How to Tell if a Female Coworker Likes You?

So, have you been spending quite a lot of time with your female coworker recently?

All those long hours of sitting close to each other and late-night assignments DO tend to spice things up a bit!

When you spend most of your day together, you ACTUALLY end up sharing intimate personal details. It is from here that it takes a quick turn towards a serious relationship.

Now, if you want to know a person well enough, co-working spaces can be great for that. And if the spark is mutual, you actually have a real shot of being with the person of your dreams for the rest of your life!

But how will you know if your female coworker is really into you or she is just being polite?

After all, you don’t want to ruin your friendship, right? And you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

Because if you ask her out and she refuses, it would definitely be an embarrassing situation!

Workplace romances have become common these days. They are complicated too. And to understand if your female coworker likes you romantically is like walking on a thin rope.

Now, don’t worry. I have got your back!

From this post, you will get to know how to tell if a coworker likes you.

List of 21 Undoubtedly Signs That Female Coworker Likes You

how to tell if a coworker likes you

Look for the following signs.

1. She Always Finds Ways To Be Around You

Do you find your female coworker around you a lot more than her work demands?

Then, boy, there is a good chance something is going on the other side! You go to get some coffee from the coffee machine. And bingo, she is there!

You are just making up your mind about what to get for lunch, and boom, she is there and offers you food that she has brought from her home. Well, I have many friends who have met their spouses at work, and in most cases, this is how it begins: lunches together, simple interactions, and more time at work.

When you realize there is a spark between the two of you, you may find it awkward as you are colleagues, after all.

But if she is showing up everywhere you intend to go and reaching out for trivial reasons; then it is time that you give your mind some rest and let your heart lead.

2. She Is All Smiles Whenever She Sees You

Well, there are some people who smile a lot. Does this seem to be your female coworker in question? Then don’t give too much thought to it. But if her smile noticeably perks up when she is around you, then boy, the radar of your romance should already start ringing!

Now, keep your eyes open for hints. Generally, we smile when we see something or someone we like. So, do you like her too? Then don’t forget to smile right back!

3. She Wants Your Help More Than Ever

Do you guys work together in a similar department? Then it is natural for your colleague to ask for your help. But if your female coworker is asking for your help more than necessary and frequently, then trust me, she is probably into you. She asks you to fix things, check things, give her advice, and just anything that comes to her mind.

Is this the case with you?

Then she likes you. Do you both work in a clothing store? Is she asking you about your opinion about the dresses in the women’s section? And is she giving you sexy looks while prancing in front of the mirror? Well, this stuff is getting way too spicy, honey. I can feel the physical tension from here!

4. Look At Her Reaction To Your Body Language

When you enter the office, do you find her eyes to be all on you? Does she look impressed with your mannerisms and confidence when you talk with your other colleagues at the water cooler?

Okay, so it is somewhat true that looking good and being in shape can be quite helpful when it comes to impressing women – at least to some extent.

But it is a lot more important how you convey your signals to her. And lemme tell you, not all women go gaga over your looks. They are more into how the kind of person you are. If your female coworker falls in the latter category, it will not matter to her if you are bald, fat, or short.

And in that case, your body language has to be impressive!

You need to understand what you are telling your female coworker with your body language and what you are getting in response.

5. She Is Interested In Taking Things Outside Your Office

She Is Interested In Taking Things Outside Your Office

Did she reach out to you and ask you to meet outside your office? Then you can already understand that she wants to be your friend – if not more. Some people start out as work friends, then they date, and eventually, it becomes a serious relationship. It’s common these days. Do you have a thing for your female coworker?

Then you guys can go for casual drinks or to local concerts. And let the friendship or romance flow. You can take the lead and invite her to dinner or go bowling. I suggest talking more. This way, you will know if there is a real shot at romance or you are just a good pal to her. All you need is to take the chance!

6. She Calls And Texts You Constantly

Women LOVE calling, texting, and any other kind of communication as these can help them stay connected with the person they like. Does your female coworker not leave any opportunity just to send a “hello” to you? Does she call you for no exact reason? Does she text you every now and then?

Is she the one who always starts casual chatting?If your answer to all these questions is a BIG “YES,” then honey, she is COMPLETELY into you! These are her ways to tell you that she likes you and wants to be a part of your life.

7. She Is Super Clumsy Around You, And It Is Super Sexy

You know when you are in a line at the billing counter in the supermarket, and some big guy comes and bumps into you? It is super annoying, right?

And you have to keep your cool not to get into an argument. But the case is not the same in the case of a female coworker you like – in fact, it is just the opposite.

When she bumps you, it is kind of a love juice every single time. And every time she leans on you to show something on your computer screen and brushes your face with her hair – you are frying in romance!

When her hand touches yours accidentally while giving you a document she just got from the printer, her eyes meet yours – there are butterflies in your stomach.

So, was that touch of hers really accidental? Give it a thought, dear!

8. You Often Catch Her Looking At You

When you like someone a lot, you can’t stop yourself from staring at them. The same is the case with females. Now, is it often that she is already staring at you when you look at her? Or, when you walk past her, she never fails to make eye contact with you? Then it is a good sign for you.

Your colleague likes you – more than a friend, of course!

It is very clear that she cannot stop herself from thinking and daydreaming about you. Do you like her too? Then make sure to give her a friendly yet flirty smile whenever you catch her staring at you.

9. She Dresses Up For You And Waits For Your Compliments

It is a no-brainer that we all love to look good. This is true, especially for your female colleagues. But have you noticed her dressing up a lot lately and moving around in your work area a lot?

Then the chances are that she is doing it for you, buddy. So, how to tell if a coworker likes you in that case? Compliment her and notice how she reacts. Does she get uncomfortable and hurries to her seating area, or does she act indifferent?

Then I’m sorry to say; dressing up was not for you. But if she blushes at your compliment and you can say that it is not makeup, then boy, you have hit the jackpot! She adores your compliments and daydreams in them. Honey, this thing is ON. Trust me.

10. She Is Extremely Curious About Your Love Life

She Is Extremely Curious About Your Love Life

Now, if this female colleague of yours is very interested in your personal life or love life, then I’m pretty sure she wants to have an emotional connection with you.

She might also be trying hard to know some basic things about you. For example, if you are single and ready to mingle. Or if your choices match, are you already in a steady relationship, and so on. You can let her know as little or as much as you like. But I suggest, don’t slip into that friend zone and tell her every tiny detail of your life.

Try to remain a bit of mystery. Women LOVE mysterious men. You can trust me on this. Don’t worry. You can tell her everything about you once you guys are already in a committed relationship. Till then, stick to the seduction!

11. She Notices Each And Every Change In You

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest signs of how to tell if a coworker likes you. If you ask me, I can tell you one thing for sure. If your female coworker likes you, she will notice each and every change in you – from your appearance to your personality – no matter how small it is.

She will be the first to notice when you change your dressing style, hair color, or feeling a bit off.

While your other coworkers might not even pay any heed in noticing any changes in you, this female coworker in question will always notice. And when she does that, know that she likes you. Congratulations, buddy!

12. She Showers You With Compliments

Who doesn’t like to receive compliments! Does it often happen that your female coworker showers you with compliments, no matter how trivial the thing is? Then it means she notices you very carefully.

It could be your problem-solving ability, team management, your new hairstyle, or your overall personality. If she compliments you every now and then, it means she is COMPLETELY into you. And she will like every single thing you say, do or wear. Got the hint?

13. She Is Always Ready To Help You With Your Work At Hand

Well, we all need help from our colleagues at some point in time or the other. And we expect others to help us too when we need it. But does your female coworker offer you help all the time, even when you don’t need it or ask for it? Then, boy, something else is going on there.

She might be looking for an excuse to get close to you.

Perhaps, she is hesitating to ask you out for dinner or a drink. And so, she is taking the help of work to spend some more time with you. The other reason she wants to help you is that she REALLY cares for you. And when we care for someone, we go that extra way to help that person, isn’t it?

14. She Lets You Know About Her Secret Self

 A lot of women, and of course, men, have many layers.I’m not saying that they are faking it. It is just that they have their private, personal self and their public, work self separate. Talking about today’s modern women, they are exceptionally skilled at keeping their private and public self separate.

You get to see a glimpse of that private self when they are all hearts looking at Chris Hemsworth as “Thor” or see a super cute pet or stare out of their window on a romantic, rainy day. Did she let you in on that personal side of her? Then know that she is crazy for you, babe!

15. She Brings Home-Cooked Food For You

She Brings Home-Cooked Food For You

Now, we all love lunch breaks, don’t we? And when you have a crush on your female coworker, you actually live for lunch breaks so that you can spend some extra time with them, right? Does the woman of your dreams pack some extra home-cooked food and share it with you – every day? Then it is a sign that she likes you!

Because no one would like to share their food with someone whom they don’t like, and if she does that intentionally, it means she wants to sit next to you and spend some extra time chilling with you. So, if you want to convey your feelings for her, you can take her out on a lunch break!

Think about it.

16. She Calls You By Your Nickname

Let me get this straight. If I don’t really like a guy, I will not even bother inventing a name for him and call him by that name. So, if your female coworker does that, it means she is already smitten! She can’t stop herself from calling you by those cute nicknames instead of your actual name.

Do you know what is interesting? Every couple does that! And it is one of the most common signs of affection.

17. She Always Sits Beside You During A Meeting

Your female coworker always sits next to you during meetings because she wants to be close to you as long as she can. She wants to laugh with you and spend some time with you even during those boring office meetings.

Now, let me tell you something. If that female coworker sits next to you during every meeting, your other colleagues will start noticing that too. Actually, it is really difficult to hide when you have a soft corner for someone.

Did I tell you that one of my female friends is currently having a crush on her male colleague? She told me that she could not even look her crush in the eyes when there were other colleagues present, as they would see her fondness for him in her eyes.

18. She Wants To Know About Your Life Outside Of Work

Does your female coworker ask a lot of questions related to your friends and family? Is she interested in whatever you do – be it your hobbies or how you like to spend your free time? Then boy, let me tell you, this woman is seriously interested in you and wants to be a permanent part of your life.

It is evident from her questions that she wants to know you better. And what better way to know you than to spend time with you and ask you whatever comes to their mind? Do you like her too? Then use this to your advantage. Now, let me give you a piece of advice. 

DON’T reveal everything about yourself in the first place. But of course, give her some information about your life. This will keep things interesting and exciting between the two of you!

19. She Talks About You To Other Colleagues

Has it ever happened to you that your colleagues came to you saying things such as, “OMG, she was praising you so much,” or “you won’t believe what she said about you!”? Or have you heard it yourself that your female colleague is talking to other colleagues about how good you are? If she actually likes you, you will get to hear a lot of good things about you from other colleagues.

She will not only compliment you in front of other colleagues but also look for opportunities to know more about you. Contacting your family and close friends this early would be a weird thing to do, so for the time being, she will ask your coworkers about you.

20. She Asks You About Your Future Plans And Core Values

She Asks You About Your Future Plans And Core Values

There are people out there who like to discuss ideas or get into philosophical talks. And that is really cool. But if you find things are getting a lot more personal than that, and if your female coworker is asking you all those questions personally and trying to know all about your beliefs and core values, then honey, she wants to be on a love cruise with you!

These questions are not those types that you ask your coworker. Instead, you ask these questions or discuss these things with your potential partner – especially when you are up for a long romantic relationship. Is the female coworker in question asking you about your thoughts on spirituality or religion? Does she want to know about your future plans? Then, buddy, she is checking out your soul! Do you already feel engaged and excited? Trust me. This could be the beginning of an epic love story.

21. She Remembers Every Detail About You

How to tell if a coworker likes you? Well, if your female coworker likes you, she will make that extra effort to remember every single detail about you. This includes your favorite color, your favorite cologne, all your likes, all your dislikes, your birthday, and the list just goes on.

If you want to find out if she likes you, focus on her actions and words. The chances are that she will repeat something that you let her know a long time back, as she memorized it.

And if she does that, know that she is very much into you!

Have you got one or many of these signs from your female coworker? Then honey, your female coworker really likes you! Do you like her too? Then be flirty with her. But, of course, don’t overdo it. After all, it is your workplace. You can even ask her out and subtly throw hints that you like her too! Wish you both a happy and romantic love life!


There are ample ways for you to find: she likes you, she has fallen for you, or just a slight inclination towards you that may later change into something prospective. You never know. But, there are certain things you always need to know; it may be that she is inherently casual or amiable. There could also be the possibility that some of them are flirtatious or just attention seekers. Then there are others who just want to play with you, and you might fall trapped in it. Whatever the reasons are, it’s all on you to get the minor details and hint, whether she really likes you or not, considering the important points we discussed over here.

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