36 Baby Names That Mean Dream & Vision

Finding the right baby name for your little bundle of joy is a very important task for parents to be. You want to find that name that’s just perfect for your little one, one that is lovely and also has a beautiful meaning. After all, the name you give your baby is the name that they will carry with them as they face the world!

When it comes to finding unique and memorable names for your son or daughter, names that mean dream are a wonderful, truly enchanting option for your baby. These dreamy names are filled with a sense of wonder, fantasy, and creativity. Names meaning dream give off a magical, mesmerizing vibe, and are all at once unforgettable and bring with them meaning that is charming and beguiling all at once.

If you’re considering baby names that mean dream and vision, we’ve come up with a list of names that you can give your little one. Let this list of baby names meaning dream inspire you, and help you find the name that is just absolutely made for your precious baby girl or boy.

36 Baby Names That Mean Dream & Vision

Be enchanted by this list of truly delightful and dreamy names

  • Ahlam

Ahlam is a name of Arabic origin. It’s a unique name choice for a girl, with a beautiful meaning. Naming your little girl Ahlam will give her a name which means “a pleasant dreamer” or “imaginative dreams.”

  • Almos

Almos is a name with Hungarian origins. It possibly comes from the Hungarian word “alum” which means “dream”. Almos was the name of the Hungarian state founder and legendary father of Arpad. It is said that the mother of Almos had a dream where she was impregnated by a trull bird, and that it was foretold in the dream that her son would become the father of a great nation. Almos means “sleepy” or “dream” or “dreamt one” and is a good choice for your little boy.

  • Alora

Alora is a name with roots from Africa. It is a female name which has the meaning of “my dream”. This lovely-sounding girl’s name is also a derivative of Alaura, an English name.

  • Alviva

Alviva is another name that rolls beautifully off the tongue. It is commonly used in British countries, and is one of the more unique names for a little girl. Alviva also has a beautiful meaning. It means “an elf friend”, “a dreamer”, and also “an achiever through their ingenuity and leadership abilities.

  • Amani

Amani is a name of Arabic roots. It comes from the Arabic word “amani” which means “desires, wishes” and the word Amani comes from the word “mana” which means “to desire”. The name Amani means “desires”, “wishes”, “aspirations” and “dreams to promote peace”.

  • Anoushka

Anoushka is a name with roots in Hindu or Sanskrit. It is a gorgeous name with an equally gorgeous meaning. The name Anoushka means “fulfilling one’s dreams” or “aspirations”.

  • Arman

Arman is a solid name for a boy. It is a name of Persian origins. Arman means “dream” or “dream vision”, and is a great choice for your little baby boy.

  • Ash or Ashling

Ash or Ashling are names that are of English origins. These names can be used for either a girl or a boy, and can also be used as your little one’s nicknames. Ash or Ashling has the meaning of “dream” or “vision”. Other variations of these names are Aislin or Aisling of Irish origin, which also means “dream” or “vision” in Irish Gaelic.

  • Aaru

According to Egyptian mythology, Osiris ruled the heavenly field of reeds named Aaru. This is a unique name for your baby boy with roots in Egypt. If you are unhappy with the spelling, you can choose between Lalu and Laru, as these are their variations.

  • Amets

If you are into names that are uncommon but have a cuteness that no one can miss, you can go for the name Amets. You can use it for both boys and girls. It has its roots in the Basque, a group of people residing in the Basque Country of Spain and France. It holds the meaning of a dream.

  • Arian

Arian is a cool name for boys with its roots in multiple languages, including Indian, Persian, and English. It has several other variations, such as Ariyan, Arya, and Aryan. This trendy name was 885 on the list of the most popular names in the U.S. in 2021.

  • Chayan

The name Chayan has its roots in Sanskrit, Tatar, and Russian. It holds the meaning of life, scorpion, dream, hope, and expectation. The other variations of this name are Chajan and Chaian. It is a unique name with a classy vibe to it.

  • Chavez

Chavez is another solid name for a baby boy. It has origins in Spain. Chavez is a great name you can give to your son. It means “dream maker”.

  • Chimere

Chimere is a name with origins in France. It is a mesmerizing, beautifully mysterious name with a meaning that is also mesmerizing. Chimere means “dreamy” and is a perfect choice for naming your baby girl.

  • Deisy

Deisy is a girl’s name with French origins. It is a very pretty name that you can give to your baby girl. Deisy means “passionate” or “dreams”.

  • Dream

Dream is an incredibly lovely name which is of English origins. It comes from the English word “dream” which refers to “wish” or “imaginary events seen or felt or experienced while sleeping”. Dream is a name which gained popularity when celebrities began naming their babies this — and is a beautiful choice for your bundle of joy.

  • Godusa

Godusa is a name with origins in Old English. It is a name you can give your baby girl. Godusa means “achievement” and “big dream”. It is said that Godusa is “one with achievements and big dreams” and with “the ability to change or transfer the dream in reality”.

  • Guenhwyvar

Guenhwyvar is a girl’s name with roots in Irish Gaelic. It is a very unique name with a unique meaning, too. Guenhwyvar means “idealist” and refers to “an intelligent girl who wants to live out her dreams”. A very special choice for your special one.

  • Imena

Imena is a name of African roots. It’s another name which is lovely to the ears, and has the lovely meaning of “dream”. Imena is a pretty choice for your little girl’s name.

  • Jacob

Jacob is a name of Biblical origins. It is a strong, solid name for your baby boy. Jacob is a Bible name and in the Bible it is known for “dreams”. It is a name that has been adapted in different cultures and is a wonderful choice for your little son.

  • Jones

Jones is another name with roots in Old English. It is a name you can give to a girl or a boy, and has a meaning that is full of joy. Jones means “rejoicing” or “fulfilled dreams” and is a good choice for your bundle of joy.

  • Joseph

Joseph is also a name with origins from the Bible. It is of Jewish or Christian origin. Joseph is a beloved man from the Bible, and he could interpret dreams. This name is a well-loved name in many countries and cultures, and is a marvelous name you can give your little boy. A variation is Josephine, which also means “visions” and which you can name your little girl.

  • Kalpana

Kalpana is a name that is Irish Gaelic in origin. It is a lovely sounding name that you can give your baby girl, and it has a lovely meaning too. Kalpana means “dream like” and “imagination”.

  • Lourdes

Lourdes is a name with French roots. It is actually a place in France in which located is a shrine that was built for Bernadette Soubirous. Bernadette Soubrirous is known to have had plenty of visions of the Virgin Mary. A variation is Lurdes, which is the Spanish and Portugese form of the name. Lourdes is a good name choice for your little one.

  • Marzena

Marzena is a name that has Polish origins. It’s a very pretty name with a beautiful meaning. Marzena means “dreamed one” and is a wonderful name you can give your little blessing.

  • Maya

Maya is a name with Sanskrit origins. It’s a captivating name that like wise has a meaning that is captivating. Maya means “illusion”. It’s a great choice for naming your beautiful baby girl.

  • Mimoza

Mimoza is a name with roots in Albany. It is said to come from the Latin word “minus” which means “vision” or imitate”. Mimoza is a truly enthralling name you can give your little girl.

  • Morpheus

Morpheus is a name of Greek origins. It is derived from the word “morphe”. Morpheus means “God of dreams” and is also very well known in mythology because it is the name of the God of dreams in Greek mythology. Morpheus is an empowering name you can choose for your son.

  • Nara

Nara is a name which originated in France. It is a very charming name with also a very charming meaning that comes with it. Nara means “dreamland” and is a very nice name you can give your baby girl.

  • Narcissus

Narcissus is a name with Latin and Greek origins. It is a very well known name that stems from the myth about a young man who was enthralled and in love with his very own shadow, and in time was transformed into a daffodil or lily called “narkissos”. The name Narcissus possibly comes from the word “narke” which means “numbness” or “sleep”. It is a good name with mythological roots that you can give your little boy. Variations include Narciso of Spanish and Portuguese origins, and Narkissos which is of Greek origin. Female variations you can name your little girl include the Latin versions Narcisa and Narcissa, and the Greek version Narkissa.

  • Penelope

Penelope is a name that stems from Greek origins. It is an enthralling name with the also enthralling meaning of “illusion” or “dream”. Some even interpret it to mean “dream weaver”. It is a very popular name, and a beguiling choice for your baby girl.

  • Ramiel

Ramiel is a name with Hebrew or Arabic origins. In Christian and Islamic traditions, Ramiel is the name of a Watcher. Ramiel is among the seven archangels in the Book Of Enoch. He is the Angel Of Hope — he is responsible for guiding souls into Heaven, and for divine visions. Ramiel can mean “vision”, and is also an Arabic name which means “thunder of God”. It is a solid name choice for your son.

  • Reverie

Reverie is a name of French origins. It is an alluring name which also has a mesmerizing meaning. Reverie means “daydreams” and “one who daydreams and contemplates a lot”. It is a lovely name that you can call your daughter.

  • Swapnali

Swapnali is a name with roots in Irish Gaelic. It is a girl’s name that flows beautifully and dreamily. Swapnali means “dream girl” and is perfect to name that little bundle of joy you’ve long been dreaming of.

  • Vienna

Vienna is a name with roots in Austria. It is the name of the capital city Austria, which is referred to by Europeans as the “city of dreams”. Vienna is an exquisite girl’s name you can choose for your exquisite little treasure.

  • Yume

Yume is a name with Japanese origins. It is said to come from the Japanese word “yum” which means “dream” and “vision”. It can also come from the word “yu” which means “abundant, plentiful, rich” and the word “me” which means “sprout, bud”. Yume is a dreamy name you can give to your bundle of joy.


When it comes to finding the right name for your baby, always go with the one that truly speaks to your heart. Baby names that mean dream are an excellent option, and with lovely names such as these, you’ll surely be able to find the baby name that you know is perfect for your little girl or boy.

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