • Have you ever had sex dreams involving your celebrity crush?
  • Do you lock the door or keep it open while you take a shower?
  • Tell me the size of your undergarment?
  • Do you want to be with me now?
  • How much do you miss me right now?
  • Which part of your body is the most sensitive that you would love me to kiss and touch more?
  • What is your favorite time with me that you want to repeat again and again?
  • What is your dirtiest secret?
  • Do you like it hard, or do you like it slow?
  • What do you feel every time you see me?
  • What kinds of underwear do you like the most?
  • Who among your exes kisses the worst?
  • What do you find sexy about me?
  • Do you like it when your partner is loud during sex, or do you like it quiet?
  • What was the last exciting dream that you had of us?
  • Have you ever sent pictures of yourself wearing nothing to someone?
  • Which food, according to you, is sexy?
  • Which is your favorite place for making out?
  • Where do you want to get down and dirty with me? Do you have any place in mind?
  • If I ask you to take me to a romantic place, which place would that be?
  • With whom do you want to try out your wildest fantasy?
  • How was your first kiss? Was it good or bad?
  • How do you like your make-out sessions to be? Gentle and sweet or hot and heavy?
  • Which character from your favorite rom-com would you like to play in case you were given a chance?
  • What is the worst habit that you have in the bedroom?
  • Would you like to lick the chocolate sauce from my whole body?
  • Have you ever regretted having a one-night stand?
  • Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
  • How many tattoos do you have, and where?
  • Do you like piercings? How many do you have on your body, and where?
  • Have you ever read porn magazines?
  • Have you ever had friends with benefits?
  • Do you remember the time you first came? When was it?
  • Do you have any sexual fear?
  • Have you ever got caught while watching porn?
  • Do you have any sexy videos or pictures of yourself on your phone?
  • When was the last time you pleasured yourself?
  • Which is your favorite sex position?
  • Is there any new position that you would like to try out with me?
  • What is the naughtiest thing that you have on your bucket list?
  • Do you prefer taking a shower alone or with someone special?
  • If you could travel to your favorite country with your favorite person, who would that be?
  • What is the most annoying thing that you do in bed?
  • If a genie grants you three wishes, what three things would you wish for?
  • What is the worst memory that you have when you were drunk?
  • What is the most romantic gift that you have ever received?
  • What was that one incident when you were extremely on one of your exes?
  • Have you ever called your exes after getting drunk?
  • What is the dirtiest thing that you have ever searched for on the internet?
  • Have you ever thought of the names that you would give your children?
  • What was your age when you kissed the person you like for the first time?
  • Do you sing in your bathroom?
  • Do you dance alone in the shower?

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Flirty Dares to Ask Your Partner Over Text

Flirty Dares to Ask Your Partner Over Text

Now, this is going to be all hot and sweaty! Let’s start with the dares.

  • Go to a website that sells adult toys, and choose one that you have always wanted to try and buy it.
  • Enact your last erotic dream.
  • Take a lemon, squeeze some of its juice on your elbow and lick it.
  • Bite your own lips in a seductive way and make a video of it. And then send it to me.
  • Do thirty push-ups, and every time you get up, take my name shouting
  • Tell me an erotic story
  • Put some whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter on your fingers, and then lick them in a seductive way.
  • Cover your favorite body part with whipped cream.
  • Wear a board that says, “Kiss me. It’s my birthday.” And roam in the city at night for half an hour.
  • Unhook your bra with one hand.
  • Take a couple of ice cubes and put them in your underwear. Now dance for a minute.
  • Blindfold yourself and touch yourself the way you want me to touch you. Imagine it’s me touching you all over your body.
  • Have your lunch wearing just your underwear.
  • Take out your swimming costume and put it on. Then, spend the rest of the night wearing it.
  • You have the popsicle I gave you, right? Take it out and lick and eat it as sexily as you can.
  • Imagine there is a hula hoop that you are holding around your waist. Now spin it for a minute.
  • Take a permanent marker and write something embarrassing on your body – you can choose the body part.
  • Take your hand out and talk to it as if it’s me. Let it know what all you would do to me if I was on your bed with your right now.
  • Enact what turns you on and send me a video of it.
  • FaceTime me and show me how you want me to kiss you by kissing your hand.
  • Sing your favorite rap song from the balcony of your hotel.
  • Take a screenshot of your internet history and send it to your mom.
  • Jump up and down like a kangaroo until you guess my favorite holiday destination correctly.
  • Open your refrigerator. Can you find any food that has expired? Eat it.
  • Act like you are a pig.
  • I know how much you love rap songs. So, create one about me.
  • Go to the street now and sing your favorite song while dancing to it.
  • Open all your clothes one by one and then put them on backward. Now send me a snap of it.
  • Go to the kitchen, take a spoon and eat one spoon full of red chili powder.
  • Recall the first-ever text you ever sent to me and then send me that again.
  • Take a pen and draw a cat on your face.
  • Flirt with me using the best pickup lines you have.
  • Go to the shopping mall and buy me something that you would like to see me wearing.
  • Go to Facebook and take a screenshot of your recent searches there. Now send that to me.
  • I’m giving you five minutes. Write a love song about me.
  • Take a razor and shave your arms.
  • Get some red lipstick and put it on.
  • I’m giving your one minute. Dress up into your sexiest outfit.
  • Send me the last text that you sent to your best friend.
  • Tell me something that can excite me.
  • Pick up any book and read a phrase from it using the most sensual voice you can manage.
  • Wear only your underwear and vacuum your room wearing it.
  • Go live on Facebook for five minutes and do the Gangnam style in your sexiest best.
  • Show me what you have in your purse or wallet.
  • Take a pen, write my name on the favorite part of your body and show it to me.
  • Send me your twerking video.
  • Use your teeth to peel a potato.
  • Choose any one of your fingers and suck it in a seductive way for 5 minutes.
  • Take a picture of yourself in a sensuous pose and send it to me.
  • Sing me my favorite romantic song, record it and send it to me.
  • Send a text to your ex and ask them how they are.
  • Be naked in front of your mirror. Take a pen and paper and draw yourself like that. Now send it to me.
  • Spend some money on adult toys and gift them to me when we meet next time.
  • Create a video of yourself dancing sexily and send it to me.
  • Suppose you are approaching me at some party. How will you convince me to go on a date with you?
  • Imagine there is a pole. Now show me some of your pole dance moves.
  • DM your celebrity crush on Instagram.
  • Get my name tattooed on your chest temporarily and post the image on your social media account.
  • Open your phone gallery, choose the ugliest picture of yourself and send it to me.
  • Perform the best standup comedy you can ever come up with. I’m giving you 5 minutes.
  • Text me three words that can turn me on the moment I read it.
  • Change your relationship status to in a relationship on Facebook for the entire day.
  • Take a picture of your body part that you like the most and send it to me.
  • Go to the shower fully dressed. And jump like a mad man while you FaceTime.
  • Arrange the names of all your ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends alphabetically. And send it to me.
  • Type a romantic message and send it to someone of your gender. And you need to let me know how they react or what they reply.
  • You can’t shave for a month. And once the month ends, you have to show me the results.
  • Put on all your underwear one by one and send me the picture.
  • Stand on one leg and do a dirty dance. Now take a video of it and send it to me.
  • Call your ex-partner and prank them on the call.
  • Type a random message and text it to your ex-partner. You need to tell me how they respond.
  • Go to Google and type the dirtiest thing that you can think of at the moment. Now send me the results.
  • Type the naughtiest thing you can think of using emojis and send it to me.

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Ask these truths or dare questions over text to your partner and have an amazing time!

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