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59 Aesthetic Names for Boys and Girls

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Are you nervous that you have to pick the best name for your baby?

Well, it’s quite normal to feel so. After all, a name is something your little prince or princess will be recognized by and will stay with them for their entire life!

I understand it is pretty challenging to choose the right name, but don’t worry. I am here to help.

In this age, when people are on social media all the time, aesthetics has become important. Are you new to this term?

This word is already creating a buzz.  It means the overall style of something or someone. It can be anything that is chic, trendy, classy, and, moreover, stunning. So when it comes to the top aesthetic names for your baby, it has to be unique – something that is loved by everyone!

I have come up with a list of trendy names for girls and boys that have an aesthetic essence. Their look, feel, and pronunciation are aesthetically pleasing if that is what you are looking for.

Aesthetic Names for Girls

Aesthetic Names for Girls

Choose the best name for your baby girl that she can appreciate and be proud of her entire life. Read on.

  • Aria

Isn’t the name pretty? I liked it the first time I came to know about it.

And did I say that it has some beautiful meanings?

The name Aria came from multiple origins. It means the air in the Italian language, treasure in Albanian, Lioness in Hebrew, and noble in Persian.

Choose the meaning that you like the most!

  • Arwen

Are you a fan of the “Lord of the Rings” series?

Then you may already be familiar with this sweet name. She was the princess of Elves.

This name came from the Welsh language. It translates to a noble maiden.

  • Alice

Do you love reading fantasy stories? Or do you love watching fantasy movies?

Then I’m pretty sure you have read or watched Alice in Wonderland.

I fell in love with it when I read it for the first time in school.

This famous name has its roots in the German language and comes with the meaning of kind or noble.

  • Alaska

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about this state in America? But did you know how good of an aesthetic name it is?

Yes, I’m talking about Alaska!

When it comes to the name Alaska, there is a cool vibe to it. It carries the meaning of a great land.

  • Ailee

Didn’t you get a happy vibe reading this name?

Ailee is a gorgeous name that sounds feminine and has a musical tone. It originated in Old English and holds the meaning of hay meadow.

Go for this name if you want your girl to spread warmth and happiness wherever she goes.

  • Avery

Do you want your baby girl to have leader-like qualities when she grows up?

Then you can choose the name Avery for her!

It’s an uncommon name that was first used in the middle ages. You can’t ignore the old-fashion vibe it has.

Avery holds the meaning of ruler of the elves.

  • Betty

Have you watched the Netflix series “Riverdale?”

In that series, one of the characters is named Betty Cooper. And she is the one who has made this name quite popular these days.

Did you know that the name Betty is a variation of Elizabeth?

Yes, but this form of the name has also successfully captured the hearts of the people and has made a mark on its own. This is because it means God’s oath and God’s satisfaction.

  • Birdie

This bird-like name has several variations, including Bird, Bertha, and Birdina. It has its origins in the American, German and English languages.

Birdie means a little bird, bright and famous.

If a cute name is what you are looking for for your baby girl, this could be the one!

  • Clementine

Have you heard the old romantic song, “Oh my darling Clementine?”

This name is loved by so many people that most of us have already come across some Clementine in our lives, isn’t it?

This old girly name has its roots in the Latin language. It means mild and merciful.

  • Claudine

Have you read the Bible? In it, there was a Christian woman named Claudine from Rome. Paul welcomed her.

This name originates from the French language, and it translates to the lame. Also, many people associate it with a sense of peacefulness, calmness, and warmth.

  • Della

If you want to give your little princess a short, beautiful, and feminine name, Della can be the one!

It is taken from Greek origin, and it means noble.

And did I tell you that Della has a reference in the Bible?

  • Darby

The name Darby has Norse origins. It translates to free from envy.

Also, it has an Old English origin that translates to a deer park.

  • Emerson

This name sounds a bit masculine, isn’t it?

Initially, this name was given to boys, but now, it is given to girls too. And it has become a favorite among many!

Emerson means brave and powerful. It has both American and German roots.

  • Elliot

Did you know that Elliot is a hugely popular name?

It has been capturing the hearts of people since 2009. Around 770 girls were given the name Elliot in the U.S. alone in 2013.

It means bold, strong, and brave.

  • Flora

Flora is an enchanting name for your baby girl!

According to the name’s Latin origin, it means flower.

And did you know that Flora was the Roman goddess of springtime?

  • Feather

This sultry name has its origin in the American language. It has been a favorite name of many since the 13th century.

Feather builds a sense of calmness, purity, and lightness.

  • Godiva

God Gofu is an Old English word, and Godiva is the Latin version of it. It means God’s gift.

According to English history, did you know that a noblewoman of the 11th century was Lady Godiva?

She was the one to protest against the high taxes that her husband imposed on the townspeople. Since then, she has contributed a lot to making the name popular.

  • Gemini

Is your little girl born between the months of May and June?

Then you can name her Gemini!

It is an astrological sign that signifies commitment and passion. Also, Gemini is a constellation. It originated from the Latin language and translated to twins.

  • Hope

Have you watched the famous TV series, “The Legacies?”

In that, Hope is the main character. Her father gave her the name.

This name is commonly given to babies who give hope when it is needed the most.

  • Hazel

Have you read the book or watched the movie, “The Fault in our Stars?”

Then you may already be familiar with this classic name. It is a huge fan following, and it means the hazelnut tree.

  • Ivy

Ivy is the one if you want to give your baby girl a chic name! It is short and sounds sweet. Ivy has its origin in the English language.

The name translates to the ivy plant.

  • Isla

The name Isla has Spanish and Scottish origins. It is a short form of the word island.

It refers to an island. And did I tell you that a Scottish river’s historical name is Isla?

  • Juno

This name of Latin origin has a certain aesthetic vibe to it.

This pretty name translates to the queen of heaven.

  • Jolie

This name of French origin is very popular – all thanks to the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie!

Jolie translates to pretty.

  • Kiara

Kiara is taken from Latin, Gaelic, and Irish origins. This aesthetic name translates to a beloved or a friend.

Isn’t the meaning beautiful?

  • Kingsley

This name of girls has an English origin.

It translates to the meadow of a king.

  • Lulu

Lulu is such a catchy name! It came from Hawaiian, Swahili, and Tanzanian origins.

This name has several meanings, including calm, precious, pearl, protected, and peaceful.

And did I tell you that Lulu Guinness is a famous fashion designer?

  • Lilly

Since the beginning, the name Lilly has been loved by many. It has its origin in the Greek language. It translates to pure passion.

The flower lily suggests rebirth. And did you know that this name has a Biblical connection? According to that, Lilly also translates to God is my oath.

  • Mari

Mari has its roots in Welsh origin.

It translates to a beloved and a drop of the sea.

Did you know that Mari is the Basque goddess? She rules the weather and fertility.

  • Magnolia

This floral name has become very popular in modern times. It refers to the flower named magnolia.

Did you know that this flower is named after Pierre Magnil – a French botanist of the 17th century?

  • Nela

The name Nela is derived from Cornelia.

This name of Latin origin means horned.

  • Ophelia

Have you read the famous play by Shakespeare named Hamlet?

In that, Ophelia is the noblewoman who fell for Hamlet.

This name of Greek origin translates to help.

  • Odette

The name Odette has its roots in German and French origins.

Have you watched the famous movie Swan Lake?

In that, Odette was the name of the white swan.

The name translates to wealth.

  • Pandora

The name Pandora has a Greek origin.

Are you into Greek mythology?

Then you may have heard about Pandora. Gods created Pandora as the first mortal woman. She was so beautiful that all men used to go weak on their knees seeing her.

  • Peony

The name Peony has a Latin origin.

Did you know that Peony is a flower that signifies honor?

  • Rose

Rose has its origin in the Latin language. It translates to flower.

Now, have you watched the iconic movie” Titanic?”

That movie has made this name all the more popular thanks to the lead female character Rose!

  • Scarlett

People have loved the name Scarlett for years. It refers to the color bright red that signifies heart, force, joy, courage, and passion.

  • Twyla

Twyla is such a unique name! I am in love with this name already.

It has its roots in English origin and translates to twilight or the early evening.

  • Winnie

I used to watch Winnie the Pooh cartoon! And that character contributes a lot to making the name popular among baby girls.

It originated from the Welsh language and meant smooth, pure, and fair.

  • Zemira

This name has biblical references and translates to a song, vine, or palm.

Aesthetic Names for Boys

Aesthetic Names for Boys

Choose a name for your baby boy that matches his personality when he grows up! Scroll down.

  • Albus

This name has its roots in the Latin language.

It translates to white or bright.

Are you a fan of the “Harry Potter” series?

In that, Professor Albus was the first headmaster.

  • Bear

Bear came from the old French and old German languages. It came from a proto-Indo-European word that translates to the brown one.

In the German language, it means strong and brave.

  • Calvin

Calvin is a masculine that has been making rounds for quite some time now. It originates from the Latin language and translates to the bald one.

  • Dexter

Did I tell you that I used to be a big fan of the cartoon “Dexter’s Laboratory” when I was a kid?

This name originates from the Latin language, and it means right-handed. It has been quite common since the 70s.

  • Edison

Did you know that in the 19th century, Edison was a very popular surname?

If the old English origin of this name is to be believed, it translates to Edward’s son. In the 19th century, Edison used to be a popular surname.

And who doesn’t know about the greatest inventor of America – Thomas Alva Edison!

  • Fenton

This is a unique and bold name for your baby boy.

It originates from the English origin, and it means a settlement on the marsh.

  • Galilee

This aesthetic name is rooted in the Hebrew language.

Did you know that this name has a Biblical reference to it?

It is the name of the place where Jesus Christ performed many miracles.

  • Hawk

Hawk refers to a falcon – a bird of prey.

It has its roots in Old English and can be a good name for your strong baby boy.

  • Idris

This name has its roots in the Arabic language.

Did you know that Idris was a prophet, and you can find his name in the Quran?

It translates to the lord.

  • Jasper

Jasper came from the Persian language. It translates to the treasurer.

  • Kai

Kai originates from both the Hawaiian and German languages.

If you are a fan of the “Vampire Diaries” series, you may know about Kai Parker – an important character in it.

Kai translates to ocean or sea.

  • Lux

This is a modern name that is taken from a Latin word.

Doesn’t the name create a happy and luxurious vibe?

  • Lyon

This name originates in the French language, and it translates to the lion.

If you are looking for a strong and masculine name for your baby boy, Lyon can be the one!

  • Miller

Initially, Miller was used as a surname. It has its roots in the old English origin. It refers to someone who grinds grain.

  • Niven

Niven is a cute name for your little prince!

It is hailed of Scottish origin, and it means little Saint.

  • Orson

This Latin-originated name translates to Bear Cub.

Did you know about the 15th-century story of Valentine and Orson – the two brothers – who were taken away by a bear and were brought up as his cubs?

  • Percy

Have you watched the movie “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?”

This movie contributed a lot to making this name popular! It translates to Pierce Valley.

  • Remy

A 5th-century saint was Remy. This old name has both French and Latin origins. It translates to oarsman.

  • Spruce

Rooted in the Middle English language, it translates to handsome.

  • Zane

Did you know that Zane is a famous Western novelist?

Are you looking for a bold and unique name? How about Zane?

It translates to God being gracious.


Your little one deserves to have the best name that can reflect their charming and adorable personality. And for that, select aesthetic names that are elegant, trendy, and unique. So, which name from my list did you like the most? Let me know in the comments!

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