34 Names That Mean Truth for Boys & Girls

Telling the truth is an activity of moral virtue. Hence, honesty (or truthfulness) is one of the greatest virtues, as it denotes being loyal and trustworthy. Through honesty, we as individuals can attain selflessness and cordial relations within our families, communities, and society at large. For these important reasons, selecting a baby name that means truth for your newborn, is an incredibly virtuous step in itself. If you’re in search of such a name, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ve shortlisted some of the best names that mean truth or come close in meaning to the word truth. Here you’ll discover some vintage names, as well as some quirky yet pleasing ones hailing from different origins, all of which signify truth, faithfulness, or honesty.

The Best Names Meaning Truth

If you’re among a large population of discerning, excited newbie parents looking for the perfect name for your one of a kind bundle of joy — baby boy or girl — you’ve landed on the right page.

Listed below are a top collection of names that mean “Truth.” Several of these names won’t directly translate into the name ‘Truth’, yet they’re close enough to mean just that.

Names Meaning Truth for Boys

  • Alason

This wonderful boy’s name of Scottish origin was adopted from the Greek name ‘Allison.’ The Scottish name ‘Alason’ means “truth, honest, trustworthy, and honorable.” In Scottland, this name first emerged in the ancient Scottish kingdom called ‘Dalriada.’ Similar names include ‘Allison’ and ‘Alison,’ both of which are feminine variants that mean “truth” in Greek, yet the meaning varies in other languages.

  • Alvaro

This American, German, and Spanish origin name for boys’ means “the truthful, bold, and strategic noble guardian with an elf army.” Initially, it became known for being a Spanish saint’s name. Afterward, it was quickly adopted for general usage. Today, the name is prevalent in many countries, particularly notable in Spain, where it regularly features as a top 10 boy name.

  • Amnon

This Biblical, Hebrew origin name means “faithful.” In the Bible (Old Testament), ‘Amnon’ is the name of King David’s eldest son, who was killed by ‘Absalom’ — his brother. A bit catchy to pronounce, yet it’s a great name for your son if you’re looking for a virtue name that’s also unique.

  • Arash

‘Arash’ is a boy’s name of Persian origin. The name has evolved from Persian mythology and its possible meanings include “truthfulness,” “hero,” and “bright.” According to Iranian legend, Arash is the heroic archer who at the instruction of the Turans, shot an arrow with such commendable strength that it was airborne for many hours before finally landing on the distant Oxus River’s banks. That landing location was significant, as it became accepted as the new Persian-Turan border.

  • Amin

Amin was the name of the sixth Abbasid caliph. Amin has several roots, including Persian, Urdu, and Arabic. It is taken from the Arabic word, which means “truthful.” If you want your baby boy to be honest and truthful when he grows up, you can give him this name.

  • Amittai

You can choose Amittai for your little one if you are into religious names. It originated in the Old Testament and was the name of Jonah’s father. According to the Hebrew language, it holds the meaning of “my truth.” The other variation of Amittai is Amitay, which means “ultimate truth.”

  • Awdil

If you want your little sunshine to grow up as a person who is humble and honest and inspires others to be like him, the name Awdil can be a great choice. It is taken from the Arabic word Adil and means “honest.”

  • Axiom

If you are a cool parent looking for a modern name with a fantastic meaning, Axiom is the name to go for. It has a certain quirky and rap vibe that you can’t ignore. It has its roots in the Greek language and translates to “statement of truth.” From the mathematical point of view, too, it has the same meaning. This nerdy name goes perfectly with the super cool nickname of “Ax.”

  • Daishin

Another incredible Buddhist name for boys is ‘Daishin,’ a name meaning “truthful,” “great truth,” “boundless reality,” and “one who has a pure soul.” Daishin is an extremely unique name and is the ideal choice if you want your son to stand out among the crowd with a pleasantly unusual name that means something incredible.

  • Edwarya

‘Edwarya’ is a charming boy’s name. It’s a name of English origin, meaning “great and truthful person” and “one who can enjoy life.” This incredible Christian name is also extremely rare around the world. Yet if we go in line with the latest trends, a quirky name with great meaning is exactly what parents these days are on the hunt for.

  • Farouk

‘Farouk’ is a given name of Arabic origin, meaning “a truthful boy.” It’s a popular Islamic name, especially among the Muslim Middle-Eastern, South Asian diaspora around the globe. Its closest variant, ‘Faroukh’, meaning “an honest man,” is another great name pick. Famous name bearers include Farouk of Egypt (1920-1965), who was the king of Egypt and Sudan.

  • Fidelio

‘Fidelio’ is a boy’s name of Spanish and Italian origins, meaning “he who is truthful and faithful,” or “fidelity.” It’s a variation of the name ‘Fidel,’ having the same meaning. A famous name bearer is a Cuban painter ‘Fidelio Ponce de León.’

  • Ernest

The given name ‘Ernest’ is a name of German, English origin, meaning “truth” in German and “serious and determined” in English. It’s predominantly a boy’s name, commonly perceived to be a name that is classic, mature, and formal sounding. The name was brought to England via the German House of Hanover in the 18th century, following which it gained popularity as an English name in the subsequent century. One of the most famous bearers of this name is ‘Ernest Hemingway’ (July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961), who was an influential American novelist, sportsman.

  • Naoki

Naoki is a boy’s name of Japanese origin that means “straight tree and honest” or “truthful and open tree.” As with all Japanese names, the name Naoki has other kanji combinations (of the same pronunciation) to mean different meanings in Japanese. Although it’s popularly a boys’ name, it can be considered by parents seeking a unisex name as well.

  • Justin

The name ‘Justin’ is a boy’s name of English and French origins, meaning “just”, righteous”, or fair,” all of which relate to being based on “truth.” Justin is an anglicized version of the saintly (2nd-century) Latin name ‘Justinus,’ and it began becoming a common English name in the 20th century. Included among a list of notable people bearing the first name Justin, are Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and famous American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake.

  • Talib

The Northern African (Arabic) name ‘Talib’ is a boy’s name meaning “seeker of knowledge and truth.” Famous namesakes include the American rapper ‘Talib Kweli.’ The name is associated with the religion of Islam and has a universal appeal. All in all, it’s a quirky, meaningful, and highly positive name to give your baby boy.

  • Trig

‘Trig’ is a short and attractive name you could give your brand new baby boy. This name of Norse origin means “true.” Truth is the number one quality parents want their kids to imbibe growing up. Sarah Palin, who served as the 9th governor of Alaska, had named her youngest son Trig Paxon Palin. Trig also refers to the branch of mathematics called Trigonometry. So if you want intelligent and truthful references associated with your son and his name, the short yet sweet name Trig will do wonders.

  • Truman

The boy’s name ‘Truman,’ meaning “loyal one,” is an English origin name that signifies integrity, morality, and truth. The top values any parent would want their child to imbibe. This given name first peaked in popularity around the time writer ‘Truman Capote’ was born in the early 20th century. Notable Hollywood actor couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson named their son ‘Truman Theodore Hanks.’ Further, American businesswoman Martha Stewart’s baby grandson is named Truman as well. Undeniably, two of the most famous bearers donning the name Truman include the character ‘Truman Burbank’ played by Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey in the flick ‘The Truman Show,’ and the 33rd U.S. President, Harry. S. Truman.

  • Yuuma

‘Yuuma’ is another Japanese origin name for boys. The name means “leisurely” and “true.” It’s commonly perceived that names starting with letters such as V, X, Y, and Z are pleasantly unusual yet cool. Furthermore, what’s of particular interest is that Yuuma rolls off the tongue in a fun, easy way.

Names Meaning Truth for Girls

  • Alethea

‘Alethea’ is a beautiful, feminine name of Greek origin, which means “truthful one, honest,” or simply “truth.” What makes this pretty-sounding name auspicious is the fact Alethea (Greek spelling: ἀλήθεια) was the name of the Greek goddess of truth. This name started being noticed in England in the 16th century when virtue names were newly coming into fashion. Overall, it’s a stylish goddess name that is empowering and affirming, thus, a great pick for your baby girl.

  • Miyu

‘Miyu’ is a pretty Japanese name with the incredible meaning “beautiful” and “truthful.” This sweet, feminine name rolls off the tongue quite easily as you try to say it. Using Kanji-compound combinations, by altering the Japanese kanji-compound logographic characters, the name’s meaning can be varied. The ‘Mi’ (美 ) in Japanese means “beautiful” or ‘mi’ (実) means “fruit, good conclusion, and truth.” The ‘yu’ (優) means “high-standard, superiority, excellence, and gentleness.” Alternatively, ‘yu’ (結) means “tie, bind,” or ‘yu’ (夕) means “evening”.

  • Alette

‘Alette’ is a name of Greek, Latin, and French origins that means “truth,” “verity,” and “small-winged one.” This attractive feminine name is derived from the Greek names ‘Aleta’ and ‘Alethea,’ or the Latin name ‘Alida.’ There are a handful of Dutch and Norwegian famous people named Alette, including ‘Alette Sijbring’ (Dutch Olympic water polo player) and ‘Alette Schreiner’ (Norwegian anthropologist).

  • Denice

The name ‘Denice’ (pronounced də-NEES ), a cool variant of Denise, is a given name for baby girls. It’s a name of English origin, meaning a “determined and truthful being,” and considered to be the feminine version of the boy’s name ‘Dennis’ or ‘Denis.’ Overall, it’s a fabulous Christian name for your daughter.

  • Leal

‘Leal’ is one of the cutest baby girl names. It’s especially popular among African families. This super sweet name is a name of African, French origin, meaning “faithful” and “loyal;” both meanings connoting “truthfulness.” Isn’t being faithful and loyal what every relationship needs for survival? Those are the key ingredients for building permanent bonds, thus, Leal is a relevant, perfect name pick for your precious baby girl.

  • Yakini

‘Yakini’ is an African (Swahili) origin name, which means “an honest woman” or “a truthful lady.” It’s an extremely rare name, yet all the more special. It’s special because of its wonderful meaning, being specific to a woman being honest.

  • Leyna

Leyna is a girl’s name of Greek, German origin that means “truth.” This feminine given name sounds elegant and is easy to pronounce. It can also mean “light,” as per some American claimants of the name’s origins. Nevertheless, it’s meaning is predominantly based on its Greek and German roots.

  • Sincerity

‘Sincerity’ is an American origin name used for girls. This Puritan-virtue type name means “truthful, open, and honest.” There’s no reason this rhythmic four-syllable name with its admirable sound and meaning won’t work in this modern-day and age. Sincerity as a word is ultra-common, yet as a name, it’s unquestionably unusual. All the more reason for bold parents in search of a unique, virtue type name that everyone will appreciate.

  • Truely

This pretty, feminine name means “true,” and so your daughter will grow up with a strong virtue name that shall help her carve herself a clear, honest, and faithful path as she writes her own life story full of truthfulness and success. ‘Truely’ is a name of English origin, that bluntly means “one with the truth.” This uniquely spelled variation of the word “True” has also had a famous namesake, ‘Truly Grace Brown’, who is the daughter of ‘Sister Wives’ stars Kody and Cristine Brown.

  • Verity

‘Verity’ is a female name of Latin and English origins, meaning “the truth” or simply “truth.” In the 17th century, the Puritans had adopted several virtue names, one of which was Verity. When considering the beautiful meaning and sound together, this is an incredible girl name choice. Verity as a name is among the select unique, surprising baby girl names, inspired by faith and spirituality. Currently, this name is witnessing a skyrocketing surge in popularity in English-speaking countries.

  • Verlee

Verlee is a feminine name that, according to its American and Canadian meaning, means “a person who is honest and truthful.” In other countries, the name could mean something else. For instance, as per its Old English origin meaning, Verlee means “Beaver-stream.” Overall, it’s a very unique, beautiful female name. Its popularity has been steady over the years. In the United States alone, the name is relatively more popular in the state of Iowa than elsewhere in the country.

  • Viera

The name ‘Viera’ may sound super unusual at first. Besides being unique, it’s incredibly attractive sounding with purposeful meaning. This Russian, Czech origin name, meaning “truth,” is one of the best first names you can give your newborn baby girl. What makes this name further ripe for the picking, is the fact it starts with ‘V,’ which is the letter of preference according to the popular trends in English-speaking countries.

Names Meaning Truth for Unisex

  • Dharma

The name ‘Dharma’ evokes the notion of good karma. It’s a name of Sanskrit (Hindu) origin that means “truth.” Typically, Dharma, as a name, is suitable for naming a girl child rather than a boy. In popular culture, Dharma was the name of the female lead character in the sitcom ‘Dharma and Greg,’ wherein her name connotes the basic Buddhist principles of cosmic existence. Also known as a precept, refuge name, Dharma, today, is one of the most popular Buddhist names.

  • Jun

The name ‘Jun’ is a masculine name of Chinese roots, meaning “obedient, pure,” which comes as close to meaning “truthful” as possible. The Japanese version of ‘Jun’ means “pure” and “clean.” Though, the Japanese version can have other meanings as well, depending on the Kanji that is used. Parents in search of unisex or non-gendered names for their baby boy or girl may select Jun.

  • Ritik

This girl’s name of Hindi origin has a deeper meaning than most names that mean truth. The name ‘Ritika’ means “the joy that truth brings.” This is a rare, beautiful name that’s more popular in South Asia than anywhere else. Yet, it has a universal sounding appeal that makes it an attractive name choice for your bundle of joy no matter what your location.

Summing Up

The first and most important gift parents give their child is a nice, meaningful name the child can proudly live up to. Making the name selection carefully is paramount since the name in many ways acts as the guiding force and shows the path to be taken during one’s life. Truth, and truthfulness, is one such virtuous path, that once held on to, will lead to a fulfilling life.

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