67 Charming Names Meaning Dark For Girl and Boys

How about choosing an offbeat name that symbolizes strength, independence, and fearlessness? A name that is shadowy, gothic, mystical, and dusky. If the elegance of darkness attracts you, then let your girl or boy embrace the beauty of the melodious names that signifies it.

From traditional to modern, we have got an extensive list of exotic boy and girl names meaning dark

Girls’ Name that Means Dark

Girls’ name that means Dark
  • Achlys

The unique Greek name means “darkness.” You may want to choose this name for your little girl if you are in search of an uncommon but meaningful name that creates an impact.

  • Adrienne

Adrienne is an Italian name that means “dark.” The name is pretty common with many celebrities who share this name.

You have Adrienne Bailon, the singer and Adrienne Vittatti the fashion designer to name a few.

  • Amaya

Drawing inspiration from Amaia in Japanese, Amaya is the Spanish version of the name that means the “night rain, the end of the mother city.” Another theory suggests that the name originated from the Spanish village Amaya and the Spanish mountain. Amaia also means “the end” in Basque.

Amaya Uranga Amezaga is a well-known singer from Spain who shares this name.

  • Adriana

The name Adriana has its roots in the Latin language. It sounds fashionable and has a feminine vibe to it. It comes with the meaning of “of the Adriatic” and dark. This gorgeous name will be perfect for a girl with dark hair or complexion. Some variations of this name are Adrianna, Adreana, and Adriane. Anna would be a good nickname too.

  • Asra

This name has an elegant vibe to it. It has its roots in Arabic and means a nocturnal journey and river of paradise. It came from the Arabic word “Isra.” If you are into cool names that are short and sweet, you can choose this beautiful name for your little one.

  • Brangwen

Pure and dark, Brangwen is originally from Welsh and could be the perfect name for your dusky complexioned girl.

  • Bellona

Bellona is a lovely name with a lyrical tone to it. It sounds like the name of some princess. It has its roots in Egyptian and Latin languages. According to Roman mythology, Bellona is the goddess of warfare and destruction. It is not commonly used. If you are looking for a variation, Bellone is the name for you.

  • Ciara

The name originated from Ireland and means “the little dark one.” A popular name in Ireland, Ciara is usually tweaked to Keira or Kiera.

The celebrity that comes to your mind first when you hear this name is none other than the well-known American songwriter, singer, model, and dancer Ciara Princess Harris.

  • Corvina

The American origin name Corvina refers to a “raven or dark hair.” It is also the name of a fish and a grape variety.

  • Charna

The name Charna has a certain ancient and mysterious vibe to it. It is rooted in Yiddish culture and means black and dark. If you are into names not commonly used, you can go for this name. Of course, if you look at Israel, Charna is quite popular there.

  • Ebony

Tracing its origin to England, Ebony means the “deep black wood.” The name is a connotation of beauty and blackness and has been in trend for over 2 decades now. A favorite among parents, you may want to consider this name for your little one.

Ebony Day is an English songwriter, singer, and famous YouTuber.

  • Gethwine

The Welsh name is used for the charming dusky lady who stands pretty and true to her name, Gethwine.

  • Jewish

The rhythmic name has a tinge of royalty attached to it. It refers to the “queen of darkness.”

  • Kali

Kali is a strong name that means the “black one.” The name has a Sanskrit origin, and though cute, you may want to use this name with caution since it also has a fierce and destructive side.

Meet Kali Jane, an American model and actress who is remembered for her outstanding role in “Allison Day.”

  • Keyara

The name Keyara means “the little and dark one.” The name is as beautiful as your baby.

  • Kerrell

The Irish originated name means “dusky, dark, or dusk,” referring to the dusky evening. Tweak the name a bit to Kerallm, Kerala, or Carol.

  • Layla

Layla comes from Layl that means night. It has a Semitic element attached to it. The name is the variation of the Arabic name Leila with roots in the Persian and Hebrew language. You can choose to tweak the spelling a bit to Leyla, Layla, Laila, Leila, or Leighla.

Want your daughter to be the namesake of Layla El, the model, dancer, and professional wrestler, then choose to name your daughter Layla.

  • Lila

Lila is an Arabic or Sanskrit name that means “beauty, strength, fire, and night.” The variant spelling of the name is Lyla and Lilah.

Lila Downs, the famous singer from Mexico, carries this name.

  • Lilith

Lilith has a Sumerian or Assyrian origin and means “the night monster or ghost.”

The name is also believed to have been derived from Lilitu that means “of the night.” The Latvian variation of this name is Lalita.

Lilith Astaroth belongs to New England and is a model, singer, dancer, and a trained actress.

  • Mahogany

What comes to your mind first when you hear the name Mahogany?

The woody and dark rich panel symbolizes luxury and beauty. The name has a Spanish and English origin and means “strong and rich.” It is an enticing name apt if you are a parent hunting for some uncommon names for your little girl.

  • Mei

Mei means dark and the name traces its origin to Japan and China.

Mei Lin is also the name of a famous chef from Japan.

  • Melania

The feminine name Melania means “dark or black” and is Spanish or a Greek variation of Melaine.

Brought to the fore by Melania trump, the name certainly has oomph in it.

  • Morrigan

Morrigan means the “queen of the dark crows.” It is a name that comes from the Irish mythology and is the perfect name for your little princess.

The variations are Morrigan, Morrigu, and Morgan.

  • Narine

Narine refers to the “sea nymph and the siren of the sea.” The name has a Greek origin that lets you visualize the dark beauty.

  • Tamala

This African name means the “dark tree.”

Tamal Renee Jones, the American actress shares this name.

  • Tinuviel

For those who go gaga over literary names, Tinuviel is the name to pick. “Daughter of the nightingale or twilight” the melodious name does soothe the ears. A rare name, it is sure to grab attention.

Boys’ Name that Means Dark

Girls’ name that means Dark
  • Sinus

Sinus means “ebony, dark or black wood.” It comes from the Persian name sinus which means “ebony,” the dense hardwood valued for its black hues. The variation of this name is Aabinus and Albinus.

  • Akmad

This sophisticated name means “the dark and the praised one.” The name resounds in the ears, and why should it not? It has a deep-rooted Arabic touch in it.

  • Bruno

Bruno means brown. The name originated in Germany though it is equally popular today in South America and Europe.

The name that pops up in mind here is of none other than Bruno Mars, the American songwriter, singer, and musician.

  • Bruns

The English origin name means “the one who has dark skin.”

  • Caliban

Caliban means “black” and carries with it an accessible yet exotic feeling. It is the rhythmic sound of the name thought that makes it appealing. The word comes from Rome and makes a great name for a boy.

  • Chernobog 

Chernobog is a name that has a Slavic origin and means “the black god or the god of darkness.” It is a rare name for a baby, and you would want to pick it.

  • Cole

The perfect English name that embodies depth and richness it means “coal-black or swarthy” and is a common name in Scotland.

Cole Mitchell Sprouse, the American actor shares this name.

  • Colin

Colin means “dark and swarthy” and the name is believed to have been derived from Koli and Kollungr. Cole, Collen, and Colleen are the variations of this name.

Colin James Farrell, the Irish actor, shares this name.

  • Colton

The trendy English name Colton means “from the dark town or coal” and is a popular name for dusky boys.

The singer and songwriter from Phoenix, Colton Avery, carries this name.

  • Corbin

As “dark as a crow,” Corbin is a Latin name that throws a youthful image on the bearer of this name.

The name does sound familiar since it reminds you of Corbin Bleu, the actor from a High School Musical.

  • Daghishat

Daghishat is an Arabic name that means “full of darkness.”

  • Donovan

Wish for an appealing Irish name? Then Donovan is what you are seeking out. It means “dark.” A bold name, you may want to keep it for your baby boy.

Your little boy is going to share his name with the retired sprinter Donovan Bailey.

  • Dougal

Dougal means “a dark stranger.” It is a name that comes from high up in Scotland. The name is a perfect tribute to the Scottish highlands though it does have a modern charm to it.

Martin McDougall is a popular Anglo-American actor and belongs to Edinburg in Scotland.

  • Douglas

Douglas is mostly a nickname or a surname, but you are free to use it as a first name for your baby boy as well. The name is Scottish and means “the black water.” It is also the name of a Celtic river and depicts the courage and strength of the Scottish clan.

Michael Kirk Douglas is a well-known American producer and actor.

  • Duncan

you need to pick up from the list. It means “the dark warrior” though the Scottish name also shows openness and carries a friendly charm. It is a stunning name to keep for your young boy.

  • Dwayne

Dwayne means “dark-haired or dark-skinned,” perfect for a tall, dark and handsome lad with a dark complexion. The name originates from Ireland.

The popular variations of this name are Dwain, Duana, and Dwane.

  • Hadrian

Dark-haired, the Latin name is for the history buff moms and dads who wish to name their boy after the liberal emperor.

We are talking of none other than Publius Aelius Traianus Hadrianus Augustus or Hadrian who ruled Rome from 117 to 138.

  • Jett

Jet black, Jett is a common male name with so many celebrity children who share this name.

We have George Lucas, Hank Willians, and Jill Scott who all chose this name for their handsome little hunks.

  • Keir

Not a common name, Keir has a Gaelic or Irish origin that blends with dusky hairs, swarthy or dark-skinned. The name means “black or dark” and it does have a punch.

Keir Dullea, the American actor, is remembered for his role in A Space Odyssey.

  • Login

The Gaelic and Irish name for boys means the “blackbird.” Conan is an alternative to this name.

  • Midnight

Midnight refers to “the night or the darkness” and is a popular fit for baby boy names.

  • Morris

The English of Maurice, Morris has a vintage and soothing feel to it. Expecting a dark-skinned child? Then name him Morris.

Your son will brag about sharing his name with Morris Almond, the professional basketball player from America.

  • Nigel

The Irish boy’s name that symbolizes black-haired and dark is also believed to have originated from England. Nigel combined with the right surname, does create a dashing vibe.

Nigel Barker, the fashion photographer, is a popular celebrity who shares this name.

  • Orpheus

The boy’s name means “the darkness of the night.” It is a Greek mythological name. The name does create an indelible identity so why not name your child Orpheus?

Orpheus was a Greek musician and poet who made the trees dance and the rivers stop flowing.

  • Perran

The lovely Cornish name means “the little dark one.” It is also the name of a village.

  • Smith

An occupational name, Smith means “the blacksmith.” It is a cool name to keep for your handsome hunk.

And why not, when he shares his name with Will Smith, the famous American actor?

  • Sullivan

The Irish name Sullivan means the black-eyed one. The name is apt for the one who mesmerizes all with the twinkle in his eye.

Just like Sullivan Stapleton from Australia who charmed the audience with his role in 300.

Unisex Names That Means Dark

Unisex Names
  • Adrian

The unisex name draws parallels to the Dark Ocean and the Adriatic Sea. Suitable for both boys and girls, the name comes from Hadrianus or Adrianus in Latin. The root of the name Adur means “water or the sea.”

Tweak the name to Adriana, Adrien, or Adryan whichever sounds the best to your ears.

Remember Adrian Gonzalez, the famous basketball player?

  • Blake

Dark and fair-haired, Blake is a unisex name from England and is a sophisticated baby names choice. The popular surname is also a cool first name.

Blake Griffin is an American basketball player and Blake Ellender Brown is a popular American actress.

  • Darcy

The French or Irish name means “the dark one or the one who comes from the fortress.” It is a name that depicts charm and grace.

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and Darcy Isa the Waterloo Road actress, are celebrities who hone this name.

  • Delaney

The dark challenger, Delaney is a name that belongs to Ireland. It depicts enthusiasm with a slight tinge of a feminine feel to it.  

The gender-neutral name is carried by Delaney Glazer the dancer and Rob Delaney, the American writer, actor, and comedian.

  • Hunapo

The unisex name is one of a lot of the uncommon names that means “hidden darkness.” The name has a Maori origin.

  • Kerry

Kerry means the dark or the one with the dark hair. The name travels from Ireland and can be altered to Keira or Cerys.

Kerry Fox, the New Zealand actress and Kerry Wood, the famous baseball player from America are celebrities with this name.

  • Kieran

Kieran comes from Ireland and means “the little dark one.” It has an authentic Ireland spelling too which is Ciaran.

Kieran Charnock is a famous footballer from England.

  • Merle

Merle means “the blackbird” and is a French name perfect as a masculine or feminine name.

We do remember Merle Travis, the American guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

  • Night

Night is a mysterious name but pretty cool too, perfect for your boy or girl.

  • Nox

Nox is the name given to the night goddess. The modern name from Greek mythology today however finds use among boys as well as girls. A popular variation of this name is Knox.

  • Onyx

The mystical name fits as a boys’ or a girl’s name equally well. Onyx means “the black gemstone or black stone,” the semi-precious metal that comes from the Agate family.

Onix and Nyx are variations of the name.

  • Raven

Raven is a popular name that you can call a boy or a girl. It means “the beady-eyed one of the blackbird.” The name depicts the glossiness and elegance of this black-feathered bird.

The variations of the name are Corvus, Ravina, and Ravin.

Meet Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman, the famous American songwriter, singer, and actress.

  • Sable

Sable traces its origin to England and is the name of an animal that was hunted for its fur. It is a name that also symbolizes the rich and warm black color. In short, Sable is a name that attracts luxury.

Wayne Sable is a popular actor and writer.

  • Tynan

The uber-cool name Tynan means “dusty and dark.” It is a fresh name compared to Tyson and Tyler.


We have listed a long list of boys, girls, and gender-neutral names. Go ahead and browse through the list because we are sure that these ravishing names would indeed charm you, letting you pick that perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

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