33 Amazing Mayan Boy Names And Meanings

The name that you choose for your bundle of joy is extremely important, and naming your little one is something that is a wonderful privilege and honor indeed. You want to find that name that will truly suit your baby, and capture just how unique and special and incredible he is.

If you are longing for a name for your baby boy that will truly reflect his uniqueness and make him stand out in the world, a truly inspired source to seek the right name would be in Mayan civilization and culture.

The Mayan civilization is considered to be the longest-lasting and most important civilization in the Mesoamerican region. The Mayan civilization thrived and flourished between 250AD and 900AD in what is called its Classic Period, and during this time, the Mayans established and founded a lot of expansive urban centers. They also made very impressive and significant advancements in architecture and art.

The Mayans are indeed one of the most heralded of civilizations, and they are famed for their mathematics, architecture, art, and writing. Their rich culture and languages became the inspiration for their very distinct and memorable names of people, places, and gods.

Mayan boy names are among the most breathtaking, most significant, and most meaningful names you can consider for your baby boy. These names are steeped in culture and history and majestic wonder.

Mayan Boy Names And Meanings

Mayan Boy Names And Meanings

These 28 amazing Mayan boy names are uniquely beautiful and hold captivating meanings, making them wonderful choices to consider for your little prince.

  • AAPO

Aapo is a Mayan name that connotes strength and magnificence. This is a beloved baby boy name that has been used since the sixth century. Though it has been confused at times for a baby girl name, Aapo is said to be more suited for baby boys. The name Aapo carries the meaning of “father of many nations” or “being a father of many or multitude”, quite like the Biblical name Abraham.


A wonderful option for a Mayan boy name is the name Abund. The name Abund brings with it a sense of prosperity and comfort, and in fact, when you hear this name, you may think of the word abundant. This would be quite apt because the name Abund actually holds the meaning of “abundant living” or “living in abundance”.

  • ACAN

If you are looking for Mayan boy names that are rooted in Mayan mythology, an enchanting and some would even say intoxicating option is the name Acan. This mythological name is said to be the name of the God of Intoxication and Wine.


Another Mayan name for baby boys that stems from Mayan mythology is the formidable name Ahau-Kin. The name Ahau-Kin is a name that brings a certain power and mystique to it. Ahau-Kin is the name of the God of the Underworld in mythology, and he is said to also be known to be the Jaguar Lord.

  • AH-MUN

Still on the topic of Mayan boy names with roots in Mayan mythology, one that has a marvelous magnificence about it is the name Ah-Mun. Ah-Mun is said to be among the most important and prominent Gods in legends. He has been depicted in a lot of Mayan art and paintings. Ah-Mun is associated with fertility and protection, and he is known as the Maize God.


A name for baby boys that is of Mayan origin that is complex and very rare is the name Babajide. This Mayan boy name is a very ancient one from the Mayan civilization, and it is a unique name that holds a unique meaning. Babajide means “father is coming home” or “father is returning home”, and it is a bold name for your little son.


Among Mayan boy names that are of mythological origins, one that is uncommon and also has an uncommon meaning is the name Bacabs. The Mayan mythology name Bacabs is said to reference the four Gods that are said to support the sky coming from the four cardinal points.


As you look at Mayan boy names, one that really captures the true miracle and wonder of bringing a newborn into the world would be the name Bembe. The name Bembe is said to carry the miraculous meaning of “son of a prophecy”, and it is an incredible choice of a name you can consider for your amazing little blessing.


Among the most powerful and steadfast Mayan boy names you can consider for your baby would be the name Cadmael. The name Cadmael is said to be a baby name that is occupational. It carries with it the bold meaning of “war chief”, and would make for a great choice if you’re looking for a daring, interesting name.

  • CHAC

A Mayan name for baby boys that is short and yet incredibly full of magnificence is the name Chac. This one-syllable Mayan boy name originated from Mayan mythology. In it, Chac is considered to be the of greatest importance, second only to the Creator. He is also said to be the God of Rain and is connected to the fertility of the land.


When it comes to Mayan boy names, one that is perfect to consider for the little man who is the apple of your eye is the name Dacey. Dacey is a stylish, chic name that brings with it feelings of affection. The name is said to carry the meaning of “adored” and “adorable”, and it is a great name for that baby boy who has won you over completely.


A great name for baby boys that is of Mayan roots is the name Eadrich. The name Eadrich is very catchy and full of flair and sophistication. It is said that this name has been considered a very dignified name for generations, and is among the most enduring Mayan names from the civilization. Eadrich carries the meaning of “wealthy monarch”, and referred to someone who lives in abundance and has much energy and a lot of charm.

  • ELOY

Of the Mayan boy names, one that is a short name and very rare is the name Eloy. The name Eloy is a very interesting and fascinating Mayan monicker, and it holds a majestic, rare meaning as well. Eloy is said to translate to the meaning of “renowned warrior”, and also “famous warrior”.


When considering Mayan boy names, if you are on the lookout for one that is unique and with a lot of sophistication and style, a winning choice would be Fabio. The name Fabio is very popular, but very few know that it is actually of Mayan origin. Fabio is a melodic name of three syllables and holds an undeniable charm to it. It carries the meaning of “bean farmer”.


A name of Mayan roots that you can consider for your baby boy that is grandiose and with an air of strength and magnificence is the name Gabor. Gabor is a bold, masculine name with a captivating flair and irrepressible style to it. This Mayan boy’s name holds the beautiful meaning of “God’s bravest man” or “the bravest man of God”.


The name Hadwin is a unique one in this list in that it has both Mayan and French roots. This Mayan boy’s name is said to have originated in France, and is comprised of two words: “Had” meaning “strong”, and “win” meaning “friend”. This lovely name is therefore said to carry the meaning of “strong friend”.


Looking at Mayan boy names, one that is very rhythmic and sweetly romantic is the name Horado. The name Horado is unusual and beautiful, and it likewise holds a meaning that is unique and full of beauty. Horado is a name that carries with it the gorgeous meaning of “timekeeper” or “the one who keeps time”.

  • HUGO

As you look at names for your baby boy that are of Mayan roots, a wonderful option you may find yourself leaning towards are names that connote intelligence. Enter the name Hugo, which would be a great name to consider indeed. This name is stylish and posh sounding, and it carries with it the meaning of “intelligence” or “to be intelligent”.


Another name with a blend of origins is the name Humberto, which is said to have roots both Mayan and Spanish. This name is full of winsome charm and it also has an easy coolness to it. Humberto is a Mayan name that comes from Spain, and it holds the outstanding meaning of “bright and intelligent” as well as “intelligent, big, and bright”.


If you are leaning towards Mayan boy names that are of Mayan mythological origin, one that you can definitely consider is Huracan. The name Huracan is mighty and majestic and brings a sense of enigma and power. In Mayan mythology, Huracan is the name of the Storm God. He is said to be the one who brought about the Great Flood when humans of the second generation were displeasing to the gods.

  • IAN

Wanting Mayan boy names that are very short and yet very beautiful? One that stands out is the name Ian. Many people may not be aware that the name Ian is actually a Mayan name, but it is in fact the Mayan version of “John”, a beloved English name. Ian is among the most popular and timelessly charming Mayan boy names, and it holds the incredible meaning of “Jehovah has been gracious” or “Jehovah has been courteous”.


If you are on the lookout for Mayan boy names that are rooted in Mayan mythology and at the same time are very unforgettable, then a strong option to consider is the name Itzamna. In Mayan mythology, Itzamna is said to be the name of the father of Bacabs, and is referred to as a Creator God who is benevolent. He is also known to be the Supreme God, and the main god of all the Mayan gods.


Among the more complex and intricate Mayan boy names that have stemmed from Mayan mythology is the name Kinich Ahau. Kinich Ahau is a name that is memorable and with a lovely uniqueness to it. In Mayan mythology, this is said to be the name of the Sun God, who is associated with healing and with medicine.


A name you can pick for your baby boy that is Mayan in origin and is also rooted in its rich mythology would be the name Nacon. Nacon is a name that has a distinct coolness and a trendy vibe. In Mayan mythology, Nacon is said to be the name of the God of War of the Mayans.


Leaning towards Mayan boy names that are on the longer and more complex side? One mesmerizing one to consider is the name Sachihiro. The name Sachihiro is an intricately charming name that likewise has a meaning that is full of charm. This Mayan boy’s name holds the meaning of “broad happiness”. Sachihiro is comprised of these two Mayan elements: “Sachi” meaning “happiness”, and “hero” meaning “vast”.


Among the most distinct and most complex and intricate Mayan boy names is the name Tecumbalam. This Mayan name is long and legendary and has a meaning that is of greatness. The name Tecumbalam refers to a great bird with the Mayan legends. This bird was said to have been sent to human beings who were displeasing to God at the time of the great flood, in order to break them.


Seeking Mayan boy names that originated from Mayan mythology and are unusual? A good one you may want to keep in mind is the name Yum Kaax. Yum Kaax is a memorable name that leaves an impression. In mythology, this is said to be the name of the God of the Woods, and Yum Kaax was a god worshipped by farmers and hunters.

  • ZOTZ

If you are longing for names of Mayan origin for your baby boy that has come from Mayan mythology and are totally compelling, a great name to consider is Zotz. The name Zotz is short and very unique and with an effortless cool about it. In Mayan mythology, this is said to be the name of the God of Bats, and it is a name that definitely makes a mark.


Are you looking for a Mayan name that is related to being masculine?

The name Balam is the one. It has that hero vibe in it. And you can’t ignore the charm it has. 

You will love the meaning that it has. Balam carries the meaning of jaguar.


Do you want your little kiddo to grow up strong and courageous?

Then you can go for the name Chakpaakat. This Mayan name for boys has a unique charm. It carries the meaning of a man with strong eyes.

  • NÁAY

Your son is the most handsome baby in the whole wide world. This is what all parents think of their babies.

And you want the most beautiful name for your little one. Right?

Náay is one such name! It has a captivating charm to it, and it translates to a dream.


If you want your boy’s name to have a meaning that can bring a ray of hope into people’s lives, then you can go with the name Sáasilen.

It is unique and has an enigmatic Mayan charm to it. It holds the meaning of “I am the light.”


As parents, we always want our babies to be loved by everyone. And that is what the meaning of this attractive name sums up.

The lovely name Yaamail comes with the meaning of “to be loved.”


Mayan boy names are chock full of beauty and wonder and amazement, and they are rich in meaning and symbolism. These names would be great inspirations for choosing the right one for your little son.

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