46 Famous Valkyrie Names for Your Newborn With Meanings

You lay eyes on your little angel for the first time, and it fills your heart with love and pride. You quickly bless her to grow up to be a beautiful and courageous woman brave enough to fight the obstacles in life like a real warrior, just like the Valkyries from the Norse Era.

Valkyries carry an enduring image. Famous in mythology as the battlefields goddess, they are a symbol of fearlessness and beauty. They were not just the selector of the slain but served as a maiden battling group for lord Odini. The female figures were influential and rode on horseback into the battlefield in their armor and did not just cause bloodshed but dared to stand for what was fair.

Christening your baby girl with Valkyrie names is one of the best gifts you could bestow on her.

Valkyrie Names With Their Meaning

Valkyrie Names With Their Meaning

Valkyrie Names is a comprehensive list of powerful and mythical names inspired by Norse mythology. Each name is associated with the legendary Valkyries, who were fierce warrior maidens that served the gods and selected warriors to join them in Valhalla. This compilation showcases unique and meaningful names, ranging from traditional to modern, along with their meanings, which reflect the characteristics and virtues associated with the Valkyries, such as bravery, strength, and wisdom.

Whether you’re looking for a name for a fictional character, a pet, or simply seeking inspiration for a baby name, “Valkyrie Names with their Meaning” is a rich resource for those drawn to the mystique of Norse mythology and the enigmatic allure of the Valkyries. Below is a list of these influential names for you to take a pick.

  • Brynhildr

Brynhildr was the leader of the Valkyrie clan. The name means bright battle or battle armor. Pick this name for your baby girl and let her symbolize the mighty leader of the Valkyrie maiden group. Pronounce the name as Brin-hil-duur.

  • Hjörþrimul

She is a legendary Valkyrie, and your daughter will feel pride when she realizes the meaning of her name. Hjörþrimul is pronounced as Jor-pree-mul, and it means female sword warrior.

  • Göndul

Göndul is a wand wielder. It has a reference to magic. She was a fierce Valkyrie who was a critical slain chooser on the battlefield. You pronounce the name as Gawn-du.

  • Þögn

Þögn means silence. You will find this name in the Nafnaþulur section. The moniker is pronounced as Pawn.

  • Skuld

Skuld means future or debt. Skuld had a critical position in Norm mythology as she was the Goddess who decided fate. The short and simple name can be an excellent selection for a newborn baby’s name. She is among the six Valkyries who Odin named.

  • Signy

According to Norse mythology, Signy had a twin sister named Sigmund. And Siggeir was Signy’s husband. So this name is made of two Norse elements. One is sigr, which holds the meaning of victory. And the other is ny, which carries the meaning of new.

  • Hulda

In Norse mythology, there is a sorcerer named Hulda. It has its roots in archaic language, which is huld that carries the beautiful meaning of lovable and sweet. And the name Hulda translates to secrecy and hiding.

  • Skadi

There was a mountain giant whose name was Skadi in Norse mythology. The name of her husband was Njord, and then she married Odin. This Valkyrie name has a powerful vibe to it. It comes with the meaning of damage.

  • Nanna

Nanna is a cute Valkyrie name that sounds musical. It is taken from the word nanp, which carries the meaning of brave and daring. According to Norse mythology, Nanna was the name of a goddess who died grieving after the death of her husband. This can be an exotic choice of name for your baby girl.

  • Nott

If you like names that are short and easy to remember, Nott can be the name for you. According to mythology, the night was personified by the word nott. It was the name of giant Narfi’s daughter.

  • Geiravör

Geiravör means the spear-vor. The name is pronounced as Gee-ey-ra-vurr and gets mentioned in the Prose Edda listed in the Nafnaþulur list.

  • Geirdrifu

Geirdrifu is a spear flinger. The name itself speaks of strength and power, something that you will always want your daughter to be blessed with. The pronunciation of Gee-ey-dra-fu is a little complicated, but the moniker does draw a lot of attention.

  • Eir

Eir pronounced as Ee-rh, was a Valkyrie who helped the tribe with her special medical skills. The name means mercy and peace. This Old Norse mythology name is easy to spell, pronounce, and doubles up as a first name and a nickname.

  • Geirahöð

You pronounce Geirahöð as Gee-ey-ra-hut. The name means a battle spear. Geirahöð also finds mention in the Grímnismál manuscript.

  • Randgrid

Randgrid is a shield destroyer, and she is a bold Valkyrie. The name is just apt for your brave little girl. You pronounce the word as Rand-grid.

  • Skeggöld

The name Skeggöld is pronounced as Ske-gold, and it means axe age. The name is mentioned in two famous poems. She is an influential female figure. You pronounce the name Skeggöld as Ske-gold. This name was given to the Valkyrie by the Odin.

  • Sigrún

Sigrún means the victory rune. She again is a popular Valkyrie character in Norse mythology. You pronounce the name as Sig-run.

  • Göl

Göl means battle, noise, and tumult. She is a Valkyrie who played a crucial role in serving the God Odin through the struggle. Gawl is the pronunciation of Gol. She served as Einherjar’s servant.

  • Gunnr

Gunnr means to battle and war. This Valkyrie name is an easy spell and has a full meaning. The name is pronounced Gunner. It is also a masculine name which makes it a unisex name.

  • Herja

Herja, the all-mighty Valkyrie, played the role of a German Goddess and a Valkyrie. She also plays a vital role in choosing the slain. Herja means the one who causes devastation. Giving your baby girl such a fearless name will instill a warrior in her from a young age.

  • Geirönu

Geirönu or Gee-ey-ro-nu depicts a strong Valkyrie who is the one who takes her spear and charges forth with all her might. There are various spellings of this name like Geirönul, Geirrönul, Geirömul, Geirölul.

  • Hlaðguðr svanhvít

If you are a parent searching for something meaningful but uncommon, then Hlaðguðr svanhvít is a rare find. It is pronounced as Hluh-goor-svan-vit and means swan white. She is the daughter of King Hlödvér and Hervör alvit’s sister.

  • Geirskögu

Geirskögu is a fierce name to keep on a woman. It means the lady who bears a spear. Independent modern parents of this era are sure to select this name. Pronounce Geirskögu as Gee-aer-sko-gu. It is one of the six names given by God Odin.

  • Hildr

Hildr means battle. She is also the daughter of Hogni and the wife of hHdin. The name is pronounced as Hill-dur.

  • Þrúðr

Þrúðr is pronounced as Pruder. It means power or strength. She is a Valkyrie from the Old Norse mythology serving as an ale in Valhalla to the Einherjar.

  • Hlökk

You pronounce Hlökk as Lowk. The name means battle or noise. Hlökk finds mention in Grímnismál, which is an Edda poem.

  • Hervör alvitr

Hlaðguðr’s sister, Hervör alvitr, pronounced as Her-vor-aal-vee-tur, means an all-wise and strange creature. The name finds an important place in Norse mythology.

  • Hrist

The quacking one or Hrist is a famous Valkyrie in Norse mythology. It also means the shaker. She can be seen in the Valkyrie Profile series. Rist is it’s pronunciation.

  • Hrund

Hrund is a selector, and she is the Valkyrie who used to pick up the warriors. The name is pronounced Rund.

  • Kára

Kara is a curly one. You can read about this Valkyrie in Helgakviða Hundingsbana II, which is a poetic Edda poem. Kara is pronounced as Kaara.

  • Ölrún

Ölrún means ale-rune. The Valkyrie had a decisive role to perform. You pronounce Ölrún as Awl-run.

  • Ráðgríðr

Ráðgríðr means the council truce. She had a prominent role to perform in the war. As per the Nose legend, Ráðgríðr decided who will be the next to die in the battle. Ráðgríðr is pronounced as Rad-gri-dur.

  • Mist

Mist is a sweet and straightforward name and means the mist or the cloud. She gets mentioned in the Grímnismál poem.

  • Reginleif

Reginleif means God’s daughter. During the battle of Ragnarök, Reginleif the Valkyrie became a Volund for Adam. Reginleif is pronounced as Rain-leaf. The name means the third kind of truce.

  • Hjalmþrimul

The pronunciation of Hjalmþrimul is with a silent H. Pronounce it as Jam-pree-mul. The name means the clatterer of helmets. It is not difficult to guess about the role that this Valkyrie played in the battle. She was the one who decided which warriors would die in the war.

  • Róta

You pronounce the name Róta as Row-tah. The name means the storm and sleet. She is the Valkyrie who finds mention in the Gylfaginning book along with several other Valkyries.

  • Sigrdrífa

She is the inciter to the victory. And she is also the slain chooser. Sigrdrífa is pronounced as Sig-ur-dri-fa and is a rare find in our list of famous Valkyrie names.

  • Herfjötur

Herfjötur, pronounced as Her-fyo-tur, is the host or the army fetter. She played a vital role in Norse mythology. Herfjötur was in charge of placing the fetters because of her extraordinary abilities.

  • Skalmöld

Skalmöld means the sword time. She is the one who decides on the warrior who will die in the war. You pronounce the name as Skal-mold.

  • Skögul

The high towering or the shaker, Skögul, is pronounced as Sko-guul and is a rhythmic name to give to your newborn. It is also mentioned in Heimskringla as a Valkyrie warrior.

  • Svipu

Svipu or changeable is pronounced as Svi-poo. She was one of the Valkyrie who served in the group. The name means the Allusion of fate and battle.

  • Svava

Svava is a sleep maker. She is the human kings’ daughter who got married to the King of Norway, Helgi.

  • Sveið

Sveið is pronounced as Sveyud, and it means noise or vibration. The name has strength and is a perfect choice for independent parents to bestow on their little girl.

  • Thrud

Thrud means power. The name is famous because it is also the name of Thor’s daughter.

  • Þrima

The name Þrima is mentioned in Skáldskaparmál in the Nafnaþulur section. It means to fight.

  • Sanngriðr

Sanngriðr depicts a lady who is very cruel and violent, though not in the bad sense. She is a warrior for the wrongdoers and does not pity them. The name is pronounced as San-grid-ur. Sanngriðr also finds mention in the Darraðarljóð poem showing her powerful figure.

Present Your Daughter with a Valkyrie Name

Valkyrie names draw an association with battles and armors like the spear, which was the weapon used by God Odin. In addition, Valkyrie names depict the nature and trails possessed by the war Goddess, namely strength, fearlessness, might, and fairness.

Choose a Valkyrie name for your newborn and let her exude the abilities of a Valkyrie all her life.

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