18 Effective Ways To Make Him Chase You

Guys are hardwired to chase after whatever it is that they desire. And when it comes to what they desire, the woman they crave for is on top of that list. When a man sets his sights on a woman, he will gladly take on the challenge of the chase. In fact, he’ll welcome it. A man who is wooing a woman will definitely relish and enjoy the chase that comes with it. 

So ladies, it’s time to take a step back and give him the opportunity to do the chasing!

The reality is that in this day and age, “the chase” has all but become extinct for guys. Girls have become more confident, more forward, more open in going after what they want. Which is a good thing, certainly. No doubt about that. But when it comes to courtship and relationships, it’s not a bad thing for ladies to maybe hold off on things and let the gentlemen work for it! The things that are worth it don’t come easy. So a guy will feel that you are worth it all the more if he realizes he has to put in the work to get you. He has to chase you. 

But how to make him chase you, you may ask? Well, you may be surprised, but it’s not as hard as you might think! The key is in finding that balance of getting a man to see that you are indeed worth chasing, and get him hooked on you and craving for more. How to make him chase you is as simple as catching his fancy and luring him in, make him feel he has a chance with you, and make him want to grab that chance and work hard to win you. To earn you. To deserve you. 

We’ve rounded up some ways you can achieve that balance, and have the perfect recipe for him to want to chase you and go all out. Check out these tips on how to make him chase you, and then sit back, relax, and wait for him to come running. 

18 Effective Ways To Make Him Chase You

How to make him chase you? Let us count the 18 surefire ways!

How to make him chase you

1. Cultivate an air of mystery

If you want your crush to do the chasing, then you have to quit being such an open book. Make sure that you don’t reveal everything about yourself all at once. You need to cultivate an air of mystery around you and keep some things for yourself — at least in the beginning. Whenever you talk to him or spend time with him, make it a habit to share things about you just bit by bit. 

Yes, we know you’re super awesome. But don’t just let all that openness get out there in his face. That may overwhelm him or even scare him off. Pique his interest, and then let him peel off the layers and find that out for himself, little by little. He’ll enjoy finding out just how amazing you are. 

2. Play hard to get and even ignore him

Mind games shouldn’t be the foundation of a relationship. But sometimes, a little bit of brainwork can definitely get the ball rolling. Sometimes, you gotta be cruel to reap the rewards. Playing hard to get may seem like you’re giving him too hard of a time, but actually it’s helping to feed that thrill of the chase that men want — and also keeps him from losing interest because it’s all just too easy, and he got what he wanted without really working for it. Don’t focus on him and let him do the chasing. 

A weird but very legit truth is that when it comes to these things, when it comes to the guy you really want to pay attention to, the key is in not giving him that attention so he will come around and seek that attention from you. He will crave that attention, and crave you more than ever. 

3. Remember the KISS rule: Keep it short, silly!

So you’ve been piquing his interest more and more, and he’s been making his moves to get closer to you. He’s texting you or calling you or talking to you, getting in touch with you in whatever fashion. Here’s the crucial part: Less is more. 

Keep things short. Be the one to end the conversation — even if it’s super hard for you. Keep your texts simple. Be direct when talking to him and avoid too much fluff. This will make him feel more at ease with you and want to be in more constant contact with you, and at the same time will keep him wanting more of you and leaving him with no option but to just chase after you even more. 

4. Be confident

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits anyone can have. A woman who oozes with confidence will definitely grab attention. Confidence is sexy. Confidence is key. It will make him gravitate towards you more and make you feel more positively about yourself too. 

A woman who is confident knows her worth. She knows what she deserves, and she knows that when she’s not getting what she deserves from her man, she’ll choose someone else who knows how to treat her right. And when you believe and know that you are a prize catch, so will your man. He’ll desire you more and work harder to get you and keep you.

5. Be busy

This is pretty simple, very basic, but also very effective: If you want to make him start chasing you, then you have to stop being so available to him all the time. Stop making yourself available every single time. Don’t hang out with him or answer him 24/7 ASAP. After all, he can’t be chasing what’s already laid out in front of him, right?

Keeping yourself busy will prevent your guy from feeling so special and thinking your world revolves around him. He’ll start to wonder what else is catching your eye and capturing your interest. He’ll miss you. And he’ll realize that he wants to exert more effort into capturing even more of your attention!

6. Be happy and fulfilled with your life

A great way to make a guy crave for you more is by having a happy, fulfilled life. The more you chase your dreams, the more you embrace your passions, the more you cultivate good relationships with your family and friends, the more he will see that you are the kind of girl that should be pursued. Spend time with your loved ones. Fill your days with achieving your goals and making new ones. Live a life you love. 

More often than not, a girl who is crazy about a guy will make him the center of her world. But a desirable, quality woman will have built herself a joyful, vibrant world of her own… a world that will make the man of her dreams want to be a part of.

7. Let him think he is in charge and boost his ego

Everybody fancies a little ego boost every once in a while. Especially men. Boosting their ego will make them feel good, and make them want to be around those who make them feel good. And a great way to boost your man’s ego is by letting him feel like he is in charge. Let him feel like he is making the decisions and steering the ship. 

Let me be clear though: That doesn’t mean that you’ll just yield to him and have no say in the decision making. It just means you’ll be a little more subtle about it, not overbearing. This way, he feels like his mind and his ideas are being appreciated, which is a wonderful feeling — and at the same time, you’ll actually be co-captains of that ship!

8. Be the strong woman that you are

Men want to be around women who are strong, someone they can view as a real partner. Being a knight in shining armor is a great feeling for them, and they do want to feel like the hero taking care of their queen every once in a while. But more importantly, they want to feel like when they’re running the kingdom, they can rely on their queen to stand tall and strong at their side. 

So don’t be afraid to show him what a smart, independent woman you are. Don’t hide your capabilities. Don’t be ashamed of your own strength. Let him see that you can handle what life throws at you, and you won’t break at every little thing. Men have great admiration for women like that. And if he sees that in you, it will surely make him desire you more. 

9. Be interested — but not too interested

So yes, when it comes to getting a man to chase you, you shouldn’t be too easy to get. As mentioned earlier, you have to give him the chance to work for it. But that doesn’t mean that you should withhold all attention and affection completely, 100 percent! Of course, you should also give a little. Show him that you are interested in him. Show an interest in his interests, in his life, in how his mind works. Fan the flames a little and let him feel that he’s got something to work with. 

However, make sure you don’t show too much interest. Don’t fawn all over him and get all google-eyed. Ask, compliment, and then pause. Just open the door a little, and he’ll want to open it all the way through! Also, remember to also reciprocate. When he shows interest in you and asks you questions. Be sure to share a little about yourself too. So he’ll have a taste of your awesomeness — and want more.

10. NO to extra benefits

Ever heard the expression, “Why buy the cow when the milk is free”? Well, this applies to relationships, too. The intricate dance between a woman and a man is all about the push and pull, the thirst, the desire. If you give everything away too quickly, then the thirst is quenched, and the desire goes out the window. And this doesn’t just apply to sex – though that is a big part of it! It’s also about the other boyfriend benefits: The emotional support, the security, the knowing for sure that you are theirs. 

All of those things are for when your man actually really and truly becomes yours. But until then, leave them wanting more and make them crave for all you have to offer. 

11. Own it, you sexy thing!

Guys are visual creatures. That is pretty much a universal fact. A woman who catches a man’s eye and is able to keep his eyes on her is someone he’ll desire. And a man who likes what he sees will want to see more of that person. Every woman is gorgeous in her own way. It’s your unique beauty and appeal that will make you stand out. So OWN IT, you sexy thing! Flaunt what you’ve got. 

By this, we don’t mean be someone you’re not, or change who you are. That’s not attractive because it’s not real. What is attractive is embracing your utter fabulousness. Dress up, enhance your natural features, let your beauty out in full display. What makes you YOU is what makes you sexy. Own it, and he’ll want to dedicate himself to the chase so he can eventually own your heart too. 

12. F-L-I-R-T

Flirting is a natural inclination when you like someone, a go-to when you want to get someone hooked, and it’s that way for a reason: It works! Men go gaga over a little flirtatiousness. It revs up their engines and rocks their worlds. Flirting adds to the butterflies in the stomach and the sexual tension in the air. It engages you both. And it is fun!

So have fun and flirt with him. Engage in some light flirtation. Get him hooked. And remember that the key to flirting successfully is by not overdoing it. Keep it light, get his heart beating fast, and leave him wanting more. Keep it subtle, a tease of what’s to come in the future. He’ll see a glimpse of what he could have and realize how much he wants it. Let the chase begin!

13. Make him see that there are other fish in your sea

Ladies, listen up. You shouldn’t make a guy like he’s the only one and that you have no other options. Because that is absolutely not true. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and he should feel lucky if you choose him, and not feel like he’d be doing you a favor by pursuing you. A little competition can be a good thing. Complacency never is. 

This doesn’t mean you should be spreading your affections and attentions thin. We all know you have eyes only for him. But don’t let him know that, at least not in the beginning! Have a little fun and flirt a little with other guys when he’s near. Let him see that there are others who would do anything to go out with you. He’ll see how high the demand is and what a catch you are, and he’ll want to be the one to chase you and catch you!

14. Stay away from drama

Drama-rama. The big D word. It’s something that can make even the most chill person uncomfortable. Drama isn’t something anyone wants to be filling up their days, let alone the guy you’re crushing on. Men tend to steer clear of unnecessary drama. So if he feels that you are all about drama, then chances are he’ll steer clear of you too. 

Besides, you don’t want all that weighing you down either. So go easy on the dramatics. Avoid it when you can. The lighter his heart feels when you’re around, the happier you’ll make him, and the more he’ll want to be with you. 

15. Stay within his orbit

Yes, you should avoid being available to him all the time. This isn’t what we mean by staying within his orbit. What we do mean by this is to stay close. Stay in his life. Not as a girl who is all google-eyed over him and is there for the taking, but as a woman he will SEE for who she is: A desirable woman he’ll want to chase. When you like someone, proximity is a good thing. 

So don’t be available to him and him alone 24/7. But be around, doing your thing and being the amazing woman you are, and he’ll see you for who you are: The woman he wants. 

16. Yay to mutual friends

This goes hand in hand with staying within his orbit. A great way to do this is to embrace the mutual friends that you have. It’s good when you have friends that you share, because that keeps you in his life without being too in his face about it. When it comes to mutual friends, it’s simple: Just make sure to talk about him in a good way when you’re with them. Nothing intense, mind you. Just a light, sincere expression of the goodwill and respect you have for him. You can be sure that will get back to him in some way, and he’ll see what a high-quality woman you are and how genuinely awesome you are. 

Your mutual friends will be able to see it too when they spend time with you and get to know you more. And they’ll probably mention what a cool gal you are to him too. This will definitely elevate you in his eyes and make him chase you even more. 

17. Patience is a virtue

Patience is indeed a virtue — and more importantly, patience is key in making a man want to chase you more. Yes, you like him. You’re over the moon about him. Of course, you wish you can just speed things up and make it happen already. You wish he’d hurry and carry on and just chase you so you can be his. But take to heart this truth: All good things take time. 

Be patient. Hold off. Wait it out and give him the time and opportunity to do his thing. Don’t get too clingy or needy because then you’ll seem desperate, which can push him away rather than draw him near. Believe that you are a catch, and that a man who deserves you will believe that too and do everything that he can to be yours.

18. You’ve got to give a little

Again, don’t give it all away for free all at once. That’s the last thing you want to do. Men want to feel like they have to work for it because that’s how they feel it’s worth something. But having said that, you also have to know when to give a little too. Playing too hard to get or being too stand-offish may make him throw the towel because he may feel there’s nothing there to chase and earn. 

So know when the time is right during the whole courtship or chase, and when that happens, reward him a little. Give him a hug, a kiss on the cheek, lean close to him, anything. Sprinkle a little affection once in a while, and that will rejuvenate his spirit and strengthen his resolve to woo you and win you.  

Bonus Tip: Be your best, most genuine self

Know this, ladies: The best, most genuine version of you is a woman to love. A woman to be loved by him, and a woman to be loved by you. It’s that simple. So stay true to yourself, be the best version of yourself. Love yourself. He’ll see how comfortable you are in your own skin, and you’ll be more beautiful in his eyes because you are embracing all that you are. People who take care of themselves and accept themselves and have learned to love themselves are the most desirable and most appealing. He will be drawn even more to you because you are amazing, and he knows it. 

Be a woman to love by being the best you, the real you. This is the you that he can’t get enough of, and the you he’ll go to great lengths to chase and to eventually with your heart. 

Now that you’ve got all the ingredients, it’s time to take it easy and let him start brewing! With a little research, effort, and patience, he’ll be the moth to your flame. 

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