31 Attractive Samoan Girl Names and Their Meanings

Among the most beautiful and most beguiling places worldwide is the Pacific Island, which encompasses over 20,000 islands situated by the Pacific Ocean.

These islands have a culture that is rich and unique, and undeniably enchanting. And that very culture is reflected in the names they choose for their little ones. Samoan Names are filled with the richness of the place and its people and traditions and are intriguing and enchanting.

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your baby girl, Samoan Girl Names are innately beautiful and are rooted in mesmerizing, interesting meanings. Samoan girl names have a natural, effortless charm and loveliness and would make for beautifully inspired choices for your little one.

Samoan Girl Names and Their Meanings

Let these 26 Samoan girl names enchant and enthrall you with their innate beauty and mesmerizing meanings.

  • ALA

Ala is a Samoan girl name that is very short and very, very sweet sounding. It also has a regal meaning. This three-letter name is said to carry with it the meaning of “excellence” or “high-ranking.” Ala is a perfect choice for those in search of a Samoan girl name that is breathtaking both in sound and in meaning.


Another Samoan girl name that is lovely both in sound and in what it means is the name Arihi. Arihi is pretty, rhythmic monicker. It has the meaning of “kind” and “noble,” which embodies a caring, dignified, and compassionate soul.


Asoese is a name that is quite unusual and definitely beautiful in its gentle complexity. This Samoan girl name carries the meaning of “different day,” and much like its meaning, Asoese is a unique name you can consider for your daughter.

  • ELEI

A name that wonderfully reflects Samoan tradition is the name Elei. This four-letter name is rich in culture. They also call the traditional art of fabric decoration involving block printing designs and pattern carving on wooden blocks, which are then inked and pressed onto the fabric. This is considered a prized possession – and the Samoan girl name Elei is every bit as special.


Emere is a name that is mesmerizing in its beauty. The meaning of this Samoan girl name may not seem overly pleasing upon the first impression, as Emere carries the meaning of “rival.” Still, it can also encourage a healthy sense of competition in your little one and inspire her to be her best in everything she chooses to do.


If you are looking for Samoan girl names that are rare and intricately complex, a great choice would be the name, Fetuilelagi. This name certainly makes an impression, and its meaning is impactful as well. Fetuilelagi is said to mean “star in the sky,” and it is said to be among the island’s traditional names.

  • LA’EI

The name La’ei is daintily elegant, and at the same time, conveys an innate stylishness to it. This name is derived from the Samoan term, which is also La’ei, which refers to a love of clothing. La’ei is pronounced “‘lah’ AY” and is a perfect name for your future fashionista.


As you look at Samoan girl names, a catchy one to consider would be the name Lalago. The name Lalago has the unique meaning of “chief’s pillow” as well as “prophet’s staff.” It can be an uncommon alternative to the name “Lolita,” and for pretty nicknames, you can choose “Lola” or “Lai.”


Lanuola is an enchanting name that you can look at when choosing Samoan girl names. This name is said to be a small part of a longer Samoan name, namely “Lanu’ese’ese.” Lanuola is composed of two words from the Samoan language: “Lanu,” which means “color,” and “Ola,” which means life.

  • LULU

Among the Samoan girl names, one that has become quite trendy and stylish is Lulu. Lulu connotes a fiery, irresistible personality. This name is chic and full of charm, and it is said to hold the meaning of “pearl.” It is a gorgeous choice of name for your little firecracker.


If you’re longing for Samoan girl names that have a melodious, mesmerizing appeal, a great name to consider for your little one would be the name Manaia. This sweetly captivating name likewise has a sweet meaning to it. Manaia is said to mean “beautiful,” “nice,” as well, as “good.” It’s a lovely, straightforward Samoan baby girl name.


Are you looking for Samoan girl names that lean more towards the unisex side? A great option to keep in mind is the name, Masina. This name is said to be very popular with girls and boys, though the “a” sound at the end gives it a softly feminine touch. Masina holds the meaning of “moon.”


A name that oozes a certain chic sophistication is the very mesmerizing Natia. The name Natia is said to come from a longer Samoan last name. It carries the enigmatic and interesting meaning of “hidden treasure or secret” and would make for an intriguingly lovely name for your bundle of joy.


Penina is a Samoan girl name that is very enchanting and lovely. This name is a Hebrew monicker that carries with it the meaning of “pearl” in Samoan language. Penina is certainly a more unusual and arresting option than “Pearl” as a name. Two famous namesakes are American poet Penina Moise and Tanzanian playwright Penina Muhando.


If you are on the lookout for Samoan girl names that are very long and very fancy, and incredibly complex, a wonderful option would be the name Rongomaiwhenua. While this name can be a bit of a challenge to spell and pronounce, it is beautiful and unique and would leave a lasting impression. Rongomaiwhenua is said to mean “earth mother.” There are some lovely nickname options for this name, such as “Rona,” “Ron,” “Rongo,” and “Ronal.”


Another Samoan girl name that is on the longer and more intricate side is the name Salamasina. This very attractive and captivating baby girl name has an incredibly powerful meaning to it. Salamasina said to carry with it the incredibly powerful meaning of “savior.”


Of all the Samoan girl names, one that sounds very lyrical and quite enthralling is the name – Samaria. This monicker is said to be a biblical name in Samoa, and this Christian name is said to have the meaning of “good Samaritan.” Some say that Samaria also has the meaning of “sacred.”


When taking a look at Samoan girl names, one that is definitely at the top of the list is the name Samoa itself. This name is directly derived from the breathtaking islands in the South Pacific. A longer variation that likewise leaves people enraptured is the name “Sinasamoa,” which is said to mean “white sands of Samoa.”


As you go through Samoan girl names for your little daughter, one that rolls sweetly off the tongue is the name Sefina. The name Sefina has an enthralling quality to it, and it is said to be among the most rhythmic of Samoan girl names. A longer variation of this is the name “Iosefina,” which you can also choose for your baby girl while keeping Sefina as a nickname.


The name Solosolo is alluring because it seems to be a fascinating merging of complexity and simplicity. The name is quite complex because it does have four syllables to it. Still, at the same time, the rhythmic repetitiveness makes it so enchantingly simple. Solosolo is a unique Samoan girl name that carries with it the meaning of “dry.”


Talia is a name that is undeniably bewitching and irresistible. This Samoan girl’s name is said to come from “fa’atali,” a Samoan word that has the meaning of “to wait.” It is also said that this name can also hold the meaning of “bonus.” Talia is often used to refer to anticipating or waiting for something majestic – the second coming of God. This name will remind your little one to remain firmly rooted in her Christian faith.

  • TAMA

Tama is a Samoan girl name that is said to have been derived from the name “Tamara,” which is a Hebrew monicker that carries with it the meaning of “date palm tree.” A famous namesake of the name Tama is the American novelist Tama Janowitz.


Among Samoan girl names, one that is quite popular is the name Tamah. This is a Hebrew name that connotes a gentle appeal and a soft sweetness to it. The name Tamah is said to mean “honest” and “innocent.” A few adorable nicknames you can likewise use are “Timmi” and “Tammy.”


Are you leaning towards Samoan girl names that are complex and unusual, and memorably lovely? A great one to consider would be the name Tausa’afia. This rare-sounding name carries with it the beguiling meaning of “pleasant and lovable personality,” and it is said to mean “someone who is well-mannered and kind” as well.


When considering Samoan girl names, one that stands out is the bewitchingly gorgeous name Teuila. Teuila is said to be pronounced “tay Wee Lah,” which is considered among the most beautiful Samoan names for girls. This feminine monicker holds the meaning of “beautiful red flower” and “beautiful ginger flower.” Teuila is likewise the name of the country’s most important cultural festival.

  • WIKI

Wiki is a name that may sound incredibly familiar in these modern times because of Wikipedia. But it is also actually an alluring Samoan girl name that has a meaning which is very majestic and magnificent. This four-letter name carries the meaning of “victorious” and is among the most chic and stylish names in Samoa.


Do you like the name Elizabeth but think it is too common to go for? You can choose the name Erihapeti. This name is the Maori version of Elizabeth. It is unique and elegant, and not many parents give their baby this name.


Every girl is a princess of their father. And when they grow up a little and listen to fairy tales, they dream of being a princess, wearing a crown. And your little one is no exception to it. This name has a regal meaning of royal crown, which is perfect for your baby girl.


This name is so cute. This adoring Samoan name for girls got my liking when I heard it for the first time! If you have a reserved and shy baby, this beautiful name will suit her perfectly. It holds the meaning of faint light and glimmer.


The name Kalauni has its origin in Tonga. It is an uncommon name that is great for parents who are looking for unique names for their baby girl. It has a regal meaning of crown.


If you are someone who loves listening to songs or who loves to sing, Lanimele can be a good name for your girl. It holds the meaning of a heavenly song.


Samoan girl names are very enthralling and with an undeniably enchanting quality to them. These names are rich in culture and overflowing in beauty and would make for wonderfully inspired options for your future little princess.

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