50 Sweet Good Morning Poem For Her

Wake your lady love up each day with a beautiful Good Morning poem. Straight from your heart, these sweet Good Morning poems for her are sure to create magic.

Simply saying Good Morning to your sweetheart does not sound impressive. So instead, kick start her day with a romantic gesture and with a personal poem crafted just for her. And if you are not great with words, do not worry! We are here to help.

Browse through our rich collection of Good Morning poems for her. These are your feelings written in our words. Read them to her, text them to her, and whisper them in her ears if you are close to her. You will then see the magic unfold right in front of your eyes.

So read the poems below and select from our best picks.

Sweet Good Morning Poem For Her

Never were my mornings so loved,
Never have I longed for anything like your touch,
My only cure to everything is your love,
You are the reason why I breathe,
You are the reason that pushes me to survive,
Seeing you in the morning is the reason for my smile,
I am lucky to have you,
And truly madly deeply in love with you,
I wish you a bright and beautiful morning.

Waking up beside you each morning,
Brings so many things to look forward to,
Just being with you
Fills my heart with delight,
It automatically makes things right,
I could not have asked for anything more than you.
Good morning my dear love!

The color of the sunrise fades away,
The morning mist hue mellows down,
But it is your beauty and radiance that stands strong and tall,
In front of you, even the morning sun feels very small.

When morning takes its place after night,
And the darkness transforms to light,
I start my day with your sight,
Which makes my day so happy and bright,
Get up to this beautiful morning, my dear
With my cozy hugs and cheer.

The sun is shining brightly in the sky,
The sky has turned from black to blue,
It is a beautiful day today,
Time to wake up and spread your charm.

As radiant as the morning sun,
It is only you, my loving one,
Beautiful and pure like the morning dew,
The girl is none other than you,
The mist of the morning skies,
Shows in your deep dark eyes,
Flawless like the light of the daybreak,
It is only you that I think of when I lie awake,
Good morning my angel.

As fresh as the sunlight,
You are the inspiration of my life,
My morning starts with you right here,
And makes all my sadness disappear,
Good morning my loved dear.

It is only your thoughts that fill my morning,
I see in you the morning sunshine gleam,
All I wish for is your warm embrace,
Taking you in my arms and seeing your charming face,
Wish you a lovely morning, my dear,
I hope you would always be near.

Days are incomplete without your presence, my sweetheart,
Nights seem painful when we have to part,
Make my life complete with your presence every morning and night,
Which is possible only when you are by my side.
Happy morning and a lovely day ahead, darling.

It is time to wake up my sleepy eye,
Let your dreams pass by,
You shine down below this bright and blue sky.

Let the sun smile on you,
It is time to feel the fresh morning dew,
Let natures beauty then witness,
How much do I truly love,
Wake up from your dreams, my lady love.

The mornings are filled with cool mist,
The appearance is a true delight,
But I am still stuck in the darkness of the night,
Because you are nowhere in sight,
Wish you were near,
Letting me wake up fresh to each lovely morning, my dear.

I miss you each day,
With the morning sunshine, all that I have to say,
Is that I wish you a fantastic day,
Spread positivity with your smile,
And have a fun-filled and lovely time.
Good morning.

It is your beautiful eye through which I see the world,
It is your heart next to which my heart lies,
You are my love sent as a gift from the heavens above,
I wish to hold you always near,
Promising you that my love for you will only grow each year,
All I want to do is wish you a good morning,
Sending kisses and love to you, my darling.

I opened my eyes today and saw you near,
Breathing in wonder,
Is it a dream, or are you here for real,
My arms could not resist and draw you closer,
The beauty of the morning sun diminishes in front of you, my dear,
Good morning my lover.

The morning sun is no more the reason for me to get up each day,
It is your pretty face and smile that pulls me up from bed these days,
I look forward to seeing you every day,
And be the first each morning to witness the smile on your face while beside you I lay.

You are the rainbow who fills my life with color,
It is a moment I feel blessed when God bestowed you on me and none other,
As days go by, I find myself loving you even deeper,
I could not have asked for anyone more prettier,
I promise to stand by you through ups and downs in life, holding hands together,
Good morning my charmer,
I wish to love you even better.

Here is a poem from deep within my heart,
To kick your day with a fantastic start,
You are the love of my life, dear,
You are a gift I will cherish forever.
Good morning my pretty girlfriend.

Mornings will be followed by nights,
Brightness will be followed by darkness,
These will come and go every day,
But there is one thing that you should know will stay.
My Love for you!

It is my love for you that will stand strong,
The sun may shine and go down,
But when it is we two together,
No darkness can ever penetrate near.
Good morning my love!

It is my dream to wake you up each morning,
I wish to be the one who fills brightness in your life,
I want to be the one who stands by you at every moment,
I want us to be the ones who even death cannot tear apart,
You have made a permanent place in my heart.
Good morning wishes my dear.

Every day is a bouquet of delight,
Everything feels so right,
Something that I look forward to,
Is the time when I am with you.
Good morning my lady.

You are an exclusive wine at night,
You are a soothing sunshine in the morning,
You are divine as the first ray of sunlight,
You take me on cloud nine,
Good morning the love of mine.

The sun starts to shine,
The birds start to sing,
But nothing is as cheerful as your first-morning look and your smile.

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I would not think twice,
To compare your smile to the rising sun,
Placing both side by side each day,
My eyes still drift to you, my pretty dame.

When the sun shines on the mountain,
Your innocent smile fills up my heart,
I know one thing for sure,
There is no other place as beautiful as beside you.
Good morning my sunshine.

Every morning signals a new day,
That promises to shower you with joys and happiness through the way,
But it is your pretty smile that keeps me going,
Eager to catch just a glimpse of you the next day.

I open my eyes to the morning sun,
And the first thing I see is your smile,
As beautiful as the sunny morning,
It fills my life with love and grace.

It is time to rise and shine,
You are a mess but still a beauty,
A look that I have captured forever in my heart,
Never to be erased till eternity.

Time to be awake, my princess,
And enjoy the bright and sunny sky,
To feel the morning dew and the smiling sun,
And to cuddle me laying forever by my side.

The sunlight and the day so bright,
Makes me miss you all the while,
Lovely morning my dear,
Go ahead and spread your warmth and cheer.

The birds are singing for you,
The sun is shining for you,
This is because they too think,
That there is no one as beautiful as you.

The sun shining up in the sky,
The brightness of the sun rays,
All have just one thing to say,
You look pretty and beautiful today.

The sun is close,
But you are far,
Only if I could see you each morning,
Through my window, like the sun shining down on me,
It would make me dance and sing,
And feel happy from within.

My love for you is so deep,
That no verse would ever be able to reveal,
But I still wish to send you this simple piece of poetry,
To tell you that I will love you till the end, whatever may be.

If there was a day when the sun forgets to shine,
I know you will create light just by your pretty smile.

I consider myself lucky,
That you chose me over many,
And the colors that you fill my life with,
Brings sunshine into my life,
Wanting me to stay always by your side.

I want to see your smile,
I want to lie by your side,
I want to see your happy face,
And swim deep in your grace,
Wish you were always in my arms,
You are my lucky charm.

You are my princess,
You are my life,
Without you, I cannot survive,
You show me the way,
Through life’s thorny paths,
You always hold my hand,
Whatever comes my way,
Life without sunlight is possible,
But life without you is unimaginable.
Good morning.

I am neither an astrologer nor a fortune teller,
But I can predict that my life with you will be brighter.

Only if you could truly understand,
What your presence in my life actually means,
So I chose to write it down for you,
To let you know how much I miss and love you.

If life would give me just one wish,
I would wish to wake up by your side each day,
And be the first to whisper in your ears,
How much I have loved you with each passing year.

Waking up was a struggle,
Before you walked into my life,
But sleep is a thing of the past,
Tossing and turning each night thinking about you,
Now I rise before the morning sun,
It is time to meet you, and so I run.

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Seeing you every morning,
Starts my new day,
And your one smile,
Takes my breath away,
It has now become my ritual,
To keep chanting your name.

My days are bright and colorful,
With red, yellows, oranges, and blues,
I know it will be this wonderful,
As long as it has you,
I pray that this splashes of colors,
Never fade away,
May it always be like this,
Today, tomorrow, and till our last days.
Good morning.

The morning sun,
Is a gentle reminder,
Of all the fun,
That we are going to have together,
Let us be carefree and spontaneous,
Because that is what our relationship should be,
Every morning should unfurl,
With immense happiness for both you and me.

Nothing makes me low,
Nothing makes me sad,
Nothing makes me upset,
Nothing makes me frown,
Because life showed its most beautiful hue,
The day when I first caught sight of you.

You are my sunshine and my hope,
When I resign, you instigate me to climb being my rope,
With you close by all my troubles go to rest,
I promise to stand by your side; however, life may test.

I was never so happy before meeting you,
I never felt so lucky ever in life before,
When the sun shines on your face, I forget all my woes,
It clearly shows how smitten I am by you.

It takes seven colors to make a rainbow,
But it takes just your presence to fill all these colors in my life,
The sunshine of my life,
It is now time to get up and shine.


She is a special lady in your life. She is your soulmate. It is time to make her feel unique and loved.

Good mornings are a start to a fresh day. Reciting sweet poems to her will keep her joyful throughout the day. Poetries, no doubt, are the best ways to say I love you.

It does not matter whether your couplets rhyme or not. It does not matter whether you wrote it yourself or browsed it from elsewhere.

It also does not matter if the poem is short or long as long as it reflects your true feelings and lets her feel appreciated.

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