251 Newlywed Game Questions (+How to Play)

Is your best friend getting married? Do you want to do something fun for them? Or do you want to plan a game so that the wedding starts on a fun note?

How about the newlywed game?

This game is hugely popular at weddings, and you can spice up the whole event with this one. Yes, this game is THAT good!

Generally, people like to play this at the bridal shower. But, you know, you can play it any day during the event, be it the bride’s bachelorette party, engagement party, or wedding reception.

So, what is this newlywed game all about?

This is basically a quizzing game where you ask the bride and groom questions. There are no set rules regarding the queries. You can ask them anything – from their habits and favorite drink to their favorite food and thoughts about each other.

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about this exciting game for couples. I have discussed all of it here.

And did I tell you that I have listed some of the best-newlywed game questions here?

Well, yes.

There are a variety of questions that you can ask. And I can guarantee a lot of laughs and fun while playing this game.

So, get the food, decoration, and venue sorted and plan a night of excitement for the newlyweds and their near and dear ones.

Keep them all hooked with the newlywed game questions.
Read on.

How to Play the Newlywed Game Questions?

There is more than one way to play this game. I will talk about two ways here. The first is the easy one and doesn’t need much prepping.

• Do you not have any specific plan in mind and want to play this game with the couple for fun?

If you are more of an on-the-spot person and want to play this without planning, you can come up with the list of questions first. Now give the couple a dry-erase board where they can write their answers.

There should be a certain distance between the couple so they cannot see each other’s answers.

Now, ask them questions about each other and see what they write on their dry-erase boards.

They earn one point for every correct answer. By the end of the questions, whoever gets the highest number of points, wins.

• Now, are you trying to do the whole thing in an organized way?

Then you need to do the following.

You need to come up with a list of questions you will ask the couple. Remember to tell them not to discuss the answers with each other! Now mail them to the bride and the groom separately and ask them to mail you back the answers.

You need to select someone who can host the big event. You can play the host, too, if you are comfortable. When the event starts, briefly introduce the game and how it works.

Now start by reading the questions from the list you sent to the couple. And you have the answers with you, right?

So, after you read each question, ask the couple to guess what their significant other has said. For instance, if the question is, “What is your partner’s guilty pleasure?” each has to guess their partner’s answer about them.

This is where the fun begins!

When you ask questions, and the couple is done guessing the answers, it’s time to count the scores. One correct answer equals one point. So whoever gets more points than the other wins.

This game shows how well one knows their partner and it is so much fun.

What Do You Need to Play the Newlywed Game Questions?

What Do You Need to Play the Newlywed Game Questions?

If you are following the first way to play the game of newlywed, you need to have two dry-erase boards. One for the bride and one for the groom. This is where they will write their answers each time you ask a question.

And you need scorecards, no matter how you are playing the game. This is to keep track of the points the couple gets.

That’s all.

Of course, to set the environment for this game, you can arrange food, drinks, and music.

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Newlywed Game Questions

Now that you know how to play this game let’s jump right to the questions!

I have added multiple sections to include a variety of questions. These are all you need to make the event the most happening.

And the newlywed will thank you for this!

Are you ready?

Newlywed Game Questions for Wife

Newlywed Game Questions for Wife

Weddings are wonderful. There is love, there is laughter, and there is happiness all around.

I love attending weddings. I like the entire atmosphere. The vows, the kiss – everything is so mesmerizing.

And things become all the more fun when you play exciting games such as the newlywed game.

I have shared some cute questions you can ask the wife in this section.

So, let’s begin.

  1. When does your husband like it the most: when you wear your hair down or tie it in a bun?

  2. What does your husband prefer more: when you put on makeup or when you don’t?

  3. What is the one bad habit of your husband that he knows irritates you the most, but he still does it?

  4. When you cook, what does your partner say? Does he say that he likes it, loves it or that you could do better?

  5. What is your partner’s go-to web series?

  6. What does your partner do when he wants to chill?

  7. Who spends more? Is it you or your husband?

  8. Is your husband a good cook?

  9. What is the one thing your partner does that annoy you the most?

  10. Who is your partner’s celebrity crush?

  11. Who is your partner’s favorite heroine?

  12. Is there anything that your husband is addicted to?

  13. Is there anything in your husband you want him to change, but he will never do it even after knowing that you don’t like it?

  14. What is the first thing your husband does after getting up in the morning?

  15. Is your husband a morning or a night person?

  16. What is the last thing that your partner does before going off to bed?

  17. What kind of music does your spouse like to listen to?

  18. What is your partner’s current favorite music?

  19. What is your partner’s favorite dressing style?

  20. What is the one thing that your spouse can’t live a day without?

  21. If you are talking to your husband about something important and then his phone rings, will he answer the phone, or will he cut the call until you finish what you were saying?

  22. Who is the one person your husband admires the most?

  23. Who is the one person your spouse goes to whenever he has some issues regarding finance?

  24. Who is your husband’s best mate?

  25. Who is the one person your husband trusts the most apart from his family?

  26. If your husband could wish for only one superpower, what do you think he would ask for?

  27. What is your husband’s guilty pleasure?

  28. Does your spouse like going to the gym every day, or does he go to the gym occasionally?

  29. Is your husband a picky eater, or does he eat whatever you give him to eat?

  30. Does your husband think he understands you?

  31. Does your husband think he can make you happy?

  32. Does your husband think he can fulfill all your wishes?

  33. Has your husband ever forgotten your birthday?

  34. When it comes to spending money, who spends more: you or your husband?

  35. Who is the one that saves money in your marriage?

  36. Who is the one who is more supportive of the other one?

  37. Who is the one in your marriage who thinks your bond is forever and ever?

  38. Which one of your relatives does your husband like the most?

  39. Which one of your relatives does your husband wish to change a bit?

  40. What is your husband’s dream present?

  41. What does your husband like to do when you are having a lonely time with each other?

  42. Who is the one in your relationship who apologizes first after a fight?

  43. Who is more emotional among the two of you?

  44. Who is short-tempered among the two of you?

  45. Who is more innocent among the two of you?

  46. Who is the more romantic one in the relationship?

  47. Who is the outdoor person in the relationship?

  48. Who is the indoor person in the relationship?

  49. If you and another couple are on a double date, who would like your husband like to choose?

  50. What was the first vehicle that your husband ever bought?

Newlywed Game Questions for Husband

newlywed game questions

Now it’s the husband’s turn to answer the questions.

Most people say before marriage that they know their partners well. But the case is not the same when you get married.

You discover so many things about your partner. And sometimes you may even feel like you have never really known this person.

Let me give you an example.

After my marriage, I learned that my husband is a gamer. He can stay up all night to play games. And he even forgets to eat when he is playing.

That’s not it. When our daughter was born, and I was in the hospital for three days, he gifted himself a gaming PC!

So, let’s see how well this newlywed husband knows his bride.

  1. Does your wife get up early in the morning, or is she a late riser?

  2. What is your wife’s favorite flower?

  3. Do you remember the last time you brought her flowers?

  4. What flower did you give her for the first time?

  5. What is her favorite honeymoon destination?

  6. What was the one thing you did that blew her mind?

  7. Do you have any habits that she hates?

  8. What does she do when she is mad at you?

  9. What is her favorite clothing brand?

  10. What is her favorite makeup brand?

  11. What is her favorite salon?

  12. What is the one makeup product that she doesn’t go out without applying?

  13. What is your wife’s favorite color?

  14. What does your wife cook best?

  15. Is your wife better than you at her workplace?

  16. What is your wife’s favorite movie?

  17. What is your wife’s favorite Netflix series that she loves binge-watching?

  18. Who is your wife’s current celebrity crush?

  19. When was the first time you two met?

  20. What was your spouse wearing when you met for the first time?

  21. When was your first kiss with your partner?

  22. How long did you date before marriage?

  23. What is the one thing that you never agree with?

  24. When was your last fight?

  25. What was your last fight for?

  26. What does your wife like to buy the most?

  27. If your wife goes on a shopping spree, what do you think she will buy?

  28. Does your wife like cooking?

  29. Are there any better household chores at which you are better than your wife?

  30. Who is the one person whom your wife mostly speaks to on the phone?

  31. If you see that your wife is texting someone, can you guess who she is texting?

  32. Who is the one person in your wife’s family to whom she is mainly attached?

  33. Who is her best friend?

  34. If your wife is to choose a holiday destination, which place do you think she will choose?

  35. Which time of the year does your wide like the most?

  36. What, according to your wife, is the perfect kind of date?

  37. What is the first thing your wife does when she gets up in the morning?

  38. Does your wife like doing makeup, or does she like being makeup-free?

  39. What is your spouse’s favorite snack?

  40. What two things will you find in your wife’s purse if you look through it?

  41. What two characteristics in people does your partner hate?

  42. Who drives better: you or your spouse?

  43. What would it be if you got the perfect birthday gift for your wife?

  44. If your wife somehow gets hold of a magic lamp and could wish for three things from the genie, what do you think she will ask?

  45. If your wife can repair any of her body parts, which part do you think she will go for?

  46. What is your wife’s favorite animal?

  47. What is your spouse’s favorite time of the day?

  48. What is your partner’s favorite musical band?

  49. What movie can your spouse watch over and over again?

  50. How many pairs of shoes does your wife have?

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Exciting Newlywed Game Questions

Exciting Newlywed Game Questions

We tend to have many questions when it’s about someone else’s life. And in this game of newlyweds, you can do just that.

You get the chance to know about the couple better. And the best part?

The newly married couple gets to know who among them knows the other better – in a fun way. This will make the event more entertaining and exciting.

In this section, I have listed some questions you can ask the bride and groom.

Check them out.

  1. Fill in the blanks. I would like to color my hair , but my husband would hope that I dye my hair .

  2. My partner’s least favorite household chore is _.

  3. My husband is a pro at fixing , but when it comes to fixing , he never does that himself and always calls a professional.

  4. My wife is the best when it comes to_ . My husband is the best when it comes to_

  5. My wife makes the world’s best_ . My husband makes the world’s best_ .

  6. Who gets drunk only after drinking one glass?

  7. Who sleeps like a child?

  8. Who among the two of you snores?

  9. Who is the more intelligent one in the marriage?

  10. Who is the more sympathetic one in the marriage?

  11. Who has a heart of gold?

  12. Who is always ready when it comes to traveling?

  13. Who among the two of you is more of a laid-back person?

  14. Who likes to party hard? And who likes to stay at home and just lay on the bed?

  15. Who is the better singer among the two of you?

  16. My husband likes it when . My wife likes it when.

  17. When was the time when you realized she was the one? When was the time you realized he was the one?

  18. What was your partner’s favorite subject in school?

  19. When it’s game night, your partner wants to play _.

  20. When was the last time your partner did something and asked for your forgiveness?

  21. What was your first thought when the Father said, “I now pronounce you as husband and wife”?

  22. How does your partner like to have their coffee?

  23. Suppose it’s a date night. How do you think your partner is going to dress up?

  24. What is your partner’s favorite dish on a date?

  25. What do you think your spouse would be great if they choose their profession to be _

  26. How good of a dancer is your spouse?

  27. How many playlists do your spouse have on their phone?

  28. Suppose you are on a dinner date, and your spouse ordered pizza. What are the two toppings you think your partner will choose?

  29. If your partner could go back in the past and change something they did, what do you think they would like to change?

  30. What is your spouse’s favorite pass time?

  31. What does your spouse’s typical off day look like?

  32. When you go to a bar, what is the one drink that your spouse always orders?

  33. Which of your friends does your partner not like?

  34. What is the one food that disgusts your partner so much that they will never eat it, no matter how much pressure you put on them?

  35. What is the one dessert that your spouse can live on?

  36. When was the last time you argued over something? Whose decision was the final?

  37. Who is the boss in your relationship?

  38. Suppose you two go to a grocery store with a list of things you need to buy. What are the three other things your spouse will buy, even if that is not on the list?

  39. If someone gives you $600 to spend on your spouse, how would you like to spend it?

  40. When was the last time you went on a romantic date?

  41. What did your spouse do when they surprised you?

  42. Which days are your spouse’s favorite days of the week?

  43. Does your partner spend a lot in order to look good?

  44. According to you, what is more, important to your partner: superficial beauty or inner intelligence?

  45. What is more important to your spouse, according to you: money or love?

  46. Do you think your spouse is a believer?

  47. What does your partner like more: gold, silver, diamond, or platinum?

  48. If your spouse were to have a pet someday, what do you think they would have: a cat or a dog?

  49. What did you do on your first date? Do you remember the actual date?

  50. Whose numbers are there on your partner’s speed dial list?

Spicy Newlywed Game Questions

Spicy Newlywed Game Questions

What are marriages without some sugar and some spice? Nothing, right?

Marriage is a life-long bond. And there are so many sides to it. It’s like a movie.

There is happiness, sadness, love, hate, anger, apology, compromise, romance, comedy, and whatnot.

And intimacy plays a huge part in it.

This section of questions is dedicated to that. So keep reading to find out the list of flirty and intimate questions!

  1. What does your spouse do that make you understand they are in the mood?

  2. Where does your spouse touch you first when they are ready for a hug?

  3. How does it feel when your partner kisses you suddenly?

  4. What does your partner do to make you feel good when you are having a bad day?

  5. What is the one spot where your partner touches you to get you in the mood instantly?

  6. What is the one song that fits your partner perfectly in the bedroom?

  7. How good is your partner in the bedroom?

  8. If you were to score your partner, how much would you score them for their bedroom moves?

  9. How dominant is your spouse in the bedroom?

  10. Does your partner like it rough, or do they prefer it slow?

  11. If your partner was an animal, what animal would they be if you were to judge them by their moves in the bedroom?

  12. How long can your partner go in one night?

  13. What does your partner wear to bed?

  14. Who among the two of you gives the best sensual massage?

  15. Who among the two has more hunger for lovemaking?

  16. When was your first kiss?

  17. How did you feel when you kissed for the first time?

  18. When did you first make love to each other?

  19. Describe your first love-making experience with each other in three words

  20. What is the nickname you have given your spouse?

  21. Do you call each other names when you are in your bedroom?

  22. What does your partner do that makes them look hot, according to you?

  23. If your life was a movie, and I give you three movies to describe your experience in the bedroom, which movie would you choose: Fast and Furious, A Night to Remember, and 365 Days?

  24. What are your partner’s thoughts about babies?

  25. Does your partner want to have a big family or a small one?

  26. What is the most appealing body part of your partner?

  27. What is the most boring and unsexy thing your partner does that you think is super hot?

  28. What would you choose if I asked you to describe your husband using three adjectives?

  29. What did your partner do that made you think he is the one you want to marry?

  30. What did your partner do that caught your attention for the first time?

  31. Did you know that you would end up marrying each other when you first met?

  32. What is the sweetest thing your partner has done for you that made you melt?

  33. What is the craziest memory you have about each other?

  34. Do you think your partner would be a great mom or a dad?

  35. At what time of the day is your partner’s favorite time to make love to you?

  36. What is the weirdest place you guys made love to each other?

  37. What is the silliest pickup line your partner used on you on your dating days?

  38. What is the one thing your partner says during foreplay that makes you more excited than ever?

  39. Where does your partner want to be touched the most?

  40. What do you think your honeymoon will look like?

  41. What is the loveliest thing your partner has done for you that swept you off your feet?

  42. How many times a day does your partner want to be intimate with you?

  43. How long does your love-making session generally last?

  44. Does your partner have a sex playlist?

  45. Is your partner into BDSM?

  46. What is the kinkiest thing your partner loves to do in the bedroom but you are not very fond of it?

  47. Has your partner said something in between the sheets that turned you off?

  48. What is the most pleasurable memory you have of each other?

  49. Does your partner like it loud or not in the bedroom?

  50. Describe the look of your partner that tells you quickly they are in the mood.

Newlywed Game Questions About Dating

Newlywed Game Questions About Dating

Dating days are the most romantic ones. At least, I think so.

The first time you met each other, exchanged numbers, texted day and night, held hands, kissed, and made love – everything is so unique about dating the love of your life.

Those emotions, excitement, and butterflies in the stomach while seeing your love approaching you can’t be adequately expressed in words.

I don’t know why I find him crossing the road so sexy! I still have goosebumps when my husband gives me that look, if you know what I mean. And I still have butterflies in my stomach when I see him crossing the road and coming to take me home.

And did I tell you how I miss our dating days?

Sometimes I even wish I could time travel and relive those romantic moments.

So, in this section, I have listed some romantic questions about the newlyweds’ dating days. And yes, you can ask them in front of the kids and grandparents, as they are far from those R-rated questions!

  1. Who among the two of you said “I love you” first?

  2. What is the best dating memory you have?

  3. After how many dates did you kiss for the first time?

  4. If you were to rate your spouse’s kissing skills, how much would you give them on a score of one to ten?

  5. Where was your first date?

  6. Where was your second date?

  7. What did you do on your second date?

  8. What was your spouse wearing on your second date?

  9. Do you remember the actual date when you went on a date with each other for the first time?

  10. What were your thoughts about your partner after your first date?

  11. What made you think you would come this far after dating a couple of times?

  12. What is the best present your partner has gifted you during your dating days?

  13. What is the worst present your partner has gifted you during your dating days?

  14. What is the best characteristic your partner has, according to you?

  15. What is the one thing your partner said or did that touched your heart?

  16. Where did you kiss each other for the first time?

  17. How did your partner’s family react when your partner introduced you to them for the first time?

  18. What did you think about your partner’s family when you got introduced?

  19. Who among your partner’s family members do you like the most?

  20. What is the weirdest gift your partner ever gave you?

  21. What is the sweetest gesture your spouse did for you?

  22. What is the sweetest thing your spouse said about you?

  23. Which quality of yours do you think your spouse likes the most?

  24. What did you say or do that you think made a special place in your spouse’s heart?

  25. How many tiers did your partner want for your wedding cake?

  26. Who decided on the design of your wedding cake?

  27. Who among the two of you selected the song for your First Dance?

  28. What is the song that best describes your dating days?

  29. Where did you last go on a date before marriage?

  30. Who is the one that has the highest chance of getting arrested for doing something illegal?

  31. Who is a better dancer?

  32. Who is more romantic: you or your spouse?

  33. Does your spouse like surprises?

  34. What is the biggest surprise you gave your spouse?

  35. What is the cutest thing your spouse did for you?

  36. What made you think your partner would be a good husband or wife?

  37. Have you ever imagined that you would be getting married to this person?

  38. Who takes more time in the shower?

  39. Who gets out of bed earlier?

  40. If your spouse tells you they are craving something sweet and want you to buy them something, what do you think they want to eat?

  41. What is your spouse’s favorite food joint?

  42. What is your spouse’s favorite drink?

  43. If your spouse has a day off and is alone in the house, what do you think they will do the entire day?

  44. What is your spouse’s favorite beauty treatment?

  45. What is your partner’s favorite fast food that can light them up any day?

  46. Does your partner have a sweet tooth?

  47. What is the one song your partner likes to sing to you?

  48. Has your partner ever sung for you publicly on stage?

  49. Have you ever done something illegal together?

  50. Do you remember what your partner said after your first kiss?


Did you enjoy the newlywed game questions? Which section was your favorite? Do you think the newlyweds will enjoy it too? Or do you want me to add a few more sections of questions?

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

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