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112 Pretty Hawaiian Girl Names and Their Meanings

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If you are in search of a Hawaiian girl’s name, then you have reached the right place. Here we have a vast list of pretty Hawaiian girl names, so you would not have to look elsewhere.

Why Choose a Hawaiian Girl Name?

What does the word Hawaiian bring to your mind? It lets you see images of the natural beauty, the wind breeze, the splash of water on the shore, and the leaves rustling. In short, what you think of is purely beautiful.

You may want to bestow an exotic name on your baby girl, or you may be someone who digs deep into the meaning. Whatever it is, Hawaiian names are sure to impress.

So let us check out some popular Hawaiian girl names with their meaning.

Hawaiian Baby Girl Names

Browse through these popular Hawaiian origin names for your girl with detailed meanings.

  • Ailani

If you wish your girl to grow up strong and rule the world as a leader, keep her name Ailani. The name is perfect for those who aspire that their kids will turn into leaders someday. Ailani is the apt name to choose as it means high chief.

  • Alamea

Alamea means whole and precious. It is a unique Hawaiian name with a musical sound. The meaning, too, is captivating, depicting precisely what your lovely daughter means to you.

  • Alana

Alana traces its origin not just to Hawaii but also to Ireland and the Gaelic region. It means an offering. There are some spelling variations to this name, like Alanna, Allana, and Lana.

The famous namesake is Alannah Currie, who is a musician and belongs to New Zealand, and Alanna Goldie, who is a fencer hailing from Canada.

  • Ahe

Easy to spell and pronounce, Ahe means the breeze that blows softly. The name could be an ideal pick for your little girl. And the best part is that the name Ahe doubles up as a first name and a nickname, so you do not have to go searching for a short name for her. A variation of the name Ahe is Aheahe which also means the soft blowing breeze.

  • Alikae

Your girl is beautiful, feminine, and gracious. But she is also strong and will grow up to be a protector of her individuality, a protector of her family, and a protector of mankind. So name your girl Alikae and let her grow up to be brave and protect all whom she cares for.

  • Alohi

They say that a name has a lot to play in deciding the future of the child. It also plays a part in molding the character of a child. Thus parents across the world and across cultures take utmost care to name their child after a lot of thought. And one such name that is sure to marvel you is Alohi.

Alohi means brilliant and shining and is a beautiful moniker to keep on your little girl.

  • Aelan

Just like the beauty of Hawaii, Aelan denotes a beautiful flower. The short and sweet name is a great name selection for your baby girl.

  • Ailana

The soothing name Ailana has a strong meaning. It means lord’s memory or god’s strength. So for the religious parents out there, here is the name to choose from the list.

  • Akela

All parents dream that their daughter grows up to be graceful and noble. Akela is the name to inspire such parents.

  • Akamai

Gone are the days when women were only meant to be pretty. Modern girls are intelligent, independent and full of wisdom standing side by side with their male counterparts. Akamai, the name, depicts the lady who is praised for her brains.

  • Alani

Alani is a beautiful name that means awakening. It also means precious. The name perfectly blends with the character of your baby girl, who is indeed very special to you.

  • Aleka

For all the independent and strong mothers out there, Aleka is the name that you should consider. The defender of humankind or Aleka is a name that does inspire.

  • Allanna

A tranquil, serene, and calm lady is always admired. She is Allanna for you.

  • Allyna

Allyna is light, awakening, and precious. A blend of such powerful meanings, Allyna is thus such a favorite among the parents of baby girls.

  • Aloha

Women are known to be naturally kind-hearted and loving. Emphasize it even more by naming the little princess Aloha.

  • Alohalani

Alohalani means the one who is full of compassion. Parents who choose this name want their girl to grow up with a warm and large heart filled with love for all.

  • Aulani

Aulani is the messenger of the king. You may want to pick this name for its harmonious sound.

  • Anani

Anani means the orange tree. The girl who carries this name is bright and beautiful, just like an orange tree. So why not choose this name for your baby girl?

  • Anela

Anela means an angel. Is that not what your girl means to you? Gift her with this name and tell her what you genuinely feel for her.

  • Anuhea

If you are in search for a rare Hawaiian girl’s name, then Anuhea is the name to select. It means a fantastic fragrance.

  • Aonani

Let your daughter shine like a beautiful light true to her name Aonani.

  • Aouli

Aouli is not just a name. It is a feeling. The word lets you imagine the beauty of the blue sky when it expands on the horizon on a clear day. If you feel the same for your girl, then name her Aouli.

  • Aulii

Aulii means something tasty. Maybe the food lovers will jump for this name.

  • Enakai

Enakai means the glowing sea. Pick this name for your princess and let her glow bright and robust, just like the sea.

  • Ele

If your daughter has a dusky complexion, then choose to call her Ele. It means the black and the shining one.

  • Ewalina

Ewalina or hazelnut could be a quick pick for your baby girl’s name too.

  • Eleele

Girls with dark-colored eyes are gorgeous to look at. So why not enhance her feature further by calling her Eleele.

  • Halia

Halia is to remember a loved one. The Hawaiian name will always be among the favorites because of its meaning.

If you choose this name for your daughter, she will share her name with Halia Beamer, a well-known internet celebrity.

  • Hali

The cute little name Hali means a necklace. Similar to a necklace, your daughter will fill the lives of everyone with joy.

  • Hadassa

Hadassa means the flowering myrtle. The name is indeed catchy and a real head-turner.

  • Haulani

Haulani means beauty, just like the snow. The name is classy, elegant and lets one picture a bright and shining lady.

  • Haukea

Haukea means white as the snow. A perfect name for your baby girl who was born in the winter months, you can call her Kea for short.

  • Healani

Just like the haze from the heavens, your daughter named Healani is sure to grow up to be a beautiful and pure soul.

  • Hokulani

Why not call her Hokulani and spread her divinity like the divine star?

  • Haumea

If you like the names of goddesses for your baby girl, you may like the name Haumea. This is an exotic Hawaiian name that comes with the meaning of fire. It is the name of the goddess of fertility and Earth-mother goddess.

  • Honalei

If you are looking for a name that sounds sweet and has an even sweeter meaning, you can go with the name Honalei. If you don’t like this spelling, you can go with the variation Hanalei too. It carries the meaning of a heavenly land.

  • Keahi

Keahi is a Hawaiian name that can be used by both boys and girls. It is a combination of two elements: ke and ahi. While the first element translates to “the”, the second element carries the meaning of fire.

  • Mikala

Mikala is a Hawaiian nonbinary name. It took its name from Michael. Previously it was used only by boys, but now girls are also using it. If you don’t want to go for the spelling Mikala, you can use Makayla, as it has a feminine vibe to it. It holds the meaning  of “who is God?”

  • Elue

If you like short, trendy, and beautiful names, you can also choose Eleu for your baby girl. This Hawaiian name comes with the meaning lively and powerful.

  • Iekika

Parents who believe a lot in fortune and tarots can name their daughter Iekika or the one who has superpowers to foresee the future.

  • Iokina

Iokina means that god will develop. The name fits the selection of religious parents who are deeply connected with mythology.

  • Hawaii

Hawaii means homeland. The name is an apt pick for parents who want their kids to stay rooted forever in life.

  • Iwalani

Pick up the name Iwalani, and she will be like a heavenly seagull, which is what her name means.

  • Iolana

The cute name Iolana means to soar like the hawk.

  • Kailani

The Hawaiian name Kailani means the sea, the sky, and the heaven. It encompasses the whole earth. It is indeed a lovely name to bestow on your baby girl. You can change the name to Kaila, Kalanie, or Kalani if you wish to.

Kailani Craine is an Australian skater who is a famous namesake.

  • Kahula

Kahula means dancing, and the traditional name has always been on the top Hawaiian names for girls.

  • Kai

The simple name Kai means the one who comes from the sea.

  • Kaiah

Let your daughter take the beauty and the quality of the only living place in the universe- The earth. This is what the name Kaiah means.

  • Kaia

Kaia has both a Hawaiian and a Greek origin and means the sea. The name can be spelled as Kai or Kiya.

Kaia Gerber is a well-known American model, and Kaia Iva is a politician from Estonia.

  • Kailea

Your little girl is cute, chubby, and pretty just like a baby doll. So why not name her Kailea?

  • Kaipo

Isn’t your daughter a true sweetheart? Name her so when you call her Kaipo.

  • Kaimana

Kaimana is a dominating name that symbolizes the power of the sea. If you want your daughter to be a solid and robust individual, we are sure you have already selected your name.

  • Kalani

Kalani means the royal one. It also symbolizes the just and heaven. The name is pretty impactful for a baby girl.

  • Kaleah

You definitely cannot go wrong with this name Kaleah. It means beloved or the flower wreath. The beautiful name is indeed an eye-catcher in this list. Alternatively, you may want to call her Kalei or Kalia, which also means the same.

  • Kaloni

Kaloni means the sky, the heaven, and the royal one. It is a name that does suit your baby girl for sure.

  • Kalua

Kalua means the second child. So if she is your second baby, then call her Kaloni.

  • Kaneeta

Kaneeta, the name pleases our ears, and why should it not since it means the sound.

  • Kaleikaumaka

Kaleikaumaka is the most loved child who all look up to with love and pride. This is what the name Kaleikaumaka means, and this rare moniker makes a fine selection.

  • Kapena

You have given birth to a leader here, so go ahead and name her Kapena, which means a captain.

  • Kawai

Kawai has a touch of the water element and means to come from the water. So the name Kawailani may also attract you then which denotes the holy water.

  • Kanoa

Kanoa means a free one. Let your girl grow up to be free, just like the meaning of her name.

  • Kaylani

Kaylani means the heavens of the sea. It is a mythical name but a beautiful one to choose from our list.

  • Keala

Keala means a pathway. It is a simple yet popular name for a Hawaiian baby girl.

Keala Kennelly is an American surfer, and Keala Settle is an American singer, both a popular namesake.

  • Kealii

Kealii means one who is a chief. Her name is sure to instill leadership qualities in her

  • Keanu

Keanu means the cold breeze of the mountain. It is a soothing name for a baby girl with an absolute Hawaiian touch to it.

  • Kealani

Kealani means clear heaven. Let your daughter also grow up to have such clear thoughts in life.

  • Keao

Keao means the light of the day. Your daughter will shine true to her name.

  • Keiba

Name your daughter Keiba and let her be fresh, always like the sunrise.

  • Kehaulani

Kehaulani may be a little complicated to spell, but its meaning is captivating. It means the dew that falls from the sky. The name is lovely to keep on a baby girl.

  • Keiki

Keiki is your child, and this is what it means

  • Kekepania

Your daughter is no ordinary lady. She is a woman who adorns a crown. So why not name her Kekepania?

  • Kekiokolanee

Kekiokolanee is an apt name. It is a girl who is honest, calm, and funny and always keeps secrets.

  • Keola

Your daughter is your life, isn’t it? So why don’t you pick up the name Keola.

  • Kieli

The heavenly name Kieli depicts the gardens of heaven.

  • Kinipela

Your little princess will be bold and mighty, just like the wave. So all the sea lover parents, name your daughter Kinipela.

  • Konane

The moonlight always draws us with its unique charm. Your daughter’s name Konane will allow her to glow all her life and charm one and all just like the moonlight.

  • Kali

Kali means a rosebud. This Greek, African and Hawaiian name can also be spelled as Kalie.

Your daughter will take pride in sharing her name with Kali Rocha, a famous American actress.

  • Luana

Launa means enjoyment. The typical variation of this name is Ana, Lu, and Lulu.

Luana is the name of a famous Italian songwriter and singer.

  • Lana

Lana has a Hawaiian and a Greek origin and means floating and light. You can tweak the name to Lonna or Alana.

Lana Turner is an actress, and Lana Del Rey is a popular singer who is the famous namesake.

  • Leia

The Hebrew, English, and Hawaiian name Leia means the lioness. The spelling variations are Leigh, Lea, Leyah, and Leah.

Léia Scheinvar is a well-known botanist.

  • Lokelani

Lokelani is just like your princess, who is a small red rose. You can nickname your girl Lani or Loki.

Lokelani McMichael is a triathlete for America who shares this name.

  • Loni

The Hawaiian and English origin name Loni means the sky.

Loni Anderson is an actress who carries this name.

  • Leilani

The pure Hawaiian name Leilani means a heavenly wreath. The name has a pure meaning, making it a popular name for parents to bestow on their girls.

Leilani Rose De Marco, the dancer, and Leilani Jones, the stage actress, are famous personalities with this name.

  • Lanah

True to her name, Lanah means precious. Lanah is what your daughter is to you.

  • Lanakila

A name decides one’s fate, so go ahead and call your little princess Lanakila which means victory.

  • Lilo

Your daughter will grow up to be rich and famous, but deep down, you desire that she is generous too. Well, then go with the name Lilo. It means the very accommodating one.

  • Leialoha

Leialoha means the darling child, just the name you have wanted to keep on your little girl.

  • Leiko

Leiko means a little flower. It’s a great baby girl name selection for you.

  • Lalani

Every daughter is heavenly and has been sent from heaven. Your daughter is the same so name her Lalani.

  • Malia

The Spanish and Hawaiian name Malia means brave, rebellious, and diligent. You have a real warrior here!

Your daughter will share her name with Malia Obama, the daughter of President Obama, and Malia Jones, a famous American model.

  • Makani

Makani means the wind. Let your little girl blow fearlessly like one.

  • Makaio

Makai means the gift from god. It is a very pure and true name to keep for your baby girl.

  • Malina

Malina means peace, a quality that is desired in all women.

  • Malana

Malana means to be light and buoyant. Your daughter will always be free-spirited, just like her name.

  • Mililani

Your daughter is praise-worthy so call her MililaniYou can nickname her Mili, Milly, or Lani.

  • Nalani

Nalani is the calm skies. You want your girl to possess this character for sure. Whatever the adversity, she should be mild, just like the skies.

You can shorten the name and call her Lani or Nala at home.

  • Naia

Naia is a sweet little name that means to flow and a dolphin. The popular variation of this name is Naya and Nya.

Naya Rivera is a well-known American actress who adores this name.

  • Nana

Nana depicts spring which is a month that makes people happy with its grace. That’s just your daughter for you.

  • Napua

Napua means the one who loves flowers.

  • Noe

Noe is a simple name with a beautiful meaning- the mist from heaven. You can also choose Noelani, which means the same.

  • Nalani

As serene as the sky, Nalani is a rare find in this list of Hawaiian girl names.

  • Nohea

Is not your daughter beautiful? Let her know that when you name her Nohea.

  • Okalani

Okalani means heavenly. You can nickname her Lani.

  • Onaona

Onaona means sweet smell. The name is perfect for your cute daughter.

  • Ona 

Ona means sweet, and it is the perfect name to gift your baby with.

  • Olina

Olina means joyous and is a happy-go-lucky name to keep on your baby girl.

  • Pali

Pali means the bird. Palila is an alternate name of this name.

  • Pele

Pele means the lightning, wind, fire, and the volcano goddess. It is divine yet impactful, making it a fantastic choice for your baby girl.

  • Pauahi

Pauahi means the enormous crater on the Hawaiian island. It means that the fire is now over.

  • Ulani

The perfect name for your cheerful girl, just go ahead and call her Ulani.

  • Wikolia

Wikolia is the woman of victory, and it symbolizes what your daughter will grow up to be.

  • Waiola

Waiola is an uncommon name that means the violet flower. However, you may want to pick it up for your Hawaiian baby girl name.


Here we complete our list of some beautiful yet traditional Hawaiian names for your baby girl. It is a blissful moment when a parent names their little one. We just hope to have helped make the task of baby name selection easy and that you have found the perfect moniker for your cute princess.

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