102 Popular Hawaiian Last Names with Meanings

Surnames or last names are common, and most of us have one. This is because surnames are an integral part of our identity and it traces our family history.

Hawaiian families did not have the last name until the west colonized them and started the tradition of Hawaiian last names.

Let us have a closer look at some of the famous Hawaiian last names and what they mean.

Popular Hawaiian Last Names

  • Ai’la’ausd

The surname has a powerful meaning attached to it. It means the Fire God.

  • Ailana

The meaning of this surname is as beautiful as its melodious sound. Ailana means the moonlight and is a popular Hawaiian last name.

  • Akamai

Akamai comes from the word Akeakamai which means the one who seeks out knowledge. Akamai also means intelligent and clever and shows the brainy family tradition.

  • Aka

Aka has several meanings. It means noble and affectionate. At times, this surname also denotes clarity and lightness.

  • Akana

Akana means playing the music and bright. The Hawaiian surname traces its origin to the Kanji culture of Japan.

  • Akamu

We all have heard of the word Adam. Akamu is the biblical version of this name. The surname Akamu also means the “one who is of the earth.”

  • Ailana

Ailana is one of the prettiest surnames on this list. It means beautiful child. It has another vital meaning which is the strength of God.

  • Akina

Akina is a Hawaiian surname that also belongs to Japan, and it means bright and autumn.

  • Alama

Alama has a Swahili origin and means symbol and sign. It also means eternity and earth, which is usually what the Hawaiian surnames mean.

  • Alana

Alana means precious in German. However, its Hawaiian meaning is an awakening and beautiful offering.

  • Alohi

Alohi has two meanings in the Hawaiian language. It means shining and brilliant.

  • Alika

Alika has a Nigerian origin and is a popular Hawaiian surname. In both languages, the meaning of the name is the same. It means the one who is the most beautiful.

  • Anela

Anela has a Greek origin. The surname resounds with the English name Angela. You will find this surname commonly used among the Hawaiian Christians of the early times.

  • Aolani

Aolani or the beautiful clouds is a surname that belongs to the heavenly world.

  • Aukai

The surname Aukai refers to the sailor or the seafarer.

  • Anakoni

Anakoni is a lovely last name that means priceless and precious in the Hawaiian language.

  • Aouli

Aouli means the clear and blue sky, which reflects a perfect day.

  • Aria

Aria is a Hawaiian surname that means solo melody. It is a sweet surname with an Italian origin.

  • Ano

Ano has a German origin, and this Hawaiian last name means pristine.

  • Etana

The last name Etana shows strength. It means strong and dedicated.

  • Haku

The surname symbolizes responsibility and power and means the supervisor.

  • Haoa

The name in the Hawaiian vernacular language means the chief or the army guard. It is believed to have come from the English word Howard.

  • Halia

Halia is reminiscence in the Hawaiian language. It reminds you of the person you cherish with all your heart. Halia also means memorial.

  • Hale

Hale means home and is Hawaiian for the English name Harry.

  • Haukea

Haukea is a surname that does touch hearts. It means the white snow and depicts a soft personality.

  • Havika

Havika is a surname that pronounces one to be the dearest or the beloved.

  • Hikialani

The surname means to look up at heaven.

  • Hekekia

The vernacular name of the Judah king, Hekekia comes from Hezekiah, which is a biblical name.

  • Inoa

Inoa means the name chants. It also means the Virgin Mary in the Hawaiian language.

  • Ikaika

Ikaika, or the strong man, traces its origin to Hawaii.

  • Ionakana

You have heard of the Hebrew name Jonathan. Ionakana is the Hawaiian version of the name, and it means the gift of God.

  • Isaia

Isaia means the God of salvation, and it is the Hawaiian of the name Isaiah in the Bible.

  • Iosua

Iosua comes from Joshua, which is a Biblical name.

  • Iona

Iona is short of Ionakana and means the one who is the gift from God. The surname is the Hawaiian version of Jonah.

  • Kahananui

The last name means excellent work or a significant undertaking.

  • Kahele

Kahele is a popular Hawaiian surname and means to go.

  • Kahale

The place where we seek comfort or home is what the Hawaiian surname Kahale means.

  • Kai

Kai means the ocean. The Hawaiian surname comes from Japan, and it means the same in the Japanese language as well.

  • Kahie

Kahie comes from ka or the, and hue or gourd. It is a unique Hawaiian surname composed of two Hawaiian words.

  • Kaiwi

The surname depicts life’s significance. It means the bone in the Hawaiian language. The word, however, comes from Polynesia and means the keeper of the ancestors.

  • Kainoa

The title means the free-flowing ocean or the sea child and is a surname pretty popular in the Hawaiian region.

  • Kalani

The surname means the royal one or the heaven. Kalani is also a popular Hawaiian first name.

  • Kalama

Kalama is a torch in the Hawaiian language.

  • Kaleo

Kaloe reminds you of the music of the ocean. It means one sound and one voice.

  • Kamealoha

The surname means the beloved one.

  • Kalua

Kalua is both a Hawaiian first name and last name and means companion.

  • Kalawaiʻa

The last name comes from two Hawaiian words: ka or the, and lawaiʻa, which means the fisherman.

  • Kamaka

Kamaka means the eye in the Hawaiian language. In Maori, Kamaka means rock.

  • Kama

Kama means the child in the Hawaiian language.

  • Kana

Kana comes from Hawaiian mythology. It refers to a demigod who had the power to keep stretching indefinitely.

  • Kane

Kane is the father of all the living creatures in Hawaiian mythology. The God of procreation, Kane is the highest-ranking among the four gods.

  • Ka’uhane

The Hawaiian last name has a lot of impact and means the soul and the spirit.

  • Keaka

Keaka means reflection in the Hawaiian language.

  • Kawai

Kawai means the water or coming from water. So the surname does remind you of the Hawaiian region.

  • Kapule

The surname gets inspiration from eternal belief in God. It means prayer and magic.

  • Kayl

Kayl means a free man and is a popular Hawaiian last name.

  • Keahi

The surname resonates with the powerful elements of nature, namely fire. In the Hawaiian language, Keahi means the flames.

  • Kealani

Lani means heaven in the Hawaiian language. Kea refers to white. The Hawaiian last name Kealani means the white heaven or a clear sky.

  • Kealoha

Kealoha means love in the Maori language and is a typical Hawaiian surname.

  • Keanu

This Hawaiian surname means the breeze and calm, letting you picture an authentic Hawaiian experience with vast oceans and full of trees.

  • Keawe

Keawe means the thread, and this name has a Hawaiian origin.

  • Kealohilani

The surname means the bright heaven, and the one who carries it brings hope.

  • Kekepania

The Hawaiian of Stephanie, this surname means the woman who bears a crown.

  • Kekoa

Kekoa is a Koa tree or the warrior, and the surname symbolizes strength and subtleness.

  • Kehaulani

The Hawaiian surname means the heavenly dews that fall from the sky.

  • Keli’i

It is a rare Hawaiian surname and means the head of the chief.

  • Konani

Konani means to add a dazzling touch, and it also means bright.

  • Keona

Keona means the gift of God, and this surname finds use both in the Hawaiian and the Polynesian region.

  • Kulani

The unique surname Kulani means to disclose to heaven.

  • Kiana

Kiana means the moon Goddess. It is a pure Hawaiian surname.

  • Kelekolio

The name is the Hawaiian version of Gregory. It, however, traces its origin to the ancient Greek islands.

  • Lee

Lee has a Korean origin though it is also a Hawaiian surname and means the plum tree.

  • Lani

Lani means the blue sky and also the heaven. It is a pure Hawaiian origin surname.

  • Leimomi

The surname draws parallels to the ocean and means the pearl wreath.

  • Likeke

Likeke is a Hawaiian surname that shows courage. It means brave and powerful.

  • Luda

The surname Luda is the Hawaiian vernacular form of Jude.

  • Leilani

Leilani comes from Lei or the flower. Lani means heaven. Leilani is a charismatic Hawaiian surname that means the heavenly flower.

  • Lui

The surname has a French and German origin, and it is the vernacular of Louis.

  • Louanne

When you become a parent, you feel your life has a new meaning. And parenthood is one of the best parts of our lives. The surname Louanne has a similar essence. It means one who is full of joy and relaxed. So, if you want your little one to have a happy life, you can give them this name.

  • Lilo

If you have watched the movie “Lilo and Stitch,” you may have already come across this awesome last name. It has become a popular surname after the release of that movie. Lilo is one of the main characters in it. Lilo comes with the meaning of “someone who is giving and generous.” You can choose this last name if you want your kid to grow up as a kind-hearted person.

  • Laia

Soft-spoken people are loved and respected by all. If you want your kiddo to be someone like that when they grow up, you can choose the last name Laia as an option. It holds the meaning of someone who speaks very softly.

  • Mahi’ai

The Hawaiian surname refers to a farmer.

  • Mahelona

The name Mahelona comes from Mahlon, which is a Biblical character. He is Ruths’ first husband.

  • Makali

Makal refers to the myrtle tree or small eyes. The surname has a Hawaiian origin.

  • Makaio

Makaio means the gift from God. It is an uncommon surname used by those of Hawaiian origin.

  • Mahoe

Mahoe means twins and is a rare surname used in the Hawaiian region. It also means a small and bushy tree.

  • Manu

Manu means the bird in Hawaiian. It is a lovely last name that lets one stay in the lap of nature.

  • Mana

Mana is a sacred word and means the spiritual energy in the Hawaiian language. It is originally a Japanese word.

  • Maliah

Maliah is Hawaiian of the English word Maria, and the surname traces its origin to Hebrew.

  • Mililani

Mililani means the love of heaven, and it is a beautiful Hawaiian last name.

  • Moana

Moana means the ocean or sea. The surname comes from Polynesia and Hawaii, and it is also popular as a first name.

  • Maui

Maui has both a Polynesian and Hawaiian origin and means the God of fire. The name is a Hawaiian first name as well.

  • Malana

Your baby is the light of your life. And that is what the last name Malana signifies. Malana means “someone full of lightness.” it is perfect for your little one if you want them to be someone who brings love, joy, and happiness into other’s life.

  • Nani

Nani means pretty. It also means an attractive flower. So the Hawaiian surname is indeed a winner.

  • Noelani

Just as sweet as the name sounds, the meaning of the name Noelani is heavenly mist and dew.

  • Nakamura

Nakamura means the middle village. It is a Japanese name but is now a Hawaiian surname as well.

  • Palakiko

Palakiko is a Hawaiian surname that has a Spanish and English origin.

  • Pualani

Pualani is a charming Hawaiian surname that means a heavenly offspring.

  • Pele

Pele refers to the volcano God in Hawaiian mythology. Pele is the creator of the Hawaiian islands and is a famous last name.

  • Urima

Urima means the earthen fruit. This popular Hawaiian surname has a Polynesian origin too.

  • Wong

Wong is a Hawaiian last name that initially belonged to China. It means the monarch or king.

  • Wailani

Wailani means the holy water, and it represents the oceans of Hawaii.


Above is the list of some rare and common Hawaiian surnames. Most of them trace their origin to Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology. The immigrants have bought some Hawaiian surnames. The Hawaiian people connect with nature, and this is reflected in their surnames too.

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