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70 Filipino Girl Names for Your Newborn

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If you are in search of a girl’s name with a little Spanish influence, then take your time and browse through our rich collection of Filipino baby girl names. The name is your little girls’ identity, so do not rush and pick one in haste.

The Philippines went through many years of colonization, and you will notice a Spanish touch in the names. The Philippines is a Christian country, so you will also come across many biblical and religious Filipino girls’ names along with the traditional Tagalog names. All of them sound beautiful.

Surf through the various options enlisted because we have some amazing Filipino girl names for you to choose from.

Filipino Girl Names

Filipino Girl Names
  • Althea

Althea in Greek means “wholesome,” and the traditional name finds preference in many Filipino families. It also means “to heal” and is a name representing all that your baby girl brings to your abode.

Althea Currier was an American actress and model.

  • Amihan

Amihan is believed to be the first to be created in the universe, as per Tagalog mythology. Amihan was created with Bahala and Aman Sinaya. She is the one who fred humans from the bamboo tree.

Amihan also means “the monsoon, the breeze, or the east wind.”

Pretty outdoorsy, right if that is the idea of your name for your daughter.

  • Amor

Amor is a common first name in the Philippines and means “love” in Spanish. Tweak the name a bit and make it Amoret.

  • Analyn

Analyn is made of “Anna” and “Lyn,” which mean “gracious” and “beautiful,” respectively. A famous name in the Philippines, the name is loved by most parents because it feels soothing to the ears. You may want to nickname our little girl Anna or Lyn.

  • Angel 

Angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos which means “the messenger of the gods.”

Meet Angel Aquino, the Filipina actress with the same name.

  • Aurora

A beautiful Tagalog name, Aurora, means “dawn” in Latin. The gorgeous name is one of the popular picks for baby girls names. Aurora sounds trendy, which is the reason for it to be among the topmost in the list of Filipino baby girls’ names.

Well, we all know Aurora Antonia Quezon, who was the First Lady of the Philippines from the years 1935 to 1944.

  • Awit

If you love music, then Awit is the moniker to choose. The common hymn sounds melodious and makes the perfect gift for your baby.

  • Alma

The name Alma has not one but multiple roots, including Arabic, Italian, Hebrew, Latin, and Filipino. This name is a mix of traditional and modern names.

It has a classy vibe to it. It carries the meaning of kind and nourishing.

  • Bernila

We all want our little ones to be blessed, isn’t it? And so, the name Bernila is popular among parents. It has its roots in Spanish origin, and many girls are named Bernila in the Philippines. This is because it holds the meaning of “blessed.”

  • Bettina

If you are looking for a name that is not so common but sounds cute, you can choose Bettina. This beautiful name comes with the meaning of “my God is an oath.” You can choose the nickname Bett that goes well with this name.

  • Carmelita

This name is a bit lengthy, but it has a musical vibe to it that makes it perfect for your little angel. It has its roots in the Hebrew language and comes with the beautiful meaning of orchard and garden.

  • Catriona

Again, this is a name that sounds lyrical. If you like names that sound good when you pronounce them, you can go with this name. Catriona has its roots in the Greek language. It carries the meaning of pure.

  • Belen

Belen is the Spanish of Bethlehem, the holy place where Christ was born. The name is also associated with the nativity scene of Christmas.

  • Benilda

The name is Spanish and is popular among Filipino girls. It got noticed after the prominence of Saint Benilde de Cordoba. Benilda’s name is connected to Benedictus, which in Latin means “blessed.”

  • Bituin

Bitu means “star, goodness, and heavenly body” in Tagalog. Symbolic of the galactic elements, this is a name that you would want to give to your baby daughter. The name is traditional to the Philippines, not something that you will hear commonly in America or Europe.

Let your princess dazzle just like her name. This celebrity name will leave many in awe.
The stellar name is shared by Bituin Escalante, who is a popular theatre actress and singer.

  • Blessica

Why should you choose this name? To start with, Blessica is a cool name which we are sure your little girl is going to fall in love with when she grows up. A combination of “Bless” in English and taking the suffix of the name “Jessica,” Blessica means “to confer the blessing upon,” which makes this name stand out.

  • Chesa

As celestial and heavenly as can be, Chesa is a name that indeed is a head-turner. This beautiful name is a treasure hunt for those not just looking for a rare name but a name with a lovely meaning attached to it.

  • Christina

Christina has an English origin, and it means the “follower of Christ.” This is a common Filipino name for girls popular in the Philippines because the place has Christian roots. Feel free to change the name a bit to Christine.

The “Genie in a Bottle” singer Christina Aguilera is a Grammy award winner who shares this name.

  • Corazon

The name sounds lovable, and why should it not? Corazon means “the heart” and is a perfect name for your angel.

You must have heard of Corazon Aquino, the former Philippine President who shares this name.

  • Dalisay

Associated with Daisy, the English name, Dalisay offers a whimsical and happy feel to your baby’s name. It means “perfect, clear, and pure.” A popular name among Filipino girls, the name reflects pure innocence. Dalisay shows clarity, honesty, purity, and truth and the Tagalog name makes a great selection for your newborn baby girl.

  • Darna

If you are a superhero fan, then we are sure you are going to fall in love with this name. Darna, created by the Filipinokomiks legend named Mars Ravelo, is the name of a fictional superheroine. She is a brave warrior who belongs to outer space and manifests into a human. This Tagalog name is a stunner when chosen as your baby girls’ name.

  • Divina or Divinagracia

Heavenly and divine, Divina is a beautiful name to give to your baby girl. You may also choose to name her Divinagracia, which means divine grace. It is an ancient native Filipino name that means “spirit.”

The famous British sportswoman Divina Mary Galica who competed as a skier in four Winter Olympics and captained the British Women’s Olympic Ski Team shares this first name.

  • Diwa

Celebrate this gift of God by giving her the name Diwa. Diwa means “spirit” in Filipino.

  • Diwata

Diwata means “goddess,” and the name draws roots to Philippine mythology. It is a figure similar to the fairies and nymphs, nature’s guardian spirit. Bestow these qualities of wisdom, beauty, and gentleness on your little one when you name her Diwata.

  • Dolores

Dolores is the name of the Virgin Mary. A popular Spanish name you may call your little one Lola or Lolitha as her nickname.

A famous bearer of this name is Dolores Alexander, the woman’s rights activist and writer who hails from New Jersey.

  • Eleanor

A name with a Greek origin that means “the bright and the shining one,” Eleanor is a popular name among the Filipino community as well.

The celebrity that pops up in mind when you think of this name is none other than Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the political figure, activist, and diplomat from America.

  • Evangeline

The name draws inspiration from Christianity and means “the bearer of good news.”

Nicole Evangeline Lilly is an author and actress from Canada.

  • Flordeliza

Flordeliza comes from “flor de Liza,” a Spanish phrase and means the “Liza flower or the flower of a lily.” The beauty of this name does captivate your inner soul.

  • Floribeth

Floribeth comes from “Flora” and “Beth.” Not a rare name but indeed a pretty one.

Floribeth Mora Diaz was the person who gave this widespread name popularity. She was from Costa Rica who the Roman Catholic Church treated as a wonder in Johannes Paul the seconds’ canonization process.

  • Gloria

A popular Filipina girl name Gloria means “glory” in Latin.

Choose this name, and your daughter is going to share her name with Gloria Diaz, the Miss Universe of 1969.

  • Himig

As soothing as music, Himing expresses the love of music. The name translates to “tune or tone.”

  • Hiraya

An ancient name in Tagalog, Hiraya, means “may all your dreams come true.” Is that not what you want for your princess? The other meaning of this name is “hopes or dreams.”

So touching and beautiful, why not pick up this name for your little one?

  • Hiyas

As shining as a stone, gem, or jewel, Hiyas conveys how precious the baby is and how the parent promises to protect her all their life. A beautiful Tagalog name, it sounds equally soothing to the ears.

  • Imelda

Imelda has a Tagalog origin and comes from the word Irmhild from Old High German. It means “the universal flight.” It is the flight that your daughter is here to take.

The name can be shortened to Imee.

Imelda Calixto-Rubiano is a well-known Filipina politician.

  • Jaslene

Jaslene combines “Jas” from the name Jazlyn and “Lene” from the name Jolene. It is a rare name for any Filipino baby girl, which is a great reason why you may want to pick it up.

Jaslene Gonzales, the American Next Top Model winner, did give this name some popularity.


  • Jasmine

The national flower of the Philippines can also be the name of your baby girl.

That’s Jasmine for you. Indeed a perfect way to pay homage to your country. The name traces its roots to the Persian name given to the Yas flower. True to its name Jasmine is a symbol of delicacy.

Jasmine is among the top 100 baby girl names. Let your girl bloom like a flower in life, just like the scented Jasmine, and she is surely going to thank you for choosing such a pretty name.

The first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the name Jasmine is the beautiful princess in Aladdin, the famous Disney movie.

  • Jennifer

Jennifer has a Cornish origin. She is the wife of King Arthur. A beautiful Tagalog language name, Jennifer means “white enchantress” and is a popular name in the Filipino community.

Famous people who share this first name are Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez.

  • Joyce

A cheerful name for your Filipino baby girl, Joyce, means “cheerful.” This was a unisex name originally but has been adopted mostly as a girl’s name now in modern times.

We have actresses Joyce Dewitt and Joyce Jimenez with this famous Filipina first name. Also, add Joyce Bernal, the famous director, to this list.

  • Katherine

Clear and pure as the name, Katherine or Catherine is originally a Latin name but pretty popular as a Filipino name.

Katherine Marie Heigl, the famous American actress and producer shares this first name.

  • Liezel

Liezel means that “God is abundant” in Tagalog. The French flair in the name is what is making it a trend. And yes, we all know that Filipino parents love the -el ending. You may change the spelling to Liesl too.

Liezel Huber is the bearer of this name. She is a tennis player, now retired.

  • Ligaya

For a happy-go-lucky girl, Ligaya is the name to choose. The -ah ending sounds trendy with a little Greek and British accent to the name. Ligaya means the “emotion of happiness.” Call her Li with love.

The popular song Eraserhead by the Filipino band has the same name – Ligaya.

  • Lilibeth

Lilibeth mixes the English names, namely “Lily and Beth.” A popular name indeed among the Filipinos, the name is a cute pick, especially if you wish to nickname your daughter Lily or Beth.

Did you know the nickname of Queen Elizabeth? Well, of course, it is Lilibeth. Also famous is Lilibeth Rodríguez Morillo, who is a popular Venezuelan actress and singer.

  • Lualhati

The popular Philippine name, Lualhati, means “spiritual peace.” Its deep and strong meaning is what makes the name captivating. You may want to make this name a bit chic by shortening it to Luati.

  • Luningning

Luningning in Tagalog means “brilliance.” It is a popular native Philippian name. Though old-fashioned, the name is still in style.

  • Luzviminda

For a true Philippian, this is the name to choose. Luzviminda is a portmanteau of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, which are the three famous islands in the Philippines. The name is strong with a deep root in the Philippine culture. You may shorter the name to Luzi. Change it is Luz, and it will mean “light.”

  • Mahalia

Wish for a holy name for your baby girl? Then look at Mahalia, which is the Filipino version of the Biblical name Mahala in Hebrew. Mahalia means “tenderness,” just what your daughter would grow up to be – tender and loving by nature.

Mahalia Jackson is a popular American gospel singer who carries this first name.

  • Malaya

Malaya in Tagalog means “freedom.” The name is also used as Makayla. Pretty trendy sounding for your little princess, right?

  • Maria

Maria is the Spanish form of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I wish to have a Filipino blend in a Catholic name; then this is the name to choose.

Maria Sharapova, a famous tennis player, uses this name.

  • Marisol

 Spanish for “sunflower,” let your daughter adore this name with cheerfulness and gaiety.

Marisol Escobar, a celebrity who adorns this name, is a Venezuelan artist with a French origin.

  • Mayumi

Mayumi means a “gentlewoman” in the Filipino language. It also means the “true bow.” The name lets you visualize a soft, gentle, and kind lady, just like an exquisite flower.

Mayumi Asaka is a well-known Japanese actress.

  • Mirikit

As beautiful as your baby, Mirikit is the name that touches upon beauty, exactly the adjective to describe your baby girl.

  • Mutya

The word means “darling or jewel,” perfect for your beloved daughter. Mutya also means “Pearl” as precious as your little girl.

  • Nenita

Here is another Spanish name widely accepted in the Philippines. Nenita means the “little girl.” Call her Nina, which is a shorter nickname for the name Nenita.

  • Nicole

Certainly not an uncommon name, Nicole has a lot of popularity among Filipino girls. It means “victorious people.”

And the first name that strikes our mind is none other than the gorgeous Nicole Mary Kidman, who I am sure needs no introduction.

  • Noemi

Not a modern name but still a name that draws a lot of attention. Noemi means “pleasantness” in Spanish, and though popular as a second name, it is also a commonly used Filipino girl’s first name.

We remember Noemi Zbären right? The Swiss hurdler?

  • Perlah

The Spanish pearl, Perlah, is the birthstone of June and signifies wisdom and wealth.

A famous namesake is Perla Haney-Janine from the Kill Bill.

  • Philippine

You definitely cannot go wrong with this name for your daughter. The name of the country itself, the Philippines, has an ethnic meaning attached to it as well. It means the “lover of horses.” You are free to shorten the name a bit to Philippa, or you can call her Pippa.

  • Queenie

Queenie means the obvious word “queen.” It could also be Cwen, an old English word that means “woman.”

  • Reyna

Reyna is an apt name for your little girl. It means “the queen.”

Reyna Roberts is a pianist, songwriter, and singer hailing from America.

  • Rosamie

Rose is a popular nickname and if you are in awe of this short name, then call your baby girl Rosamine.

Short of Rosamund, Rosamine is a Filipino girl name that is also believed to be the combination of Rose and Amie, which in French means “friend.”

  • Rosario

You may have already noticed this trend. Many Filipino names are derived from religion. Rosario should thus come as no surprise. It comes from Rosary, which in Latin means the “garden of roses.” In Greek, Rosario means “she who helps.”

Rosario Dawson is a producer and actress from America.

  • Rubylyn

Rubylyn is a name that signifies an outgoing and expressive nature, someone who is forgiving and does not hold a grudge for long. Name your daughter Rubylyn, a sweet name for a lady with an impeccable character.https://thequeenmomma.com/short-girl-names/

And you can nickname her Ruby.

  • Sampaguita

The Tagalog word for Jasmine, Sampaguita, also symbolizes the national flower of the Philippines. Indeed a pretty name for your little blossom.

  • Sunshine

Though an English name, you are sure to come across many Filipino girls with the name Sunshine. The name sounds perfect for your cheerful and bright daughter? Isn’t it?

Meet Sunshine Jimenez and Sunshine Dizon, the popular Filipinas who flaunt this name.

  • Tala

 The star goddess in Tagalog mythology, Tala, is an apt name if you wish to name your baby girl after the beautifully lit night sky.

As per mythology, Tala is believed to be the moon’s eldest daughter who assists her mom and protects the stars from the sun that is trailing behind it.

Tala symbolizes the bright star, just how you would want your daughter to rise and shine when she grows up. It is a name that reflects joy, hope, and inspiration. And the best thing is that Tala is so short it does not need a nickname.

Tala Birell is a popular film and stage actress of Romanian origin.

  • Trisha

Trisha is a Filipino girl name that means “noble.” While originally it was used as a nickname for Patricia, Trisha today stands up solo as a first name.

Meet Trisha Yearwood, the famous singer who uses this name.

  • Urduja

Let your baby girl carry a name that symbolizes strength and bravery. Urduja is the name of the Filipina warrior prince who is a legendary character. The name is also common as a surname.

  • Victoria

Victoria means “victory” in Latin. It is the name you want your baby girl to be associated with. A popular name in the Philippines, give your daughter this name if you dream of a victorious life for her.

And we do know of many ladies who carry this name with great pride like The Queen Victoria of England, the Spice Girl singer Victoria Beckham and Victoria Justice, the popular actress.

  • Vilma

Vilma has a Swedish origin and means the “determined protector.” It is a well-known Filipino girl’s name.

The name got popularity after Vilma Santos, the famous Filipina actress.

  • Zoey

A famous name Zoey means “life” in Greek.

The name did get popular after Zooey Claire Deschanel, the American celebrity model, actress, songwriter, singer, and musician.

Filipino is not a single language but a blend of several cultures and dialects. This archipelago hosts more than 150 languages, all of them with a different sound and a distinct cadence.

The melodic harmony of the language can be felt in several names that are listed above. So if you are on the hunt for an exotic name for your baby girl, consider picking up one from our curated Filipino girl names for your newborn.

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