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The Queen Momma is a fun parenting community that aims to address all the existing hullabaloos of Motherhood, and Daddyhood as well. We aim to share a guilt-free, super spot-on guide to both parents and a “shed of light” to certain family issues. Our mission is to make everyone happy and at ease with parenthood, to support mothers who have had past experiences with postpartum depression or are still struggling with it at present.

Our founder has gone through sorts of motherhood stumbling blocks while raising three very active kids in between. Those experiences became the strength and light behind this blog.

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About the Blog

Our mission is to provide more helpful knowledge, parenting hacks, inspiration, everyday motivation and even side hustle tips that other moms can also do and benefit from.

We believe that our children are the hope of the future and for that, let us raise them to be the best individuals who value themselves and know their worth. We also promote mindful motherhood and mindfulness for kids because we firmly believe that mindfulness helps us make more of how we see ourselves from the inside out.

Read our blog, and you will know what you can do to have the best time with your kid and be the best mommy in the world!

Topics We Cover

Let us be very clear. We here to make your pregnancy and motherhood journey as smooth and memorable as possible.

Yes, we mean it, honey.

Remember, we are on this journey together. And we WILL sail through it!

And in order to achieve that, you will get everything you need – from our blog.

Now, you may ask, “what exactly can I expect to learn from your blog?”

Here is your answer.

Pregnancy Talks

Let’s start with pregnancy talks.

Are you trying to conceive? Do you want to know how you can prepare for a healthy conception?

Or do you want to know about the early signs of pregnancy?

Or are you already pregnant with your first child but unsure how you can take proper care of yourself and your baby?

You can get all your answers to these and more about pregnancy from our blog.

Mommy Tips

Are you a new mommy, feeling drained and sleep-deprived? Do you need some pick-me-up tips?

Or do you want something that can motivate you to go on with your mommy duties?

Or do you want to be your kid’s best friend and need tips for that?

Stay hooked to our blog, and you will get all that you are looking for to make this journey of motherhood a bit easier and more enjoyable!


Do you miss those days before you became a mom – when you could do things according to your own wish and when you didn’t have to think about who would take care of your baby when you were not around and when you could party hard with your friends?

Well, we ALL are guilty of missing those days!

Life after having a baby is so different from the life you had before. Isn’t it?

It takes up all your energy. And the saddest part, your access to entertainment gets limited.

All after, staying up all night, breastfeeding your baby, and changing diapers throughout the day is not anything near entertainment. Right?

So, to make yourself forget about the not-so-sunny side of parenting, at least for some time, you can have a look at the funny parenting memes on our blog.

We are sure you can relate to it and have a good laugh!

Fun Games and Activities

Do you want your kid to give you the tag: “The best mommy in the world?”

This is something we all want. Don’t we?

Or do you want to have the strongest of bonds with your kids?

Again, this is something we all moms wish for!

And to make this wish of yours come true, we have discussed fun games that you can play with your little one.

From riddles and jokes to truth or dare and trivia – there are so many of them that you can enjoy together and make your bond unbreakable.

Love and Relationship

Do you miss those days when you could enjoy long romantic dates with your husband? Do you miss those kinky nights you spent with your partner? Or, do you miss those long, meaningful talks or peaceful silence sitting close to your loved one?

Well, the after-pregnancy dry spell is REAL!

And things can become worse if you don’t act soon – if you know what we mean.

You can get some very useful tips on love and relationship from our blog.

Spoiler: We already have some articles on how to spice things up in the bedroom – up on our blog. Do check.

Product Reviews & Testing

Do you want to buy a stroller for your baby but want to know which will be the most comfortable for your baby?

We have got you covered!

You can find reviews on tons of baby gear and more on our blog.

And did we tell you that we have an entire team for that?

So, what can you expect from our reviews?

  • Extensive product testing process
  • Detailed reviews of products with pros and cons
  • A team dedicated to testing all the products in-house
  • Honest reviews from real mommies
  • Huge selection of products

Queen Mommas, we are happy to share with you more mother things, mommy tips, parenting hacks, relatable parenting guide and some of the effective side hustles that can work for you too!

So brace yourself and start leafing the pages of this blog!

In lieu of the vibrant festivities that are happening all around the Universe, with hearts full of Love, Joy and Laughter…

We lovingly welcome you all to The Queen Momma where all the wonders, adventures and magic happen!👸😘