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99 Cool Ethiopian Male and Female Baby Names With Meanings

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It is no easy task to choose a baby’s name. You need to get it right because it is an identity that your baby will carry forever.

New parents seek inspiration from varied cultures and ethnicities when choosing their baby’s first name.

Ethiopian names are unique and inspired by life. Flaunting an Ethiopian name makes your munchkin feel cared for and treasured.

So let us begin our hunt for famous and rare Ethiopian names both for baby boys and girls.

Ethiopian Names for Baby Girls

Ethiopian Names for Baby Girls
  • Ameena

The name originated in Arabia and means safety or safe. The term also symbolizes one who is honest, faithful, trustworthy, and secure. Tweak its spelling to Amina if you wish to.

Amina Afzali is a government minister and a politician hailing from Afgan.

  • Abebech

The Ethiopian baby girl’s name means that she has matured and flowered.

  • Abena

Did you give birth to your little girl on a Tuesday? Then why not call her Abena. It is common in the Ethiopian culture to name their children after the weekday they were born. So for a Tuesday-born baby, Abena is the best name to pick.

  • Afia

A baby girl born on Friday can be called Afia. A popularly followed trend in the Ethiopian community, Afia is an uncommon name that you may choose for your girl. The name sounds attractive and modern too. If you wish to make the word even trendier, then call her Afua.

  • Aida

The name defines melody. Aida means happy or returning. It is also associated with the Verdi Opera, where an enslaved Ethiopian princess gave away her life to save the people.

Aida Turturro, who played the role of Tony Soprano’s sister in The Sopranos, is someone whom you can easily relate to this name.

  • Aisha

Ethiopians embrace the name Aisha and why should it not? The name means prosperous and living. It was Muhammad’s favorite wife’s name.
You can tweak the lovely name to Ayesha, Aicha, or Ayishah.

Aisha Tyler, the television personality, shares this name.

  • Akosua

A day-inspired name that is a common naming culture in Ethiopia, Akosua is apt for baby girls born on a Sunday. It draws meaning to the fire and sun.

Akosua Gyamama Busia is an actress from Ghana.

  • Amara

Amara means grace. This sturdy yet stylish name comes from Mary. The multicultural name also means immortal in Sanskrit and peaceful in Mongolian.

  • Anika

What comes to your mind when you listen to the name Anika? It feels like the perfect adjective for someone who is sweet-faced, graceful, and at the same time brilliant. In short, it describes your daughter, who is a combination of beauty and brains.

She will be just as adorable as Anika Noni Rose, the African American actress, and singer.

  • Aishah

If you are into names of Arabic origin, you can choose the name Aishah. This is a beautiful name that carries the meaning of prosperity. And did I tell you Aishah was Prophet Muhammad’s youngest wife?

  • Amira

They say that a daughter is a father’s princess. If you want to go with this vibe, you can choose Amira as the name for your baby girl. This name is an Ethiopian orthodox Bible name that has its roots in Amharic. It comes with the meaning of a princess.

  • Berknesh

The is an uncommon name that has its roots in the Amharic region. It sounds classy, and you need to pronounce it as Bïrk’Näš. It holds the lovely meaning of “you are precious.”

  • Berta

If you want your girl to grow strong and brave, you can give her the name Berta. This short name has multiple origins, including Latin, German, and African. It would help if you pronounced it as BEHRT tah. It holds the meaning of “to have strength” or “to preserve strength.”

  • Baraka

Baraka resonates with your heart. It means the white one. The positivity of this rhythmic name has made many Ethiopian parents fall in love with it. So why not choose this name for your daughter, who will grow up with a pure heart?

  • Bathsheba

The ruler of Abyssinia and the Shea queen carried this name. Bathsheba means the daughter of the oath.

If you have read Far from the Madding Crowd, a famous Hardy’s novel, you would have come across this name.

  • Behati

A variant of Beatrice, Behati means the one who brings in happiness, perfect to name your baby girl. So give your girl this holy name, and she will always thank you for this.

Behati Prinsloo is the name of a supermodel from Namibia.

  • Bezunesh

The girls’ name sounds harmonious and means that you are abundant. It also means excitement.

  • Dani

The feminine of Daniel, Dani, means God is my judge. The short and sweet name stands for its friendly qualities.

  • Desta

The name has an authentic African origin, and it means happiness and joy, a truth of what your little girl has brought into your lives.

  • Diarra

A gift from lord Diarra is a soothing Ethiopian name that strikes the cord.

  • Edna

Your girl will carry youthfulness, pleasure, and gentleness when you name her Edna. This semi-biblical name was also the name of Apocryphas’ loving mother.

Edna Best was a British actress who shared this name.

  • Eshe

Why not name your daughter after what she means to you – Life. A variant of the Arabic name Aisha, Eshe is a pretty classy name to give to your girl.

  • Faizah

Want your girl to grow up to be victorious and a winner in life? Then name her Faizah. The name has an African and Arabian origin and is a hit today among the parents of Ethiopia.

  • Fana

Fana means the jungle or light, and this delicate and unusual name makes it an ideal choice if you are looking for something uncommon to name your girl.

  • Gabra

The African origin name means gift of offering, and this is a popular Ethiopian baby name.

  • Habiba

Beloved or Habiba is the best name to give to our child. It is because the name speaks to her what you have in your heart. The root word Habib has an Arabic origin.
Habiba is famous in Ethiopia. You are free to tweak the name to Hababah too.

Habiba NosheenPakistani is the name of a famous journalist in Canada.

  • Halima

Forbearing, mild-mannered, gentle, and generous, all of these are the synonyms of the word Halima, a name that you would want to pick up for your darling princess.

  • Heloisa

Let your daughter grow up to be a renowned warrior. Give her this Ethiopian name and let her be brave and victorious all her life.

  • Helina

Do you like names that sound lyrical? Then you may like the name Helina. It has a musical vibe to it. Originating in Amharic, it holds the lovely meaning of understanding and intelligence.

  • Ife

Ife is a name that speaks about love. So this charming but rare Ethiopian name does draw attention to it.

  • Izara

Your hunt for a rhythmic and beautiful baby girl’s name ends here with Izara. This baby girl’s name depicts the stars, shawl, and the section of a tree. An absolute marvel, isn’t it?

  • Jamila

Jamila in Arabic means beauty. This name is famous in Ethiopia too. The feminine touch in the title is what makes it gracious.

Jameela Alia Jamil is a model, actress, writer, and presenter with this name. Jamila also finds mention in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight Children.

  • Kia

At the beginning of the season, Kia is a name that stands out in every way. It is easy to spell, simple to remember, and draws all with its charisma. A new name that has already seen immense popularity, think about naming your girl Kia and you would not have to go searching for a nickname for her.

The Korean car label Kia has indeed given this name a lot of attention.

  • Kamali

Name her Kamali true to what your baby girl will grow up. Kamali means perfection. Kamali also means the spirit guide or the protector. In the African culture, she is a spirit that protects babies from illness.

The designer, Norma Kamali, is a famous namesake.

  • Kayla

Kayla means narrow or slender, and this name is popular among mothers who spend hours watching soap operas.

Kayla from the Days of our Lives and Desperate Homemakers is indeed a name that has fascinated many moms.

  • Liya

The name sparks elegance when you call your little girl Liya. Nickname her Lia or lily. Liya means “I am with god.” Some parents tweak the name to Leah or Lia to make it sound more fashionable.

Your daughter is sure to adore this name when she knows of her famous namesake, Liya Kebede, a philanthropist and supermodel from Ethiopia.

  • Makda

Makda or high tower is the Ethiopian form of Magda in Hebrew. This rare moniker also draws parallels to Magdalene and Magda.

  • Mariam

Are you someone who fantasies your girl to grow up to be harmonious and the beloved of all? Then you may have already shortlisted this rhythmic name, Mariam. The variation of Mary, Mariam is an Arabic and African variant popular in Ethiopia. An alternative spelling is Maryam.

  • Marjani

Our daughters are a treasure, and we are particularly choosey about the name we choose for them. Marjani or coral is a keepsake, a name that will fill the heart with beauty and graciousness. The name comes from the root name Marjina which is Arabic.

A well-known celebrity who adores this name is Marjani Satrapi, the graphic novelist from Iran who gained popularity from her work in Persepolis.

  • Maya

Maya takes you to a world of illusion and dreams. This name has been getting popular in the charts because of its gracefulness and mystical nature. The exotic name is what your daughter will flaunt all her life if you call her Maya.

Maya is the name of the Greek mother of Hermes. We also have Gate Maya Samuelsson, the Ethiopian model who carries this name.

  • Mazaa

As aromatic as her name, Mazaa soothes your senses. Usually associated with the scents of the yellow daisy, it is a name that can never go wrong.

Maaza Mengiste is a novelist of Ethiopian and American origin who gave this name its much-deserved spotlight.

  • Neela

Your daughter is as pure and pretty as the sapphire blue, which makes Neela a famous name. You can tweak the spelling to Neala or Neila. Popular across Ethiopia, this name has a Sanskrit origin and creates a strong impact.

  • Nuru

Why not name your girl seeking inspiration from nature? Nuru or light also is a name given to girls who are born during the day. The name is a variant of Noor, a typical Muslim name. Parents favor it because it is stylish yet simple.

Nuru Kane, the famous songwriter, and singer from Senegalese is the bearer of this name.

  • Nyala

An exotic name for your little princess Nyala means the mountain goat. The name is charming, and we are sure your baby girl will carry it with grace all her life.

The name got popularity through the well-known 1940 movie.

  • Salat

We want our darlings to be happy and joyous all her life, and thus as a parent, it makes sense to choose a name depending on what you wish for your child.

Salat means happy and joy and could be the best name selection for your girl.

  • Subira

Your dream is for your little girl to grow soft and develop a lot of patience. Subira is then the name that you were looking for. The attractive name appeals to many parents because of the S zest, a differentiator in the Ethiopian language.

  • Taci

Taci is a name that describes your girl. She is exotic, singular, and intense, just what you dream for her to grow up to be. The name is indeed an eclectic choice for intelligent and independent parents who wish the same for their girl.

  • Winta

If you have wished for a baby girl for long and finally the almighty granted your wish, then name your girl after this. Call her Winta. The name has an authentic African root and means memory or desire.

  • Wubit

Wubit means gorgeous, which is an accurate depiction of your baby girl.

  • Zala

Zala symbolizes health and wellness. It is a simple yet catchy name that also means someone who belongs to the southwestern Ethiopian region. What makes many parents pick up this name is its ease of spelling and pronunciation.

Your daughter will share her name with the character in the Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom video game.

  • Zoya

Dawn or Zoya is a famous Arabic and Ethiopian name perfect to name your little bundle of joy.

We do recognize Zoya Buryak, the Russian actress.

  • Zuri

A feminine lady carries the name Zuri with charm. The name means beautiful and is a popular pick for a name.

Zuri indeed got attention after the Disney show Jessie where Zuri Ross is the main character.

Ethiopian Names for Baby Boys

Ethiopian Names for Baby Boys
  • Aaron

Aaron depicts someone strong or exalted. It also means the messenger in Arabic. Aaron is a name famous worldwide. The double vowel gives it gentleness.

Aaron was Moses’ elder brother.
Aaron Charles Carter is a famous rapper and singer from the 90s.

  • Abel

Yes, Abel does bring into our minds the unfortunate son of Adam and eve, but this name has an impactful meaning to covey. Abel means the one who is willing, ready, capable, and competent.

Keep this name, and your boy will share his name with Abel Glance and Abela Ferrara, the famous movie director.

  • Abraham

The father of many, Abraham is also the name of the Jewish people’s founding father. This name is timeless and carries its aura. Since the time when the name got conceived to date, it holds the same stature.

  • Afework

A person who speaks only pleasant things is what Afework means, and this could be a treasure hunt for you to name your baby boy with.

  • Ahmed

Ahmed, the Arabic name, is for one who thanks to the God. It also means the one praised highly, precisely as you wish your handsome young boy to be when he turns older.

You can tweak the spelling to Ahmad.

  • Ajani

The retro name Ajani means the one who wins the struggle. It also means the victor. Shorten the name to Aja.

  • Alimayu

The Ethiopian boys’ name Alimayu means in honor of God. Call your boy Ali at home.

Prince Alemayu is a namesake. Wesley Snipes also chose the name for his son.

  • Amadi

The name draws its roots to Africa, but it is also a popular Ethiopian name. A free man – this is what Amadi wants to shout out loud.

  • Amare

Your handsome hunk needs an attractive name as well. So call him good-looking when you name him Amare.

  • Amari

Amari means eternal. The name is used in many cultures and has myriad meanings. The soft sound of this name touches the soul and makes a great baby name.

  • Barack

Barack or blessed comes from Mubarak, which is an Arabic word.

And the name needs no introduction when you know your son shares his name with Barack Hussein Obama II.

  • Begosew

Want your boy to grow up to be a good person? Then choose to name him Begosew. You will be proud when your child stands true to his name.

  • Chimere

As parents, we always want our kids to do better and excel in what they do. We want them to be capable and able, which is why Chimere is the name to choose.

Chemele is an Ethiopian name that means the one who is capable of improving.

  • Chinua

Chinua means the blessing of God. The name comes from Ibo.

Chinua Achebe is the author of the best-selling book Things Fall Apart.

  • Daniel

Daniel – It is doubtful that you have not come across this name. Daniel means God is my judge, and this is a favorite name in the Ethiopian community. Classy and modern, you are bound to like this name.

Your boy will share his name with Daniel Jacob Radcliffe, the English actor who played the character of Harry Potter.

  • Djimon

Powerful blood: Yes, this is what the Ethiopian name Djimon means. Does it sound powerful enough to keep for your baby boy?

Djimon Hounsou is an actor who was nominated for the Oscars.

  • Ebo

Ethiopians love to name their babies after the days of the week, and this name takes the trend forward. Ebo is for those male babies who are born on a Tuesday.

  • Emanuel

A familiar name, Emanuel, means God is with us. You can choose to spell the name Emmanuel.

  • Ephrem

Ephrem means doubly fruitful and is the Ethiopian variation of the name Ephraim. Ephrem is Joseph’s second son who founded the Israel tribe.

Ephraim Clarke is a politician from Australia.

  • Freaulai

Bring out the leadership qualities in your boys’ name by naming him Freaulai. It means the one who always stands ahead of the others, which is the quality that successful leaders possess.

  • Gyasi

Your child is lovely, and let his name depict that. Gyasi means terrific, and this name with its rhythmic beat traces its origin to Egypt. It is widely popular in Ethiopia.

  • Hakim

Hakim is a name chosen for someone who is wise and learned. Therefore, it makes it among the top picks for your son. Hakim has a religious significance too. It is one of the 99 names that Allah had approved for Muhammad. Therefore, Hakim or judicious is a name that you can bestow on your little boy.

The sports fan dads know of Hakim Abdul Olajuw, the basketball player of a Nigerian and Amaeic origin.

  • Jonathan

God has given, and this is what Jonathan tries to convey. The name is a replacement for the classic name John. Jonathan is also the eldest son of King Saul.

  • Jemal

Are you the proud parents of a handsome hunk? Then name him Jemal. The African name is popular among Ethiopian parents too.

Jemal Pierre Johnson, the soccer player, is a namesake. So is the character Jemal from the movie Slum Dog Millionaire?

  • Kaleb

Grow up to be a brave lad who will stand true to his name, Kaleb. Ethiopian parents love this name, and this is why the name is prevalent here.

Kaleb is the name of Kevin Federline’s son.

  • Kato

Kato is the name given to the second baby among the twins. The name comes from Eastern Africa. You are free to change its spelling to Cato.

Kato is a fictional character in Green Hornet. Kato Kaelin, the American actor, is also a famous namesake.

  • Kofi

Ethiopians name their kids after a weekday, and this stands true for male names as well. Kofi is a name for the boys who are born on Friday.

The noble prize winner and the United Nations’ seventh general secretary, Kofi Anna, is who your child will share his name with.

  • Kojo

The Ethiopian trend name for boys born on Mondays, Kojo, has an African tint. As a result, the Ethiopian name has seen a significant upswing in popularity in recent years.

  • Kokeb

The Ethiopian name means the star and is an ideal selection for those parents who wish to name their sons after the celestial bodies.

  • Negasi

What do you wish for your young lad when he grows up? As a parent, you want him to be successful in whatever he does. You want that he wears the crown wherever he goes. And this is why you should name him Negasi.

Negasi means he will wear a crown, which the young generation’s parents will pick up.

  • Negus

Negus means to reign, and the name carries royalty. So let your boy flaunt this name when he grows up, showing royalty in his character, standing true to his name. The Ethiopian royal family used the old traditional Ethiopian name in the 17th century.

  • Omari

Omari comes from Omar and is a name that defines the position. Omari means chief. It also says that God is excellent.

Omari Ishmael Grandberry is a namesake who is a well-known actor, singer, and songwriter from America.

  • Panya

Panya means praised. It means minor in Russian. The name is found in the Ethiopian language but choose it only if you are okay with its Ethiopian meaning, which is the rat.

  • Salana

Are you searching for a unique, warm, and bright name for your little bundle of joy? Then name him Salana, which means sun. The term originated in Latin but is pretty popular in Ethiopian culture.

  • Salim 

A familiar name, Salim, means peace. It is a popular Ethiopian name though the name gets equally used across the globe.

Salim Ahmed Salim is whom we recognize. This name is a renowned diplomat in Africa.

  • Selassie

Selassie means trinity. The name comes from Africa and is an Ethiopian boy’s name as well.

  • Shango

Shango is a substantial name that means lightning, dance, justice, thunder, and virility. It is the thunder god’s name and is an African ancestor.

Shango is the name of a DC comic’s character.

  • Taye

Taye means seen and is an African Ethiopian name.

Taye Diggs has indeed made this name pretty popular.

  • Tenen

If your son was born on a Monday, then call him Tenen. It is an African origin name and blends into the Ethiopian culture of calling their boys after the name of the day.

  • Yonas

Yonas or dove means a sign which, as per Greece mythology, was sent by God through birds. Yonas also draws parallels to the Old Testament. If you are in search for something not very common, then Yonas or Yuns should do the trick.

  • Zenebe

Zenebe is a name that bridges cultures. It means raining. The title appeals to many parents in Ethiopia, which is the reason for its popularity. Shorten it a bit to Zen to make it sound cool.

  • Zesiro

Did you bear twins? Then choose the firstborn’s name Zesiro, which is what the word signifies.


Here is the complete compilation of Ethiopian names. We have curated some traditional and rare one’s to create an authentic Ethiopian feel in your baby’s name.

The rugged country in African boasts of its ancient culture with pride. The region is unique, and so are its baby names.

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