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73 Beautiful Celtic Girl Names and Their Meanings

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The name is the identity of an individual. So as a parent it pays to brainstorm a lot before you choose your girl’s name. How about choosing a Celtic girl name for your princess? These Celtic girl names are indeed inspirational.

The Celtic language is the language spoken by the Celts. They are an Indo-European group that share the European culture.

But why chose a Celtic name? Well, there could be many reasons for the same. However, what makes it truly stimulating is the gender parity which is apparent in these names. And this is something that every mother would want for their baby girl.

Unlike various other cultures where female names are only about modestly, beauty and elegance, the Celtic names are also about being a brave warrior.

Let us go through these names that possess a strong Celtic root. There are also names that are common in the Celtic land but have their origin elsewhere.

Beautiful Celtic Girl Names

  • Abria

Abria is a cool Celtic name suggestion for your dear lady and it means power or strength.

  • Adaira

Many Celtic names are linked to the Queen. Adaira is one such name. It is a brave yet a feminine name.

  • Aife

Aife is a one-syllable name. It is the name of an important female warrior in Celtic mythology.

  • Agrona

Agrona is the “Goddess of work” in Celtic mythology. If you are in the search of a brave name for your girl, then Agrona is the perfect name as it signifies the Celtic female warriors.

  • Áine

How about picking this soothing and girly name Aine? Aine has a Gaelic origin and it signifies radiance. It could also be spelled Anna, Anya, or Anne.

A popular namesake is a well-known actress Áine Ní Mhuirí. It is also the name of an economics professor and an author named Aine Seitz.

  • Aislinn

Why not name your little girl Aislinn? It comes from the Gaelic land and means vision or dream. You can make a slight variation to the spelling and call your little daughter Aislin, Aisling, or Ashlyn.

Celebrities with this name are Aisling Bea who is a well-known actress and Aislinn Hunter who is a renowned author and poet.

  • Alys

Alys is a name that all parents want their girl to grow up to be. As the name means a dependable and a noble citizen. The name has an old German and old French origin. You are free to tweak the name a little to Ailis, Alis, or Alyce.

And there are quite a few celebrity namesakes like Alys Clare the author and Alyssa Milano the actress.

  • Avalon

Avalon or Apple is the perfect name for the apple of your eye. This is a Welsh name. The best part is that Avalon is not a common name so your daughter’s name is sure to stand out. You could change the spelling to Avilion or Avallon.

Your daughter is also going to be proud of sharing her name with Avalon Dawn the model and Avalon Emerson the DJ.

  • Alana

Alana is a cute Celtic name if you are looking for something beautiful yet meaningful. Alana means peace, little rock, or harmony which makes it a lovely name for your little girl to carry.

Alana Bridgewater the Canadian actor and singer and Alaina Lockhart the Canadian politician are celebrities with this name.

  • Abigail

If you are looking for a name that is a combination of both modern and traditional, you can go with the name Abigail. This lovely name of Celtic and Hebrew origins has multiple variations. You can choose Abbigail, Abigayl, or Abaigael. It holds the touching meaning of joy to the father.

A famous personality with this name is Abigail Alice Glen, who is an English cricketer playing for Yorkshire.

  • Aileen

This name of Greek and Celtic origins comes with the meaning of bright and light. If you don’t like this spelling, you can choose between Aylin and Eileen.

A famous personality with this name is Aileen Fox, a popular archaeologist.

  • Alane

If you are looking for uncommon names, you can choose the name Alane for your baby girl. It has its roots in the Celtic region and carries the meaning of fair. Some other variations are Alaine and Alana.

A namesake is Alane Ferguson, winner of the Edgar Award for writing Show Me the Evidence in 1990.

  • Anabelle

You may be familiar with the name Anabelle for the hit horror film, but this name is not so common worldwide. It has Hebrew and Celtic roots and carries the meaning of joy.

Anabelle Langlois was the Canadian Figure Skating Champion in the year 2008.

  • Bellicent

The Celtic Sun God, Beenus is the root of the name Bellicent which means a bright and brilliant woman. It is a rare Celtic name that you would want to keep for your girl who you wish to grow up to be brave and independent just like her name.

  • Boudicca

This is a name that is sure to touch a mothers’ heart who dreams of her daughter to be victorious in whatever she does. Boudicca means victory and this ancient Celtic name is sure to win many. Spell the name as Boadicea, Voadicia, or Boadica, the choice is all yours.

Boudicca was also the name of the Queen of Briton.

  • Brianna

The name is truly Celtic and is a keepsake for any lady who will carry this name with great pride. It is a badass name for your girl to signify how strong and independent she is.

So why not gift your girl this name? Brianna means the one who is noble and honorable. Breana, Brianne, Breanne, and Bryanna could also be a variant of this name.

Let your darling grow up and she will thank you for choosing this name when she gets to know that she carries the same name as Brianna Hildebrand the lovely actress, Brianna Decker the ice hockey player, and the brainy Brianna Wu the video game developer.

  • Bronwen

A lady who is blessed and fair with a pure heart, Bronwen is particularly the name that we think would bowl you over. The name originated from Welsh. You may choose to call her Branwen or Bronwyn as well.

Bronwen Dickey the author and Bronwen Knox the water polo player in the Olympics share this name.Explore unique and meaningful Celtic girl names with their beautiful origins. Discover the perfect fit for your baby girl, with a name that’s as special as she is!

  • Bryn

If this name sounds a little masculine then let us tell you that Bryn is a unsex name and means the Hill. Give it a feminine touch by naming your princess Brynn, Brina, or Brin.

You do know the television actor Brynne Edelsten and Brynne Chandler the animation writer who carries this name.

  • Brighid

A true Irish name, Brighid means the exalted one. Wish to make the name a little easy to spell then tweak it to Brigid, Bridie, Bridget, or Biddy.

Brighid also holds a very important place in Celtic mythology. The God named Brighid is believed to be the protector of the home. This name thus has a lot of significance.

Then there is the actress Bridget Fonda and the model Bridget Moynahan who are the famous namesakes.

  • Caitlin

Caitlin symbolizes purity and this Irish name does create the perfect visual picture in your mind of the little girl. There are numerous spelling variations of this name like Catrina, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Caitlyn, Cathleen, Cadi, and many more.

The name is pretty famous in the celebrity world as well. Caitlin Matthews the author and Caitlyn Jenner the Olympic athlete have indeed made the name famous.

  • Cerridwen

As poetic as the name sounds to the ears, Cerridwen combines poetry with a fair woman. From Welsh, the name could be spelled as Cerridwyn, Ceridwen, or Kerridwen.

The name is of a mythical Celtic figure, Cerridwen who is the mother of the Taliesin the bard which is why the name draws association with poetry.

  • Caoimhe

You may have never seen the person before but you hear the name and you start forming an image of the person in your mind. A name is thus more than just a word.

Listen to the melodious name Caoimhe and the first thing that comes to your mind is gracefulness, beauty, and gentleness. And all of this belongs to your little lady who is called Caoimhe.

You are free to change the name to Kiva, Keeva, or Keavy.

There are many popular celebrities with this name too. Caoimhe Guilfoyle from the world of television and Caoimhe Judd from the movie industry are personalities with this name.

  • Cinnia

Cinna has a deep Celtic root and this name signifies beauty. It is an uncommon name that honors the Celtic heritage.

  • Doireann

Fertile and fruitful, name your girl Doireann or spell her name as Doirean, Doirend, or Doreen.

There are many popular celebrities too like Doreen Taylor the singer and Doreen Valiente the writer who carry this name with utmost grace.

  • Duna

Duna means the little dark one. It also means confidence. If you are in search of a sweet and short name that is impactful too then this is the name to choose.

  • Deidre

The Gaelic name means a young girl. The name is pretty youthful and you may choose to spell it as Deidra, Derdriu, Deirdre, or Dede.

We all know Deidre Downs, Miss America 2005, and Deidre Hall the actress who have indeed given this name the much-needed limelight.

  • Erin

Erin means the child of Ireland and this soothing name resonates with the perfect name that you may have been hunting for your girl. The name is Gaelic and is common in the Celtic region with variations like Eirinn, Aryn, Eireann, and Eryn.

Not an unheard name, you do have Erin Moran the actress and Erin Andrews the TV personality with this name.

  • Eithne

Kernel or grain, Eithne could also be spelled as Edna, Aithne, or Etna.

Looking for some famous celebrity namesakes? You have Edna St. Vincent Millay, the poet, and Edna Ferber the author.

  • Enid

As deep as the life or the soul, name your daughter Enid who will reflect this in her persona. The Welsh name is common in the Celtic region as well. Most women here are called Enyd or Enaid which is a slight variation of the root name.

Enid is not an uncommon name. You have Enid Blyton the famous author and Enid Yandell the sculptor with whom your daughter will share her name.

  • Evelyn

One of the choicest names among parents who wish to present their little princess with a Celtic name, Evelyn is popular because it is traditional yet modern. The name means “life or light.”

  • Fionnula

White shoulder or Fionnula is a Gaelic name with various variations to the name like Fionnaghuala, Fionnuala, and Nuala.

The first figure that comes to our minds is none other than the famous actress, Fionnula Flanagan.

  • Ferelith

Ferelith means true sovereignty and is a rare Celtic girl name. This indeed sounds something out of a spelling competition!

  • Fiona

Even though this is a pretty common name I always fall for the charm of this name.

Fair or white, Fiona, the name has a Gaelic origin and it fits into the image of an elegant and pretty lady. Go ahead and change the spelling to Fionan, Fyona, or Fionha.

Fiona Apple is a well-known singer and you have come across his name in the James Macpherson poems if you are a lover of literary works.

  • Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn or white ring is a Welsh name commonly heard of in the Celtic region. Gwen, Gwendolen, and Gwendoline are the spellings used for this name.

The known celebrities with this name are Gwendolyn Sanford the singer and Gwendolyn Ifill the journalist.

  • Glenys

A name that resonates with a woman, Glenys means pure, clean, and holy. You may choose to spell the name Glynnis, Glennis, or Glynis.

Glynnis O’Connor is a popular actress who shares this name.

  • Gwyneth

Are you the stressed momma searching for a lovely baby girl’s name? Then end your search right here with the name Gwyneth. Blessed, fair, and white, the name is beautiful and gracious and touches your heart. Want to go a little offbeat? Then name your darling as Gwenneth, Gwenyth, or Gwynedd.

Gwyneth Paltrow the actress and Gwen Stefani the singer share this name. However, the true honor of this name goes to Gwyneth Lewis the first national poet from Wales.

  • Grainne

Grainne or grain can also be varied to Grana and Granya and is a cute name to pick up for your baby girl. Grainne is a traditional name that is associated with the harvest legend. Graine was also Cormac Mac Airts daughter in Celtic mythology.

Grainne Duffy the musician and Gráinne Murphy the athlete use this name.

  • Hashna

Hashna is a cool Celtic girl’s name that means pretty. True to her name your daughter is the source of joy in your life.

Hasna Benhassi, the middle distance runner from Morocco and Hasna Begum, the Bangladeshi feminist and philosopher share this name.

  • Isolde

Your pretty lady deserves this name that means lovely and fair. Isolde is a pure Celtic name. Some parents change the spelling to Yseult or Iseulde.

Isolde Menges is a popular violinist.

  • Iona

Iona means the island and this Scottish Gaelic name is preferred by many parents because of the feminity that is attached to this name. The spelling variations could be Eyona and Ione.

Iona Brown is a famous musician.

  • Jenevieve 

The name depicts the freedom that the Celtic women enjoyed similar to their men. Raise a woman who is fierce as a warrior when you call her Jenevieve which means “a woman competitor or runner.”

  • Kylie

Kylie is a rare name that means strait and is a Gaelic name.

Kylie Jenner the model and Kylie Minogue the singer are the famous namesakes.

  • Kiera

Kiera symbolizes black and this Irish name comes with spelling variations like Kirya, Ciara, and Kieran.

Keira Knightley the actress is a namesake.

  • Keely

The slender lady, Kelly is an Irish name with varied name variations like Keeley and Caoladhe.

The popular namesakes are Keely Shaye the television anchor and journalist and Kelley Kelleher who is an Olympic skier.

  • Léan

The Greek name Lean means “the torchbearer.” You may want to tweak the spelling to Leine, Laine, and Lane.

We do have Lainie Kazan the famous singer and actress who share this name.

  • Luighseach

The little bundle of joy has brought light into your lives so why not name her with such a name. Call her Luighseach or the bringer of light. This Irish Gaelic rare name can be spelled as Lucy or Luiseach.

The female version of the mythological Irish hero Lugh is Luighseach.

  • Liadain

Liadin means the grey lady. This Irish and Gaelic name comes in several variations like Liadin and Liadan.

We are drawing parallels with Liadain Warwick Smith the artist and Liadain Aiken the actress here.

  • Mab

Mab, the queen of the fairies in Celtic mythology, also means a joyful baby.

  • Mackenna

This is a charming female Celtic name that means “the son of the Cionaodh.” Though originally a boy’s name it is well accepted as a girl’s name nowadays.

  • Maeve

Intoxicating and entrancing, Maeve is a Gaelic name spelled also as Mave or Meabh.

Maeve Binchy the famous author and Maeve Quinlan the actress share this name.

  • Marina

A name gives your girl her character. Marina is for these parents who want their baby girl to grow up to be confident with clear goals in life.

The popular namesakes are Marina Berti who is an Italian actress and Marina de Tavira, an actress from Mexico.

  • Maureen

Maureen is the name that is sure to create a spark. Why not call your daughter Maureen, the star of the sea. This Latin name can be spelled as Maurine and Mairenn.

We all know Maureen Stapleton the actress and Maureen Jennings the author with this name.

  • Morgan

Born of the sea or Morgan is a popular name for your little girl. The Gaelic name is used as Morgen and Muirin as well.

Morgan Fairchild the actress is a well-known celebrity who hones this name.

  • Nara

Nara is your good girl with her happy soul. She is the bubbly and smiling lady who radiates happiness to all around her.

  • Neala

Neala means the champion and is the ideal name pick for those parents who want a unique name for their baby.

  • Niamh

The Irish name Niamh means the one who is beautiful and bright just the way you want your daughter to grow up to be. You may nickname her Nia or Neve.

Niamh Blackshaw the English actress and Niamh Briggs the Ireland woman’s rugby team captain share this name.

  • Nimue

The meaning of this name is “remembrance.” Most of them who use this Celtic name change the spelling to Nimueh, Nyneve, or Ninianne. This is a unique name not commonly heard.

  • Oifa

Oifa has a Celtic origin that does stand out from the rest. It is a rare Celtic name.

  • Onora

The regal and honorable name Onora is adorable and pleasing to the ears. Why not chose to name your little one Onora. If you find the name a bit complex then call her Nora or Noreen.

  • Pandra

Pandra means “the chief dragon.” It is a mighty Celtic name apt for your baby girl.

  • Reagan

The Celtic name depicts “the little ruler.” Spell the name as Regan or Reaghann.

Reagan Gomez-Preston the actress has given a lot of popularity to this name.

  • Roisin

Lovely as a rose, your little one will glow when you choose to name her Roisin. Call her Rosheen or Roisinn.

Roisin Conaty is a famous namesake of this name.

  • Rowena

Fair and slender, the Welsh name is the perfect choice for your little girl. Rowina could be her pet name.

Rowena Morrill the artist and Rowena Wallace the actress share this name.

  • Rhiannon

Rhiannon means “the great queen.” This Celtic girls’ name can also be spelled as Riannon or Rigantona.

Rhiannon Fish the actress and the Rhianna Pratchett the video game designer carry this name.

  • Saoirse

The name means independence and freedom. This is the name that is sure to shine on your daughter. Sheersha, Seersha, and Saoyrse are the popular variations of his name.

Saoirse Ronan the actress carries this name.

  • Shannon

Shannon means ancient. Call your daughter Shana or Shanna at home when you keep this name.

Shannen Doherty is a famous actress who shares this name.

  • Siobhan

She is the grace of God and this could be the name that you want to keep for your baby girl. The alternative spellings are Shavonne or Chevonne.

We do have some popular celebrities like Siobhan Finneran the actress and Siobhan Fahey the singer who carry this name gracefully.

  • Tara

The name has a Gaelic origin and is common in the Celtic region. It means the hill or the star.

Tara Aghdashloo is an Iranian writer and Tara Allain was a former participant in a beauty pageant.

  • Tegan

Tegan means fair and your little daughter will carry this Welsh name. You may make the name unique by changing its spelling to Tegon or Teegan.

She will be happy to know however that she shares her name with Tegan Moss the actress.

  • Teagan

For the poetic moms and dads, Taegan is the name to choose. It means the poet. And you can go ahead and change the name spelling to Teegan or Taegan.

  • Tiona

Tiona is a rare Celtic name that was given to a queen in the fairy tale. It is unique, beautiful and an amazing choice to name your girl with.

  • Trina

Your daughter is going to grow up to be prudent, wise, and smart. She is intelligent and is born to be a leader. If these are the qualities that you desire in your princess then name her Trina.

Trina, the rap artist from America, and Trina Braxton the American actress and singer share this name.

  • Zinerva

Zinerva transports you to a world of magic. It is an enchanting and whimsical Celtic girl’s name.


If you are in search of Celtic girls’ names then this is a go-to list that curates many rare as well as popular Celtic girl names. Browse through the names and their meanings as we are sure that this list will intrigue you especially if you are a parent looking for something that is out-of-the-ordinary.

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