55 Funny Native American Names For Boys & Girls

Have you just become parents to a gorgeous baby girl or a handsome baby boy?

Congratulations, new parents! Welcome to the league.

So, have you thought of any names for your little munchkin? If not, I can help.

Being a parent to a little girl myself, I understand how hard it is to select the right name for your baby. You spend hours and days choosing “the one” name that will fit your baby the best.

When I was pregnant, my husband and I spent months shortlisting some names, and then we decided to go with the name Zara for our little princess. It’s short, easy to pronounce, and has a beautiful meaning – just how we wanted it to be. And everyone likes it.

But, if you are still not sure what kind of name to go for, I suggest going for Native American names. They are quite unique. And did I tell you that they carry sentimental, powerful, and beautiful meanings?

Now, are you more of a light-hearted family and looking for a name that has a funny side to it?

Then, honey, there are loads of Native American names that meet your requirement the best!

So, here I am, with a list of some funny native American names that you may like for your newborn baby!

Funny Native American Names

Funny Native American Names

The best thing about these names is that they are unique and classy, and they are quite fun to pronounce. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Funny Native American Names For Boys

Funny Native American Names For Boys

They say if you have a son, then the chances are that they are closer to their moms than their dads.

I don’t know if it’s true. But I did see many of my friends’ sons are closers to them than their dads.

Now, if you are a mommy, you might be delighted to have given birth to a son who is a mix of you and your partner.

But have you thought of a name for him?

If not, this section is for you. Well, this section is especially for parents who are looking for a funny Native American name for their newborn baby boy.

Here I have added a collection of some of the funniest Native American names for your little munchkin.

So, take a tub of popcorn and a glass of coke while you sit with your partner and scroll through my list of names until you find the right one.


Have you ever come across this unique name?

Well, I haven’t. It is used by people all over the world, but it is still not that popular.

Do you want your kiddo to have a life full of happiness and laughter?

Then Ahanu would be a good name for him, as it means “he laughs.”


Do you love nature and want your son to grow up as one too? How about naming him Atohi?

This Native Cherokee name carries with it the meaning of woods. If you don’t like the spelling of this name, you can use spell it as Atohe or Adohi too.


Are you into short and quirky names? How about the name Achak?

This name has a cool rock-n-roll vibe that you can’t ignore.

It has its roots in the Native American language and holds the meaning of spirit. It is an uncommon name for boys, and you can’t find many people with this name – perfect for parents looking for rare names.


It can be an interesting name for your little one.

It has its roots in the Native American Hopi language. It holds the meaning of the restless one.

It’s pronounced as ah-HO-the.


The name Ahiga originates in the Native American Navajo language and is pronounced as ah- HEE-gah.

When it comes to popularity, this is an uncommon name. In the year 2018, up to five boys were given this name.

Ahiga comes with the meaning of “he fights.”


Do you want your baby boy to grow up as a good speaker – someone whose voice will be heard?

Then you can give him the name Bisahalani. The name itself means speaker. Yes, I know, the name is a bit long and somewhat complex, but you can give him a cute nickname for that. I have some suggestions in this regard. How about Bisa, Lani or Bi?


Did I tell you how uncommon this native American name is?

Since the year 1880, less than a hundred boys have been given this unique name. So, if you are into rare names, this can be the one. What say?

Now, if you find the spelling to be a little not-so-likable, there are many other options for you. Some of them are Bidiil, Bidzil, and Bidzill.


Do you like names that are not used by many? How about the name Bemidji?

It’s a Native American Ojibwe name for boys, meaning river by the lake.

It has an earthy vibe and will fit your son best if he is a Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces.


Doesn’t this name sound funny to you? It almost sounds like jingalala!

This can be a great choice if you are looking for funny native American names.

You need to pronounce this as see-KAH-laa. It means the little one. 

After all, your child will always be a baby in your eyes, no matter how older he grows, isn’t it?


Now, who doesn’t want their kids to be witty and intelligent! And this name has just that meaning – witty.

Chesmu sounds cute, and it has a charming appeal to it. I liked it the moment I heard it. And I especially loved the meaning that it has.

Did you like it too?


If you look at the list of the most popular names, you will find the name Dyami on number 6626. It was last recorded in the year 2020.

The name Dyami carries with it the meaning of eagle.

  • ETU

Doesn’t the name sound cute to you? And it has a glorious meaning too.

The Native American name Etu means the sun – the source of light – that keeps the whole planet alive.

If you want your son to have a confident and fiery personality, then you can try giving him this powerful name.


This name sounds so funny! Isn’t it?

Are you religious and want to give your boy a light-hearted name that has a religious side to it?

Eluwilussit is just what you were looking for!

This name is so hilarious that you can’t help smiling while you pronounce it – at least I couldn’t. And it has the meaning of the holy one.

What more do you want?

  • FONE

Are you fond of snow? Do you like short and easy-to-pronounce names? How about Fone?

This name is short and sounds adorable when you say it. And it means snow child.

Are you going to keep it?


This is another short name on my list of funny native American names.

You need to pronounce it as gawm-DAH. If you like the pronunciation but want to have a different spelling, you can use Gomdah.

This striking name for your baby boy means wind.


Do you want your boy to speak his mind without any fear when he grows up?

Then give him the name Gawonii. This name has poise. And it holds the meaning of “he is speaking.


Do you love sunshine and a sunny day? Would you like it if you could give your baby boy a name that has a meaning similar to it?

Name him Helaku. This name means a sunny day – perfect for a baby boy who is always smiling and who can bring a smile to your face as well!

  • IYE

Are you into names that have at least some sense of mystery in them?

Then the chances are that you will like the name Iye. It is an uncommon name in America. But it is short and has a strong mystical appeal to it. It carries with it the meaning of smoke.


Are you into uncommon and unique names? Then how about the name Joweese?

When you say this name out loud, it glides off your tongue softly. And once you get used to it, you can say this name multiple times at a go!

You need to pronounce Joweese as jou-EH-z. This rare name has the meaning of a chirping bird.

  • KAGA

Do you want to name your baby something that has a close relation to a great man?

The sweet name Kaga has the meaning of chronicler.

It would be a perfect name for your baby boy if you want him to be a historian or a renowned writer in the future.


The name Kitchi somewhat tickles me! Is it the same case with you?

This name has a certain aura of cuteness and innocence to it. Don’t you agree?

And it has the powerful meaning of being brave.

Are you looking for some alternative spellings of this beautiful name?

How about Kytchi and Ketchee?

  • LAPU

The name Lapu managed to bring a smile to my face while I pronounced it! Do you know where this adorable name comes from?

Well, it is derived from the Hopi tribal people. It honors our natural heritage. The name Lapu refers to the ceremonial tree that is extremely valued and used as a purifying herb or incense.

Lapu means cedar bark that is mainly used for creating skirts, capes, and vests by the tribes of Native America.


Do you like animals? Or, are you into lengthy names?

Then you may like the name Masichuvio. You need to pronounce it as ma-SEH-chooo-VEE. Did I tell you how rare this name is in the whole world?

The meaning that this name carries is grey deer.


Do you like the nickname Nash?

Then you can give your baby boy the name Nashoba. You need to pronounce it as naa-sh-OH-bah.

This charming name has the fierce meaning of wolf. It is an uncommon name. So, if you give your kid this name, then the chances are that he will be the only one in his class to have this name.


Isn’t the name cute?

Now, if you want to see your baby boy all prepared to face the challenges that life throws at him, then Otetiani would be a perfect fit for him.

This traditional Native American name means he is prepared.


Do you want your little prince to be a savior of people when he grows up as a young man? How about the name Pallaton?

Palloton has a fierce meaning, and it fits your son the best if you want him to be an independent and confident young man. The name has the meaning of a fighter or warrior.

And did I tell you how rare this name is in the USA?


Do you want your boy to be a leader of the people when he grows up? Or, do you want him to be a politician?

Then you may like the name Qaletaqa. You pronounce it as kaa-LEH-tah-KAH. And it is quite synonymous with strength and bravery. The name means the guardian of the people.

And this name is rare too.


Many parents want their sons to be fierce and confident when they grow up. Are you one of them?

Then the chances are that you will like the name Rowtag. It is uncommon, and not many people in the world bear this name.

The meaning of this name is fire. Isn’t it fascinating? And if you are not happy with the spelling of this name, you can surely use some other alternatives such as Rotag and Roetag.


I love polar bears. They are so cute that I just can’t get my eyes off them whenever I see pictures and videos of them. Are you a fan of polar bears too?

Then you are surely going to love the name Satanta!

Satanta means white bear. Did you know that most of the tribes of Native America have no direct contact with white or polar bears?

  • TADI

Isn’t the name adorable?

This name exerts power, and it has an essence of manliness to it too. The name carries with it the meaning of breeze or wind.

  • UTAH

As you may already know, Utah is a well-known mountainous state in the USA. It is short, which makes it easy to pronounce and easy to remember.  

The name Utah is quite popular among new and expecting parents. It means the people of the mountain. So, if you are from the mountain, you can definitely give your baby boy this light-spirited name.

  • YUMA

Do you like names that show some class? How about the name Yuma?

This Native American boy’s name has a powerful vibe to it. It holds the meaning of the son of the chief.

Funny Native American Names For Girls

Funny Native American Names For Girls

They say daughters are closer to their dads than their moms. But in my case, things are just the opposite.

My toddler loves me a LOT. In fact, sometimes I feel like she loves me more than anything in this world.

She always wants me by her side. She even accompanies me to the washroom. Yes, and she starts crying if I don’t take her with me or close the door.

That’s not it. She is super possessive. Whenever she sees her dad and me sitting close, she always runs to us and sits in between.

Whenever I’m hurt, no matter what or who has hurt me, she is the first person to come to me and ask me what happened and say sorry.

Yes, sometimes, I do feel like I don’t get to have any me time anymore, but I feel blessed. Really.

Now, when it comes to naming this sweet, caring, and adorable daughter of yours, you do have to choose the best name for her, right?

And that is where the following list of names comes into the picture. These are Native American names that have a funny side to them – perfect for light-hearted parents.


Are you into popular names?

Then you may like the name Aiyana. This is one of the most popular native American names for your little angel. And it has a beautiful meaning too.

Aiyana holds the meaning of forever flowering.


Do you want to give your baby girl a name that is rare and light-hearted as well? How about the name Cherokee?

This name is not used that much, which means there are very few chances of having a girl of the same name in your kid’s class. It means people of a different speech or a tribe.

Did I tell you that there are multiple variations of this name?

This means if you don’t want to go with this spelling, you can choose a different spelling of this name, such as Cheroki, Cherokie, Cherokey, Cherrokee, and Cheroke.


Now, who doesn’t know the famous Hollywood actress Dakota Johnson!

This gorgeous name has always been quite popular among parents. And did I tell you that it is a gender-neutral name?

This means you can give this name to both boys and girls.

Now, do you want to opt for a different spelling of this name?

You can choose from Dakoda, Dekotah, Dacotah, Dakotah, and Dekota.


This is another uncommon name for your little one. Doesn’t the name sound sort of melodious to you?

It comes with the meaning of a beautiful prairie on the hill.

Do you like the name but want to opt for a different spelling?

You can choose between Hialeah and Hialeigha.


Do you winter and snow? How about giving a name to your little princess that has a similar meaning?

It just fits just the bill! This name is quite unique. Don’t you think so?

And it means snow. Happy?


This name is so pretty, isn’t it? It is perfect for your baby girl if you want to give her a beautiful name. And it sounds almost similar to princess Fiona, isn’t it?

This Native American name for girls comes with the meaning of a brown hill.

  • LULU

Doesn’t the name sound funny to you? It brought a smile to my face when I pronounced it!

This Native American name has its origin in Latin and German languages.

The meaning that this name has is rabbit.


Have you ever come across the name Nokomis? Well, I haven’t. This name is very rare, and not many women in this world carry this pretty name.

Are you into fairy tales? Do you want to give your baby a name that has a close connection to the moon?

Nokomis is the one! It means the moon’s daughter.

  • OPA

If you are into short names, Opa can be the one you are looking for.

This simple name for your baby girl is not that common. It has its origins both in American and Hawaiian cultures.

Opa means moonfish.


Poloma is a cute name that is, again, not very common. If you are into unique names, you can definitely go for this one.

Poloma means bow.

  • TALA

This crisp name has managed to make a place on the list of the funny native American names for girls.

Do you want your baby girl to grow up as an independent and fierce lady?

Tala can be a good option for that. It means wolf.


Do you know how unique this name is?

There are not many girls with this name. Winona carries with it the meaning of the first daughter. So, if this is your first baby girl, you can opt for this name.

You can go with different spellings, such as Wenona and Winnona.

Unisex Funny Native American Baby Names

Unisex Funny Native American Baby Names

Nowadays, more and more people are inclined towards unisex names for their baby boys or girls.

Gender-neutral names are all the rage. One of my trend-following friends gave birth to a baby boy last month, and she also chose a unisex name for their little one.

And that leads us to this section, where I have come up with a list of the most awesome unisex names.

If you want a Native American name for your kiddo with a funny side, this section is where you need to look.

The following names are unique, close to nature, and have a humorous side to them.

So, are you ready to go through the list?

Read on.


Do you like melodious names? Well, I do. And so, the name Ameyalli is number one on my list.

This name has a delicate vibe to it. Also, it can be a great name for your baby if you like water, as it comes with the meaning of fountain. And you know how beautiful a fountain is, right?

It has its roots in the Nahuatl language.


The rise of the sun marks a new day, a new beginning. And so does the name Awena mean.

It sounds super elegant and can fit your stylish baby perfectly.


Isn’t this name cute? I already like it.

The name Shilah with Native American roots, comes with the meaning of brother. In the year 2020, it was 14309th place on the list of the most popular names in the USA.

If you don’t like this spelling, you are free to choose between Shillah, Shyllah, and Shyla. If you ask me, I like Shyllah the most. It sounds trendy and has a posh vibe to it.


Are you into K-pop music?

If you are and know about the very famous Blackpink, you may already know the song “Flower” by Jisoo that is currently breaking all records.

Now, why I’m talking about music and flower?

Because the name Xochitl means just that! And this is a popular name in Mexican and Aztec cultures.


This Native American boy’s name can fit both your daughter and son perfectly. Yantse sounds like a name that has a close connection to nature.

It holds the meaning of yellow willow. It refers to a tree species that you get to see along water-logged meadows and stream edges of California.

Coming to its use, it is rare in the USA. If you are someone who wants to go for a unique unisex name, Yantse can be the one.


The name Citali sounds like the name of some posh woman. But it is a gender-neutral name, which means you can use it for your son too.

I have a particular liking for the sun, the moon, the stars, and everything that is in the sky. And that is why I like the name Citali too.

This name, with Native American roots, holds the meaning of a star. And your kid is already the star of your life, right?


This is a bit complex name and, of course, unique. If you like animals and are looking for a Native American name with some connection to animals, Esadowa is the name for you.

This sweet name has got its inspiration from an animal, particularly the wolf.

And did I tell you? Since I watched the Twilight movie series, I have developed a special liking for both vampires and wolves.


Do you like songs, or do you want your little one to grow up to be a good singer?

Then you can name them Kimeya.

This gender-neutral name from Native American culture holds the beautiful meaning of a singing throat.


The spelling of this name is confusing. But if you are into rare names, you can go for this one.

When it comes to pronunciation, you need to say mays-lee. See? Very easy.

It comes with the mesmerizing meaning of the moon.


If you want your little one to grow up strong and all-powerful, Pillan is the name for you.

It sounds cool and holds a god-like meaning, that is “the god of stormy weather.”


The name Seneca has a royal vibe to it. If you want your kid to have a name that oozes royalty, Seneca is the name you can go with.

Seneca holds the meaning of “people of the standing rock.” Actually, it is a tribe that is connected to the Iroquois Confederacy.


Which one did you like the most from this list of funny native American names for your little bundle of joy?

Let me know in the comments!

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