110 Popular French Last Names With Meanings

France is all about its iconic galleries and museums, and famous landmarks. The country boasts of its world-class architecture. The French language is supposed to be the most romantic language in the world. And the same beauty reflects in its surnames.
French surnames are classy, and most of them originate from an occupation or a location.

Here are some of our favorite French last names with their meanings, and we are sure there is something for you there that can make you and your little one proud.

Popular French Last Names

  • Allard

Allard means noble and is a French surname that you would want to keep for your little one.

Carole-Marie Allard is a Canadian politician with this last name.

  • Abreo

Abreo is the last name which means the wise counselor. The name comes from Normandy. The moniker Abreo is a variation of the name Abreu.

Albert Abreu is a professional baseball player from the Dominican Republic.

  • About

About refers to an extremity of a wooden or a metallic element. The name is also a famous French last name.

  • Auch

Auch is a French occupational surname for someone who takes care of the cattle at night.

  • Alarie

Alarie is an elegant sounding French last name that stands out because of its strength and charm. The name is believed to come from Alaric, a boys’ name that means all-powerful.

Donald Alarie is a Canadian writer who is a celebrity with this last name.

  • Anouilh

Anouilh means a slow worm and is a common surname in southern France.

  • Allaire

Allaire was a surname given to those who came from the town named Allaire. There are two Allaire lineage branches in North America, one of which planted its roots in Quebec in New France, and the other was in New Rochelle in New York. Allaire has a mysterious charm to it, and this is why it is one of the popular choices for French last names.

  • Andre

Andre is both a last name and a first name. The surname is the German, Portuguese, Dutch and French variation of Andrew or masculine. In the Danish language, Andre means second.

André André is a Portuguese footballer, and Annette Andre was an Australian actor.

  • Archambault

Archambault, the French last name, means a bold master, which makes it an apt name for your little one, especially if you want your child to grow up to be an independent person. The name is believed to have originated from the Germanic language.

Joseph Archambault was a Canadian lawyer and politician, and Larry Archambault was a Canadian ice hockey player.

  • Arnaud

Arnuad is a Germanic name and a famous French last name today. It means the eagle power.

Davy Arnaud is an American soccer player, and Marie-Hélène Arnaud was a French actress and model.

  • Arquette

Arquette is a famous French last name, and it means the bit arch. It also means the little bow. Arquette is believed to have come from arcus, which in Latin means arch. Arquette has another theory which states that this was a name given to archers because arc is the French word for a bow.

Rosanna Arquette is a well-known American actress with this last name.

  • Aubert

Aubert comes from Aedelbeort, which is an old German word. The French surname means bright and noble. Aubert is believed to be the French variation of Albert.

Abbé Aubert was a French journalist, playwright, and poet. Alvin Aubert was a well-known American poet.

  • Augustin

The French surname Augustin comes from Augustus, which is an ancient Roman name and means “to increase.”

Your child will be proud about sharing their name with D.J. Augustin, the professional basketball player who plays for Milwaukee Bucks.

  • Auger

Adal means noble, and gar means the spear. Auger is a strong surname that means a noble spear.

  • Abadie

The last name Abadie has its roots in both French and English languages. It is taken from the word “Abadia,” meaning a family chapel and abbey.

Famous personality with this name is Alberto and Abadie.

  • Archambeau

This last name came from the personal name Arcambaldus, a Latin word. This name is made of two elements or words with German roots. While the former word Ercan means precious, the latter word bald comes with the meaning of “daring” and “bold.”

  • Arsenault

This last name is taken from “arsenal,” a French word meaning workshop. Arsenault is considered an occupational surname for a gun seller, gunmaker, and keeper of an arsenal. You can choose this surname for your little one if you have an occupation similar to any.

  • Auclair

If you want a simple last name, you can choose the surname Auclair. This last name is taken from Clair, a French word. It holds the meaning of clear.

A famous personality with this surname is Josee Auclair. He is a Canadian explorer.

  • Bain

Bain is a French surname which is an occupational name for people who attended the public bathhouse.

  • Bassett

Bassett means short or low. It is a name given to someone who belongs to a humble origin. If you are a family who chooses to stay lowly and humble, then this could be the perfect last name for you.

  • Babin

Babin is an excellent pick if you are looking for a surname that creates a magnificent vibe. Babin comes from Babylon, and it means the gate of the gods.

Brian Babin is an American politician who hails from Texas.

  • Barre

If you are in search of a short French surname, then Barre could be a choice. The name has a chic vibe and was a common last name for those near the barriers.

Gaston Barre is a well-known industrialist and the founder of the French car company.

  • Bazin

The French surname comes from basil which is derived from Basileios in German and means royal. It is an occupational surname too. The last name is indeed a rare find.

  • Beaufort

Beaufort is a name with sophistication attached to it. It means the beautiful fortress, which makes it a top French last name pick among parents.

Francis Beaufort is an Irish hydrographer with this surname. He is the one who was the creator of the Beaufort wind force in the year 1805.

  • Barbet

If your name is Barbara, give your son the surname Barbet which means “the son of Barbara.”

  • Beaumont

Beaumont is a famous place in French, and the surname also comes from that place. The name is stately, and it means “the beautiful mountain.”

Eugene Hugh Beaumont was a famous American actor.

  • Bardin

The French surname is derived from Barta, an Old High German name and means the battle axe.

  • Bellerose

Bellerose exudes beauty and grace, which depicts its meaning “the beautiful rose well.”

Bellerose is the name for a Belgian-based clothing brand that has played a vital role in giving this surname a lot of popularity.

  • Blaise

Blaise is chic and is derived from the word Blaesus. It is a Latin name and means lisping or stammering. Blaise is one of the most popular surnames today.

  • Blanc

Blanc comes with a vibe, and the username means white. The last name was particularly used on those who had white hair or pale skin.

Erika Blanc is an Italian actress, and Jean David Blanc is a French musician who shares this surname.

  • Blanchet

Many French names mean white, and Blanchet is one such name. Blanchet is believed to have come from Blanc by adding an ette or het.

Catherine Elise Blanchett is a famous namesake your child will share their surname with. She is none other than the actress of the Lord of the Rings.

  • Cartier

Cartier is a last name with Anglo-Norman French roots. It is one of the famous occupational French last names and means working in the transportation industry. It is doubtful that you have not heard the name Cartier.

  • Cadieux

Cadieux means a little fighter and is an excellent French surname to pick.

  • Cartier

Cartier is a French last name and is a luxury jewelry brand famous across the world.

The celebrities with this last name are Albert Cartier, a French footballer, and Antoine Ephrem Cartier, an American businessman.

  • Charpentier

The French last name Charpentier means Carpenter. Its German variation is Zimmerman.

Karen Carpenter is a musician and singer, and Katie Carpenter is an American film producer and actress.

  • Chastain

Chastain is not an uncommon surname that you hear among the Hollywood film stars. The name comes from Castanea, which is a chestnut tree.

Brandi Chastain is an American soccer player, David Chastain is an American guitarist, and Jessica Chastain is a famous actress.

  • Chevrolet

Chevrolet, the well-known car company, is also a famous French last name. The surname is a classy choice for your baby’s last name.

Your child will share their surname with none other than Louis Chevrolet, the owner of the Chevrolet brand.

  • Charbonnier

Charbonnier is a famous French surname. It is an occupational name for the one who makes or sells charcoal.

  • Colbert

You cannot go wrong with the surname Colbert for your little one. The name has a Germanic origin and means bright and helmet.

Stephen Colbert is our beloved comedian and host who is a famous namesake.

  • Couture

Couture is all about fashion and style, and if you are a fashionista yourself, why not give your little one the surname Couture? It means the tailor and is an old French occupational surname.

Randy Couture is a mixed martial artist from America, and Evan Couture is a famous musician from America.

  • Chevalier

Chevalier means a knight, rider, or a horseman. The name astounds with its meaning-making it a great last name selection.

  • De la Cour

De la Cour means “of the court” and is a French occupational surname for one who lived close to the court or was employed at the court.

  • DeGarmo

DeGarmo is the American variation of de Garmeaux. Garmeaux comes from a town named Normandy. Gare means the station, and Eaux means water.

  • De La Fontaine

De La Fontaine is a French surname that means “the fountain” in the French language. A pretty name for your little one, you may want to bestow this surname on your baby.

Jean De La Fontaine is a famous French writer who has this surname.

  • DeRose

DeRose is a beautiful French surname for the one who has a rosy complexion.

  • Deschamps

Deschamps means from the field. Louis Auguste Deschamps is a famous naturalist, and the grass genus Deschampsia was named after him.

  • Dior

Here again is the classy surname Dior, popular worldwide, especially in the fashion circles. The surname means “golden.”

Christian Dior is a celebrity with this surname who is one of the world-famous fashion designers.

  • Desjardins

Desjardins is a pretty French surname that means “from the garden.”

  • Dubois

Dubois means from the forest. It is a well prevalent French surname

Antoine DuBois is a well-known French surgeon, and Charles Frédéric Dubois is a naturalist from Bulgaria.

  • Durand

If you wish to keep a surname that will be a head-turner, then check out the name Durand. The name is grand, and it means enduring.

Asher Brown Durand is an American painter, and William F. Durand is an American origin astronautical engineer.

  • Droit

Droit means to be upright or straight, and it is a perfect surname for parents who want their children to always fight for their rights.

  • Escoffier

Escoffier is a fashionable French last name and means “to dress.”

  • Edouard

Edouard draws a similarity to Edward, and it means a wealthy guardian. The name Edouard is both a French first and last name.

  • Emile

Emile is sweet and lovely, and it means rival, which makes it a bold surname. Emile comes from Emil, which is a famous roman family name. The moniker was tweaked to Emil to use as a boy’s name and Emily for girls name but later again got its original popularity of Emile used as a French last name.

  • Fabian

Fabian is a name with an aura. The surname comes from Faba, which in Latin means a bean.

Andrew Fabian is a British astrophysicist and astronomer, and Ava Fabian is an American actress and model.

  • Farrow

Farrow means an ironworker and is an occupational French last name.

  • Favreau

The old French surname Favreau means “the blacksmith.” This is thus an occupational French last name.

Jon Favreau is a famous screenwriter, actor, and producer with this name. Robert Favreau is a Canadian film editor and director.

  • Fournier

Fournier means classy and gentle. The occupational name means a baker.

  • Fay

Fay is a short and cute French last name and means “the fairy.”

  • Francois

If you try searching the top last names, then Francois does come up as a famous name. Francois means a Frenchman’s last name that shows the true roots of an individual.

The famous namesakes are Abraham Francois, a Canadian soccer player, and Alexandre François, a French linguist.

  • Fortier

Fortier refers to a fort, and it means stronghold. It is believed to be an occupational surname for someone who was in this profession.

  • Gagne

Gagne means to work or cultivate and is a French occupational name.

  • Garcon

It would be amiss not to include this surname among the top French last names. Garcon means “boy” in French.

  • Garnier

France brags about some of the world-famous brands and their connection to French last names. A well-known name in the hair care industry, Garnier, is an occupational name that means the storehouse of corn or the keeper of the granary.

  • Granger

For the literary lovers, Granger is the last name to choose. The surname comes from Granicarius and is a Latin for granary. The name had seen a lot of use in the old French times.

And the first name that pops up in mind when you hear this name is of Hermione Granger from the famous Harry Potter series.

  • Gagnon

The French last name comes from Gagnon, which means guard dog or mastiff.

  • Heroux

Heroux comes from the German name Hariwulf. Here Hari means army, and oux means wolf.

  • Hubert

A favorite among the mainstream celebrities, Hubert is a famous French surname and means a hopeful heart.

Allison Hubert, the American football player, Andy Hubert, the German football player, and Anthoine Hubert, the French racing driver, are celebrities with this French last name.

  • Janvier

How about choosing the name Janvier as a surname for your January-born baby? The French last name is unique, and it means the first month of the year- January. The name is famous as a first name and the last name.

  • Jacques

The French variation of the English name James, Jacques means the one who follows. The name got attention in medieval France when the moniker was used by a knight who got famous after returning from a crusade.

Bob Jacques, the rugby league football player, and Cheryl Jacques, the American activist, are famous namesakes.

  • Joubert

Joubert means famous and bright and comes from the tribe Gaut and the word berth.

  • Jean-Baptiste

For parents who lean towards religion, Jean-Baptiste could be an ideal choice.

Marianne Raigipcien Jean-Baptiste is a British actress with this surname.

  • Kaplan

Kaplan is a French surname that means a charity priest. The surname comes from the old Norman French name Caplain. A charity priest is the one who sings mass daily to remember the departed souls. It is an occupational French last name.

Abraham Kaplan, the philosopher, and Abraham Kohen Kaplan, the writer, are famous namesakes.

  • Laferriere

Laferriere is an occupational name given to those who used to stay close to the iron mines.

  • Lachapelle

Lachapelle is a French surname, and it means a chapel. So if you are the religious kind, this could be a perfect surname for your little one.

David La Chapelle, the well-known American photographer, is a namesake. He is famous for his photography and music videos.

  • Laframboise

Laframboise is a famous French name that means raspberry.

  • Laurent

The surname Laurent exudes classiness. It means laurel, which could be the reason why many choose this surname for their little ones.

Your child will share their surname with Yves Saint Laurent, the famous French designer, and Mélanie Laurent, the French actress.

  • Lacroix

Lacroix is a French last name that stands out for its confidence. The name exudes audaciousness and is also famous as the name of several brands and businesses.

  • Leandre

Leandre comes from the Greek word that means “a lion man.” The name is magnificent and is the French variation of the name Leander.

  • Lambert

Lambert comes from the word Landberht, a German name that means light of the land or bright land. The username is an occupational name for lamb herd.

  • Marchand

Marchand is an occupational French last name for those who bring and sell goods. Marchand means merchant in old French.

  • Macon

Macon means a mason and is an occupational French last name.

Nathaniel Macon was a famous politician in North Carolina.

  • Monet

Monet is an excellent pick for parents who want an artistic flair in their child’s last name. The name is a variation of Simon and means to be heard.

Claude Monet is a famous French painter with this name.

  • Milhaud

Milhaud is derived from Milhaud and is a small community settled in France’s Gard.

  • Moreau

Moreau comes from Maurus and means dark-skinned. The name is known through its use in many literary works.

Stéphane Moreau is a French footballer with this surname.

  • Moulin

A French last name that reminds you of Moulin’s pop culture comes from Molina and refers to the mill workers or the millers.

Arthur Moulin was a French politician, and Félix-Jacques Moulin was a French photographer.

  • Martin

Martin is the last name that has a handsomeness and distinct charm to it. The name comes from the Roman God of fertility and War- Mars. The root of this word is Mar which means gleam.

Dean Martin, the singer, and actor bears this last name.

  • Mathieu

Mathieu is a name that overflows, exuding its charm everywhere. It is the French variation of the name Matthew and means “the gift from God.” The meaning of the name is impactful, which makes it a hot favorite among many parents.

  • Noyer

Noyer meant walnut and was used by those who used to reside beside a walnut tree.

  • Ozanne

Ozanne means “save pray or save now” and is a soothing French last name.

  • Paquet

Paquet is an occupational French last name and means bundle. It was used by these who used to gather firewood and tie them up in bundles to sell them.

Eugène Paquet was a parliamentarian from Canada.

  • Parent

The name does not seem very common, but it is a French last name. It means notable.

  • Perreault

If you are on the prowl to seek a French last name, then Perreault could be your choice. The surname means stone.

Mathieu Perreault was a professional ice hockey player.

  • Rousseau

Rousseau comes from Russus, which is a Latin word and means red. The name is stylish and sophisticated.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a famous philosopher, composer, and writer who is the bearer of this name.

  • Riviere

Riviere means elegance and stately, and it refers to the river and shore. The name has a topographic significance and is used for one who stays beside a riverbank.

  • Rayne

Look at the French last name Rayne which connotes guidance. It means advice and counsel and is derived from the German name Ragin.

Dana Rayne, the singer, and Max Rayne, the British philanthropist, are famous namesakes.

  • Richard

Richard doubles up both as a French first name and last name. The classic name means brave and strong.

  • Roche

The grand surname Roche boasts of a poshness in it. It means rocky outcrop or rock and is used for those who used to live close to the hills.

Albert Severin Roche was a famous French soldier.

  • Sauveterre

Sauveterre comes from Sauve, which means safe. It means land and is the name of a village in the southwestern part of France.

  • St. Pierre

Those who are bend towards religious names can have a peek at this biblical last name.

Georges St-Pierre is an MMA fighter from Canada.

  • Sartre

Sartre draws you with its mysterious charm and undeniable appeal. The name is derived from Sartor, which means tailor. It is thus an occupational name for those who used to sew clothes.

Maurice Sartre was a French historian and Romain Sartre is a French footballer.

  • Sauvageon

Sauvageon is filled with energy which makes it a good option for French last names. It means wild and untamed.

  • Theroux

A well-known French last name used widely in Hollywood. Theroux means “by the well.”

Justin Theroux, the famous producer, actor, and director, has this name.

  • Tremblay

Sifting through our vast list of French last names, you must have come to this lovely surname Tremblay, a marvel for nature lovers. It means Aspen and is a topographic name used by people who live close to the Aspen tree.

Alfred Tremblay was a Canadian explorer, and Benoît Tremblay was a Canadian politician.

  • Trudeau

Trudeau is a French last name with mythological significance. It is a variation of the name Torvald and means Thor’s ruler.

The first name that comes to mind is of Justin Trudeau, the well-known Canadian prime minister.

  • Vachon

Vachon comes from the Latin word “cow.” It could be a French occupational surname for cowherds.

  • Vidal

Vidal is a French surname that takes you straight to the beauty industry.

The surname comes from Vitalis, which in Latin means vital.

  • Vincent

Vincent has indeed enjoyed immense popularity as a first name and a surname. The surname comes from Vicentius, which is a Latin name and means conquer.

Alex Vincent is a famous actor, and Alex Vincent is a renowned drummer.

  • Webster

Webster is a French occupational surname for the one who weaves.

  • Zabelle

If you are in search of a fancy French surname, then Zabelle is a beautiful pick. It means grace and comes from the root word belle, which in French means beautiful.


Surnames connect one to their family. It is a sign of their pride and recognition. Listed above are classy French surnames to help you pick something to suit your family tradition.

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