62 Unique Names That Mean Snow For Your Little One

Seasonal names make for unique, mesmerizing name options when choosing the right monicker to give your little one. And when it comes to seasons, there’s something so completely magical and breathtaking about Winter, when snowflakes swirl around and the land is covered in the pure, white phenomenon that is snow.

Snow inspired names are very enchanting names that are perfect for your little miracle because they connote the beauty and miraculous nature of snowfall and the winter season. There is an indescribable charm and warmth that comes with the season, and names that mean snow perfectly capture that magic.

If your little one is due to arrive this season, or if its a season that’s close to your heart, then these names that mean snow are wonderful names to consider for your beautiful bundle of joy.

62 Unique Names That Mean Snow For Your Little One

These baby boy, baby girl, and gender neutral names are lovely “snow” inspired choices for your bundle of joy!



Alaska is a name that is Native American in origin. The meaning of this name is “great land”. Alaska often conjures visions of beautiful, snow mountains and plains of the namesake state, and the way the name captures the loveliness of this snow-laden land makes it a great “snow” name for your baby girl.

  • ALBA

Alba is a name that is of Latin roots. This short but sweet name means “bright and white”, bringing to mind the image of a winter day filled with fresh, white snow. Alba is a lovely, wintry name for your little girl.

  • BORA

If you are into short and cute names, the chances are that you will like the name Bora too. This is a girl’s name that has a trendy vibe to it. It has its roots in the Korean and Albanian languages. Jin Bora is a CF model, music arranger, composer, and jazz pianist from South Korea. Bora comes with the meaning of purple and snow.


Bianca is a beautiful name of Italian origin. It translates simply to “white” in both Italian and Spanish. Bianca is the name also of a popular character in Othello, a play by Shakespeare. Mick Jagger’s wife Bianca added to the popularity of this exotic sounding name.


Blanche is yet another name that translates to “white”. This name is of French origin, and has a timeless, vintage-y feel to it. Blanche goes wonderfully with the wintry, snowy season and would make for a great choice of “snow” name.


Carol is an Old-fashioned English name that sounds friendly. And you can’t ignore the festive vibe it has. It holds the meaning of the song. You can even go with the other spelling of this name that is Carrol. Carol Burnett is an American actress.


If you are looking for a rare name that is connected to “snow” for your little girl, then the name Cherith would be a great pick. This name of Hebrew origins carries with it the meaning “winter stream” and would make for a memorable name for your little one.


A very pretty “snow” name you can consider for your baby daughter is the name Crystal. Crystal is a name with Greek roots, and it means “ice”. It can also mean white snow when a crystalline shape is formed. Crystal connotes icicles that adorn homes during the winter season, and makes for a wonderful choice of name. You can also opt for its vacation, “Krystal”, which means “sparkling”.


Demetria is a name that gives of regal, royal vibes. This name is of Greek origin, and is actually the name of the Greek goddess who is said to have brought on the season of winter. Hollywood stars Demi Lovato and Demi Moore are among Demetria’s popular namesakes — and yes, Demi would make for a super cute nickname!


If you are into unique names, you can choose Drifa. This name is uncommon and has a gorgeous vibe to it. It has its origin in Iceland. Drifa Hardardottir is a badminton player from Iceland. Drifa holds the meaning of snowdrift and the fall of snow.


If you are into cute names, Edurne would be a good choice. It has a melodious tone to it. It has its roots in Basque and holds the meaning of snow. Edurne Garcia Almagro is a Spanish actress, TV presenter, and singer.

  • EIRA

Eira is a unique, beautiful “snow” name that is of Welsh roots. It simply translates to “snow”, and is said to have been inspired by the Norse Goddess named “Eir”. A few equally lovely variations of this name are “Eirwen”, which means “white as snow”, and Eirlys, which means “snowdrop”.

  • ELSA

Do you want to build a snowman? Elsa is a beloved name that is linked to a beloved Disney princess associated with winter and snow (among other elements), from the movie “Frozen”. It is actually the Scandinavian variation of the name “Elizabeth”.


Finola is a name that is of Irish roots. It is a feminine, melodious sounding name that carries the meaning “white shoulders”, making it a unique choice of name with associations to “snow” that you can give to your little one.


When considering names associated to “snow” for your little girl, then Frostine should definitely make the list. The name is of French origin, and it means “snow”. Also, the name brings to mind “frost” which is also linked to wintry times. This is a fanciful, whimsical name you can give your baby. 


Another “snow” name that is very regal and connotes royalty is the lovely Guinevere. The name is of English origins, and it carries the meaning “white”. Guinevere is also the name of King Arthur’s queen, making it a very royal, “snow”-y choice for your daughter. 


If you’re looking for a name with associations to “snow” that is very rare and unique, then the name Gwyneira is a great choice. Gwyneira is a name of Welsh roots, and this chilly, majestic baby girl name means “white snow”.


A very adorable “snow” associated name you can also consider for your baby girl is the name Holly. This name of English origin refers to “winter berries”, and would make for a sweet, “snow”-y choice for your daughter.


Iclyn is a name that has very “snow”-y connotations. It is of English roots, and it has a lovely meaning. Iclyn means “compassionate”, and because of the name’s close association to the word “ice”, it brings to mind icicles and snowflakes. Or you can choose the more direct route and consider the name “Ice”.

  • IVY

Ivy is an Old English name that is associated to “snow”. The name means “faithful”, and it refers also to the winter vine that thrives beautifully in the cold winter months, making it a good “snow” name for your little one.


A perfectly gorgeous choice of “snow” name you can give your bundle of joy is January. This name of Latin roots refers to the first month of the year, a time when snow falls beautifully all around. Its a winter month, and connotes a clean slate and a fresh start, making it a wonderful pick for your amazing newborn princess.


Juniper is a lovely name with “snow” associations. This name is of Latin origin, and it is said to refer to the winter-hardy Juniper tree. This makes it a good choice of “snow” name for your baby girl. Some say that this name may also have been derived from the name “Guinevere”.

  • LUMI

Lumi is a short, gently melodious name that is of Finnish roots. It simply means “snow”, and is a very sweet choice of “snow” name you can give your baby girl. A longer variation of the name Lumi is “Lumikki”.

  • NEVE

A unique, mesmerizing name you can choose for your little one that will link them to the snowy season is the name Neve. Neve is a Spanish name that is said to be an anglicized spelling of the word “Niamh” which means “snow”. This name means “snowy or bright”, and is a charming name you can give your baby girl. A variation of this is the Spanish “Neva”.


Nieva is a “snow” name that rolls beautifully off the tongue. This name of of Spanish origin, and it carries the meaning “snowing”. Nieva is an exotic, memorable name with associations to “snow” that you can choose for your baby girl.


An enchanting name you can consider that is linked to “snow” is the name Nieves. Nieves is a name of Spanish roots, and it has the lovely meaning of “Our Lady Of the Snows”, referring to the Virgin Maria.


A unique, ravishing choice of name with “snow” association that you can consider for your little one is the name Olwen. The name Olwen ha Welsh roots, and it has a memorable meaning of “white footprint”, which refers to walks taken in the snow during wintertime. Olwen is also from the goddess in Welsh mythology who, with each step she took, made flowers spring and bloom. How enchanting.

  • SNOW

Of course, when considering names for your baby girl with “snow” associations, then you can’t overlook the name Snow. Simply put, this Old English name means, well, snow. It’s straight up and very sweet, and is the quintessential “snow” name for your little one.


Another straight up classic “snow” name you can consider for your newborn is Winter. The name Winter refers to the snow-filled season itself, and makes for a wintry name that is powerful and precious and full of charm.



Aspen is a name of Middle English origin that is linked to “snow”. This name is inspired by the Aspen tree. Also, when you hear the name Aspen, visions of the Colorado ski resort that is a popular wintry, snowy destination comes to mind, making this a good choice for your son especially if you enjoy winter activities.


Blaze is an Old English name that conventionally means “firestorm” and is often associated with fire. But actually, Blaze also means “snowstorm”, making it a great “snow” name you can consider for your baby boy.


Caldwell is a gentlemanly name that is of mixed Scottish, Irish, and English origins. It means “cold steam” or “cold spring”. The “cold” part of its meaning makes this handsome name a unique pick for a “snow” name.


Another handsome, vintage-y name with “snow” associations that you can consider is Colden. This name is of Old English roots, and it means “the dark valley”. Because of this and the word “cold” in the name, this is a good choice of “snow” name for your son. A variation of this name is “Coldin”.


Crispin is also one name that is linked to “snow” because of a part of the name itself. In this instance, it’s because of the word “crisp” in the name, which connotes a cold, snowy winter’s day. Crispin means “curly haired”.

  • DONG

Dong is a “snow” name that is short but definitely makes an impression. The name is of Chinese roots, and it means “winter”. Dong is a hip, trendy, and unforgettable name that would be an excellent choice for your baby boy.


Douglas is a name that is linked to “snow”. This wintry name is of Scottish roots and it means “dark”. It is also the name of a type of Christmas tree, the Douglas fir, which makes it a “snow”-y, Christmas-y name for your newborn son.

  • EDUR

If you’re searching for a name for your son that has “snow” associations and is very unique, Edur would be a great option. The name Edur is a Basque name that straight up means “snow”, and is a unique “snow” name you can pick for your baby boy. The name’s feminized variation is “Edurne”.


A rare, strong “snow” name you can choose for your son is Eirwan. The name Eirwan is Welsh in origin, and it carries the meaning “white snow” or “blessed snow”. Eirwan is a lovely choice of name for your little one.


Fannar is a name that connotes strength and power. This Old Norse name has the meaning of “snow drift”, and it is a fresh, unusual “snow” name that you can definitely consider when naming your baby.


When looking at “snow” names for your little son, the name Frost is one of the strongest options. The name is of English roots and it means “born in a cold spell”. That meaning, plus the fact that the word frost itself immediately brings to mind cold, wintry feels, makes it a great name choice.

  • JACK

Jack is among the most beloved and timeless names for baby boys. This classic name of English roots means “God is gracious”. What links it to “snow” is its association to Jack Frost, the character who is the very embodiment of snow, ice, sleet, and freezing.


Jonas is a Greek name with associations to “snow”. The name means “dove”. Doves are the symbol of peace during wintertime, like the calm after a winter storm, making it a nice “snow” name for your boy.


Adding to the list of rare, lovely “snow” names for your baby boy is the name Lixue. Lixue is a name of Chinese roots, and this poetic name when translated means “pretty snow”. This is a unique “snow” name that will linger beautifully in people’s minds.


It may not seem so obvious because when we hear Nevada we think of the US state, but this actually makes for an excellent “snow” baby boy name. Nevada is a name with Spanish roots and it carries the meaning “snow clad”, so it’s a great name to consider for your wintry newborn.


Among the more unique options you can consider when looking for a “snow” name for your son is Quilo. The exotic sounding name comes from Roman mythology, and it refers to the North Wind. Quilo connotes strength and power and is a good name choice.


Storm is a name that may be more commonly linked to rainy weather, but it is also very much associated to “snow”. This bold name means “tempest” and brings to mind cold, dark winter nights. It’s a simple yet powerful name with connections to “snow”-y times.

  • VALE

Vale is a rare pick for “snow” baby boy names, and it is also one that connotes an air of coolness. This hip name is in reference to a “valley by the stream”, and it also brings to mind wintry, snowy images because it is the name of a well-known winter destination. This hip name is a nice, uncommon option to consider for “snow” names.


Warrin is an excellent choice of “snow” name you can give your little one. It is a Pitjantjatjara (Central Australian Aboriginal) monicker that carries the meaning “the cold months” which gives it a strong link to “snow” indeed.


A poetic, lyrical, and gentlemanly name you can choose that is linked to “snow” is Whittaker. This English name means “from the while field”. It is a cool, classic, and handsome “snow” name for your little one.

  • WREN

Wren is an appealing and enchanting “snow” name for baby boys. This name of English origin comes from the name of a winter bird, making it a great choice of a name linked to “snow” which you can bestow upon your newborn son.

  • YAS 

Are you searching for a name that is very short and yet perfectly captures those “snow”-y feels? An excellent option would be Yas. This Native American name may only have three letters but it is full of effortless cool. Yas simply means “snow”.


Yukio is a sweet, melodious wintry name. It is a name of Japanese roots, and it means “snow”. This adorable, cute “snow” baby boy name is a great option to consider for your precious bundle of joy.

  • YULE

One of the strongest and loveliest baby boy names linked to “snow” that you can choose for your little one is Yule. This Old English name has the beautiful meaning of “winter solstice” which makes it a wonderful “snow” name you can give your newborn.

  • ZANE

Another short and sweet and very hip option of a name with associations to “snow” that you can pick for your little one is Zane. Zane is a name of American roots, and it has the meaning “white as snow”.



An enchanting name with a whole lot of snowy, wintry vibes is the name Garnet. Garnet refers to the birthstone for the month of January, and is an awesome “snow” name for your baby boy or baby girl. 

  • HALE

Hale is a unisex name that is linked to “snow”. It is a name of Old English origin, and it means “a hearty person”. What gives it an association to “snow” is the fact that it sounds similar to the word “Hail”.


A delightful wintry name you can also choose for your baby boy or baby girl is the name Ivory. This name denotes the color white, which is the color of snow, making it a short and sweet option to consider.

  • KARI

If what you’re looking for is a short and sweet and quite unique “snow” name for your baby that is gender neutral, then a good option would be Kari. Kari is a Turkish name that has the lovely meaning of “covered in snow”.


Merry is a name that, when you look at its meaning of “guardian of the sea” may not seem very “snow”-y. But this Welsh name has very strong Christmas-y associations because of how it is used as part of a holiday greeting for the season and refers to that feeling of joy and warmth of the season, making it a nice “snow” gender neutral name.


North is a great option for those who want a “direction” name that is also associated with “snow”. The direction “North” is linked to cool weather, cold, and yes, snow. It’s a hip, trendy “snow” name you can consider for your little boy or little girl.


Robin is a name with Old Germanic roots with a connection to “snow” that you can choose for your baby boy or baby girl. It means “bright and shining”, and it also refers to the sweet winter bird of the same name.


If you are searching for a powerful, great name with strong associations to “snow” and is gender neutral, then a top pick would be Winter. Winter is a name that refers to the season that is filled with snow-laden land and snowflakes and icicles. It is an excellent “snow” name you can choose for you little one.


These names that mean snow perfectly capture the captivating essence of the winter season. Whatever time of the year your little one is born, the magic and charm these names bring are timeless, and these names that mean snow are enchanting all year ‘round.

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