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The Queen Momma is a fun parenting community that aims to address all the existing hullabaloos of Motherhood, and Daddyhood as well. We aim to share a guilt-free, super spot-on guide to both parents and a “shed of light” to certain family issues. Our mission is to make everyone happy and at ease with parenthood, to support mothers who have had past experiences with postpartum depression or are still struggling with it at present.

Our founder has gone through sorts of motherhood stumbling blocks while raising three very active kids in between. Those experiences became the strength and light behind this blog.

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Our mission is to provide more helpful knowledge, parenting hacks, inspiration, everyday motivation and even side hustle tips that other moms can also do and benefit from.

We believe that our children are the hope of the future and for that, let us raise them to be the best individuals who value themselves and know their worth. We also promote mindful motherhood and mindfulness for kids because we firmly believe that mindfulness helps us make more of how we see ourselves from the inside out.

Queen Mommas, we are happy to share with you more mother things, mommy tips, parenting hacks, relatable parenting guide and some of the effective side hustles that can work for you too!

So brace yourself and start leafing the pages of this blog!

In lieu of the vibrant festivities that are happening all around the Universe, with hearts full of Love, Joy and Laughter…

We lovingly welcome you all to The Queen Momma where all the wonders, adventures and magic happen!👸😘

Dads, this blog is for you too!