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57 Popular Baby Names That Mean Snake

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Snakes symbolize immortality, fertility, healing, and creativity, which is why many parents choose to name their babies with names that mean snake. In addition, snakes act as guardians to the sacred spaces and find mention in Greek, Chinese and Hindu mythology.

Snakes are thus an essential character in most cultures. If you are in search of a unique name for your baby boy or girl that means snake, then we have some inspirational names curated just for you.

Baby-Names That Mean Snake

Baby-Names That Mean Snake

Wish for your child to turn up to be fearless, competent, and strong? Then go ahead and keep one of these baby names that mean snake.

Modern-day parents usually look for gender-neutral names to keep for their little ones.

Here we have listed male (m), female (f), and unisex names (m+f), which means snake. Browse through our list because we are confident that we have just the name to charm you.

  • Akhzam (m)

Akhzam is an ancient Arabic baby boy name meaning snake.

  • Aapep(m)

Aapep is an Egyptian name that symbolizes a moon snake.

  • Adder(m)

The English origin name Adder means a venomous snake.

  • Ahendra(m)

Ahendra denotes the king of snakes. The name comes from India.

  • Arbad(m)

The Arabian name Arban means the lion and snake.

  • Amaru(m)

Amaru is an American name. It means snake in the Aymara language.

  • Ahiratha(m)

Ahiratha symbolizes power and strength. The name comes from India and means “to have a snake.”

  • Arqam(m)

The Arabian name Arqam is an intelligent name that means the snake.

  • Askook(m)

The Native American name Askook means snake. It shows strength.

  • Aadikesh (m)

If you like Indian names or have an Indian heritage, you can choose the name Aadikesh which has its roots in the Indian language. It comes with the meaning of “a snake in which Lord Vishnu.” It has a certain weight to it.

  • Ahiraj (m)

It’s a powerful name with roots in the Indian language. It has a mysterious vibe to it. It is a popular name in India, and you can find many men with this name. It holds the meaning of “king of snakes.” A pretty kingly name, right?

  • Ahiswar (m)

If you are into majestic names meaning snake, you can choose Ahiswar. It’s a boy’s name of Indian origin, which’s not used by many. If you like names that are not hugely used, you can choose this name. It carries the meaning of “lord of snakes.”

  • Been(m)

Been is a musical instrument used by snake charmers. The Indian name also finds a lot of mention as a baby boy’s name.

  • Belinda (f)

Belinda is from old Germany, and it means bright snake or serpent.

A famous namesake is Belinda Carlisle, the singer.

  • Chu’mana (f)

Chu’mana traces its origin to native America and means the snake maiden. The name has a legendary and brave charm, making it one of the popular girl names that mean snake.

  • Chu’a (m)

Chu’a means snake. It is a typical boy name famous in the Native American community.

  • Coatl (m+f)

The Native American name Coatl means the snake. It also has a Nahuatl origin. In addition, Coatl is one of the day signs of the Aztec calendar.

  • Darvanda(m)

Darvanda means the hood of a snake. It is a name that comes from India.

  • Dipili(m)

Dipili is a green snake. It traces its origin to Germany. It is a serpent boy name that creates an aura of power and strength.

  • Drake (m)

The old English name Drake is one of the most chosen names by parents to keep for their baby boys. It means dragon or snake.

Drake is the name of a Canadian rapper.

  • Draco(m)

Draco is not a rare name. This ancient Greek name means the dragon or snake, and it has a lot of significance in Greek mythology.

  • Donelle (f)

Donelle is apt for your powerful girl who has a character just like the serpent or snake. It is an English origin name and means snake.

  • Egle (f)

Egle has a Lithuanian origin and refers to a maiden who married a water snake or grass.

This name has gained popularity because it is short and cute with an interesting

  • Fani(m)

Fani comes from France. It means the hood of a snake. A cute little name with a powerful meaning, Fani is a classic in our selection of baby boy names that mean snake.

  • Goga(m)

Goga symbolizes the snake lord.

  • Huanglong(m)

The Chinese origin name comes from yellow and dragon.

  • Havu (f)

Havu has a German origin and means snake or the serpent lady. It is a rare name with a strong meaning that makes it an ideal pick for your baby girl.

  • Kukulkan(m)

Kukulkan is the snake God from the Maya legend.

  • Lindie (f)

The name Lindie is soothing to the ears, but its meaning makes it a powerful choice among parents. Lindie has a German origin and is a sweet name.

Lindie Lila is a famous musical artist who is a bearer of this name.

  • Lynda (f)

Lynda means both a snake and a lime tree. It has an old German origin. Lynda is beautiful both as a first name and a nickname. It also means pretty, cute, beautiful, and perfect, which are the best adjectives for your sweet little girl.

  • Manidhar(m)

Manidhar is a mythical snake. The name has an Indian origin. It symbolizes a snake wearing a jewel on its hood. The name depicts power and wealth.

  • Nagai (f)

Nagai is an Indian-origin name that means God snake.

  • Naga (f)

The name Naga means the supreme Goddess of all snakes. It is indeed a head-turner name to bestow on your baby girl.

  • Nagini (f)

Nagini has an Indian origin and means snake. This name became famous after its use in the movie Harry Potter. The serpent name is a classic choice to keep for your baby girl.

  • Nagendra(m)

Nagendra means the Lord of snakes. It is an Indian name that also means elephant.

  • Nathair(m)

Nathair is a Scottish name that means a snake. The boys, named Nathair, are believed to possess the intelligence of a snake, and they also live a long life.

  • Naganika (f)

Naganika is an Indian origin name and means the serpent maiden.

  • Nathaira (f)

The Scottish origin name Nathaira has an aura. Its charm does captivate the one who hears this name. It means a water snake and is a blend of simplicity and audacity.

  • Nagarjun(m)

Nagarjun is an Indian-origin name that means “the best of snakes.” You would want to give this name to your boy who you wish to grow up to be the best among the rest.

  • Nyoka(m)

The unique African name Nyoka means the snake.

  • Nagaveni (f)

Nagaveni means “hair that resembles a snake.” It is an Indian name with a lyrical charm to it.

  • Nathara (f)

From Scotland, Nathara is another popular choice of a girl’s name that means snake. If you dream for your daughter to grow powerful with a serpent’s attitude, then this is the name to choose for her.

  • Nyoka (m+f)

Nyoka has a Swahili origin and means snake.

The name got famous after it found use in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel named the ‘Nyoka the Jungle Girl.’

  • Nagashree (f)

If you want your baby girl to grow up fierce like a snake, you can choose the name Nagashree for her. It has its roots in the Indian language and is perfect for your little one. It holds the meaning of “snake goddess.”

  • Ophiuchus(m)

Ophiuchus has a Greek and Latin origin. It denotes a serpent bearer. The name signifies the stars’ arrangement in the equatorial region.

  • Ormr(m)

Ormr has an Old Norse origin, and it means the dragon snake or serpent. It is a unique baby name with a traditional influence in it.

  • Pachu’a (m)

The American origin name means a feathered water snake.

  • Panijfilu(m)

The name belongs to the Araucanian region and means a blue snake.

  • Phinehas(m)

The name Phinehas has a Hebrew origin and means the serpent’s mouth.

  • Phani(m)

Phnai comes from India and means the snake. It is a name that soothes your ears.

  • Quetzalcóatl (m+f)

The Nahuatl origin name means the feathered water snake.

  • Shuman(f)

Shuman has a Native American origin, and it means the rattlesnake handler. It is an exclusive name which is why it may be the perfect choice to keep for your little girl.

  • Sheshdhar(m)

Sheshdhar is the one who holds a snake. This Indian origin name represents Lord Shiva from Hindu mythology who has a snake on his head.

  • Sarff (f)

The versatile and dynamic Welsh name Sarff means the snake.

  • Ty(m)

Ty is a Vietnamese name that means the snake. The short and sweet name fits nicely as a first name and a nickname.

  • Tanith(f)

Tanith has a Semitic root and means the serpent lady.

Tanith was the Phenician Goddess of the moon, fertility, love, and the stars.

  • Vasuki (m)

The Sanskrit name Vasuki means the king of serpents. It is a popular name that draws roots to Hindu mythology.


Above, we have listed some rare names that mean the snake. These are names from all across the world. So take your pick and bestow your baby with a unique name and let him/her carry a dominant and authoritative character of a snake all through life.

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