64 Authentic Italian Boy Names With Meanings

There is something special about the Italian names and the little roll that it gives to your tongue. You may have no Italian root, and you just like the traditional Latin flavors of the name, or you may be an authentic Italian by birth.

Do not worry, because we have listed 64 Italian boy names with their meanings, promising you a name that is sure to entice you.

A curated list of Italian boy names

Italian Boy Names With Meanings

  • Alessandro

Alessandro is the Italian version of the Greek name Alexandros and the Latin name Alexander. It means “to be the defender of humankind.” Alejandro, Sandr, and Alex are its name variants and nicknames.

Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist, Sandro Botticelli or Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, a painter from the Renaissance age, and Alessandro “Sandro” Gamba, the basketball player from Italy, are the famous namesakes.

  • Andrea

Andrea comes from Andreas in Greek and the English name Andrew. It means courage, force, and bravery. The name depicts a masculine and manly person that could be an apt name for your baby boy. Do not confuse the name with being a female name considering the “a” ending. Andrea is a male name and pretty popular in Italy.

Famous personalities with this name are Andrea del Verrocchio, who was an Italian painter, Andrea Vesalius, the physician, and Andrea Bocelli, who is a songwriter and singer from Italy.

  • Armando

Armando comes from the name Herman in English and means the army man. If you belong to a military family, then this moniker is a fantastic find.

  • Alessio

Alessio is the Italian of Alexius in Latin and Alexios in Greek. It means the defender. The alternate variation of this name is Alexius and Alexius.

A famous namesake is Alessio Cerci, an Italian soccer player.

  • Angelo

Angelo has a Latin origin and is the Italian of the name Angelus. The name has a significant meaning which is “the messenger from good” and “angel.” Angiolo and Angel are its alternative spellings.

Angelo Peruzzi is a soccer player, and Angelo Secci is an astronomer.

  • Antonio

Antonio comes from the Latin name Antonius and has an Etruscan origin. It is a popular name among the Romans. Antoni and Anthony are its spelling variations. Tony and Anton are the popular nicknames.

Antonio López de Santa Anna, the general, Antonio Vivaldi, the Italian composer, and Antonio Banderas, the actor, are the celebrities with this name.

  • Amadeo

Amadeo means love for God. It comes from the original Latin name Amadeus.

The famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the composer, bore this name.

  • Amerigo

Amerigo comes from Emmerich, which is a German name and means the complete ruler. It is a perfect name that has a bit of Italian and American in it.

Amerigo Vespucci is an Italian explorer with this name.

  • Alonzo

The German name Alfonso means ready and noble. Alonzo is derived from this name. If you name your son, Alonzo, then nicknames him Lonny. It is unique and cute at the same time.

  • Alvize

Alvize is a pure Venetian version of Louis in French and Ludwig in German. It is a fun name indeed.

  • Aristide

Aristide is the Italian of Aristides in Greek which means the best. The name is a sign of integrity. Ari is a nickname which is a pretty fun name too to call your son with.

  • Aurelio

It is doubtful that you may not have heard of the Italian name Aurelio. Aurelio comes from Aurelius, which means golden.

  • Beniamino

Beniamino is Italian of Benjamin, and it means the son of the right hand in the Hebrew language. The Italian name has its sweet charm.

  • Carmine

Carmine has a Latin origin, and it means garden, song, and poem. It’s a fantastic name if you have someone in your family who is named Carmen. Carmelino, Carmelo, and Carmen are its alternative spellings.

Carmine Infantino is an artist from a comic book, Carmine Coppola is a composer, and Carmine Giovinazzo is an actor, and they all have the same name.

  • Christian

Christian is originally Latin, and it means the one who is the follower of Christ. So you can tweak the name to Cristiano and Cristian.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer player, and Christian Bale is a famous actor.

  • Cosimo

The name Cosimo is Greek and means decency and order. Cosmo and Casma can be rare nicknames for this name.

Cosimo de Medici was an Italian merchant.

  • Carlo

Carlo has a Spanish, German, and Italian origin. It means a free man. Charles and Carlos are its alternative spellings. Carl is a cute nickname.

Carlo Rubbia is a particle physicist. Carlo Rubbia was the prime minister of Italy.

  • Daniele

The name Daniele has a Hebrew origin which says that God is a judge. Dan is a clever nickname.

Daniele De Rossi is an Italian soccer player and Daniele da Volterra is an Italian artist.

  • Davide

Davide is Hebrew, and it means beloved. The name could be just the name that you want for your baby boy.

Davide Valsecchi is an Italian racer.

  • Diego

The Spanish, Greek, and Latin origin name Diego means teaching or doctrine. It could be your preferred name choice if you as a parent are a teacher too. Sandiego and Santiago are its name variations.

Diego Maradona is a soccer player, and Diego Rivera is an artist who has this name.

  • Domenico

Domenico has a Latin origin and means “of the lord.” Therefore, Domenick and Domingo are its alternative name variations.

Domenico Ghirlandaio is an Italian painter, Giovanni Domenico Cassini is an astronomer and mathematician, and Domenico Canale is an Italian and American businessman who has this name.

  • Dario

Dario means the one who possesses goodness. The name has a modern feel and uniqueness attached to it.

  • Edoardo

Edoardo is an English and Italian name and means the rich guard. You can spell the name Eduardo and Edward and call your son Ed at home.

Edoardo Ponti, the famous Italian director and Edoardo Mangiarotti, the fencer are the popular namesakes.

  • Elia

The Hebrew origin name Elia comes from Elijah and Eliana. The name means “God has answered.” Is not this name perfect for your son because God responded to your prayer and gave him to you. Elias and Elijah are its spelling variations, and you can also give him a short name Eli.

Elia Viviani is a cyclist and who does not know Elia Kazan, the director with this name.

  • Emanuele

The name Emmanuel in Hebrew is from where you get the moniker Emanuele. The name means that “God is with us.” It is a perfect name for parents who believe in God and want to name their boy with something linked to the almighty.

Emmanuel is an alternative spelling of this name.

The first name that comes to mind is none other than Vittorio Emanuele Orlando, the former prime minister of Italy.

  • Emiliano

Emiliano could be Spanish or Italian, and the name is derived from Aemilianus, a Latin word. It means the rival. The meaning of the name is pretty bold, so you may want to choose it wisely.

Emilio and Emil are their nicknames.

Emiliano Sala is a soccer player, and Emiliano Zapata is a revolutionary, both of whom your son will share his name with.

  • Filippo

Filippo comes from Philippos and Greece, and it means the friend of the horses. There are many alternate spellings variations like Filip, Phillip, Felipe, and Phil.

Filippo Lippi is a well-known Italian painter.

  • Francesco

Francesco has a Latin and a French origin, and it means the free one. The spelling variation and short names of Francesco are Francis, Francoo, Frank, and Frans.

The patron Saint Francis of Assisi, Francesco Laurana, the Italian sculptor, and Francesco Petrarca, the Italian poet, and scholar, are celebrities with whom your boy will share his name.

  • Federico

Federico comes from the German name Friedrich and means the peaceful ruler. They say a name plays a part in deciding the character of the person. So if you idolize your son to be a calm leader, then this is just the name for you. Frederick and Federigo are its alternative variations, and you can choose the nickname Fred.

Your son will flaunt his namesakes, who are none other than Federico Fellini, the Italian filmmaker, and the poet, Federico García Lorca.

  • Giacomo

Giacomo comes from Jacobus, which is Latin and it means the supplanter. The alternative spellings are Jacob and James.

Giacomo Puccini is an Italian composer, and Giacomo Casanova is an author who adorns this name.

  • Giulio

The name Giulio is a Julius and Latin name. There are two theories here. The name could have come from Jupiter, the Roman God, or it could have come from Joulus, which is Greek and means downy bearded.

Julius and Julio are its spelling variations.

Giulio Andreotti is an Italian politician, Giulio Romolo Caccini is an Italian composer, and Gaius Julius Caesar was a dictator. All of these had the name Giulio.

  • Gabriele

Gabriele could be an excellent pick for religious parents. It depicts God’s strength. Gabriela, Gabriel and Gabriele are the names alternate spellings. It is a Hebrew name, and if you choose this name for your baby, you can nickname him Gabby or Gabi.

Gabriel is also God’s messenger in the Bible’s archangel, and he also played a prominent role in Islam, where he was the one who dictated the Quran to Muhammad.

There are many celebrity parents too who chose this name for their sons. Gabrielle (Gabby) Giffords, the politician, and Gabriela Sabatini, the tennis player, are the famous namesakes.

  • Giosuè

Giosuè means “God is salvation” in the Hebrew language.

  • Gioele

Gioele has a Greek, Latin, and Hebrew origin, which means “Jehova is his God.” You can nickname your child to Joel.

Gioele Bertolini is an Italian cyclist.

  • Giuseppe

The Italian name of the Hebrew moniker Yosef or Joseph, Giuseppe, means that he will add. The name is pretty popular in Italy, with popular nicknames as Peppe and Beppe.

Giuseppe Verdi was a composer, and Giuseppe Conte was the prime minister of Italy.

  • Gerardo

Gerardo comes from the name Gerard which means the hardy spear. Gerald means the ruler of the spear.

  • Giorgio

Giorgio has an Italian and Greek origin. It means farmer and earth worker. Giorgino is an alternative spelling.

Giorgio Napolitano is a well-known Italian president, Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer, and Giorgio Chiellini is an Italian soccer player.

  • Jacopo

Jacopo has a Jacobus and Latin origin and means the follower of God. It also means that God has protected. Giacobbe and Giacomo are its spelling variations.

Jacopo Tintoretto is an Italian painter, Jacopo Corsi is an Italian composer, and Jacopo De Fazio is an Italian author, all with this name.

  • Luca

It is believed that Luca could have come from the name Loukas in Greek or Lucus in Latin. It means sacred wood. Most parents like the name because it is short and sweet and doubles up as a first name and a nickname.

Luca Della Robbia is an Italian sculptor who is a namesake.

  • Luigi

Luigi comes from the German name Ludwig and the Latin name Ludovicus. It means the famous warrior. If you want the name to sound a bit complicated, tweak the spelling to Ludovico, Luigino, or Lodovico. The nicknames could be Gino and Luis.

Luigi Pirandello is an Italian dramatist, and Luigi Galvani is a famous physicist.

  • Leonardo

Leonardo is one of the most famous Italian names that need to find a place in the list. The name means “a brave lion.” Leo and Leonard are the most common nicknames of the moniker.

Your boy is sure to flaunt one of the most loved names in Italy. So imagine his delight when he shares his name with none other than the renowned Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance artist, Leonardo Bonacci, the great Italian mathematician, and Leonardo DiCaprio, the famous Hollywood actor.

  • Lorenzo

Lorenzo comes from Laurentius in Latin. It also traces its roots to Spain and Italy. The name means “from the laurel.” You can tweak the name to Renzo, Enzo, Laurence, Loris, and Lawrence.

The famous namesakes are Lorenzo de’ Medici, the Italian statesman, Lorenzo Ghiberti, the renaissance artist, and Lorenzo Lamas, the actor.

  • Matteo

Matteo has a Hebrew origin and means “the gift of God.” The name is true to what your baby means to you. Mathew and Matthew are some common variations of the spellings of the names. Mateo and Matt are the nicknames that parents with baby boy name Matteo have kept for their child.

The first name that strikes your mind is none other than Matteo Renzi, the former Italian prime minister.

  • Mario

The name could have a Latin or an Etruscan origin. It comes from the original name Marius. It means the Roman war, God or Mars. The alternative spelling of this name is Marius.

Mario Andretti is an Italian and American racing driver, and Mario Cuomo is a governor from New York who has this name. Mario Lopez is an actor.

  • Marco

Marcus is the name from where you get the name, Marco. The name has an Etruscan and Latin origin. It means harvest, and it also draws association with the Roman God of war or Mars.

You can nickname your boy Mark and Marko.

Marco Polo was an Italian explorer and merchant. Marco Fabián is a soccer player and Marco Rubio is a US senator.

  • Michele

The name Michele has a Latin and Hebrew origin. The name means the one who is like God. Michael and Mikhail are its alternate spellings. Mick and Mike are the popular nicknames.

Michele Ferrero is an Italian businessman, Michele Alboreto is a racing driver, and Michele Ferrari is a well-known sports physician.

  • Mattia

Mattia comes from Matthias in Greek and Matthew in English. It means “the gift of God,” which could be just the meaning that you were looking for. You can change the spelling of the name to Matias, Mathew, Matias, and Matthias. It also has an adorable nickname, Matt.

Mattia De Sciglio, the Italian soccer player, and King Matthias I of Hungary, the 15th-century ruler, are the famous namesakes.

  • Niccolò

Niccolo comes from the Greek name Nikolaos. The name is originally Latin and means victory of the people. Nicolas, Nicolao and Niccolo are its alternative spellings. And if you name your son, Niccolo then gives him a short name Niko or Nico.

We have quite a few famous personalities with the name Niccolo. Niccolò Machiavelli is a philosopher from Florentine, Niccolo de Conti was an explorer and merchant and Niccolo Paganini was a popular violinist in Italy.

  • Paolo

Paolo has a Paulus and Latin origin, and it means small and humble. So you can change the spelling to Paulus or Pablo.

The popular celebrities are Paulo Coelho de Souza, who is an author, and Paolo Gentiloni, who is the former prime minister of Italy.

  • Pasquale

The Paschalis and Latin origin name Paschalis is related to Easter. If you want something easier, then spell the name, Pasqual or Pascale.

The celebrity with this name is Pasquale Anfossi, who is an opera composer and belongs to Italy.

  • Pietro

Pietro comes from Petros and Greek, and it lets your son stand out as solid as a rock.
Petrus, Pierre, Peter are popular spellings of this name.

Pietro Perugino is an Italian painter, Pietro Badoglio is the political leader and Pietro Paolo Mennea is an Olympic sprinter.

  • Riccardo

Riccardo is a famous Italian boys’ name though it has a German origin. It means the brave ruler or a powerful one. If you want your son to be a leader, then this is the best moniker to choose from your list. Richard and Ricardo are the alternative spellings of the name. You can also select some loving nicknames for your boy and call him Rick or Rich.

Riccardo Giacconi is an astrophysicist and Ricardo Montalbán, the well-known actor, are celebrities who carry this name.

  • Romeo

We like this name on our list of Italian boy names. The name is also the Italian version of the Latin name Romaeus. It means “to take a pilgrim to Rome.” Romano and Roman are its other spellings.

The name that clicks is Romeo Santos, the singer.

  • Salvatore

The Latin name Salvatore means “the savior.” The name is apt if you want to make your son as brave as a warrior.

Salvador and Salvator are its common spelling variations. Tory and Sal are what parents choose to name their children with.

Salvatore Ferragamo is our famous shoe designer and Salvatore “Sonny” Bono, the politician, actor and singer are the famous namesakes.

  • Samuel

Samuel in Hebrew means “the name of God.” It can also be spelled as Samuele. So if you name your boy Samuel, you can give him a short and sweet nickname as Sam or Sami.

You must have heard of Sam Shepard, the actor, and Sam Cooke, the singer.

  • Simone

The Greek and Hebrew name Simone means flat-nosed, or God has heard.

Simone Martini is an Italian painter, and Simone Bolelli is an Italian tennis player with this name.

  • Stefano

Let your boy grow to be victorious, just like the meaning of his name. Stephano, Stefon and Stevon are it spelling variations.

It is not possible that you have not heard of Stefano Gabbana, the co-founder of Dolce & Gabbana.

  • Tommaso

The name Tommaso traces its origin to Taóma and Aramaic. The name means “twin and equal to himself.” So why not call your boy Thom, Toma, Tomas , Tom, or Tommy at home?

Tommaso D’Orsogna, the famous Olympic swimmer, Tommaso d’Aquino the philosopher, Thomas Jefferson United States third president, and St. Thomas Aquinas, the theologian are some celebrity names that come to mind when you think of this name.

  • Vincenzo

A widespread name in Italy, Vincenzo, means to win or conquer. Vincent and Vincente are spelling variations.

Vincenzo Guzzo, the television personality, and Vincenzo Bellini, the Italian opera composer adorns this name.

  • Ademaro

Do you want your baby boy to be wealthy when he grows up? Then the name Ademaro would be a good fit for him. It carries the meaning of fame, fortune, and wealth.

A famous personality with this name is Ademaro Nicoletti Altimari. He was an aviator in Italy. And did I tell you that he participated in the Decennial Air Cruise in 1993?

  • Agatino

If you want your son to become a good and noble person, you may consider the name Agatino. This is because it holds the meaning of good.

Agatino Romero is a DJ, musician, and record producer. His family is from Sicily, and he was birth in Germany.

  • Alfeo

This Italian name has its roots in the Hebrew language. It translates to change.

Falling under the Apennine Mountains chain, Monte Alfeo runs in Italy. It rises above the surrounding area above 5146 feet pyramid.

  • Benigno

People love those who are kind toward others. Do you want your kiddo to grow up as a noble, kind, and humble man?

Give him the name Benigno. It carries the meaning of kind and friendly.

  • Benito

If you want your son to be loved and blessed, you can choose the Italian boy name Benito for him. Its other form is Benedict.

A famous personality with this name is Benito Martinez. He is a popular actor who rose to fame with his character in The Shield as David Aceveda.


The list of authentic Italian boy names could go on and on. Italy has a rich heritage and culture, which is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of its names. Modern parents are very particular when hunting for kids’ names. They want to make sure that the name sounds pleasing to the ears and is meaningful too. And thus, they scroll for some authentic Italian names.

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