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45 Charming Bird Names For Your Baby Girls

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Birds are beautiful species that symbolize freedom, diversity, beauty, nature, intelligence, peace, hope, love, and much more. Among these, what they stand out most for is their ability and freedom to fly in the skies over the earth. It’s a popular trend for parents to name their newborns with a charming bird names for girls, especially if their brand new bundle of joy is a girl.

Bird names for girls are popular for the aforementioned reasons and also because the Bible, through its different parables, uses bird symbolism to represent different spiritual meanings. Every parent aspires for their child to fly freely and high through life and achieve their full potential and be successful in the process.

To help you make a perfect choice, we have picked 45 of the most charming bird names to consider for your baby girl.

45 Charming Bird Names To Consider For Your Baby Girl

  • Aderyn

The name Aderyn is derived from a Welsh word meaning “bird.” It’s a charming bird name for your baby girl who deserves to be as free and adventurous as a bird. Aderyn comes with its cute and trendy nickname, Addie. Overall, it’s a pretty name for your lovely baby girl.

  • Alouette

The name Alouette is a French word meaning “skylark.” Skylark is a lovely small bird that sings while flying. Hence, Alouette is an adorable sounding name for your charming little angel. The second syllable is the Lou sound, which could be an excellent nickname.

  • Ava

According to its Hebrew origin, the short and catchy name Ava means “like a bird.” As per its Persian meaning, the name Ava means “voice.” Overall, Ava is a graceful and glamourous name. Its famous namesakes include the actress Ava Gardner.

  • Avis

Avis is a name with both English and Latin origins. In English, it means “refuge in battle,” while in Latin, the name means “bird.” Avis’s popular variant is Ava, yet, both these names are quite charming and ideal as a name choice for a baby girl.

  • Aya

Aya is a pretty name with Hebrew origins. This charming name is another possible variant of Avis, meaning “bird” or “to fly swiftly” as per Hebrew languages. Aya is also a common female name in Japan. Its Japanese meanings are “design, colorful, and beautiful.”

  • Birdie

Birdie is the cute and charming variant of the English origin word Bird, hence, the name literally means “bird.” A bird’s incredible talents and characteristics make Birdie a beautiful pick as a charming bird name for girls. Want to add more uniqueness to it? Going by the trend, some like to spell it Byrd.

  • Branwen

Branwen is a Welsh (Celtic) name, wherein Bran means “raven,” and wen is derived from Gwen, meaning “fair.” It’s a popular Celtic mythological name, wherein Branwen was transformed into a bird. Hence, the name commonly means “white/blessed raven” and is a suitable name for a girl. 

  • Calandra

Calandra is a name of Greek origin meaning “beautiful one” or “name given to a lark.” Calandra is one of the most charming bird names for girls as it’s named after a songbird (i.e., a lark). In addition to that, someone who habitually wakes up early in the morning, full of energy, is considered to be a “lark.”

  • Celandine

Celandine’s botanical name is derived from an ancient Greek origin word for a “swallow (bird)” β€” Sheldon. The fact that this name has nature written all over it β€” its flower and bird connotation β€” makes this a charming name for your little darling.

  • Chava

Chava is another charming bird name for girls. As per its Hebrew origins, Chava symbolizes “life.” Alternative spellings of Chava include Chaka, Chaya, and Chabad. Famous American singer Chaka Khan can be credited for the popularity of this name and its variant names.

  • Chenoa

Chenoa is a unique bird name. It’s the Native American translation of “Dove.” Suppose you want an unusual name (in a positive way) that sounds beautiful and means something extraordinary. In that case, a bird name like Chenoa is the perfect pick.

  • Columba

Columba is a Latin origin name that means “dove.” It’s considered a symbol of the holy spirit. Columba, as we know it, has predominantly served as a male name. Yet, it’s now proving to be a seemingly rhythmic and contemporary-sounding name for girls.

  • Derora

Derora is a Hebrew word that means “sparrow,” to symbolize “being free” and “freedom.” Derora is a cute and influential name that sounds unique. Overall, it’s among the most popular and charming bird names for girls.

  • Dove

Dove is a bird name in the most literal sense. This beautiful name for girls has peaceful overtones and signifies beauty and a lot of positivity. Dove is one of those charming baby girl names that are about to blow up (in a beautiful way) into the mainstream.

  • Drora

A sparrow is loved, not only because it’s a pretty bird symbolizing “freedom,” but also because of its beautiful talents and attractive characteristics. Drora (similar to Derora on our list) is a Hebrew name that means ‘sparrow’ and makes for a charming bird name for baby girls.

  • Evelyn

Evelyn is a name of English origin, having the meaning “beautiful bird.” In German, it means “little bird.” The name Evelyn is a particularly popular baby girl name in the United States, Australia, and England.

  • Halcyone

Halcyone is an incredible bird name for baby girls. It’s a name of Greek origin meaning “time of tranquility,” “time of peace,” and “kingfisher.” It’s an unusual name of a kingfisher bird in Greek mythology. In a mythical event, Halcyone threw herself into the sea after her husband’s demise. This led the Gods, out of pity, to change the pair (Halcyone and her husband) into kingfishers, or halcyons to calm the seas.

  • Jemima

Jemima is a sweet and attractive name of Arabic and Hebrew origins. It means “little dove” to signify all that birds symbolize, especially beauty and being precious. In the Bible, Jemima is the name of one of Job’s three daughters. All of his daughters (Jemima, Keziah, and Keren) were known as the most beautiful women. All the more reason to name your beautiful daughter Jemima.

  • Kestrel

Kestrel is the name of a small yet powerful falcon. It’s a literal bird name that is uncommon yet intriguing to the ears. This name is quite appealing to parents searching for a unique bird name for their baby girl.

  • Koko

Another charming bird name for girls is the Native American origin name β€” Koko. Although this name is used for boys as well, it’s a more popular choice for naming girls. Koko’s name is also common in Japan, where it means “stork” or “night.”

  • Laraline

Laraline is a name of Latin origin; it comes from a Latin word for “seagull.” It’s not a common given name, yet there’s no reason it won’t blow up in popularity with time. Laraline, as a name for baby girls, has all the qualities a parent seeks. It’s feminine, it rolls off the tongue well, it sounds great, it’s unique, and it represents a beautiful bird.

  • Linette

Linette is a feminine name of Celtic origin. It’s a small songbird associated with the finch family of birds. It’s a likely variant of the name Lynette Though both these versions sound equally charming. Overall, Linette is a cute pick for your precious little bundle of joy.

  • Loa

The name Loa is of Scandinavian origin. It means “spring bird” and is a short, sweet, and unique name that works out to be a charming bird name you could call your little princess. Not only does Loa mean and sound beautiful, but it’s also easy to spell, pronounce, and remember. With a catchy name like this, your daughter is sure to experience popularity in school and life in general.

  • Luyu

Luyu is a Native American origin, meaning “wild dove” or “pecking bird.” If you’re looking for a unique, admirable, and auspicious name for your little angel, no need for second thoughts β€” Luyu is a great pick.

  • Mavis

An elegant name like Mavis is a great choice to name your baby girl. Mavis means “songbird” and is a name of both English and Irish origin. The English origin version means “song thrush.” Warmth and strength are the main characteristics associated with this name. It’s always a bonus to be named after a musical bird, and Mavis is one of a kind.

  • Merle

Merle is another beautiful and sophisticated-sounding name. This unisex name is of French and English origin, and it means “blackbird.” Due to its uniqueness, Merle is a memorable name with positive vibes.

  • Osyka

Osyka is a Choctaw Native American name meaning “Soaring Eagle.” It’s a trending baby girl name because of its uniqueness, the popularity of the Eagle bird, and its pretty pronunciation. Your daughter is sure to be thankful to her loving parents for granting her such a beautiful name.

  • Paloma

The Spanish version of the bird name Dove is “Paloma.” It’s a classic name embraced for its characteristics of warmth and brilliance. Among known people by the name of Paloma are jewelry designer Paloma Picasso and singer Paloma Faith.

  • Pavonine

Pavonine means “resembling the peacock.” Peacocks are nature’s wonder, which is why this name is reserved for your sweet baby girl. Pavonine, thus far, has been a gorgeous pick for a middle name, but there’s no stopping those who dare to be different.

  • Phoebe

Phoebe is a name of Greek origin. The meaning of Phoebe is “sparkling,” “bright,” or “the shining one.” In Greek mythology, the name of the Goddess of the moon was Phoebe. This is a great name choice for your baby girl if you’re on the lookout for a famous name that is widely admired and auspicious. Besides the popular character Phoebe in the hit show ‘Friends,’ a real-world example is actress Phoebe Cates.

  • Philomela

Philomela is a name that originated from Greek mythology, derived from the Greek words for “song and love.” As per a Greek myth, Philomela was transformed into a nightingale, which is what her name means.

  • Raven

Raven is a name of English origin meaning “blackbird.” It’s a preferred baby name (unisex) mainly because of its spiritual significance of being symbolic of affection, wisdom, healing and longevity, death, and fertility. The black color signifies the night. In the Bible, the raven represented God’s care for animals and also his respect for Elijah during his hour of need.

  • Robyn

Robyn (a close variant of Robin) is a name of English origin, meaning “bright fame.” The American Robin is a popular North American songbird, considered the quintessential early Bird. Robyn and its popular variant Robin are popular boy names, yet going by recent trends, it’s catching on fast as a name choice for baby girls.

  • Sarika

Sarika is an exotic name of Sanskrit (Indian) origin. It is also deemed to have originated in Hungary, where it’s a form of Sara. The Sanskirt word Sarika means “myna bird” β€” a bird known for its lovely song. The Hungarian version of the name means “princess.” Whether you go with the Indian meaning or the Hungarian one, it’s clear, Sarika is an incredible name that symbolizes beauty and nature.

  • Sephora

Sephora is a word of Hebrew origin; it means “bird.” In terms of its Old Testament significance, Moses’ wife ‘Tzipporah’ had an easier pronounce version of her name, namely Sephora. In modern times, the Sephora cosmetics retail store chain is popular all over the world. With so many reasons in favor o this incredible name choice, why not consider it!

  • Sirena

Sirena is a name of Greek origin that means “enchanter.” The sirens of Greek mythology lured seamen (sailors) to destruction. The way those half-woman, half-bird creatures (the sirens) did that was by way of their sweet, enticing singing. We feel Sirena is one of the best bird names for girls due to its mythological charm and significance.

  • Sparrow

Sparrow is another literal bird name, and why not! We all love sparrows for their talents and characteristics. Not just us, even the Bible mentions sparrows in various verses. Like many of the other bird names on this list, Sparrow works well as a unisex name. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden picked this name for their son, but it sounds equally intriguing as a girl’s name.0

  • Swift

This name stems from the adjective ‘swift’ in Old English, meaning “quick and prompt.” After that very definition, Named is a bird species β€” swifts β€” known for being the fastest-flying bird in the world. Although this is more of a suitable middle name, you can name your daughter Swift if you dare to be different.

  • Teal

Teal is an English origin word, meaning “the bird teal, or” blue-green color.” Teal is a charming bird name suitable for baby girls. The Eurasian Teal (duck) is noticed for its greenish-blue markings. For your cute, admirable, and fun-loving daughter, Teal is a perfect name choice.

  • Tori

The name Tori in Japanese means “bird.” In English, Tori means “victorious,” and Tori in Hebrew means “my turtleDove.” It’s also considered a modern nickname of Victoria. We love it both for the way it’s spelled and its Japanese meaning. Maybe not in Japan, but Tori is still a unique name for the rest of the world, especially Western countries. It’s now fast gaining momentum in terms of popularity.

  • Zippora

Zippora is a variation of the Hebrew origin name Tziporah that means “bird,” and Sephora is another version of the name Tzipporah. Biblically, in the book of Exodus, Zippora is mentioned as the wife of Moses. Overall, it’s a charming bird name for your baby girl that you won’t go wrong having selected.

  • Gannet

If you like geese, you will like this name too. Gannet holds the meaning of goose. It can be a great choice of name for your baby girl if you are looking for something unconventional.

Gannet is a variation of the name Janet.

  • Rhea

Did you know that Rhea is the mother of Zeus? She is a goddess.

Rhea is a huge and flightless bird. It is the ostrich’s cousin. It is a gorgeous name that will suit your pretty daughter perfectly. No one can ignore the cuteness it has.

  • Starling

Starling sounds a lot like the darling that your daughter is! It is the name of a creature that you get to see in almost all the countries of the world.

Clarice Starling is the name of an FBI agent in Silence of the Lambs. That character became so famous that it won prestigious awards such as Foster, Jodi, and Best Actress Oscar.

  • Swan

If you have watched the very famous Twilight movie series, you may already know about Bella Swan, its main female character. Also, Elizabeth Swan is another famous character in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Go for this name if you like popular names.

Summing Up

With so much positivity associated with birds, it’s no wonder bird names for girls are so much in trend these days. These names have incredible significance and exude charm through their sweetness, uniqueness, and by sounding catchy and attractive. The names we shortlisted and shared above are unique and abundantly exude charm.

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