66 Modern Greek Boy Names With Meaning

Modern parents are choosey about the names that they select for their boys. The name needs to sound good and also flow with the surname. The moniker reflects a person’s personality, and thus the meaning is also essential to consider when choosing a baby boys’ name.

If you are looking for an impactful Greek name for your baby boy, then you have reached the right place. Check this list out, and we assure you the perfect Greek boy names to fit your bill.

Greek Boy Names with Meanings

  • Adrianos

Adrianos means β€œthe right or the just one.” It is a bold name, and its meaning draws many parents to it. If you as a parent are a truth seeker, then you have already fallen for the first name on our list.

  • Adonis

Adonis is a pure Greek boy’s name and means “the lord or handsome”. The moniker has masculinity in it. You may tweak the spelling of the name to Adonnis and Adohnis. If you wish to give your boy a nickname, then call him Don.

If your son grows up interested in sports, he will marvel that he shares his name with Adonis Alexander, the football player, and Adonis Stevenson, the boxer.

  • Andronikos

The name Andronikos links the two words Andros which means man, and Nike, which indicates victory. The name is destined for a boy who will grow up to be serene and devote his life to his family. You may want to nickname your son Nikos.

  • Andrew

Andrew means brave and manly and is the best fit for a baby boys’ name. It depicts the character that you want your son to grow up and be. Andruw and Andros are its common spelling variations. You can give your little boy a cute nickname and call him Drew or Nadie.

Andrew Johnson and Andrew Jackson were the presidents of the United States. Your son will be filled with pride to share his name with such great personalities.

  • Atticus

The Greek origin name Atticus means the one who belongs to Attica, a small area of this country. If you belong originally from and around Athens, you may want to keep this name on your boy. Aticus, Attickus, and Addicus are some spelling variations.

Atticus Ross is a musician, and Atticus Shaffer is an actor who adorns this name. If you have read the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, then you have come across the name Atticus Finch, the fictional attorney.

  • Apollo

Apollo is a typical Greek name and means handsome and manly, just the name for your little boy. Apolloh, Appollo, and Apolo are some variations of this name.

Apollo the name directly makes us think of the Space programs of NASA. Apollo Robbins is a magician, and Apollo Ohno is a skater who won the Olympics, and they are the famous namesakes.

  • Arsenio

Arsenio is Greek and means the boy who is manly and strong. It is said that a name has a lot to do to determine the character of an individual. It would thus be a great idea to name your son Arsenio if you want him to grow up to be a powerful personality.

Arsenius, Arsenios, and Arsenie are some alternative spellings of this name that you may want to keep.

Your son will share his name with Arsenio Lopez, the Olympic swimmer, and Arsenio Hall, the actor.

  •  Alexander

The Greek name Alexander means the protector of humankind and the defender. It is an apt name if you want your son to grow up to be a guardian to his loved ones. Parents, who want to give some uniqueness to the name, change its spelling to Alexandros, Aleksander, or Alexandre.

Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor, and Alexander Hamilton, the founding father of the US, are the famous namesakes. However, we all have studied about Alexander the Great, a well-known leader who was the king of Macedonia. He was a strong warrior who had conquered and ruled one of the biggest empires.

  • Basil

If you wish your boy to grow up brave and royal, leading his team just like a king, then Basil is the name for you. Bacil, Basel, and Basilo are the alternative name variations that you could keep.

Basil Wolverton was an illustrator. Basil was also the mouse’s name who solved the mysteries in the movie The Great Mouse Detective.

  • Chrysanthos

Chrysanthos is the sunflower that is in full bloom. It means the golden flower. You can shorten the name to Chris. Those who bear this name are thought to be sensitive and kind.

  • Christopher

The religious parents out here are sure to fall in love with Christopher, who is a follower of Christ and carries Christ in his heart. Christoffer, Christofer, and Christophe are the variants of the name.

Christopher Walken and Christopher Lloyd are the names that come to mind when you think of this name. They are famous actors.

  • Cole

Cole means the victory of the people. The name is bold and a top choice for modern and independent parents. Some change the spelling of this name to Cohl, Kole, or Koll.

Cole Porter is a songwriter, and Cole Swindell is a renowned singer.

  • Cletus

Cletus means to summon or call forth. You can tweak the spelling of this name to make it a little unique. You can choose Cleatus, Cleetus, or Cleitus too.

Cletus Boyer is a professional baseball player.

  • Cyril

The short and sweet name Cyril means from the lord and masterful. Cyrell, Cyrill, and Kyrill are the spelling variations. If you want to give your son a smaller nickname, then call him Cy.

Cyril Jackson is a professional level skateboarder, and Cyril Takayama is a famous magician.

  • Constantine

It is pretty surprising if you have not come across the Greek name Constantine. It is a typical Greek moniker, and even though it has been popular for years, the name still has an aura. It means consistent and steady. Constantin and Konstantine are the spelling variations of this name.

Constantine Lascaris is a Greek scholar, and Constantine Maroulis is a singer with this name.

  • Damian

Damian is Greek and means β€œthe one who can tame and then conquer.” The name is a real treasure, and its meaning is what draws many parents to it. Daymon, Damien, and Daymian are the spelling variations of this name.

You also have famous celebrities like Damian Lewis the actor and Damian Marley, the singer with this name.

  • Deacon

Deacon is Greek and means β€œa helper or servant.” The name is liked by the parents who want their boy to grow up to be humble and work as a servant to the lord and for the betterment of the society. Diakonos, Deakon, and Deaken are some of its spelling variations.

And we are sure that the first name that came to your mind was of none other than Deacon John Moore, the musician.

  • Dion

If you are a follower of Zeus and Dionysus, then bestow this name on your little boy. If you want to make the spelling different, then go ahead with Dionne and Deone.

Dion DiMucci is a well-known singer, and Deion Sanders is a professional athlete.

  • Darius

If wealth, richness, and affluence are what you dream of for your boy, then name him Darius. If you would like to change the spelling, then go for Darrin, Darien, or Dario.

Darius Miles, the basketball player, and Darius Rucker, the singer, are the famous namesakes.

  • Dennis

Your search for a fun, festive, and merry name ends here with Dennis. While the name doubles up as a nickname as well, you still may want to call him Den with love. Denny and Denis are the spelling variations.

The celebrities with this name are Dennis Miller, the comedian, and Dennis Quaid, the actor.

  •  Demetrius

A famous Greek name, Demetrius, means the one who loves the earth and is the follower of the God Demeter. Demetrios, Demetrio, and Dmitry are how you can change the names spelling.

Demetrius Shipp is a renowned actor, and Demetrius Jackson is a professional basketball player with this name.

  • Evander

The name depicts a benevolent and a good man. Evander can be spelled as Evandar or Evandyr.

Evander Holyfield, the boxer, and Evander Kane, the hockey player, are the famous namesakes.

  • Eros

Eros means affection and love. Since it is a widespread Greek name, you can change the spelling to Aeros or Eurus if you want the name to spell unique.

Eros Vlahos, the actor, and Eros Ramazzotti, the musician, are the first names that come to mind when you think of Eros. Eros has a mythological significance too. It is the Greek God of desire and love.

  •  Eugene

Eugene means one who is born into a high society or nobility. Eugenes and Eugenios are some choices of spelling for this name.

We all know Eugene Cernan, the astronaut, and Eugene Levy, the actor with this name.

  • Eustace

Eustace means to be stable and fruitful. The Greek moniker can be changed to Eustacius, Eustiss, or Ustace.

Eustace Conway is a naturalist, and Eustace was also the name of a Christina saint.

  • Esteban

It is the dream of every parent to see their son grow up to be victorious and wear the crown. This is what the name Esteban signifies. If you believe that names impact the personality of a person, then look no further than Esteban.

Esteban Loaiza is a basketball player, and Esteban Cambiasso is a soccer player with this name.

  • Faidon

Your son is the light of your life. And that is what the name Faidon means. So go ahead and give him this name. It comes from the root word Fos which means the brightest of all.

Faidon is also the name of a famous philosopher.

  • George

Someone who belongs to the clan of farmers or works with the land can choose the name George for their son. The name is not uncommon, with many famous personalities with this name.

Georgios and Georghe are some spelling variations of this name.

George Clooney the actor, George Michael the singer, and George Washington and George W. Bush are the US Presidents. We have a list of celebrities that adorn the name George.

  • Gregory

Gregory means to be watchful and vigilant. Gregorey and Greger are some spelling variations.

Gregory Peck is a famous actor, and Gregory Hines is an entertainer with this name.

  • Homer

Homer means a solemn promise, security, and a pledge. Homhar and Homher are its alternate spellings.

Homer Bailey, the baseball player, and Homer Hickman, the author, are famous namesakes. Homer Simpson is a well-known fictional personality from the television series The Simpsons.

  • Hermes

Hermes means stone pile or a market that marks the border of the land. You may have come across the spelling variation of this name, too, which are Hermeze and Hermies.

Hermes Franca is an MMA fighter, and Hermes Franca is a dancer. Hermes is also the son of Zeus and is God’s messenger.

  • Hector

Hector means to restrain and hold onto. It is a Greek boy’s name with alternative spelling variations as Hectyr, Hectar, and Hectir.

Hector Elizondo is an actor, and Hector Munro is a writer with who your son will share his name.

  • Iraklis

Iraklis means heroism and big-heartedness. The name will let him flaunt the bravery of Hercules.

  • Ion

Ion means to belong to the Ionians group who originally were from ancient Greece. The name is short and easy to spell. Some may want to change the spelling to Ionas or Ionne.

Ion of Chios was a Greek philosopher and writer, and Ion Iliescu was the former president of Romania.

  • Jerome

Jerome is a sacred and holy name and can be spelled as Jerrome, Jerohme, or Jarome.

Jerome Bettis is a professional football player, and Jerome Seinfeld is a comedian.

  • Jason

Jason means a healer. Jaysen, Jasyn, and Jayson are some of the alternative variations of this name.

Jason Momoa is an actor, and Jason Aldean is a singer with this name.

  • Leonidas

King Leonidas is always remembered for his fearlessness in the battle. The name conveys bravery. King Leonidas was also a romantic at heart which is again a trait that comes with this name. Nickname your son as Leo if you choose this name.

  • Luke

Luke means bright and light. It also refers to Lucania, which were an ancient area and now a part of southern Italy. Luk and Luc are its spelling variants which can also be used as a nickname.

Luke Perry is an actor, and Luke Bryan is a singer.

  • Leander

Make your son brave like a lion when you name him Leander. Liander and Leannder are the common spelling variations of this name.

Leander Paes, the tennis player, is a personality your son will share his name with.

  • Myron

Myron refers to Myrrh. It is the fragrance of spice and oil. Just the thought of the name fills your heart with a rich aroma which could be why many have chosen this name for their young lads. Myreon or Miron is an alternative spelling variation.

Myron Waldman is an animator, and Myron Mixon is a chef.

  • Nikiforos

Nikiforos is the person who brings in victory. The alias of this name can be Nick.

  • Nireas

If you as parents prefer the water over land, consider naming your child after Homer, the water deity who is the older man of the sea. Nireas is a mythological figure and the son of Gaea and Pontus, who is known for his prophetic power and wisdom.

  • Nicholas

It is unlikely that you have not come across the name Nicholas. It means a winner, true to what you have always dreamt for your little one. Nichols and Niko are some fun variations of this name.

Nicolas Cage is a well-known actor, and Nicholas (Nick) Cannon is an entertainer. They are famous personalities with this name.

  • Orestis

Orestis is a mountain and dweller, and the name symbolizes modesty and simplicity. He will be the type who will always be on good terms with all trying to work out ways to amend the relationship.

  • Orion

Orion means the great hunter. We can give the name a slight twist with Oryan and Orien.

Orion Martin, the professional football player, and Orion Weiss, the musician, are the popular namesakes.

  • Perseas

The bearer of the name will grow up with intelligence. You can nickname your son Percy if you choose this name.

  • Phoenix

Phonix is a typical Greek name and means dark red. It is a timeless name and makes an excellent choice. Phenix and Phoenyx are the spelling variations. If you are into mythology, then Phoenix is an important mythological bird.

  • Peter

To be solid just like a rock-That is what Peter means for you. Peter indeed is very common, so why not spell the name as Peater or Pieter.

We have Peter Boyle, the actor, and Peter Gabriel, the singer, as famous namesakes.

  • Pierce

Pierce means the rock or stone. Peers and Pearce are its alternate spellings.

Your son will share his name with Pierce Brosnan, the actor, and Pierce Brown, the writer.

  •  Phillip

Phillip signifies a person who loves horses. Phyllip and Philippe are the name variations.

Phillip Phillips, the singer, and Phillip McGraw, the psychologist, are the namesakes.

  • Sebastian

Sebastian means to be adored, respected, and revered. Sebastien and Sabastian are variations of this name.

Sebastian Maniscalco is a comedian, and Sebastian Stan is an actor with this name. Sebastian is also the loved crab in the Little Mermaid.

  • Stavros

Stavros depicts the Christian crucifixion cross. Give the name a little fun by spelling it as Stavrose or Stavrohs.

Stavros Michaelides is an Olympic athlete, and Stavros Kouyioumtzis is a composer.

  • Stephen

Stephen means the wearer of the crown and the victorious one. Stephanos and Steph are popular variations.

Stephen Hawking, the physicist, is the first person who comes to mind when you think of this name.

  • Socrates

Someone who is growing to be one with absolute power should be named Socrates. Parents who want to give their son a name that is powerful but at the same time unique can change the spelling to Sokratis or Sacrates.

Socrates Brito is a professional baseball player, and Sokratis Papastathopoulos is a professional soccer player.

  • Theofanis

The name Theofanis draws its origin to ancient Greece. It means the one whom God will make apparent. In short, your boy named Theofanis is the chosen one. Name him Theo and let him live a life that is blessed by the almighty.

  • Theodore

Theodore means a blessing and gift from God. You cannot go wrong with this name. You may change the spelling to Teodore and call him Ted or Theo at home.

You have heard of Theodore Roosevelt, the US president who is a famous namesake.

  • Timothy

Timothy is the one who honors God. Timathy and Timmothy can also be chosen for your boys’ name.

Timothy Tebow is an athlete, and Timothy Allen is an actor.

  • Thanos

Thanoos means immortal and noble. Therefore, Thanasis or Athanasios can be its name variations.

Thanos Kalliris is a Greek singer, and Thanos Petsos is a soccer player.

  • Ulysses

Ulysses, though a very traditional Greek name, means angry, so you can choose whether or not to give this name to your child. Ulesses and Ulissus are the spelling choices of this name.

Ulysses Owens, the musician, and Ulysses S. Grant, the President, are the famous namesakes.

  • Xander

Xander is the protector and defender of humanity. The Greek name can also be spelled as Xandur or Xandar.

Xander Bogaerts, the baseball player, and Xander Berkeley, the actor, are the celebrities with this name.

  • Zissis

You gift your son with a happy life, and he gives back bountiful memories. Zissis means life, and it is a simple and cute name for your baby boy. You can nickname him Zi.

  • Zeus

Zeus means shining in heaven and God. Zoos and Zuese are the spelling variations.

Zeuss is a musician, and Zeus B. Heldis is a music producer with this name.

  • Achilles

If you are looking for a Greek name for your baby boy that sounds masculine and has an undeniable charm to it, you can go for the name Achilles.

Some say that this name has come from the Achelous River, but others say that it has its roots in Greek mythology. It translates to pain.

  • Charilaos

Do you want your little one to grow up graceful and loved by people? Then the name Charilaos would be a good fit for him. It carries the meaning of grace of the people.

Charilaos Trikoupis was a great Greek politician. He was elected as the  Prime Minister a total of seven times between the years 1875 and 1895.

  • Christos

If you are looking for a name that has a traditional vibe to it while being attractive at the same time, Christos is the name.

This name sounds hot! It carries multiple meanings, including good, virtuous, righteous, and ethical.

A good nickname that goes with this name is Chris.

  • Cleon

Do you want your boy to have a glorious life when he grows up? Then you can give him the name Cleon. It came from Kleos, a Greek word.

It is short, and it sounds smart. It holds the meaning of glory.

Have you watched the famous 1979 movie The Warriors? In that, Cleon was the charismatic leader and founder of The Warriors.

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