97 Names That Mean Sun for Boys & Girls

The source of existence of the entire solar system, the Sun, is a symbol of life, power, energy, royalty, and warmth. It is no wonder that this giant fireball being the core of all life on our planet, finds mention in varied cultures and through the ancient and modern religious texts.

Many soon-to-be parents seek inspiration from the Sun to choose their babies’ names.

Luckily for you, we have curated tons of names across the English alphabet, both for boys and girls. These are names that mean Sun. Browse through the list and pick and choose from the names. We have also listed some unisex names, which are pretty much in trend these days.

Boys Names That Mean Sun

Boys names that mean Sun
  • Aelius

Aelius means Sun and is the name of a Roman family. It is derived from a Greek word. The name is popular in Greece, Norway, and Scandinavia.

Publius Aelius Aristides Theodorus was a famous Greek rhetorician.

  • Agim

Agim comes from Albania and means “dawn.” It symbolizes the time when the Sun comes on the planet early in the morning.

Agim Muriel Kaba shares this name. He is an Emmy award-nominated writer, sound editor, and actor.

  • Albert

Albert is a common name that comes from Germany and means bright and noble. You may want to nickname your baby Albie.

Albert is popular. Now, who does not know the famous Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist?

  • Alfrothul

Alfrothul is a unique name that means “of the sun.” It is an Old Norse name perfect if you are on the lookout for an uncommon name for your baby boy.

  • Altan

Altan means “red dawn” and is a Turkish name. In medieval Mongolian and Turkic, Altan means “golden.” The name thus emphasizes the beauty of the early morning rising Sun.

Engin Altan Düzyatan is a popular television and film actor in Turkey.

  • Amun

Amun means the “hidden one” and is a name that comes from ancient Egypt. Amun was a god from ancient Egypt and was clubbed with the Ra god. Amun-Ra is thus worshipped as the Sun God.

Tutankhamun is a famous Pharaoh easily relatable to this name.

  • Anatole

Anatole means the “rising sun from the east” and is an exotic boy’s name that traces its origin to Greece. Tolly, Tole, and Toto are the nicknames of Anatole.

Anatol Yusef is a British actor who shares this first name.

  • Anatoly

Anatoly is a beautiful name that means sunrise in Russian. If you wish to nickname your child Toly, Tole, or Tolly, then Anatoly is the name to choose.

It is the name of a Russian chess grandmaster, Anatoly Yevgenyevich Karpov.

  • Antiman

Antiman means “condor of the sun” and is a Mapuche name. The name was used by the Mapuche people who belonged to Argentina and Chile. It can also be spelled as Anteemon.

  • Antinanco

The name translates to the “eagle of the sun.” Antinanco originally traces to the Mapuche tribe. An uncommon name, it is perfect if you want your child’s name to stand out.

  • Apollo

The God of light, music, poetry, and the Sun, Apollo is a mythological name used since ancient times.

The Apollo program from NASA is also a well-known association of this name.

  • Blaze

Blaze is strongly connected with the Sun. The name reflects the fiery personality of the Sun. You could tweak the name a bit and make it Blaise, which is a stylish variation of the original name Blaze.

Bliz and Blay could be the common nicknames of Blaze.

Blaze Bayley is an English singer from the Wolfsbane band. 

  • Cyrus

The persona name Cyrus has the Sun as one of its meanings. It is common in the Iranian community as it pays tribute to the founder of the Persian Empire, the mighty Cyrus. The name, however, has a friendly and modern feel perfect for a boy.

We all remember Cyrus Lupo, right, the detective from Law and Order?

  • Dismas

Dismas also spelled as Dysmas, is a Greek boy’s name that means “sundown” or “sunset.”

  • Domingo

Domingo is a male name, and in Spanish, it means “born on Sunday.”

Domi, Mingo, and Domo are the popular nicknames of Domingo.

You may have heard of Domingo Alzugaray, who was an Argentine-born and a Brazilian journalist and actor.

  • Eleodoro

If you are looking for an unusual boy’s name that is inspired by the Sun, then Eleodoro is a Spanish name that means “gift from the sun.”

  • Eli

Elio is a variant of the names given to the Sun God Helios. It is a Spanish name. Helios is believed to drive through the sky in a horse-drawn chariot each day. Elio is a very common name in France.

Lelo and Eli are its popular nicknames.

Timothée Chalamet played Elio Perlman in Call Me by Your Name.

  • Finlo

Finlo originates from Manx and means “fair Lugh.” Finlo is derived from the Sun God of Ireland.

  • Freyr

Freyr is an important god of Norse mythology and is a god of fertility, peace, and sunlight. The name has a trendy feel to it, along with the noble image that it creates of the Norse god.

Freyr Alexandersson, a former football player and is now the football coach of the Icelandic team.

  • Gisli

This is a short and unique male name with a Scandinavian origin, and it means “ray of sunshine.”

Gísli Örn Garðarsson is an actor and director from Iceland.

  • Haruki

Haruki has a Japanese origin that means “spring child”. Haru and Ki are their popular nicknames. It was also the name of a well-known Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami.

  • Haul

A modern and popular Welsh name, Haul, means the “sun.”

  • Helio

Helio means the “sun” and has a Spanish origin.

Helio Fallas Venegas is a politician and economist. He belongs to Costa Rica.

  • Heru

With an Egyptian origin, Heru is an unusual name for boys, which is mostly used in countries that speak Arabic. The meaning of the name is “Sun God.”

  • Heulfryn

This baby boy’s name is unique and has a Welsh origin. It means “sunny hill.”

  • Hinata

Hinata is a Japanese male name with several meanings, all of which are connected to the Sun. It means sunny place, facing the Sun, sunflower or in the Sun.

Hinata Hyuga in Naruto is a fictional character.

  • Kwasi

Kwasi’s name has an African origin and is a rare and interesting name that means “born on Sunday.”

Kwasi Kwarteng is a politician of the British Conservative party.

  • Levant

The Levant is a striking modern name given to boys. It refers to the suns rising direction. The name is popular in Turkey and is the choicest name for kids who are born in April or May.

The name may have reminded you of Oscar Levent, the famous American author, composer, pianist, and television talk show host.

  • Mehrdad

Mehrdad does stand out. It is a unique Persian name that means “given by the sun.”

Michael Izady writes on cultural and ethnic topics and is a famous contemporary writer from the Middle East.

  • Ochieng

The male name means “born during the daytime when the weather outside is sunny” or “born when the sun shines.” The name Ochieng has an African origin and is perfect for baby boys born in the summer months.

  • Phoebus

Phoebus is the alternative name to Apollo, who is the mythological Roman and Greek figure as the God of the Sun. The name signifies brilliance and shine.

Kevin Kline was Captain Phoebus in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

  • Ra

Ra is an important god of the Egyptian dynasty and is the Egyptian Sun Gods’ name. Ra sounds great because it symbolizes power and leadership, similar to the Sun and the God Horus, who Ra was merged to rule the world.

  • Samson

Samson is a biblical name that has Hebrew roots, and it means the “sun.” Samson was a hero of the Old Testament and had amazing strength. The name is liked by parents who would want to nickname their son Sam. You may want to consider Sampson, too, which is the name’s spelling variant.

Samson Po’uha is a well-known professional American boxer.

  •  Sulien

Sulien has a Welsh origin and means “sun born.” It is a variant of the name Julian and is believed to have been derived from Sul, which means “sun,” and Geni, which means “born.”

Girls Names That Mean Sun

Girls Names That Mean Sun
  • Aelia

This beautiful name, Aelia, has a Roman origin and means the “sun.” Not a very common name, but it does give a spin and stands out.

  • Aine

Aine is associated with the Sun and is an Irish god’s name. The name belonged to the muster fairies queen. The Irish folk fore also sees the name sprinkled throughout, symbolizing the Celtic goddess that speaks of summer and prosperity.

Aine lee is an actress who played the lead role in the movie The Delta Girl.

  • Akosua

If you would like to nickname your little girl Akos, then Akosua is the name. Akosa traces its origin to Ghana and Africa and has an unusual meaning. Akosua means ‘born on a Sunday”.

A notable person who shares this name is Akosua Gyamama Busia who is a Ghanaian actress.

  • Alba

Did you notice that this name starts and ends with a vowel? It does sound glamorous, doesn’t it? Yet, it conveys a strong meaning, “sunlight.”

Jessica Marie Alba is a popular American model, actress, and now a businesswoman.

  • Alina

Call her Lina, Ali, or Nina when you name her Alina.

Alina traces its origin to Armenia and is a Slavic name. The name is to denote a girl who is strong-willed and independent, which does relate to the Sun.

Alina Kabaeva is a well-known Olympic gymnast who shares this name.

  • Apollonia

Apollonia is the feminine version of the Greek Sun God, Apollo, who is the God of light and the Sun. He symbolizes strength. Apollonia creates an exotic and appealing impression making it the perfect name for your little girl. Apolline is the French form of the name.

Apple, Nia, and Poly could be the nicknames for Apollonia.

Patricia Apollonia Kotero is an American actress, singer, and former model.

  • Apricity

Even though the roots are Latin, Apricity is believed to have an English origin. The word means the “warmth of the sun in the winter months” or the “feeling of the sun’s warmth in the cold winter months.”

  • Arevik

Pleasing to the ears, this Armenian name describes the girl as the “like of the sun.” It is a great choice for a girl’s name, especially if you want a little Arabic influence in the name.

We do know of Arevik Martirosyan, right? She wowed us with her performance in The Cut and Earthquake.

  • Arpina

Arpina means “the rising of the sun.” It creates a fresh morning vibe, and the name does sound mellifluous. The name may also be spelled as Arpineh.

  • Arunika

Meaning the early morning sunlight, Arunika is a rare name with a Sanskrit origin which does convey a special and beautiful meaning.

  • Aurora

Aurora means “dawn” in Latin. It is also the Roman goddess name who is the goddess of sunrise. It was her tears that turned into dew. Connected to the famous Disney princess, you may want to give this name a thought.

Arie is the perfect nickname.

We all know the lovely Princess Aurora, Briar rose also known as the Sleeping beauty.

  • Beltane

If you want your baby girl to be powerful and warm simultaneously, you can choose the name Beltane for her. It means a bright fire, which refers to the sun. People of Scotland and Ireland celebrate a May Day festival commonly known as Beltane. This festival is held to celebrate the start of summer.

  • Brigid

This name has its roots in the Irish language. It holds the meaning of the holy one. According to Irish mythology, Brigid was the name of the goddess of fertility, spring, poetry, and Dawn. Also, she was a redhead with a fierce attitude. You can give her this name if you want your little one to be fiery and powerful when she grows.

  • Cira

This is a short name with an Italian or Spanish origin and means the “sun.”

  • Cyra

Tracing its origin to Greece or Persia, Cyra means the Sun, lord, or the throne. It is believed to be the feminine name of Cyrus and is indeed a rare name.

A popular personality with this name was Cyra McFadden, who was an American writer.

  • Daisy

Daisy is such a fancy name! It has a cute and feminine vibe that no one can ignore. It has its roots in the Old English word dægeseage and holds the meaning of day eye. When it comes to the flower daisy, it is called the day eye because it opens with the sun or during the day and closes with sunset or at night.

  • Dawn

This name has its roots in the Old English language. It translates to the time between darkness and when the sun rises. In 1971, about 15681 girls were given the name dawn in the U.S. If you are looking for a popular name, you can go for the name Dawn.

  • Easter

Easter is a common name that has been for hundreds of years. It means “when the sun rises.” Derived from Eostre, who was the German goddess of spring and fertility, it makes a great name for a baby girl born during the spring or the summertime.

  • Eguzkine

An uncommon name with a Basque origin, Eguzkine means “the sun.”

  • Elaine

Elaine means the “shining light” and is the Scottish form of Helen. The name has a rich history attached to it. It was used in the Arthurian legend for its heroine.

Elly and Laine are their nicknames.

The romantic drama and comedy movie Graduate is where Katherine Ross plays the role of Elaine.

  • Elanor

The Hebrew name is feminine and is related to Elanor, the Greek God. The name means “sunray”.

Nora or El is a popular nickname for girls who have this name.

And how can we forget Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the longest-serving first lady of the US?

  • Eldora

Eldora is a pretty name with a Spanish origin, and it means the “gift of the sun” or “covered with gold.”

  • Eliana

Eliana means the “daughter of the sun.” It has a musical tilt to the name and is a name that lists among the top rising names. It is common in Russia, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Israel. Eliana, however, today has found a lot of takers in the Christian community as well. You may want to consider its short form Ellen which means “light of the sunshine.”

Call her Ellie or Elle, and this name is irresistible.

Eliana Ghen is a well-known actress who appeared in the comedy film, the Purge of Kingdoms.

  • Eliane

This melodic name means the “sun” and is a variation of Eliana in Hebrew.

You may nickname her Elle.

The Brazilian singer and jazz pianist Eliane Elias shares this name.

  • Elidi

Elidi means the “gift of the sun.” It has Greek roots and is a rare baby girl name.

  • Eloise

This is an old English name derived from Heloise I French and from the German Helewidis. Its initial meaning was someone who was hale and hearty but later, it was considered to be a fusion of the Greek and Louise word that means the “sun” or “helios.”

Ellie, Lola, and Lolly are their cute nicknames.

Eloise Broady, the famous American model, and actress wear this name.

  • Günel

A name with an Azerbaijan origin, Günel, is made up of “Gun” or the “sun” and “el” which means “a country or a society.”

  • Haruko

“Haru” means light, spring, and the Sun, and “ko” means a “child.” The Japanese girl’s name thus translates to the “child of the” Sun or the “child of the light.”

Haru, Haruhi and Haruka are its nicknames.

Haruko Sugimura was a well-known Japanese actress.

  • Helaine

Related to Elaine and Helen, Helaine is a Greek name that means sun rays, bright torch, and light. 

You may cuddle and call her with her nickname Hela or Lena.

  • Helen

A classic and strong girls’ name, Helen, means “shining light” or “sunray.” The name has a connoted beauty and is the name of the mythical goddess who fought the Trojan War.

Call her Lena, Lenie, or El.

This name will always be associated with the beautiful Helen of Troy.

  • Helia

Helai has a Greek origin and means “sun.” This short name does sound soothing to the ears.

  • Idalia

Straight from Greece, this sun-inspired name comes from Idalion, which is a Greek city and means “I see the sun.”

Popular nicknames attached to this name are Yaya, Dalia, and Iia.

And we do have Idalia Valles known for her exceptional performance in Queen, who shares this name.

  • Keren

A not-so-common feminine name, Keren, has a Hebrew origin and means the “ray of sunlight.”

We know of the lovely songwriter and pop singer Keren Woodward who shares this name.

  • Kyra

Kyra comes from Kyros, which means Ra the Sun.

Keera, Kaka, Kya, Kiri – call her what you may please like.

She will feel proud that she shares her name with the lovely and famous Kyra Minturn Sedgwick, a popular Hollywood actress, director, and producer.

  • Liane

This lively and friendly name for a baby girl means “the daughter of the sun.” A girl with the name Liane is usually nicknamed Anna or Lia.

Liane Balaban is a famous Canadian actress who starred in the movie New Waterford girl.

  • Leana

The name traces its roots to English, Greek, and French though the exact region where it originated from is still not clear. The meaning of the name, however, is the same in every language, which is the “sunray.”

Many change the name to Lena.

Nana, Lin, and Len are the common nicknames of this name

Lena Headey is a popular Bermudian-British actress who shares this name.

  • Mirri

Mirri means the “sun” and has an Australian origin. This can be used as a unisex name, too, but the name fits with a girl’s name better.

Miri Ben-Ari is the UN goodwill ambassador for music.

  • Marisol

A perfect summer baby name, Marisol, has a beautiful meaning that combines the sea and the Sun. It is a popular name in America and Spain.

Mar, Sol, and Mari are the nicknames that you would want to give someone with the name Marisol.

Marisol Nichols is an American actress who is known for her role in the Fox series 24 as Nadia Yassir. 

  • Mehri

Sunny, kind, and lovable, Mehri is bountiful with female characteristics that make it lovable. With its roots traced to Persia, you may want to consider this name for your baby girl.

  • Malina

The name of the sun goddess, Malina, belongs to Inuit mythology. It is also believed to be the feminine of Malcolm, which is a popular Scottish name.

Mali, Lina, and Mal are the cute nicknames of Malina.

The celebrity Malina Moye who is an American songwriter and singer, has the same name. She is a left-hand guitarist.

  • Nada

Nada means sunrise or dew and has an Arabic origin.

  • Oriana

Associated with the golden aspect of sunrise, Oriana featured in a lot of medieval tales.

Ora, Orrie, and Orri are popular nicknames.

Oriane Bonduel was a famous French actress.

  • Siria

Siria is a lovely name that means “glowing like the bright sun.” There is still no clarity if it has a Persian or a Spanish origin.

  • Soleil

The French for Sun, Soleil is not a commonly heard name, but it does create a lot of appeals.

Call her Sol or Sole with love.

Soleil Moon Frye is a well-known American actress and director.

  • Solveig

Solveig or the “daughter of the sun” is pronounced with a silent g. Pretty name for your little girl, isn’t it?

  • Summer

The trend of season-inspired names is on the rise, which gives Summer a thumbs up. It brings the image of the warm and bright sunshine, which is an amazing name for your daughter indeed.

Sum, Sums, and Summie are popular nicknames.

And we do recognize Summer Glau from Serenity, right?

  • Sunday

Clear and sunny, Sunday is an open name if you want something simple but striking for your little daughter.

Did you know that Sunday is the name of Nicole Kidman’s and Keith Urban’s baby?

  • Sunna

Sunna means the “sun,” and the name has a German origin. It is a common name in central Europe and Germany. The name also draws parallels to the German mythological goddess Sunna. It is a sweet name to keep for your baby girl.

  • Sunshine

Referring to the majestic and cheerfulness of the bright and warm Sun, Sunshine is also an apt name for your little one.

Sunny could be a perfect nickname.

Sunshine Cruz is a popular TV actress.

  • Thea

Thea is the sun goddess in Greek mythology, the mother of Eosm, Heios, and Helios. The name has an artistic, serene, and sensitive feel to it apt as a name for your baby girl.

Unisex Boy And Girl Name That Means The Sun

  • Arawan

Arawan has a Thai origin, and it means “sunshine.”

  • Arpiar

The Armenian name means “sunny.”

  • Bobby

Tracing its origin to Germany or England, the name means “bright fame, just like the sun.”

  • Gunay

A common name in Turkey, Gunay, means the “sun that can be seen during the daytime.”

  • Haru

Tracing its origin to Japan, Haru means “light” or “sun.”

  • Inti

Inti draws reference to the Incan Sun God, which does not just relate the name to the Sun but also adds a divine significance to it.

  • Hinata

This is a Japanese name that means “in the sun” or a “sunny place.”

  • Misae

An artistic name, it means “white sun.”

  • Shams

Shams is an Arabic name that means the “sun.”

  • Solaris

Solaris has a Latin origin and means the “sun.”

  • Solstice

Solstice is a unisex name that means “when the sun stands still.” The origin of the name is Latin and English.

  • Sol

The quiet and composed name Sol means “Sun” in Spanish and Hebrew.

  • Sun

Sun is again a unisex name perfect for both boys and girls.


So here we complete our list of some popular and some rare boys and girls names that mean the Sun. It is a long list, no doubt, so take your time, do not stress, and you are sure to get the right name for the little bundle of joy that is on its way to bestow its radiant sunshine on your abode soon.

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