44 Names That Mean Rebirth For Boys & Girls

A baby signifies a new beginning. The gift of precious new life opens a wonderful new season in the lives of the parents. It is symbolic of rebirth, renewal, the dawn of a beautiful new era. So its beautifully fitting to feel the desire to give your little bundle of joy a name that means just that: Rebirth.

Names that mean rebirth are perfect, inspired choices when it comes to naming your precious newborn. The arrival of your tiny yet biggest blessing marks the start of something new, in all aspects and in every wonderful sense. And names that mean rebirth capture that magic and wonder.

Here are names that mean rebirth that can help you as you take on the cherished and valuable task of finding the right name for your baby.

Names That Mean Rebirth For Boys

That Mean Rebirth For Boys & Girls

Altan is a name with Turkish roots. It is a short, flexible name that can be used for both boys and girls, but has been more commonly given to baby boys in recent years. Altan is quite popular not just in Europe but in the US as well. It has a strong, vivid meaning. The name means “red dawn” and is an excellent name to give your little boy.


Anastasius is a name that you may be more familiar with in its female form, Anastasia. This is precisely the reason why it’s a good choice of name for your baby boy. Anastasius is a unique boy’s name, and is shared by prominent historical figures like Byzantine emperor Anasasius I Dicorus, and Saint Anastasius. This name with Greek origins means “rebirth” and is regal and memorable.


Anatole is a name that brings an air of sophistication and flair. It is a name of French origins, and inspires images of artists and mustaches and stylish suits and all things French and chic. Anatole means “dawn” or “rising sun”, and is a name your son will carry with style.


Aroon is a name that sounds a lot like a more conventional name: Aaron. In fact, Aroon is a unique take on the Hebrew name Aaron. But this name of Thai roots is unrelated to it, and has a whole different meaning. Aroon means “dawn”, and it’s dual letter ‘o’ lends a gentle, softer edge to the name.


Asier is a name that originated from Basque Country in Spain. It is favored all over Spain because of how melodious and pleasant it comes across, as well as its lovely meaning. Asier means “the beginning” and is an apt choice for the one who brings new beginnings to your life.


Dagian is a name that is strong and unique and has a lot of personality. It is a name with English roots, and has a great meaning. Dagian means “dawn”, and it’s a good, solid choice of name you can give your bundle of joy. Plus, it can also be shortened into a cool, sassy nickname too: Dag!


Fresco is a smooth, cool name that carries with it an air of freshness. And with good reason — Fresco is a name with roots in Italy that stems from the Italian word for “fresh”. It’s one of the ideal examples of a seamless transition of a last name to a first name. Though there are quite a few notable personalities with this last name, such as American polymath Jacque Fresco and Dutch scientist Louise Fresco, as a first name it’s quite unique, which makes it a great choice for your little boy.


Inizio is a name that is classy and stylish all at once. It is said to be an Italian vocabulary name, and has been rising in popularity in recent years. It may be because of the current trend of baby names ending in the letter “o”, but then again it can also be simply because its a cool name with a cool meaning! Inizio means “beginning” and is an excellent name you can give your baby.


Irvin is a variation of the more traditional name “Irving”. Shaving off the letter “g” has given the name a trendier, more current twist. It’s a stylish name that sounds awesome because of how it gives dated, classic names a more “in the now” feel. Irvin means “fresh”, and is indeed a fresh name you can bestow upon your bundle of joy.


Janus is a strong name that is both very regal and very cool. It was the name of the Roman god of the new year and fresh beginnings, who was depicted as a god with one head gazing forward into the new year, and the other head looking back at the year that was. This is why the name Janus is associated with transitions, and with January, the first month of the year which signifies new beginnings. It is also the name of the King of Cyprus. Janus is a manly, royal name which brings hope, rebirth, and a blessed tomorrow.


Neander is a name that is full of cool contradictions. It sounds very hip and trendy, but it actually can be traced all the way back to the time of classical Greece. It is actually the more traditional, old school form of the surname Newman, but it’s meaning connotes freshness, because Neander literally means “new man”. Very unique and a very cool option for your baby boy.

  • NEO

Neo is a short, three-letter name that packs a whole lot of cool swagger and punch. No wonder, because it is the name of Keanu Reeves’ character in one of the coolest films of all time, “The Matrix”. Neo means “new” and it has an equally beautiful meaning in the African language, “gift”. Short, sweet, and super awesome name.


Nouvel is a name of French origin that connotes sophistication and utter chic. It is actually a name that can be used for both girls and boys and actually gained popularity when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave it as a middle name for their child, Shiloh Nouvel. But the name Nouvel brings with it an air of manliness, making it a solid and stylish choice for your newborn son. Nouvel means “new”.


Novak is an exotic, unique name with Serbian roots. It crossed over in popularity to America because of the renowned tennis athlete Novak Djokovic, and it’s been gaining favor since then. Novak means “new”, and with its tennis star connections, you can give this name to your child who may have sports in his future.


Ordell is a great name with its classic, old-fashioned appeal. It is a name that is proudly classic and embraces its vintage-y charm in all its glory. Ordell means “beginning”, perfect for an old-time name that is circling back to mainstream again. It’s a wonderful, timeless name you can give your little one.


Phoenix is a name that just exudes total cool and incredible, fantastical power. In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird that is reborn constantly. Some texts say that the phoenix burned every 500 years and then rises again from its ashes, while other texts say it takes 1,400 years for a rebirth. It’s no wonder the phoenix is the symbol for reincarnation, the sun, and rebirth. And it’s just a super cool name too!


Raanan is a distinct, unforgettable name that connotes strength and an assured countenance. It is a name of Israel origins, and carries with it the meaning “fresh”. It can also be spelled as Ra’anan, and all its variations are used all over Israel and the regions around it. Raanan is the name of many intelligent and powerful people like Israeli film director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz and Israeli politician Ra’anan Cohen.


Sachar is a name of Hebrew origins. It has a dorky, geeky charm that’s part of its massive appeal. And in today’s tech obsessed and tech savvy times, it’s a name that fits perfectly right in! Sachar means “dawn” and is a memorable, uncommon name for your future little techie.

  • TAN

Tan is a three letter name that is hip, trendy, and smooth. It’s among the hottest names with one syllable in Vietnam currently. Tan has a three-letter meaning too! The name means “new” and it is an excellent option for parents who want a solid, straightforward and stylish name for their baby.


Zoran is a name that seems to be a funkier, hip variation of the name Zoro. But it is actually a unique Slavic name which means “dawn”. Zoran is quite favored in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, and the Ukraine. It’s unforgettable, strong, and downright funky! It’s an awesome choice for your little man.

Names That Mean Rebirth For Girls

Names That Mean Rebirth For Girls
  • ALBA

Alba may just be a short, four lettered name, but it is overflowing with charm. It is a name of Spanish and Italian roots, and it carries with it the meaning “dawn”. It made a comeback and gained popularity in a huge way, thanks to Hollywood star Jessica Alba. It’s given to hundreds of baby girls yearly in recent times, and is a lovely option indeed for your little girl.


The name Anastasia was a banned regal name in Russia in the past. But now, people worldwide are giving their babies this gorgeous name. Countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, and America are no exception to it – all thanks to princess Anastasia. She is the last Czar of Russia’s daughter. It holds the meaning of rebirth or resurrection.


Amara is a bewitchingly beautiful name. It is of Sanskrit origin, and carries with it an equally beautiful meaning. Amara means “everlasting” and “immortal”. Some variations include Ammara and Amarah. It is a perfect choice of name for the baby girl with whom your love will be everlasting.


Amaryllis is a name that is pretty and feminine and flows gently off the tongue. It is a name with Greek roots, and it also has a pretty meaning. Amaryllis means “new and fresh” and it is a name that you can gift your gentle little precious one.


Aurora is a beautiful, majestic name that exudes grace and loveliness. It is said to have come from the Roman goddess of sunrise with tears that transform into dew. Aurora is also associated with the gorgeous natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights. It is also the name of the Disney princess known as Sleeping Beauty. Aurora means “dawn” and is a perfect name for your little princess.


This is a rare and beautiful name for baby girls. People use this name, especially in Lithuania. It comes with the meaning of dawn, which symbolizes the beginning of a new day. The fun fact is that there is a newspaper company in Lithuania named Ausra.

  • AVIL

If you are a fan of the famous pop star Avril and love her name, but you don’t want to go with the same spelling, you can go for Avil. It is a variation of Avril and Aviva. This name is on the list of the most popular 1000 names in the U.S. It holds the meaning of renewal.


This is a rare name that sounds classy. It has its roots in the Hebrew language. Ayelet Waldman is a famous novelist born in Jerusalem. It carries the beautiful meaning of dawn.

  • DAWN

Dawn is a one-syllable name that’s one hundred percent enchanting in its simple, graceful beauty. It is a name that stems from the English vocabulary word that has the meaning “beginning of the day”. There is no name more fitting nor perfect than Dawn if you desire a name for your little girl that brings strong feelings of new beginnings.

  • EOS

Eos is an unusual name that may only have three letters but will certainly make an impact. It is a name of Greek origins, and is actually the name of the Greek goddess of dawn. It’s a name the harks back to ancient times, but at the same time has a current, chic feel about it. Dawn is a beautiful name you can bestow upon your little one.

  • IOLA

Iola is a lovely name that is very charming in its old-fashionedness. Yes, it may seem a bit dated because it gained popularity way back during Carol Burnett Mama’s Family show. But its appeal and charm transcends time, and with its unique meaning of “violet dawn”, it’s definitely a good choice for your baby girl.

  • KIA

Kia is a name that embraces the saying “short and sweet”. It only has three letters, but within those three letters is a lot of sweet, melodious flair. Kia is a name with African roots, and it means “new beginnings” or “season’s beginnings”. What a pretty name to give your bundle of joy as she ushers you into a beautiful new season.


Neoma is a name that shines in its rarity. It is a rare, unique variation of the more common name Noami. Neoma’s meaning exudes light and wonder. The name means “new moon”. It is featured in the book “Light Of The Moon” by Barbara Cartland, and is a sweet, unique way to indirectly give your baby a name with a meaning of “rebirth”.

  • NOVA

Nova is a name that is mesmerizing and mysterious, and soars high in its beauty. It carries with it the meaning “new” and is also the term in astronomy for a star that becomes brighter and brighter before it fades. Nova is a name that is charmingly bewitching and is a strong, lovely name you can bestow upon your little girl.


Nyssa is a very pretty name with a very pretty meaning. This name of Greek roots means “new beginnings” and is a sweetly captivating name for your baby girl. Nyssa rose in popularity because it was featured in the beloved British series “Doctor Who”, and it was also the name of a fan favorite character on the CW series “Arrow”.


Oriana is an exotic, mysteriously enchanting name. It has roots in literature. In medieval stories, Oriana was actually the name of the beloved of the knight named Amadis. The name also was featured in a poem by Tennyson, and likewise made an appearance in three plays in the 17th century. It is a melodious, charming name that is a good choice for your daughter.


Renata is a name that connotes worldly sophistication and utter class. It is a name that is symbolic of spiritual birth, and means “reborn”. Renata is a name that is beloved all across Europe, and in Chile, where Renata is among the most popular names for girls of all time. Renata is a beautiful name you can gift your precious little girl.


Renee is a lovely name that is sophisticated as it is sweet. It carries with it the meaning “reborn”, and has risen in popularity because of Hollywood star Renee Zellweger. Renee has many pretty variations too, such as Rene, Renae, and Renny. It’s a wonderful choice for naming your bundle of joy.


Roxanna is a vivacious name that is bubbling in charm. It is a gorgeous, more intricate variation of the more common name “Roxanne”. Roxanna also oozes with royalty, because it was the name of the wife of Alexander The Great. It first became favored in the 1600s across Europe, and has just continue to gain popularity across the globe since then. Roxanna means “dawn”.


Senara is a name that is exquisite and rare. It is graceful in its simplicity and uniqueness. The name Senara originated in Cornwall, England, and it is the name of the Cornish saint and Zennor village patron. It means “dawn” and is an elegant name you can consider for your precious daughter.

  • ZERA

Zera is an alluring, exotic name. It is quite uncommon, and is said to be found in Israel. Zera seems familiar because it sounds a lot like Zara, but Zera is distinct in its appeal and charm. The name has Hebrew roots, and it means “new beginning”.


Zerlinda is a name that is luminous in its loveliness. It is a name of Hebrew origins, and it is said that this enthralling name is chosen by many celebrities. Zerlinda likewise has the exquisite meaning of “beautiful dawn”. It existed way back in the middle ages but to this day stands out as a good choice of name for your baby.

  • ZORA

Zora is a fetching name that has Biblical roots. A variation of the name, Zorah, is the name of a Biblical place. Zora is also the name of a character in “Ruddigore”, an operetta, as well as black writer and Harlem Renaissance leader Zora Neale Hurston. The name means “dawn” and is a mesmerizing name you can give your bundle of joy.


Zorina is dazzling in its intricate exquisiteness. This unique, Slavic name rolls sweetly off the tongue. It also carries with it the dazzling meaning of “golden dawn”. Zorina is a name that is still rarely used, and therefore a perfect choice for parents who want to gift their daughter with a charming and uncommon name that means “rebirth”.


When welcoming your precious bundle of joy, there’s nothing like that beautiful, wondrous feeling of new beginnings. These names that mean rebirth can help you express the magic, awe, and awesomeness that comes with the arrival of your darling little baby.

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