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65 Great Japanese Boy Names With Meaning

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So, you’re excitedly preparing for the arrival of your baby boy, and you are longing to find the perfect name that captures how unique your little prince is. Of course, you want to find just the right name to give your bundle of joy, one that is impactful and meaningful.

A wonderful place you can look to for inspiration would be the land of the rising sun. Japanese boy names are rare, intricate and full of culture and meaning. Selecting a name from a country with such a beautiful, rich tapestry of culture is a lovely way to give your baby boy a name that is every bit as special as he is.

We’ve got a collection of great Japanese boy names with meaning that are sure to inspire you as you search for the best name to give your son.

65 Japanese Boy Names

Take a look at our list of great Japanese boy names with meaning that would make for amazing name selections for your little one!


Akihiko is a Japanese name for boys that has the meaning of “bright prince”. This name appears in the Marvel Comics universe as the moniker of a Yakuza boss among those who survived when the infinity gauntlet was activated, which caused a big part of the population to become extinct.


The Japanese boy’s name Akihito is said to mean “compassionate” and “bright”. A famous namesake is the one who ruled Japan as emperor from 1989 to 2019, who abdicated his throne only due to his getting older.


Akimitsu is a Japanese boy name that has the meaning of “bright light”. A well-known namesake is Akimitsu Takase, who is a Japanese voice actor who has been dubbed for films like “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” and “Divergent”, as well as voice some of the biggest anime series like “Naruto” and “Fullmetal Alchemist”.

  • AKIO

Of Japanese boy names that are short, a cool one you may want to consider is Akio. This name means “luminous” or “bright”. Akio Takamori, a respected Japanese American artist, has more than 20 pieces of his work displayed in the Arizona State University Art Museum.


The name Arata means “new” or “fresh”. This Japanese name for boys is said to be an adorable and much-favored name in the country. Not only that, it is also quite the common last Italian name! Arata has the meaning of “plow” in Italy.


Ayumu is a Japanese boy name that has the beautiful meaning of “walking dream”. It is said that this is the name of a chimpanzee in the Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University who has been part of the project from the time he was born. Apparently, your brainpower can be tested against Ayumu!


They say that the Japanese boy name Daiki is able to be made with kanji to mean “great brightness”. In January 1996, the minor planet called 9225 Daiki was discovered by T. Kobayashi, an amateur astronomer. 9225 Daiki has a diameter of about 5 kilometers.


Daisuke is a Japanese name for boys that carries the meaning of “big”, “great”, or “help”. In the incredibly popular kids anime “Digimon Adventure 02, the lead character Davis Motomiya is actually named Daisuke, not Davis, in the original Japanese version.


The Japanese boy’s name Fumihito has two very distinct meanings. It is said to mean “writing” and is said to mean “compassion” as well. This name’s impactful meanings make it a wonderful choice for a baby born into a family of people in the writing profession or caring profession.


Genji is a name that has a poetic meaning of “two beginnings”. Author Murasaki Shikibu wrote a classic Japanese novel which is titled “The Tale Of Genji”. They say that in this story, you can find the word “kawaii”‘s original definition, which is “pitiable”.

  • HARU

It is said that the kanji for the name Haru can have the meaning of “spring”, “sun”, or “male”. This is a name that is gender-neutral. Interestingly, while Haru is the term for spring in Japan, in Korean, it is the term used for “day”.


The most known of kanji combinations for the name Haruto has the meaning of “sun”, “light”, and “male”, as well as “soar” and “fly”. This name is said to be one of the most popular names for baby boys in Japan.


Hayate is a name that carries with it the meaning of “sudden, powerful sound of the wind”. This is also the name of Japan’s Tohoku Shinkansen rail line’s second-fastest bullet train transportation service.


Hibiki is a Japanese name for boys that has the meaning of “echo” or “sound”. The House Of Suntory, which is a Japanese whiskey company, launched the Hibiki blended whiskey, which is imported to the US Hibiki blended whiskey has won many, many awards because of its unique recipe.


The name Hideaki holds the magnificent meaning of “shining excellence”. This is the name of a New Hampshire potter called Hideaki Miyamura who dreamt of becoming a doctor, but because medical school was too costly, he studied art instead, and now his unique work is in many museums and galleries among which is The Smithsonian.


Hideyoshi is a Japanese boy name that has the meaning of “respectable”, “good”, and “virtuous”. A powerful namesake is Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was a daimyo, which means great lord, in the 16th century. He is said to have been responsible for restructuring society and unifying Japan.


The Japanese boy’s name Hikari carries the meaning of “light”. This is also the name of a brand of specialist food for tropical fish that has a range of lines that are specific to species. Their fish food is very well regarded and is used in places like Baltimore’s The National Aquarium.


Hiraku is a Japanese name for boys that has the meaning of “support”, “open”, and “expand”. Konosuke Matsushita, an industrialist and businessman who was Panasonic’s founder, wrote a bestselling book titled “Michi wo Hiraku,” which translates to “open the path”.


The name Hirohito is said to mean “abundant” as well as “compassionate”. A namesake is Emperor Hirohito, who ruled over the Japanese Empire from 1926 to 1947, and immediately afterward was the emperor of the State of Japan all the way to 1989.


It is said that the most common of kanjis for Hiroshi means “prosperous”, “generous”, and “tolerant”. Hirshi Miyamura, a US Army Staff Sergeant, was given the Meritorious Service Medal, the Medal of Honor, and a Purple Heart for his actions in the Korean War. The Miyamura High School in Gallup, N.M, his hometown, was named after him.


The Japanese boy name Ichiro carries with it the meaning of “one son”. Back in 2016, player Ichiro Suzuki made what his 3000th MLB career hit was, and this made him baseball’s 3000 club’s 30th member. He began and ended his career in the MLB with the Seattle Mariners, and he played for the Miami Marlins and the New York Yankees as well.

  • JIRO

If you’re looking for a short Japanese name for boys that has an effortless cool to it, check out the name Jiro. Jiro holds the meaning of “two sons”. A beloved namesake if Chef Jiro Ono, who is heralded as the world’s greatest living sushi chef. The Netflix documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” is about him.

  • JUN

A very short and very cool and appealing Japanese name for boys is Jun. This name holds the meaning of “clean”, “pure,” and “simple”, and can mean “moisture” as well. Jun is also the name of a fermented beverage that is similar to kombucha but is made with honey and green tea instead of cane sugar and black tea.


Kaito is a Japanese boy name that can mean either “sea” and “ocean” or “fly” and “soar”. It is also a Vocaloid software that was given that name because they thought Kaito was easy to pronounce for English speakers.


Kaoru is a lovely name that can be written in kanji to mean “fragrance”. When written in hiragana, it is said to have no meaning. This name is a gender-neutral name that has skyrocketed in Japanese pop culture.


Katsu is a Japanese boy name which has the meaning of “victory”. A well-known graffiti artist in New York is named KATSU. He creates conceptual art, digital media, and traditional graffiti, and while he is known for a drone art project he made, he is perhaps most famous for his Mark Zuckerberg portrait, which he made with his own feces.


If you’re looking for a heroic Japanese boy name, you may want to look at Katsuo, which has the meaning of “hero” and “victory”. Aside from being a name for boys, Katsuo is also what they call Skipjack tuna in Japan. This is popular in dishes like tatami, sushi, and sashimi.


The Japanese name Kazuki is said to mean “peace” or “one” combined with “brightness”, “hope,” or “tree”. Kazuki Kazama is the name of a red-haired, hot-headed ninja in the video game series called Samurai Showdown.


Kazuo is a Japanese name for boys that carries with it the meaning of “one-man” or “one husband”. Kazuo Ishiguro, a British author, was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in literature. His 1989 book “The Remains Of The Day” was awarded the Booker Prize; his 2005 novel Never Let Me Go was heralded as Time’s Book Of The Year.

  • KEN

Another Japanese name for boys that is very short and yet very trendy and cool is the name, Ken. Hollywood star Ken Jeong wrote and stars in a sitcom called “Dr. Ken”, which is based on his experiences as a medical doctor prior to switching careers to becoming a comedian.


Kenichi is a Japanese boy name that carries with it the meaning of “healthy one” and “strong”. A mixed martial artist named Kenichi Yamamoto competed in the four-person Japanese Champion tournament that is part of UFC 23. He won Middleweight Tournament Champion.


The name Kenji is said to be most commonly made by using the kanji for “strong” or “healthy”, and “two”. This Japanese name for boys has also actually made its way to the US since the 1970s.


Among the biggest standouts in Japanese boy names would no doubt have to be Kenshin. This name holds the meaning of “modest” and “humble” as well as “trust” and “believe”. One of the most beloved anime and manga characters is Rurouni Kenshin, who is known as Kenshin Rurouni in the English version of the anime.


Kenzo is a Japanese name for boys that has the meaning of “humble”, “modest”, and “number two”. This is also the name of a luxury fashion brand, KENZO, which was founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada. Kenzo is a great choice for those who like the name “Enzo” but want something steeped in Japanese culture.


The name Kiyoshi has the meaning of “bright”, “clear”, and “shining”. Kiyoshi K. Muranaga is a US Army Private First Class who was given the Medal of Honor because of his heroic actions during World War II. He was originally awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, which was then upgraded after a review of the Japanese American records of service in the year 2000.


Kōhaku is a Japanese name for boys that is said to mean either “white” and “red” or “silver” and “gold”. There is a Japanese show for New Year’s Eve that is called Kōhaku, during which the year’s most successful artists are invited. They are divided into an all-girl and an all-boy team, and then the teams perform, after which the audience chooses who wins.

  • KYO

Kyō is a name that has the meaning of “corporate”, “unite”, “village”, and “capital city”. It is also said to mean “apricot”. There is an app of the same name, which is a guided journal crafted to help you as you reflect on each day.


Makoto is a name that carries with it the meaning of “truth” or “sincerity”. This name is considered gender-neutral and would work for both boys and girls. A Stanford professor emeritus named Makoto Ueda has a lot of significant contributions, particularly in translating works from many female haiku poets of the 17th to 20th centuries.


Masami is a Japanese boy name that carries the meaning of “become beautiful”. Masami Anno is the name of the director of Chūka Ichiban!, which is a Japanese series based on a manga sharing the same name. In many other countries, this series is well known with the title “Cooking Master Boy”.


The Japanese boy’s name Naoki’s most popular kanji is said to have the meaning of “straight tree”. It is also the name of the Naoki Prize, which is a biannual prestigious literary award in Japan for the most outstanding work of pop literature by young, new, or rising artists.


Naruhito is a Japanese name for boys that is said to mean “compassion” as well as “virtue”. This is the name of Japan’s current emperor, but since he ascended to the throne, there has been no use of his name, and they referred to him only as The Emperor or His Majesty The Emperor.

  • NORI

Nori is a short Japanese name for boys that has the grand meaning of “ceremony” or “rites”. People may be more familiar with this as the common name for an algae seaweed that is used in cooking in Japan is called Pyropia. Nori is consumed fresh as well as dried. The dried form of Nori is made by a process that is like paper making.


Osamu is a boy name in Japan that is said to mean “study”, “logic”, “discipline”, “rule”, or “reign”. An esteemed namesake is Osamu Tezuka, who is heralded as The Godfather of Manga or The Father of Manga. Osamu Tezuka’s work was utilized in teaching an AI that produced “Paidon”, a manga story.

  • REN

If you like names that are short and with a trendy vibe to it, check out the Japanese boy name Ren. The most popular kanji for this name has the meaning of “lotus”. This name has enjoyed much popularity in Japan for years.

  • RIN

Another short Japanese boy name that you may want to consider is the name Rin, which has the meaning of “dignified”. It is said that this name can also mean “severe” or “cold”. A former monetary unit in Japan is known as the rin, which was worth one-tenth of a sen.


The name Ringo is actually the Japanese word for “apple”. It is said that the English language variation of this name was derived from “hiring”, an Old English word that means “circle”. Ringo can be a great name choice for those who are big fans of The Beatles.


Rōnin is a super cool Japanese boy name that holds the enigmatic meaning of “wanderer” or “drifter”. In Japan’s feudal times, a masterless samurai was called a rōnin. In modern times, this word is used to refer to a graduate of high school who has not yet been admitted to college.

  • RYO

A Japanese name that is just oozing with cool would be the name Ryo, which has the meaning of “reality”, refreshing”, and “cool”. Ryo is likewise used in poker as a term that refers to “Roll Your Own,” where the player gets to choose which cards of theirs will be visible to the rest.


The name Ryoichi is a Japanese name that is composed of a combination of the kanji for “clear” or “good” and the kanji for “one”. It is the name of a ballet dancer hailing from Japan, Ryoichi Hirano, who has become a principal with London’s The Royal Ballet.

  • RYU

Ryū is a super cool name with a meaning that definitely makes a mark. This name means “dragon”. In Japan, the mythology around dragons is very rich and very diverse, with a mix of influences. A lot of myths exist about dragons near shrines and temples and in bodies of water or around them.


The Japanese name Ryūji is written most commonly by putting together the kanji for “dragon” and the kanji for either “child” or “second”. In the anime series and novel Dragon Crisis!, the name of the lead protagonist is Ryūji Kisaragi.


The Japanese boy’s name Shigeru is said to carry the meaning of “lush” and “luxuriant”. It is also the name of video game producer and designer Shigeru Miyamoto, who is the game director over at Nintendo. Shigeru Miyamoto is the man behind some of Nintendo’s most iconic games like The Legend Of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Mario!


Shingo is a Japanese name for boys that is actually a combination of “real” and “genuine” with “me” and “I.” The youngest member of SMAP, a very successful boy band. It is named Shingo Katori. SMAP was formed back in 1988 and is given much credit for reshaping the music industry in Japan.


Shinobu is a name in Japan for boys that has the meaning of “to endure” as well as “stealth”. It is said that Shinobu is actually a form of Shinobi and that when that is combined with no mono, it means “those who act in stealth”. The Shinobi were covert agents or mercenaries during Japan’s feudal period.


The name Shin’ya carries the meaning of “genuine” and “real”. This Japanese boy name is also the name of the drummer and co-founder of the Japanese band Dir En Grey which is known for playing the music of many different genres, including alternative, extreme metal, as well as avant-garde.

  • SHO

The most commonly used kanji for the name Sho is said to have the meaning of “fly” and “soar” or “reward” and “prize”. This is also the name of a musical instrument in Japan that is composed of 17 bamboo pipes. In Western music, Shos became well known because of singer Bjork.

  • SHUN

The name Shun can be written using the kanjis for either “talented” or “fast”. This name is pronounced as SHOON and is a gender-neutral name in Japan as well as in China! But in China, the name Shun has the meaning of “submit” and “obey”.


Taichi is a Japanese name for boys that has the meaning of “big”, “thick”, and “one”. It is a very cool Japanese name which only possibly has one minor downside of English speakers sometimes mistaking it for the Chinese martial art Tai Chi.


The Japanese boy name Taiki carries with it the meaning of “brightness”, “big”, or “great big tree”. In 2007, the concept car Mazda Taiki was released. It had butterfly doors as well as a body that got its inspiration from flowing robes, and its interior got its inspiration from the koinobori, which are colorful carp-shaped windsocks of the Japanese.


Takumi is a name in Japan for boys that has the meaning of “skillful” or “artisan”. In 1994, the Takumi Corporation was established after the bankruptcy of Toaplan Co Ltd, and among Takumi Corporation’s most well-known games is the online card battle game Elemental Monster.


Do you want to name your son something that can give hope to people?

Asahi is the name! This name embodies hope and light, as it carries the meaning of sunlight. Give this name to your little boy to invoke positivity around him.


If you are looking for a Japanese boy name that sounds great and has a soothing vibe to it, Benjiro can be the one.

This name is melodious and comes with the meaning of one who likes peace. Quite a calming name. Isn’t it?


The name Chikao sounds trendy. People will remember the name if they hear it once.

This catchy name has a great meaning too. You can choose this name for your little one if you want him to grow up intelligent. It holds the meaning of clever.

  • DAI

Are you into names that are short, simple, and easy to remember?

You can choose the name Dai. This three-letter word has gained popularity in recent times. It holds the meaning of a shining individual.


Do you want your kid to be a people’s person who can help people and distress and be their savior?

The Japanese name Danuja stands for exactly that. It has a masculine vibe to it and comes with the meaning of a ruler and knight.


Japanese boy names are certainly poetic, meaningful, and very beautifully impactful. These rare and memorable names are sure to inspire you to find the perfect name for your baby boy.

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