55 Strong and Powerful Baby Girl Names

There are a plethora of names for boys’ that mean strong and powerful. But, what about for girls’? Well, not as many as the boys’ list, yet there are enough to get you confused. In recent times, parents have shown a keen inclination to select strong and powerful baby girl names due to the growing realization that such positive characteristics are gender-neutral.

In this article, we’ve selectively narrowed the search down to the top 55 girl names that mean strength, power, and valiant, while also being stylish and attractive sounding.

Strong Girl Names

Here’s a list of the best girl names that mean strong and powerful. These names are from different origins and have important historical, mythological, literary, or modern references that make them even more powerful, as potential name choices to empower your precious baby girl during her lifetime.

  • Adira

You can’t go wrong having selected a baby girl name like ‘Adira,’ which is rare, exotic, simple, and means “strong, powerful, and noble.” The name Adira is just that and more. It’s a beautiful name of Hebrew origin  —  pronounced (ah-DEER-AH) — and is a popular substitute of common variants Ava and Ariana.

  • Aila

‘Aila’ is a feminine, attractive Scottish origin name. This quirky, empowering name is way off the beaten path, having a strong cross-cultural appeal. Aila means “from a strong place.” Its Finnish variants include the names ‘Olga’ and ‘Helga,’ meaning “bringer of light.” Further, ‘Ayla’ is a popular girl name in Turkey and many other countries. If you’re looking for a girl name that connotes strength and power and has a wide appeal, Aila is the ideal choice.

  • Audrey

If you as parents are huge admirers of the brilliant, chic actress Audrey Hepburn, and on top of that love the meaning of her name — “noble strength” —  then the English origin name, ‘Audrey,’ is the perfect pick for your baby girl. To add to the flamboyance and flair, how’s the fact there was a revered saint in the Seventh century named ‘St. Audrey?’ If you’re looking for a girls’ name that’s powerful, radiant, and continuously rising in popularity, this is the one!

  • Alcmene

According to Greek mythology, Alcmene was Hercules’ mother, and god Zeus was the father. She was in labor for seven nights and seven days when Hercules was about to be born. Now, this sounds like a powerful woman, isn’t it? This Greek name has the meaning of wrath and strength.

  • Alessia

Alessia is the female version of the oh-so-powerful name Alexander that holds the meaning defender of man. A famous personality with this name is Alessia Cara. She was the first woman from Canada at the Grammys to take home the Best New Artist award.

  • Ayesha

Ayesha Farooq, the flight lieutenant from Pakistan, is the first female fighter pilot in that country to become ready for combat. This name has its roots in the Arabic language and comes with the meaning alive.

  • Baldey

Baldey is an enigmatic name that comes from the country of Iceland. This powerful name holds the meaning of dangerous, bold, and strong. You can give this name to your baby girl if you want to see her grow courageous.

  • Bellatrix

There is a star in the Orion constellation named Bellatrix. This name has become popular in recent times – thanks to the Harry Potter series, where the name of a villain character is Bellatrix Lestrange. It translates to warrior.

  • Bernadette

The German, French origin name, ‘Bernadette,’ is an overtly feminine name meaning “ brave as a bear.”  The popularity of the name has been growing with time, partly as a result of the French flair — the “ette”— in the end. It’s a name that’s famous among Roman Catholics of Ireland, owing to Saint Bernadette. Even otherwise, Bernadette — a feminization of Bernard — has many takers in English and French-speaking nations, alike.

  • Bree

The name ‘Bree’ may be short and sweet to hear, yet it’s meaning makes it quite sophisticated and powerful. This upbeat, Irish origin name means “strength, virtue, power, and exalted one.” The name first got popularized by Jane Fonda’s Oscar-winning character in the film Klute. Later, in more recent times, the name emerged as a hot favorite owing to the Desperate Housewives character, Bree Van de Kamp. The spelling distinguishes it from the cheese variety, Brie.

  • Cassandra

‘Cassandra’ is a beautiful Greek origin girl name that means “man’s defender, warrior, and unheeded prophetess.” If you’re on the lookout for a strong and remarkable girl name, then you’ll love Cassandra as a pick.  It’s the feminine variant of ‘Cassander.’ As per Greek mythology, she (Cassandra) was the daughter of Queen Hecuba and King Priam of Troy.

  • Dree

‘Dree’ is a girl’s name that means “strong and manly.” It’s a short and unique name that has evolved out of Greek origin. If you’re weighing heavier importance towards uniqueness, Dree could work as a substitute for its popular variant Bree.  It’s also considered a powerful nickname for the names Andrea and Alexandria.

  • Diana

‘Diana,’ meaning “divine, heavenly,” is a classy, powerful name for naming baby girls.’ It’s a name that has evolved from its Indo-European roots and gained popularity primarily owing to the DC Comics fictional character ‘Diana Prince,’ who turns into the superhero warrior ‘Wonder Woman.’ Another famous name bearer includes the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

  • Ebba

‘Ebba’ is the feminine variant of the popular German, English origin names ‘Ebbe’ and ‘Eberhard,’ meaning “strong, a fortress of riches, or power of a boar.” Ebba ranks in Sweden’s top 10 girl names list, yet it has relatively fewer takers in the United States. That could change, however, owing to the recent growing popularity of similar names like Ada, Ella, and Emma.

  • Etana

‘Etana’ is an attractive, unusual, and powerful girl’s name that hails from its Hebrew origin to mean “strength, the strength of purpose, or dedication.” Etana is the feminine variant of the appealing name Ethan. After seeing a temporary phase of decline, the name has fast bounced back in popularity over the last few years.

  • Gabriella

The feminine name ‘Gabriella’ (spelled Gabriela in Spanish) — the feminine form of Gabriel — is an Italian, Spanish origin name meaning “God is my strength.” Today, this name rides on a wave of popularity in Australia, Canada, and the United States. In the US, Gabriella and its Spanish variant Gabriela make for strong and graceful choices when it comes to naming baby girls’, especially among Latino, Jew, and Italian American communities. Famous namesakes include tennis star Gabriela Sabatini and renowned poet Gabriela Mistral.

  • Isa

‘Isa’ may be as short and sweet as a name can get, but this baby girl’s name of German, Persian origin packs quite a punch as it means “strong-willed.” You may consider it as the short form of Isadora, Isabel, Bella, or Isabella, yet this name also works as a popular given name.

  • Imiza

Your search for a rare, pleasant name meaning “strength” ends here. The attractive name ‘Imiza’ is a three-syllable girl’s name ( pronounced ih-MEE-za) of German origin meaning “universal strength.” Its original heavy German variant, Irmentrude, was shortened to Imiza, before being used in the Middle Ages by the Royal House of Luxembourg.

  • Kaimana

The exotic, Hawaiian origin name for girls’, ‘Kaimana,’ means “power of the ocean.” Overall, it’s a youthful, rare, and natural Hawaiian name that also means “diamond.” Kaimana is a unisex name, yet its popularity tilted towards more widespread feminine use.

  • Keren

‘Keren,’ the short form of Kerenhappuch, is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “strength, power, and glorious dignity.” Biblically, in the Old Testament, Job had three daughters, one of whom was Keren, the other two being Kezia and Jemima. Overall, Keren is a pretty name that means strong.

  • Leona

This Latin, French origin baby girl name means “Lioness.” ‘Leona’ evolved from the Latin name ‘Leo’ and the masculine French name ‘Leon,’ both of which means “Lion.” British singer  Leona Lewis is a famous bearer. All in all, Leona is a fabulous name choice among strong girl names.

  • Louisa

Louisa is a beautiful Latin origin name for your baby girl. The name means “renowned warrior” or “fame.”  You may have been a fan of ‘The Sound Of Music,’ which had a character named Louisa Von Trapp. Otherwise, who can forget Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel ‘Little Women,’ which remains as popular as ever!

  • Matilda

The stylish, sweet vintage name, ‘Matilda,’ is a German origin girl’s name that means “battle-mighty,” or “powerful in battle.” Ever since its 11th-century introduction in the English-speaking world, the name has consistently been rising in popularity. Among star babies named Matilda are chef Gordon Ramsey’s daughter, and the late Heath Ledger, and his wife Michelle Williams’ daughter. The name is highly popular in English-speaking nations, especially England and Australia, and has incredible nicknames associated with it, like Tillie, Mattie, and Tilda.

  • Mildred

‘Mildred’ is a vintage English name, which means “gentle strength,” and has the popular nickname ‘Millie’ associated with it. The given name Mildred may not be the most popular girl name, yet its associated nickname ‘Millie’ or ‘Milly’ is seeing a sharp rise in popularity.

  • Althea

The feminine name ‘Althea’ or its short form ‘Thea’ meaning “healing power,” is an excellent name choice for parents looking to name their baby girl. Althea is a powerful yet poetic Greek origin name. In Greek Mythology, Althea is the hero Meleager’s mother, while the name’s modern associations include Althea Gibson; the first Wimbledon title winner from African-American heritage. Parents searching for a unique, ethereal name with a poetic sound, should go with Althea.

  • Coco

This couture name was made famous by the legendary French fashion icon ‘Coco Chanel’ (born Gabrielle). Other famous associations include the daughter of Courteney Cox and David Arquette. It’s a wonderful, unusual name that is sure to make your daughter stand out from the rest. It’s a girl’s name of English, French, and Spanish origin. Though it has different meanings like “chocolate (US), coconut (English), or help (Spanish),” we feel, overall, it’s a powerful name due to its strong references to the Goddess of fashion.

  • Bali

The beautiful name ‘Bali’ is a powerful and unique girl’s name having a Sanskrit origin and meaning “strength.” The beauty and tranquility of the colorful Indonesian island of Bali draw thousands to its serene shores for holidays each year. Bali Barret was the general artistic director of Hermès (a world-renowned French fashion house).

  • Bridget

‘Bridget’ is an attractive feminine name of Irish origin, meaning “exalted one, power, and strength.” It’s the Anglicized variant of the Irish-Gaelic name ‘Brigid’ meaning “strength.” As per Irish myth, three goddesses — goddess of healing, goddess of agriculture, and goddess of poetry — were named Brigid. Also, Bridget was the name of the most famous woman saint of Ireland. Famous namesakes are Brigette Bardot (French actress) and Bridget Fonda (American actress).

  • Philomena

The girl’s name ‘Philomena’ not only sounds beautiful but also has incredible meaning. It’s a name of Greek origin that means “lover of strength.” Its popularity is widespread, especially across Latin countries. As per Greek mythology, Philomena was the Athenian princess who got turned into a nightingale by the gods. The common Italian and Spanish variant of Philomena is ‘Filomena.’ Among English-speaking nations, the name is most popular in the US, Scotland, and Australia.

  • Rainey

Parents seeking a girl’s name with a beautiful and powerful meaning can’t go wrong with the English, Latin origin name ‘Rainey’ meaning “Queen.” The Latin versions of Rainey (English) are ‘Raina’ and ‘Regina’. This name also has an old-time attraction owing to the Mother of the Blues — ‘Ma Rainey’. No matter which variation you pick for your precious angel, she shall grow up feeling like a Queen.

  • Olivia

The name ‘Olivia’ is the female form of the male name ‘Oliver’ meaning “elf army.” It’s derived from the Latin word ‘Oliva’ meaning “olive tree.” Olivia is a William Shakespear character from Twelfth Night, which is how this name first gained popularity. Today, this name has become more popular than ever.

  • Sandra

The feminine name of English origin, ‘Sandra,’ means “defender of the people or defender of man.” It’s the feminine variant of the Greek name Alexander and sometimes used as a nickname for Alexander and Cassandra. One of the most popular bearers of this name is Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock.

  • Michelle

Michelle is a name of Hebrew origin that means “who is like God.” It’s a powerful name you can give your baby girl; it’s considered the feminine variant of the French male name ‘Michel.’ These days, Michelle as a name is equally popular in both French-speaking and English-speaking countries. Highly admired former First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the biggest examples of how a person can live up to the expectations from their given name.

  • Tetsu

Tetsu is a girl’s name of Japanese origin meaning “strong as iron” or simply “iron.” It’s a short, unique name that is extremely rare in the U.S. Yet it’s a beautiful name because of its cute sound and powerful meaning.

  • Trace

Although it sounds like a short version of ‘Tracey,’ ‘Trace,’ on the other hand, is a popular standalone given name that means “brave.” It’s a unisex name that tilts in popularity towards the feminine side. Trace is a name of Anglo-Saxon origin, considered the modern variation of Tracey. Yet it’s growing in tandem with Tracey, in terms of popularity. 

  • Trudy

Trudy is a girl’s name of German origin meaning “universal strength” or “spear of strength.” Its uniqueness and incredible meaning make it a top choice among strong girl names. Trudy is the diminutive of the relatively outdated ‘Gertrude,’ yet it’s become a standalone name that’s steadily gaining popularity.

  • Tyra

Naming your baby girl with a short, easy to pronounce, meaningful, and quirky name is one of the best gifts you can give her. The name Tyra is one such gift. It is a name of Scandinavian origin that means “God of battle.”  Among famous people named Tyra are Tyra Banks — an American model, actress, and television host.

  • Karleen

‘Karleen’ is the feminine form of the name ‘Karl’’. It is a name of German, English origin meaning “womanly strength.” It’s one of those strong names that are unusually attractive and, hence, in demand. If you’ve been thinking along the lines of Carol, Caroline, or Charlotte, then Karleen might be a more unique variation.

  • Maya

Maya is a pretty name that has its origins in Latin, Sanskrit, and Russian. The Latin version means “larger or great.” The Sanskrit version of the name means “illusion or dream.” Finally, the Russian meaning is “a form of Mary.” The name has garnered immense popularity across borders, however, its rapidly growing U.S. popularity is the most impressive.

  • Minka

Another girl’s name meaning “strong and resolute” is the unique option ‘Minka’. It’s a name of Polish, Slovenian, and Danish origins that specifically means “strong-willed warrior.” The name has been growing in popularity based on its powerful meaning and easy, beautiful pronunciation. Minka is a very unique name yet it’s not an unusual name. Thanks to stars like American actress Minka Kelly, the daughter of previous Aerosmith guitarist, Rick Dufay, this name is credited as a popular pick.

  • Gesa

‘Gesa’, meaning “strength of a spear” or “pledge,” is a lovely, classic feminine name of Dutch origin. It’s usually considered an apt short form of the name ‘Gertrud.’ Top of the mind perception, upon hearing the lovely name Gesa, is a person imbibing strength and power.

  • Jaiyana

A charming name for your baby girl that has Arabic roots and means “strength” is ‘Jaiyana’. This unique name rolls off the tongue quite easily and even comes with an attractive nickname associated with it — ‘Joy.’ Overall, we feel it’s a strong, cute, unique, and cool given name for your bundle of joy.

  • Emersyn

‘Emersyn’, meaning “bravery” or “powerful” is the female form of the popular name ‘Emerson.’ It’s a name with French roots brought to England as an aftermath of the invasion by the Normans. Nicknames that go well with Emersyn include Emery, Emmy, and Emma. The name has surged in popularity in the United States since 2016.

  • Indira

If a name has a powerful personality associated with it, that name is considered strong. Indira is the perfect example of a name with strong references. The name means “beauty, splendid,” and is of Sanskrit/Hindu origin. Indira Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsi, proved to the world how to have a high profile career alongside motherhood and be successful at both.

  • Valencia

This beautiful girl’s name of Latin origin means “healthy, brave, and strong.” The name is known to have been derived from Valentinus, the saint, as also from the city called Valencia in Spain.

  • Valentina

The lovely Latin origin name Valentina means “strength.” It’s a fabulous, artistic name to name your baby girl. The name has evolved from the word ‘valens,’ meaning “strong and healthy.”  A popular masculine variant of the name includes Valentine. It’s worth mentioning here that Soviet cosmonaut ‘Valentina Tereshkova’ became the first-ever woman to travel in space.

  • Valeria

The charismatic name ‘Valeria’ is a Latin origin name for girls’ that means “strength and health.” Its Franco-American variant ‘Valerie’ is the more common of the two. However, Valeria has picked up in popularity a lot faster in modern times. We feel it’s an incredible name, ripe for picking for your beautiful little angel.

  • Wyetta

Wyetta is a girl’s name with Old-English origins, meaning “war strength.” It’s an attractive name because of the powerful meaning and the fact that it’s quite simple to pronounce. It is a bit unusual, yet if you’re a parent seeking a pleasantly unique name with wonderful meaning, then this is one of your best bets.

  • Coretta 

‘Coretta Scott King’ was an activist and civil rights leader, known mostly for her advocacy of African-American equality. She continued the legacy of her husband Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. She imbibed great power and strength as she fought for the rights of African-Americans. Her name is derived from the Ancient Greek name ‘Cora,’ meaning “maiden.”

  • Finley

Finley is a unisex name with stronger emphasis as being a girl’s name. It’s a name of Scottish origin that means“fair warrior” or fair-haired hero.” It evolved from Fionlagh, which was a Gaelic surname. Over the last decade, the name’s popularity has only been rising. It’s a beautiful name choice among girls’ names that mean “strength or power.”

  • Lulu

‘Lulu’ is a female name that’s short, sweet, and cute. It means “famous warrior,” and is the diminutive form of the Arabic name ‘Louise.’ Judging by its Hawaiian, Swahili, and Tanzanian origin meanings, the name means “calm, pearl, precious, and protected.” All in all, it’s a pretty snazzy name that connotes power.

  • Briana

The feminine form of the masculine name ‘Brian’ is ‘Briana,’ meaning ”strong and virtuous.” This Irish origin name was coined by Edmund Spenser. His incredible literary work, “The Faerie Queene,” resulted in the name getting a classy pedigree. The name’s steady growth in popularity is another reason to pick it for your daughter.

  • Britta

Another incredible name choice for your pretty baby girl that stands to mean “strength or exalted one,” is the Scandanavian, Swedish origin name ‘Britta.’ It’s a sassy, exotic, and familiar-sounding name that’s ripe for picking. The name first became popular because of St. Bridget of Sweden.

  • Zaila

‘Zaila’ is an Arabic, Greek origin name that means “might and power.” It’s a variation of the name ‘Zoila,’ yet both sound cool and trendy. It’s a bit unusual sounding as it’s still a rare choice for a name out in the West. However, short, catchy names that start with ‘Z’ often stand out in incredible ways. 

  • Zenobia

It’s our final contender, yet it’s one of the most beautiful strong girl names on our list. Zenobia is a girl’s name of Greek origin that means “force of Zeus.” Historically, Zenobia was a stunning, intelligent ancient Queen. There are literary associations with the novels of Hawthorne and Edith Wharton. The name appeals to adventurous parents on the lookout for exotic girl names.

Summing Up

Those were some of the top baby girl names that connote strength and empowerment. Growing up, your daughter should know from the very beginning that she’s equal to boys’. Nothing should come in her way of becoming whomever she aspires to become. The names on our list all connote positive characteristics and give strength and support to the bearer to courageously write their own life story.

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