116 Beautiful Names Meaning Hope for Baby Boy and Girl

A name connects a person to their individuality. It identifies them and captures an image of who they are. Choosing a name is thus not something to be done in haste.

Hope is a simple yet powerful word. It gives assurance during uncertain times. Life revolves around hope. During times of vulnerability, it is hoped that provides strength and courage to keep going.

It is no wonder that parents have chosen baby names meaning hope for ages. And if you are seeking a name for your baby that can inspire hope in them, then pick from the variety of names that we have listed down for you, all of which align with the feeling of hope.

Boy Names that Mean Hope

Boy names that Mean Hope
  • Amanaki

Amanaki is one of the rare searches here. It is a Polynesian baby name apt for your baby boy.

  • Amin

A typical Arabic name, Amin means faithful. Its spelling variation is Ameeen.

Amin Younes is a famous German footballer.

  • Amal

Amal stands for aspiration and hope. It is a royal Arabic name to keep for your baby boy.

  • Asher

The Swahili name from South Africa is a common naming choice in the Bantu language.

Meet the famous Canadian ice dancer Asher Hill. Your baby shares his name.

  • Arman

Arman is a Persian name that means wish or hope.

Cihat Arman is a football goalkeeper from Turkey.

  • Barioc

The American name is super cool and is a suggested baby boy name that means hope.

  • Barloc

Barloc means a strong warrior who is filled with hope. This American name sounds good to the ears but at the same time brings out the courage and strength in a name. It is not an overused name, so you may want to go ahead with it.

  • Baruch

The biblical name Baruch is a true fascination for most parents, and it tops the list of famous names.

  • Chislon

Popular in the modern names dictionary, Chislon is a Hebrew name and should be a superb fit for you.

  • Daisuke

If someone is a big help to you, then they are your ray of hope. It is precisely what Daisuke wants to communicate. The Japanese name is a top-name pick.

Daisuke Tsuji is a famous name. He is a Japanese- American actor.

  • Day

Day is a simple name that means light and hope. Day immediately creates a bright image in front of you, making it an appropriate name selection for any baby boy.

  • Deene

Short and straightforward, Deene is both a first name and a nickname. It is a robust and an easy to pronounce name, famous among parents of boys.

  • Dillon

Dillon comes from Ireland, and it means the ray of hope. We do have some exciting personalities with this name. 

Dillon Shane Farrel is a football player, and Dillon Kyle Gee is a baseball player, both from America.

  • Daijon

Gods’ gift of hope, is what Daijon signifies. The Mercian name was popular but has seen significantly less usage in recent years. It can be your chance to grab this name if you are a parent who is in search of something uncommon for your baby boy.

  • Dylan

The Welsh name Dylan means the ray of hope. You are free to change it to Dillon.

The celebrity with this name is Dylan Ainsworth, a Canadian footballer.

  • Espero

The name Espero comes from Basque in Spain. However, it is rare, so it may be just the apt name you were hunting for.

  • Espoir

Espoir shows sophistication in its pronunciation. It is a lovable name popular among parents.

  • Elpis

The fictitious name Elpis is a name that your son is sure to flaunt as he grows up. The name is charismatic with a strong meaning attached to it.

  • Eleazar

Eleazar refers to God’s court. It is the place where all go because they trust and are hopeful of the almighty. You may want to keep this impactful name for your son.

  • Elpidius

The Greek name Elpidius was also a saint who lived in a cave for twenty years during the 4th century.

  • Emmanuel

Emmanuel means that God is with us. It instills a ray of hope from the almighty, and thus, the name finds a place in our list. Emuna could be a nickname for it which standalone also means faith. So be it the primary name or the alias, you are not deviating from the real meaning.

Here is a famous namesake. He is none other than Emmanuel Xuereb, who became famous after his performance in Bad Boys. He is an American producer and actor.

  • Fidel

Fidel or faithful is an Italian name and is pretty popular in Europe.

A well-known bearer of this name is Fidel Alejandro Castro, who was the 17th Cuban president.

  • Fedele

Fedele comes from the word Fidel. It is a Latin name that means faithful.

  • Haruki

Haruki means the shining ray of hope. So go ahead and let your baby boy adorn this name.

Haruki Murakami is a famous Japanese writer.

  • Isamu

The Japanese name means hope for a better future. Give this name to your child, and he will lead the world.

  • Iris

The fantastic short name has a Greek origin. It reflects the rainbow and its buoyant clouds, which is the true hope of life.

  • Jesse

The gift of hope is what keeps us alive. And this is what the Hebrew originated name talks about.

Your son will share his name with none other than the famous American actor Jesse Bradford.

  • Jahleel

Jahleel is a Hebrew name, and it means to hope in God.

  • Kibou

Kibou is meaningful and creative. The Japanese name is not a tongue twister and thus finds popularity among parents searching for a name that is easy to pronounce but is unique too.

  • Kazuki

The Japanese name Kazuki refers to the Kanji characters and means several things like a tree, hope, and brightness.

Kitamura Kazuki is a popular Japanese TV and film actor.

  • Kazuo

A man of harmony and hope is what the name Kazuo describes. The Japanese name could give an entirely new dimension to your name search.

Kazuo Oka is a well-known celebrity who adorns this name. He is a voice actor from Japan.

  • Kouki

In the light of hope, Kouki traces its origin to Japan.

  • Kit

Kit is accented, crisp and fresh in stock. In short, it is a funny name to choose. Hope – the word – may be a profound thing to ponder. A meaningful yet thoughtful choice, Kit is a rare find.

  • Makas

If Mark and Marcus seem too familiar, then choose to name your little one Makas. This Hebrew name has a cute nickname option-Mak. The name is rare and not something that you will keep hearing around.

  • Mitsuo

Mitsuo is a shining hero who is hope for all. The name is apt to keep for your baby boy who you wish to grow up to possess leadership capabilities.

  • Matthan

The Israeli name is fresh. It feels like a cross between two outdated names, though. Nickname your child Mat or Han if you choose this name.

  • Moutaqad

Moutaquad means faith and belief, something that falls in line with the meaning of hope. It is an Arabic name and stands true to its roots. The name is classy and upbeat, which makes it a smart pick.

  • Mahaz

Mahaz is a name that lingers in your mind for hours together. It is an Israeli name that exudes energy. You may want to nickname your baby Mae.

  • Omid

Omid is an intelligent name that originated in Persia. The name is highly recommended as a baby boy name.

Your child will be proud of sharing his name with Omid Djalili, the British comedian, writer, and actor.

  • Phelipe

Not the typical Philip, Phelipe could be your choice for your baby boy’s name. It means hope origin. The name is popular in Spain. You can nickname your child Flip or Pip.

Philip Bolden is an American actor who bears this name.

  • Raza

Tracing its origin to Africa, Raza is spunky and creates a positive vibe. This name is here to stay, so why not pick it up.

Meet Raza Jaffrey, the English singer, and actor

  • Rutendo

Rutendo is from the Shona language and is fast penetrating the trendy name list.

  • Speranaza

The Italian name Speranza means the ray of hope and has a sophisticated feel to it.

  • Spiro

The Latin name Spiro refers to the hope of life.

  • Shpresa

Shpresa comes from Albana, and this great and unique name is a hot favorite not just because of its meaning but also because of its pronunciation.

  • Toivo

The Finnish name Toivo is particularly of interest among those who wish to reflect a bit of their Finnish ancestry in their child’s name. Its positive meaning makes it a great choice.

Toivo Mikael Kivimäki is a Finnish politician.

  • Tumaini

Tumainin wins hearts because of its rhythmic and musical tone. It is an Egyptian name that stands out for its classical yet strong style.

  • Thembalwethu

Parents may shy away from this name because of its difficult spelling and pronunciation. But if you happen to like this name, then go for it. The classical African name means our hope which is the perfect name to bestow on your little one.

  • Titus

Titus is a name deeply rooted in Christianity.

  • Tumelo

The South African name means faith in the Sotho and the Tswana language. The moniker has a traditional feel to it, and thus, its popularity does not seem to be waning anytime soon.

  • Umed

Umed is an Indian name with a tinge of royalty attached to it. It is a conservative name and can also be spelled as Umeed.

  • Umit

Umit is a Turkish name. The name is a blend of characters. It is saintly and friendly yet solid and throws an aura of royalty.

Ümit Davala is the football coach from Turkey, and Ümit Korkmaz is an Austrian football player who also originally belonged to Turkey.

  • Uriah

Uriah is a Hebrew name that means God is my strength, light, and hope. The name is a top pick among ritualistic parents.

The name rings a bell of the famous American singer and actor Uriah Shelton

  • Von

Von is an uber-cool mid-century name. Years back, it was a surname, but modern names also use Von as a first name.

  • Yuuki

Again from our vast selection of Japanese names that means hope, Yuuki means superior yet gentle hope.

  • Yoshikazu

Those who are in awe of Japanese names will not deny the impact that this name creates. The name is perfect for boys who you wish to be the hope of harmony and peace.

Yoshikazu Kawabuchi is a well-known Japanese actor.

Girl Names that Means Hope

Girl Names that Means Hope
  • Aakansha

Aakansha comes from India, and it means the ray of hope. It is a beautiful Asian name to give to your baby girl.

  • Alima

The captivating name comes from Arabia. The name is so delicate that we recommend it.

  • Ailana

The light bearer or hope, Ailana is a Finnish name. Unfortunately, your quest for a rare name with a beautiful meaning may have stopped with this name.

  • Aileen

Aileen is a rare hunt, and this Irish name means the bright and shiny ray of light.

We all know the famous namesake Aileen Britton, the actress from Australia.

  • Aamanee

One of the top Arabic names that mean hope, Aamanee, creates a positive vibe around it.

  • Ashia

Arabic names have their charm. We thus bring to you one such name that is sure to touch hearts. Ashia means hope and life. The name is feminine and a hit among parents.

  • Amaani

Amaani immediately portrays a soft and delicate lady in front of you. The name draws its origin to Arabia and is widely used in Europe as well as in America.

  • Amnati

Your child is your hope, so why not name her thus? Amnati is charming and makes a great baby girl name.

  • Asha

Asha is from the Sanskrit language and has various meanings. While it is hope in Sanskrit, it also means alive and happy in Swahili and the Hebrew language, respectively. Moreover, the name has some spiritual significance with its connection to the ash tree.

Asha Bhosle is a famous playback singer in India.

  • Amil

Amil traces its origin to Arabia. It is an impactful name used today by girls as well as boys.

Amil Whitehead, the American rapper shares this name.

  • Amala

Amala is a unique name that can be used both as a first and middle name. And you can nickname your girl Amal.

Amala Paul is a well-known Indian actress.

  • Arabella

The Latin originated name means the result of prayer. It comes from the word Orabilis. The name shows how humans are obliged to pray, which increases hope.

You must have heard of Lady Arbella Stuart, the noblewoman from England selected to be the queen’s successor.

  • Armaani

The name Armaani has a certain class and a posh vibe to it. When you pronounce it, it sounds rich. It means “one with wishes and dreams” or “one who is peaceful.”

If you want your baby girl to grow up as someone calm, peace-loving, and full of hope, you can choose this name for her.

  • Amia

If you like sweet and feminine names, Amia is the name for you. It has its roots in Arabic and is perfect for your calm baby girl. The name Amia was very used earlier, but people have started using this name, making it a good choice.

  • Brayleigh

Brayleigh, or ray of hope, is a genuinely American name that has been used for a long time but still retains its glory. You can nickname your girl Bray, which also has an Irish meaning marsh.

  • Charise

Charise blends cheerfulness and hope. The classy and beautiful name signifies the true character of your daughter.

  • Creda

Creda is from our timeless name collection, meaning faith and is worth your consideration.

  • Dove

The bird is a symbol of peace and hope, and the same shows in the name. So name your daughter Dove, which will create a delicate aura around her.

Dove Cameron is an artist and singer.

  • Esperanza

Esperanza comes from Sperare, which in Latin means to hope. It is, however, a Spanish name. You may even shorten the name to Espe.

Esperanza Spalding is a celebrity who bears this name.

  • Eiddwen

Eiddwen or Eadwine, as you may choose to spell, is a Welsh name that describes desire and hope. It is a popular name in Wales to keep for a baby girl.

  • Esme

If you have watched the superhit movie series “The Twilight Saga,” you may already know the character Esme.

The name has become extremely popular after the release of this movie. This beautiful name has its roots in the French language. It holds the meaning of love.

  • Faith

The two terms, faith and hope, are complementary. There is no hope without faith. So why not choose to name your baby girl Faith. The word has a religious touch as well, bringing out one’s belief in God.

You may want to tweak the name to Fides, which in Latin means belief.

Your daughter will share her name with the American singer Audrey Faith Perry.

  • Femi

Your search for a name that is short and cute and means hope ends here with Femi. It is a sweet and uncommon name.

Femi Emiola is an American actress who carries this name.

  • Hope

The meaning of the word can be used as the name too. It is hope for you. The name has been topping the charts for years. It has a strong stature, especially since it is one of the theological Christianity virtues.

  • Hachilah

Another name from Israel that means hope, Hachilah means “my hope in her.”

  • Hiwa

Kurdish names are not commonly heard of, which is what makes this name a great pick.

A famous personality with this name is Hiwa Bourne, an American actress.

  • Imani

Imani is a variant of Iman and means faith.

  • Laelynn

Flower of hope or Laelynn immediately fills your heart with joy. This soothing name fits into the familiar names but still stands out. It can be an alternative version of Kaelyn.

  • Munia

Chic and sophisticated, Munia does attract most parents. It means wish and hope, perfect to name your girl. Muniah could be an alternative spelling variation of this name.

  • Minette

Minette is an uncommon name that is not used by many. It has its roots in the French language and holds the meaning of “drop of the sea.” it has a quirky tone. If you are into unique names, you can go for this name.

  • Nadelle

The name Nadelle creates hope. The French name could be the name for you.

  • Nozomi

A stunning Japanese name with a lovely rhythm and the option to nickname Zomi is one of the favorites from our collection.

  • Nina

The hope of love or Nina is a name that exudes gracefulness at each stage.

  • Nadine

If you are in search of a name that sounds a little French, then Nadine is the name to pick. Many famous personalities also share the moniker.

Nadine Gordimer is a writer from South Africa. Nadine Conneris, is an American opera singer.

  • Natsuki

Japanese of Nadia, Natsuki is lovely with a clear meaning. It does make an exotic name selection for your girl.

  • Nadia

Nadia or Nadya comes from the Russian name Nadezhda that means hope. The moniker stands independently.

Nadia Comănecim is a famous Romanian gymnast.

  • Natsuki

Natsuki feels like a name from the bygone era though it’s pretty fresh and new.

  • Nadezda

Nadezda from the Czech Republic is another sophisticated name selection to bestow on your daughter. Dezi is its cute nickname.

  • Nassandra

Nassandra has elegance in it. However, the African name is different and a classy choice for your daughter.

  • Natia

Natia is not common, but most of them would recognize it quickly. The Polish name is derived from Nadia and is an excellent pick.

  • Nadyenka

If you wish to give your daughter an exotic name, then Nadyenka is a choice. You can tweak the name to Nadia or Nadine if you want to.

  • Nakia

Nakia in Arabic means faithful. Faith and hope are interlinked, and thus, this name could be a choice for parents looking to name their baby girl with a name that means hope.

  • Omeedeh

Omeedeh is hope in Persian and comes from the word Umeed. The name is simple but does create a robust character on the bearer.

  • Opal

Opal has both a Sanskrit and English origin, and it symbolizes a gem that reflects hope for a bright and prosperous future.

  • Rajwa

The regality of the name Rajwa makes it a rare find among the list of baby girl names that mean hope. It sounds lovely and is an irregular choice, so hurry up before it becomes common.

  • Saki

Saki menus hope and blossom.

Saki Aibu is a famous Japanese actress who bears this name.

  • Taraja

Tarajs comes from South Africa and is a Swahili or Kiswahili name to keep for your pretty daughter.

  • Tikvah

Tikvah is a traditional name appreciated by the Jews as it draws a connection to the Hatikva, Israel’s national anthem. It is a Hebrew name that can be spelled as Tikva. You may choose to nickname your little one Tiki.

Tiki Barber is an NFL football player from America.

  • Tamanna

Tamanna is an Arabic and Indian name. It is melodic, simple, short, and sweet. Feel free to nickname your girl Tanu.

  • Theronda

The heavy-sounding name is, in fact, one that creates an optimistic personality on the bearer of this name. It comes from England, and parents usually like this name for its uniqueness.

  • Taraji

Taraji is a Swahili word that makes a lovely moniker for your baby girl.

Taraji P. Henson is a famous actress.

  • Unashe

The name Unashe does have an appeal. It is a Georgian name that creates a significant impact.

  • Umniya

Again a name from the Arabic collection, Umniya is gaining popularity in the western world as well. Umniya or Umina means desire. The name is soothing to the ears, and its lovely sound makes it a charming pick for a baby girl.

  • Violet

Violet and its purple bloom have always stood for hope and faith.

Violet is also the name of Jenniefr Garner and Ben Afflecks’ baby girl.

  • Vimbo

Vimbo sounds peculiar, but that is what makes it a head-turner. The South African name belongs to Zimbabwe and comes from their Bantu language Shona.

  • Vida

Vida is from beautiful Scotland, and it is equally adorable and lovable similar to the region.

The name is apt for girls who have a keen desire to succeed with their superior capabilities.

  • Vita

The hope of life or Vita is a sophisticated name for your gorgeous little girl.

  • Vera

Vera in Russian means faith.

It is the name of Vern Yips’ daughter.

Vera Ann Farmiga, the American director, actress, and producer, is the bearer of this name.

  • Wilona

Wilona is a unique name, easy to spell and among the popular baby girl names. However, it does draw some similarities with the word Wilhelmina.

Your girl will grow up and brag about sharing her name with Winona Laura Horowitz, the American actress.

  • Zita

ZitaZita or little hope is full of punch.

Austria’s last empress is a namesake.


Hope and faith bind and hold us in times of darkness. The word is an inspiration and a classic pick. Here are some of our favorite girl and boy names that mean hope.

We hope to have made your task easy to find the perfect baby name.

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