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72 Christmas Baby Names For Boys & Girls

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Has your baby been born in the month of December? Or, is the arrival of your baby due in the month of December?

It is natural for you to look for Christmas names for your baby boy or baby girl. And did I tell you that my daughter was also born on December 22nd, just before Christmas day?

Well, yes! I was expecting her arrival on the 25th of December, but she came early. And I’m so happy that she did because I couldn’t wait for more days to see her!

The time of Christmas is truly magical: the glittering lights, the beautiful decorations, the Christmas trees, the happy people, the Christmas shopping, jingle bells, Santa Claus, food, and gifts – all are so mesmerizing.

So, why not give your baby a name that describes the spirit of the season?

When it comes to Christmas names, there is a pool of names to choose from! From hymns and carols to movies and shows – there are so many names inspired by this festive spirit. As a result, you can actually get confused with tons of available name options.

Now don’t get puzzled; I’m here with a list of some fabulous Christmas names for both boys and girls. All you need is to go through them and choose the best one from the lot.

Read on.

Christmas Names For Boys And Girls

Christmas is the time that you can associate with faith, love, and happiness. So do you want to give your little bundle of joy a name that has a close connection to these?

Check these names out!

Christmas Names For Boys

Christmas Names For Boys

Are you expecting a baby boy during the days of festivities? How about a spectacular Christmas name for him?

Have a look!

  • Augustus

Do you like Christmas movies? Have you watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas?”

Then you may know that this is the name of a kind-hearted character. Do you want your little boy to be kind-hearted too?

If so, you can give him this name. It sounds somewhat superior to me. The meaning of Augustus is noble.

  • Arthur

Have you watched the 3D movie “Arthur Christmas?”

In that movie, the name of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus was Arthur. It sounds like the name of an emperor to me. And did I tell you that this name has become a favourite of many parents in the U.S. as well as Britain?

The name translates to courageous and noble.

  • Alonzo

There was a Christmas special movie named “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

In that, both the father and the brother in the Smith family carried the name Alonzo. It has its roots in Latin, which translates to eagerness for war.

  • Alfredo

You already know that the elves worked hard to make all the beautiful gifts for little munchkins, right?

The name Alfredo has a reference to those elves. It is the Italian and Spanish versions of the name Alfred.

It carries the meaning of elf counselor.

  • Abner

The name Abner was a hot favorite among parents in the 1880s. It is taken from the Bible.

At present, this name is slowly climbing the stairs of popularity. It has the beautiful meaning of the father of light.

  • Balthazar

If you are well aware of the happenings in Jesus’ life, then you may know that there were three wise men who bought presents for baby Jesus, right?

One of them had the name of Balthazar. It carries the meaning that Baal protects the king. So, if you want your baby boy to be the protector of people when he grows up, this name can be a good option.

If you want to go with a different spelling of this name, you can choose Balthasar.

  • Christobal

This name itself sounds like Christmas to me! However, it is unique and would fit your baby boy well if you are into uncommon names.

Christobal means the bearer of Christ.

  • Comet

Isn’t the name cute? I liked it. And it is the name of Santa’s reindeer.

If you are into short Christmas names, Comet can be the one. It holds the meaning of long-haired.

  • Clement

Did you know that the author of “Twas the Night before Christmas” has the name, Clement Moore?

He was the one to tell the names of all the eight reindeer. It can be a good name for your baby boy. The name carries with it the meaning of merciful and mild.

  • Claus

Don’t you like Santa Claus? Then how about naming your kiddo, Claus?

It will remind you of the very loved Santa Claus whenever you say this name. And if you want to go a different way with the spelling, you are welcome to choose Klaus.

Also, it can be a good name as a nickname, especially for boys named Nicholas.

It comes with the meaning of people’s victory.

  • Clark

In “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” the head of the Griswold family is named Clark.

The name sounds somewhat vintage to me, and I liked it. The meaning that this name has is secretary or scribe.

  • Christopher

St. Christopher was the name of the travelers’ patron saint. It is believed that he was the one to carry baby Jesus across the river.

The name has with it the meaning of bearer of Christ.

  • Christian

How religious are you? Do you want your son to bear the name of your religion itself?

Then the best name that you can give him is Christian. This name is evergreen and always in trend.

It carries the meaning of the follower of Christ.

  • Charlie

Do you like the famous Christmas movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas?”

Then you may want to name your baby boy Charlie. It is sweet, and it is simple to pronounce. And who can forget the loved Charlie Chaplin!

This name holds the meaning of man.

  • Caleb

Do you want your son to be devoted to God?

Then Caleb would be a good name for him. It has a modern twist to it, and I like it. This Christian name translates to devotion to God.

  • David

This is such a sexy Christian name, I must say! There are many celebrities with this wonderful name – from sportspersons to actors.

And who can forget the classic carol “Once in Royal David’s City?”

It holds the meaning of Beloved. So now you have more reasons to keep this name!

  • Emmanuel

Do you like classic, hot Christian names for your baby boy? How about Emmanuel?

This name is classy, attractive, and has all the hotness that a name can have. This biblical name is borne by Messiah – a perfect name for Christmas.

The name has the beautiful meaning of God is with us.

  • Ember

Again, I find this name to be sexy. It gives a fuzzy feel.

And did I tell you that you can use Ember as a nickname, too, especially for babies with the name December?

  • Ebenezer

Did you know that Ebenezer is mentioned in the Bible as a place that Samuel set up?

His intention was to commemorate his win over the Philistines.

Have you read Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol?” You will find the mention of Ebenezer in it too.

If you think that the name is kind of confusing, you can shorten it to Eben. It carries the meaning of the stone of help.

  • Frost

Is your baby born during the holiday season because of which you want to give him a Christmas name? How about a cool name?

Frost fits your bill perfectly! Earlier, people used to use it as a last name, but then, with time, it is used as a first name too. The meaning that this name has is white-haired.

  • Frederick

This is a common name that is liked by many parents. Are you one of them?

Then you can give this name to your little prince. And you know Fred Claus is Santa Claus’ older brother, right?

So, if you want a nickname for your son Frederick, you can use Fred. It means one who rules.

  • Forest

Do you know the Christmas carol “Down in Yon Forest?”

The name Forest is taken from there. It is cool, it is modern, and it has a certain aesthetic appeal to it.

It has the meaning of wood or woodman.

  • Felix

The name Felix has the letter “x” at the end. This makes it somewhat more Christmas-like.

It translates to happy. If you want your son to be a happy soul, this would be a good name for him.

  • Geoffrey

Do you want your baby boy to believe in peace and have a peaceful life?

Give him the name Geoffrey!

This name has its roots in Europe. This was a popular name in the Middle Ages.

It translates to peace.

  • Gaspar

Gaspar is close to the name Casper. It is uncommon and sounds somewhat cool. If you are looking for something like this, you can keep this name for your boy.

It translates to the treasurer.

  • Gabriel

Have you read the story of Christmas?

Then you may be well aware of the name Gabriel. He was the archangel. He was the one to tell Mary that she would give birth to Jesus – the son of God.

It has the meaning that my strength is God.

  • Joseph

This Cristian name has its roots in the Hebrew language. According to the Bible, a carpenter was Joseph. He was the one chosen by God to be the father of Jesus.

It has the meaning of addition and increase.

  • Jefferson

Have you watched the classic Christmas movie “Christmas in Connecticut?”

 In it, Jefferson, a handsome hero, acted. It has the meaning of the son of Geoffrey.

  • Jack

Now, this is a very popular and trendy name that never goes out of fashion!

Yes, you may have heard this name donned by heroes in many movies. And who can forget Jack from Titanic!

This famous short name holds the meaning that God is gracious.

  • Luke

Have you read the Old Testament?

In it, the huge account of the nativity was given by the Gospel of Luke. You get to know about the incident of angel Gabriel’s appearance in front of Mary.

The name carries the meaning of light giving.

  • Linus

Have you watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas?”

I love it. It was a great musical show that was animated. And in it were the Peanut gang, namely Frieda, Violet, Linus, and Lucy.

It means flaxen-haired.

  • Miles

There was a character named Miles in the movie “Elf.” Have you seen it?

Miles is a variant of the name Milo. It exudes confidence and coolness.

And it has the meaning of a soldier.

  • Malachi

Are you into religious names? How about the name Malachi?

It sounds somewhat musical and has a good connection with the nativity scene where there were angels. It comes with the responsible meaning of messenger.

  • Nicholas

Do you know what the real name of Santa Claus is?

Well, it is St. Nicholas. So, if you choose to give your baby boy the name Nicholas, you are actually naming him with the other name of Santa.

This name translates to the victory of the people.

  • Natal

Are you into geography? How deep? Do you know that Vasco de Gama discovered a place named Natal on the day of Christmas?

This is actually a name from Spain that translates to birthday. Sweet, isn’t it?

  • Pax

I find the name Pax to be modern and charming. And it somehow has a certain festive vibe to it.

This three-letter word is easy to remember and pronounce. And if you are looking for a different spelling, you can go with Paix. It holds the meaning of “peaceful.”

  • Rudolf

Did you know that the name of one of Santa’s reindeer is Rudolf?

This name has a vintage charm to it. It has managed to remain a favorite among parents. If you want to give your baby boy this name and are looking for a matching nickname, you can choose Rudy. It holds the meaning of wolf or fame.

  • Ralphie

This is such a sweet name that sounds so good to the ears! Have you seen the movie “A Christmas Story?”

Then you may be well aware of this beautiful name. It translates to wolf-counsel.

  • Snowden

This is one of the unique Christian names for your little bundle of joy. The name itself sounds festive and Christmas-like.

It has the meaning of “from the snowy hills.” So if you like holidays and snow, this name can be a perfect fit for your son.

  • Tannenbaum

Have you heard this name before?

Well, I have not! This name has its roots in the German language, and it means pine in Germany.

There is also a carol named “O Tannenbaum .”Do you find this name to be a little confusing and difficult to pronounce?

Then you can choose its shorter version, which is Tannon or Tannen. It holds the meaning of a fir tree.

  • Wenceslas

Do you like traditional or Slavic names to be exact? How about the name Wenceslas?

Wenceslas was a noble king. He was one of the attendees in the feast of Stephen.

The name has the meaning of greater glory.

  • Yule

If you like short names that are unique and trendy, you can go with the name Yule.

It has its roots in Old English, and it translates to the winter solstice.

Christmas Names For Girls

Christmas Names For Girls

Are you expecting a baby girl during the happy days of festivals? How about a classy name with a beautiful meaning?

Scroll down!

  • Audrey

Who doesn’t know about the famous celebrity Audrey Hepburn?

Now, coming to the Christmas aspect of it, have you watched the film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?”

 In it, the name of the youngest daughter of Griswold was Audrey.

  • Anya

This is such an attractive name that it is easy to pronounce and cute. Do you want your baby girl to grow up as a graceful young woman?

Then you can give her the name Anya. It translates to grace.

And did I tell you that it is the Russian version of the name Anna?

  • Angelina

Now, who doesn’t know about the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie? I love her. She is such a stunner!

Do you want your daughter to grow up beautiful like an angel? Then you can name her Angelina.

It is a variation of the names Angela and Angel. It has a certain festive vibe to it.

And the name has the meaning of an angel.

  • Amaryllis

Did you know that Amaryllis is the name of a lovely flower that has a connection with Christmas?

Do you want your baby girl to shine bright like a diamond? This can be her name for her.

This is a Greek name that has the meaning of “to sparkle.”

  • Abigail

If you are into Christian names, you may like this lovely name. According to the Old Testament, King David’s third wife was Abigail.

It carries the meaning of “my father is joyful.”

  • Berry

I am so much in awe of Halle Berry. I liked her “Cat Woman” so much!

This name has a religious connection too. You get it abundantly at the time of Christmas, don’t you?

  • Belle

This name has its roots in the French language.

Did you know that “Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol” was aired on television as the first-holiday program?

In that, there was the lost love of Scrooge, who has the name Belle. It holds the meaning of beautiful.

  • Bell

Isn’t the name musical? This name was a rage among parents in the last century.

It holds the meaning of one who rings the bell.

  • Beth

Are you into short and cute names?

Then you will like the name Beth for your baby girl!

This lovely name has a quirky vibe to it. And did you know that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem?

And the short form of it can be Beth. Also, Beth can be a shorter alternative for the name Elizabeth.

It holds the meaning of pledged to God.

  • Carol

During the Christmas holidays, you get to hear carols everywhere – in homes, churches, and streets.

This can be a great Christmas name for your baby girl. Even the American actress Caron Burnett has this name.

It means manly.

  • Candy

Candy is sweet, and people of all ages love it, isn’t it? Do you want your daughter to grow up as a sweet and lovable woman too?

Name her, Candy! It means pure.

  • Cady

You can find a close connection between the names Cady and Cadeaux. The latter is a French word.

The name Cady can be a good alternative to the more common name Katie. It has the meaning of a present.

  • Christina

This name is the female version of the male name Christ. It is taken from Christian.

Christina was hugely popular in the 1980s. It comes with the meaning of Christ’s follower.

  • Chiara

The name Chiara has its roots in Italy. There are many saints who had this name, such as Saint Chiara. She was anglicized as Saint Clare afterward.

The name comes with the meaning of light and clear.

  • Cindy

If you have watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” then you may be well aware of the name Cindy.

This is a name that sounds like a gush of fresh air. There are many people who go for this name as an alternative to names such as Cynthia and Lucinda.

  • Clarice

This is such an elegant name that screams elegance. Did you know that Clarice is the female reindeer who has a crush on Rudolf, the favorite reindeer of Santa? She likes his red nose too.

This elegant name comes with the meaning of bright and clear.

  • Clara

This short name is a favorite among many parents. This is why you can always find it on the list of top Christmas names for girls.

Clara means bright.

  • Clementine

Doesn’t the name Clementine sound musical to you?

It’s a sweet name with an unmissable feminine vibe to it. If you are into old-fashioned names with a classy twist, you will definitely like this name.

Clementine comes with the meaning of merciful or mild.

  • Christmas

As you are looking for Christmas names, what better name can be there than the word Christmas itself?

This name suits your little one perfectly if she is born on the 25th of December.

This beautiful festive name means “the mass of the Christ.”

  • December

This name is so poetic! Yes, this is the name of a month too. But you can use it for both boys and girls.

Do you want some suggestions regarding a nickname for your baby girl December? How about Dax?

  • Eve

This Christmas name is an all-time favorite among parents. It is the name of the first female. It is short, sweet, and can be pronounced effortlessly. And no one can ignore the biblical roots it has!

This Hebrew name has the meaning of enlivening.

  • Epifanio

This is a unique name that has its roots in the Hispanic culture.

Epifanio holds the meaning of bringing lights. If you are fond of uncommon Christmas names, you can go for this one.

  • Emmanuelle

Do you like the name Emma but want to go for a more uncommon version? How about the name Emmanuelle?

It’s a beautiful name. And do you know what the best part of this name is?

It’s the name of a messiah mentioned in the Old Testament.

It has roots in Hebrew and holds the meaning of “God is with us.”

  • Faith

Do you want your baby girl to have faith in religion when she grows up?

You can give her the mesmerizing name Faith, which translates to just that – belief and trust.

  • Gloria

If you are into Christmas carols and hymns, you will know that the name Gloria can be found in so many of them.

This charming name has come from glory, and it means exactly that – glory.

  • Gabriella

The name Gabriella has a feminine touch to it. And it sounds gorgeous.

If you give your baby this name, you will have a lot of options for her nicknames, including Gaby and Ella. It holds the meaning that God is my strength.

  • Hope

Just as the name suggests, it means the hope of the believers that there will be eternal life along with resurrection.

So, are you up for this short and beautiful name?

  • Jemima

Did you know that according to the Bible, Jemima was the eldest daughter of Job?

This name sounds lyrical, and it is uncommon too. It has the meaning of dove. This name is becoming trendy these days.

  • Karen

Do you want your baby girl to be noble and kind-hearted?

You can name her Karen. Karen helped Frosty by returning him to the North Pole, as she didn’t want him to melt. It comes with the meaning of pure.

  • Zuzu

Do you like quirky names? How about Zuzu?

This unique name was borne by the daughter of Jimmy Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life“.

It has the meaning of lily.


Out of all these Christmas names, which names did you like the most?

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments!

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