67 Top Medieval Names With Origin and Meaning for Boys and Girls

So, you have become parents to a cute little darling, right?

Congratulations on your new journey of parenthood!

You may now have tons of responsibilities, and of course, who can forget those sleepless nights, feeding your baby, changing their diapers, and the list goes on and on! But apart from all these responsibilities, there is another important thing that you might be struggling with. And that is finding the right name for your newborn baby.

This can be quite challenging, as you have to go through a huge list of names and choose the one that is perfect for your baby.

Now, do you have a soft corner for medieval names and want to give your baby the best name from that period? I get you. In medieval times, the names used to have a unique charm. Those ages were rich in arts, religion, agriculture, and whatnot! And that is the primary reason why most people look for names from the medieval ages for their children.

In this post, I have come up with a list of some timeless names from medieval times that are sure to catch your attention. These are some gorgeous names you want to give your little one. And did I tell you I have mentioned the meanings and origins of those names?

Charming Medieval Names for Boys

Charming Medieval Names for Boys

Do you want to carry your family’s heritage forward and give your little prince a unique name from the old times? Check this list out!

  • Alan

This name is short. You can pronounce it without much effort, and it has a certain edge.

I quite like it. It came from the Old Breton word, and the meaning of this name is Deer.

  • August

This name was given to a number of baby boys in medieval times. And we have a month with this name, right?

August is the German version of Augustus – a Latin name. It means magnificent.

  • Alaric

Have you watched the “Vampire Diaries” series?

In that, Alaric was the name of one of the main characters. It came from the Gothic language, and the meaning of this name is the one who rules all.

  • Alexander

This name is very famous, as it was the name of the great Greek king – Alexander the Great.

It is believed that this name has Germans and Slavic Swedish origins. And the meaning of this name is one who defends humanity. Superb meaning, isn’t it?

  • Basil

Do you want your baby boy to grow up like a king? And are you looking for a name that has a similar meaning?

Basil can be the one! It is derived from the word basileus. And did I tell you that it is a variant of the name Basileios? It means the king.

  • Aldo

Do you want your baby boy to grow up intelligent?

Then you can give him the name Aldo. It is a modern name with a rich vibe to it. It sounds modern too.

Aldo holds the meaning of old and wise.

  • Alban

Do you like names that are old-fashioned with a touch of modernity?

Go for the name Alban. Doesn’t it sound classy to you?

Alban has its roots in the English language and is taken from Albin, an ancient English name. It holds the meaning of white.

  • Ambrose

Do you want your little one to have God-like qualities? Or do you want people to see him as a leader and protector when he grows up?

Go for the mighty name Ambrose!

It has that fierce vibe to it. And it holds the meaning of god-like or immortal.

  • Archibald

Do you want your son to grow up bold and courageous?

You can choose the name Archibald for him!

This name has Germanic elements. It comes with the meaning of precious and genuine. And you must recognize the class this name has.

  • Borko

Borko came from the Slavic word borti. The meaning of this medieval name is fight or battle.

  • Blazh

Want your little prince to have a blessed and happy life? How about giving him a name that means the same?

The name Blazh is taken from blagu – a Slavic word. It means blessed, happy, and good.

  • Baldwin

Do you like traditional names?

Then you will likely like the name Baldwin.

Some say that Baldwin has its roots in an Anglo-Saxon name, while others say that it is derived from the Old Germanic language. If the former is to be believed, the origin of this name is the name Bealdwine.

It translates to a brave, bold friend.

  • Crispin

 Does your baby boy have curly hair?

The name Crispin would be a good fit for him. It is taken from the Latin language, and the meaning is the one with curly hair.

  • Cyriac

Have you heard the name Kyriakos? It is a Greek name. And its English variant is Cyriac. The name means lord.

  • Col

Nicholas is such a common name that we all have heard about it, isn’t it? But not everyone wants to give their baby this name and look for something short, especially modern parents. Are you one of them?

Col is the name for you! It is a teeny-weeny form of the name Nicholas. 

The meaning is the victory of men.

  • Desislava

This name is very uncommon. At least I have not heard of this name earlier.

It has its origin in Bulgaria. And it means to look for glory.

  • David

This name from the medieval ages is so popular that it is commonly used in modern times as well. Originated from Israel, this Hebrew name means beloved.

Isn’t the meaning pretty?

  • Dragan

It sounds like a dragon, isn’t it?

This Latin name means mighty and precious.

  • Dobroslav

This name is formed with two different words that are Slavic: dobru and slave.

While the former word means good, the latter means glory.

  • Dunsten

Dunsten is an English name. The meaning of this name is dark stone.

  • Drew

This name has its roots in the Old Saxon language. Or, you can say that it came from the Frankish drogo. The meaning of Drew is ghost or phantom.

  • Everwyn

Everwyn is taken from Germanic elements. It is another form of Everwin.

It means a friend and boar.

  • Emeric

Emeic is a French name that came from Emmerich – a German name. The meaning of the name is power.

Do you want your baby boy to grow up to be a strong person?

Give him this name!

  • Ethelred

Originated from the Anglo-Saxon culture, Ethelred is a unique name for your little bundle of joy.

The meaning of the name is an aristocratic counselor.

  • Elmer

This name is short and catchy. It has Germanic British origin.

The meaning of the name is famous and noble.

  • Francis

Franciscus is a Latin name, and Francis is taken from that.

The name means a French man.

  • Finnian

Finnian came from fionn – an Irish word. It means white and fair.

  • Faust

Faustus is a Latin name, and Faust is derived from that name.

The meaning of this name is a lucky one.

  • Gregory

The name Gregory is originated from the Greek language.

The name translated to watchful.

  • Gabriel

Gabriel is an Aramaic name. And it is taken from Hebrew culture.

The meaning is God is my strength.

  • Harold

There is an Old English name Hereweald. And Herold is taken from that name.

It is a combination of two words: here and weald. While the former means army, the latter means brightness and power.

  • Hawk

Hawk is an Old English name. It means the bird of prey or falcon.

  • Iver

Iver has Old Norse, Scandinavian and French origins.

It is the variation in Danish, and the meaning is yew wood.

  • Justus

The word Justus has Dutch, Latin, and German origins.

It means fair and is derived from a Latin word.

  • Jerome

The name Jerome has its origin in the Greek language. The meaning of the name is “a blessed name.”

  • Kazimir

This name is unique, but the meaning that it has is not so good. It means the one who destroys the peace.

It has a Slavic origin.

  • Lefwinus

This name is taken from Middle English, the meaning of which is a joyful and beloved person.

  • Lefuuinus

Lefuuinus has Latin and Medieval English origins.

It came from an Old English word: leof. So the translation of the name is beloved or dear.

  • Micheal

This French name is originated from the Hebrew culture. Micheal is a popular name that is given to many boys around the world.

The translation of this name is a gift from God. Also, some believe that it means someone similar to God. You can choose the meaning you want.

  • Merek

Merek is a Teutonic name.

It means a powerful ruler.

  • Nicol

I guess you have already heard the popular name Nicolaos. Nicol is a Greek variation of that name.

It means the victory of the people.

  • Nigel

Nigel has its roots in both England and Normandy.

It means cloud. Also, some say that the meaning of this name is champion.

  • Oliver

Did you know that Oliver Twist was a famous novel by the popular writer Charles Dickens?

The name Oliver is taken from Olivier – the French form of the name Alfhar. The latter is a Germanic name.

The translation of the name is an elf warrior or an elf army.

  • Piers

This medieval name has gained quite a fan following in modern times. This Latin name means stone or rock.

  • Pascal

Did you know that Blaise Pascal was one of the best French physicists, mathematicians, and inventors?

The name means one who is born at Easter.

  • Peregrine

Peregrine means pilgrim or a traveler from abroad.

It is taken from Peregrinus – a Latin word.

  • Rogue

Rogue has both Old Norse and Breton origins.

It is hrokr in Old Norse, which means exuberance. And in Greton rog, it means haughty.

  • Roland

Roland is a popular German name.

Do you want your kid to be famous when they grow up?

You can give him the name Roland as it means the one who is popular throughout the land.

  • Sigrid

This name has its origin in the Norse culture. The meaning of this name is fair victory.

  • Svend

This is a Danish name. It is unique. It means a young man.

  • Titan

This is such a popular name!

It is taken from Latin and Italian words, Tyciano and Titianus, respectively. It means one who defends.

  • Thorsten

Thorsten is an Old Norse name.

Are you a fan of the Marvel movies? Then you may already know a lot about the character Thor, who was a God.

Thorsten refers to Thor’s stone.

  • Velasco

This name is taken from the Basque word Bela. It means a crow.

Did I tell you that it has its origins in the Spanish language?

  • Wilmot

This is a German name, the meaning of which is resolute spirit.

  • Zemislav

This name is originated from the Slavic language.

The meaning of Zemislav is the glory of a family.

Cute Medieval Names for Girls

Cute Medieval Names for Girls

Do you have a little princess? Are you looking for a gorgeous medieval name that can perfectly reflect her personality?

Choose one name from this list below!

  • Alice

Who doesn’t know about the famous novel “Alice in Wonderland”! It contributed a lot to making the name famous among little girls.

And did I tell you that it has a regal meaning?

In Old German, it means nobility. So a beautiful variation of this name is Alyssa. And if you want to give a nickname that is somewhat close to this name, it can be Ally.

  • Audrey

Did you know how popular this name this today? All thanks to the famous Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn!

The name means noble strength. It has its origin in the Anglo-Saxon period.

  • Colette

Colette has Greek and French origins. People have been using this name since the 12th century in England.

It is taken from Colle – a male name.

The meaning of the name is the victory of the people.

  • Claire

Claire is the French version of the name Clara.

It means bright. Do you want some alternatives to this name?

How about Clary and Klare?

  • Clemence

People have loved this lovely French name for your baby girl for ages! In Latin, it means merciful.

Some other variations of this name are Clementina and Clementine.

  • Emily

Doesn’t the name sound sweet?

It is derived from Aemilius – a Roman name. The meaning of the name is to strive and to excel.

This name entered England in the 11th century. Then it was a French name, Emilie. Some other variants of this popular name are Emmy and Emilia.

  • Emma

Did I tell you how much I love this name?

It has its origin in the Old German language. The meaning is universal.

Initially, this name was given to royals, but now you can find many celebrities, such as Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, and Emma Watson.

  • Florence

Did you know that Florence Nightingale was a famous leader and a nurse? And she was known as the lady with the lamp.

This name from the medieval ages has a classy feel to it. Florentia is a Latin name, and Florence is its medieval variant. It means blossoming.

  • Giselle

Did you know about the back story that the name Giselle has?

Well, in Old German, it means pledge. And it is said that this name came from the medieval practice where the children of rich people were sent to be raised in foreign courts. So this was a kind of diplomacy.

This name was hugely popular in the 10th century.

  • Katelyn

This lovely name is derived from the Irish name Caitlin. And Caitlin is the Celtic form of the name Catherine.

The meaning of the name is pure.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria was the one to make this name so popular back in time.

Some other variations of this name are Katerina, Kitty, Kate, and Katie.

  • Laura

Did you know that this classic name for girls is a feminine form of Laurus –a Latin name?

The name means laurel.

Did I tell you that the laurel wreath was a symbol of success and honor in Ancient Rome?

  • Rosalind

This name has such a floral feel to it, isn’t it?

It means gentle. It is originated from the Norman culture.


Which medieval names did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments!

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