54 Badass Baby Girl Names For Rebel Females

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, that’s for sure. While a person’s name doesn’t define who they are, being given a great name can make a great start.

Choosing the perfect, bad-ass girl names for your perfect, bad-ass baby girls will let the universe know right from the very beginning that these little ladies are incredible wonders of nature β€” and definitely forces of nature to be reckoned with. And giving your little bundle of joy a name deserving of the wonder and greatness they are destined to bring into the world will inspire them to reach their full potential and be the incredible woman they were born to become.

Here are some bad-ass female names that you can choose for your baby girl. These names all connote strength, fierceness, and each with a distinct personality of their own. Find the best bad-ass girl names for the little ladies in your life, and watch them grow up and change the world!

Badass Baby Girl Names

  • Aella

Aella is an Amazonian warrior who carries a double-edged sword. The name means “whirlwind” and is a beautiful and powerful name for a girl – a fierce force of nature.

  • Aleksandrina

Aleksandrina is a unique and lesser-common variation of Alexandra, a Greek name that means “defender of mankind.” Other variations are Alexsus and Alexis – whichever you choose to name your little one, the name packs a punch.

  • Arya

Arya is a name that flows. It is an Indo-Iranian name, which means “honorable” and “noble.” The name is a variation of Aria, which is “air” in Italian and “lion” in Hebrew, and means “music, song, melody.” No wonder the name sounds both melodious and great at the same time. Plus, it’s the name of one of literature and TV’s most bad-ass characters, Game Of Thrones’ Arya Stark!

  • Athena

Athena is the ideal name for a little lady who is brave and smart, and just. It is the Greek goddess of strength, law, justice, wisdom, courage, and strategic warfare. Athena was also known as the protectress and patron of cities in Greece, especially Athens.

  • Blaze

Blaze is an English word that means, well, “blaze”! Not only does it bring to mind a hot, powerful blaze of fire, it also connotes blazing new trails and forging new paths. The blaze was originally a variant of the Latin name Blaise, but it’s grown to be a stylish, cool name in its own right.

  • Buffy

The name may seem like a sweet, unassuming, yet distinct name for those not known. But for those who are familiar with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this name is more than just a unique, catchy name β€” it stands for a fearless, strong, no-nonsense female warrior.

  • Cambria

Cambria means “countrymen” or “the people.” This name originates from the Welsh and is a perfect name for a girl who will grow up to be someone who will stand up for others and fight for what is right for others and her country.

  • Cassandra

Cassandra may sound like a pretty name for a dainty girl. Still, it is a name of Greek origin, which means “warrior.” And, get this, another meaning to the name is “defender of man” β€” Cassandra is a brave, powerful name that connotes beauty and strength.

  • Catherine

Catherine is a beautiful name of Greek origin, which means “pure” and “clear.” It’s a perfect name for a little girl who will grow up to be pure of heart, powerful in character, and clear of mind β€” a strong individual who is not afraid to be who she is and accepts others for who they are.

  • Cersei

Cersei is a name of literary origins. It’s well-known these days because of Game Of Thrones, in which Cersei is a formidable character. It’s also an alternate spelling of a greek sorceress in Homer’s Odyssey, Circe. Cersei, Circe β€” strong women of literature who don’t let anything stand in their way.

  • Cleo

Cleo is a name of Greek origin, and its meaning is simply glorious β€” “the celebrated one.” It’s a lovely name to give to a child who will grow up to be hailed and heralded by those who know her.

  • Crimson

Crimson maybe a name with unknown origins, but its meaning is well-known: The name means “someone who is a leader in getting things done” and “full of love.” It’s a shade of red, a color that evokes the strongest emotions.

  • Damara

One meaning of the Latin name Damara is “gentle” β€” and yet, it also means “to tame.” Basically, Damara is one lady who can tame others in the gentlest of ways. Pretty cool.

  • Dominique

Dominique is a word of Latin origin. It’s meaning is straightforward – “Lord.” As far as names go, that’s as powerful as it gets. And it’s a very lovely name, too!

  • Elektra

The word Elektra has Greek origins, and it means “radiant, shining, and bright.” What an electric name for your spark of joy!

  • Ember

Ember is a name that comes from the English word. It means “small fires” or “smoldering coal.” Ember is a great name for someone fiery, fierce, and mysterious.

  • Eos

Eos is a name of Greek origin. It means “dawn,” or more accurately, its name is the Greek goddess of the dawns. It’s a lovely, unique name that can be mispronounced quite often, but as beautiful dawn is every bit as memorable.

  • Esperanza

Esperanza is a beautiful name that rolls off the tongue and sounds regal. It is of Spanish origins, and it’s meaning is as beautiful as the name itself β€” “hope.”

  • Freya

Freya is an Old Norse name, which means “lady.” In Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love, war, and beauty. This little lady will grow up to be a master in all things beautiful, fierce, and full of love.

  • Harley

Harley is a bad-ass name choice. It brings to mind one of the most well-established and beloved bike companies in the whole world, and the name carries with it the spirit of adventure, freedom, and the unknown.

  • Harlow

Harlow is an Old English name. It means “hill” or “pile of rocks.” It’s a memorable name for a young girl who will one day scale the highest mountains and go on great adventures.

  • Hera

Hera sounds like a female version of the word “Hero,” which is already pretty cool on its own. But this name of Greek origin also has an incredible meaning: “Queen.” How regal, elegant, and totally bad-ass. 

  • Hunter

Hunter came from an English surname and is now a name for both girls AND boys. It’s a word of English origins, which means exactly what it says: A “hunter.” Someone who is purposeful focused and intimidating.

  • Inara

Inara is a beautiful name, and it sounds lovely. It is derived from Arabic origins, and it means “shining light,” which is a great name to give your bundle of joy who will forever light up your life.

  • Justice

Justice is a name of English origin, and it’s a name that packs a punch. It means “righteous, fair, and just” and is a perfect name for your offspring who will grow up in grace, truth, and righteousness,

  • Karma

Karma chameleon, anyone? Karma is an impactful name of Sanskrit origin. It loosely means “retribution” or more simply “what goes around comes around.” Karma is one bad-ass name.

  • Kyra

Kyra is another name that sounds sweet and innocent. But this name of Persian origins has a powerful meaning – “throne.” It’s the right choice for a little girl meant to be treated like the royalty she is.

  • Layla

Layla is a lyrical word that is a variation of the name Leila. Layla means “light” in both Hebrew and Arabic. And it has a lot of other meanings too, like “dark beauty,” “wine,” and “intoxication.” It’s a name with many facets and intricacies.

  • Leia

Leia is a variation or alternate spelling of Leah, and it means “ruler.” The Leia spelling increased in popularity in the 70s when the worst bad-ass of all, Star Wars’ Princess Leia, showed girls worldwide that females can fight and hold their own and be victorious in the galaxy. A great ruler and woman, indeed.

  • Lilith

Lilith originated from Hebrew, meaning “storm goddess” or “belonging to the night.” Mysterious, powerful, and hypnotic.

  • Lola

Lola has roots in Germany and Spain, and it means “sorrows.” The name brings to mind a lady who can face anything and plays by her own rules. Lovely, independent, and strong beyond words.

  • Luna

Luna is a name with Spanish and Romanian origins, and it means “moon” in many different cultures. Luna is a perfect name for your little one who is destined to grow up to be mysterious, breathtaking, and captivating.

  • Maya

Maya is a beautiful name, which in Hebrew means “spring” or “brook,” in Persian means “generous,” and in Hindu means “illusion.” It’s a good name for a girl who brings overflowing magic and good spirit to those around her.

  • Michonne

MIchonne, they say, is most probably derived from the French surname Michon. Michon is a derivative of the name Michael – and female derivative Michelle – which means “who is like the Lord.” Now that is greatness! Plus, it’s the name of the beloved katana-armed zombie slayer The Walking Dead character, who embodies emotional and physical strength like no other!

  • Nora

Nora is a beloved name in many different languages like Irish, Italian, Latin, and Scandinavian. It means “light” and “honor” and is the perfect name for a baby who will become someone full of conviction, positivity, and strength.

  • Nova

Nova’s name is derived from the word “supernova,” a star that grows brighter and brighter. It’s an excellent choice for your little one who is born to shine and sparkle in everything they choose to do and become in life.

  • Phoenix

The Phoenix is very well-known in literature and pop culture alike. It’s a beautiful bird appearing in Greek and Egyptian mythology that is immortal and rises from its ashes. The name Phoenix is a name of strength, perseverance, and triumph. 

  • Piper

Piper is the name of English origins that means “one who played the pipe.” It connotes a little girl who will grow up to lead and be adored by others, much like the pied piper everyone followed and liked.

  • Raven

Like the bird of the same name, Raven brings to mind all things dark, mysterious, and hypnotic. It’s associated with Odin, a Norse god, too! A bad-ass name choice.

  • Rebel

Rebel is derived from the English word. It means just that β€” one who “defies rules” or “rises against tradition or authority.” It’s one heck of a name choice and perfect for someone who will grow up her person and be not afraid to take a stand.

  • Rogue

To go “rogue” is to “go against the grain” and to “march to the beat of your drum.” It’s an awesome name choice for someone fearless and a total individual who will always think for herself and not be dictated to by others.

  • Shabina

Shabina is a name of Arabic origins. It means the “eye of the storm.” It connotes a fierce calmness and dark mysteriousness that everyone can’t help but be fascinated by.

  • Sloan

Sloan is a name of Irish origins. It means “raider,” and a person with the name Sloan is someone who can conquer all. Someone not afraid to explore the unknown β€” and emerge victorious.

  • Storm

A storm is derived from the English word that means a “tumultuous disturbance or reaction.” What an excellent name choice for your little one who will take the whole world by storm someday!

  • Tempest

The tempest comes from the English word, which refers to a “violent storm.” The name is mysterious and evocative and brings to mind someone unpredictable, uncontrollable, and a force of nature.

  • Trinity

Trinity is a name with Latin origins, and it translates to “triad.” The name is often related to the Holy Trinity in Christianity, but it also is a popular choice because it refers to the number three more generally. In Latin, they say that everything that comes in threes is perfect!

  • Valkyrie

Valkyrie comes from the Old Norse. Its name means “chooser of the slain,” so it’s no wonder that the name Valkyrie connotes power, force, and sheer ferocity.

  • Wren

Wren is the English name of a bird, and throughout the years, it’s turned into a gorgeous name for a girl. The name Wren is perfect for the girl who puts a song in your heart and will continue to make sweet music with life as she grows up.

  • Xiomara

Xiomara is of Spanish/Portuguese origins and is the feminine form of Guiomar, which is said to have been derived from the German name Wigmar which means “famous in battle.” Xiomara is a beautiful name with a very ferocious meaning!

  • Zia

Zia is derived from Hebrew origins, and it means “light.” It’s a beautiful name choice for the little girl who will bring light and love to you every day, and make the world a brighter place for others, too!

  • Aphrodite

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love. So if you want your baby girl to be loved by everyone, you can go with this gorgeous name.

This name is not very common among girls. Parents mostly go for the name Venus, its Roman counterpart.

  • Arcadia

If you like names that are unique and can linger in people’s minds once they hear them, you will choose the name Arcadia.

This name has its roots in the Greek language and translates to β€œregion offering peace and contentment.” One of the sweetest nicknames that go with this name is Cady.

  • Alpha

The name Alpha sounds so badass that you can’t ignore it. Alpha is the superior one, and your girl is no less than anyone. It has its roots in the Greek language.

People use the word Alpha to talk about the brightest star in every constellation. So, it has a starry vibe to it.

And your baby girl is already a star to you. Right?

  • Bellatrix

The name Bellatrix has a fierce vibe to it. It will suit your badass girl perfectly. It has its roots in the Latin language.

It has the special meaning of a female warrior. If you have watched the series, Harry Potter, you may already know about Bellatrix Lestrange, the name of an important character in it.


These bad-ass girl names will get your baby girls started on their journey to greatness. With guidance and encouragement, they will more than live up to their bad-ass female names β€” and grow up to be as amazing and strong and incredible as their moms!

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