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86 Popular Chinese Boy Names With Meanings

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Chinese names are selected after a lot of brainstorming. The characters in the name must combine to bring prosperity and good luck to the child. The Chinese words are not chosen randomly. The syllables must follow the astrological rules and complement each other. The name should be harmonious too.

Chinese Boy Names With their Meanings

Let us quickly browse through a finely selected list of Chinese names for boys.

  • An

Your baby is a treasure, and so is the two letter name An, which means the same.

  • Aiguo

Aiguo means the love for one’s country. It is a Chinese origin rare moniker to bestow on your child.

A famous namesake is an atmospheric scientist named Aiguo Dai.

  • Bai

Bai has many meanings like a cypress tree, pure, white, and many.

Li Bai was a poet who belonged to the 8th century. Li Bai is a Chinese communist spy. Both of them shared this name.

  • Bo

Bo means the ocean wave. It is a sweet and straightforward Chinese name to gift to your baby boy.

We all know Bo Diddley, the musician from the band Blues, and Bo Jackson, the athlete who are the famous namesakes.

  • Bao

Bao means treasure. The choice is a good one, and your buddy is sure to stand true to his name.

  • Bowen

Bowen means one who is literate, rich, and abundant, all of which you wish your child is blessed with through his life. Bowen is a great name pick for your baby boy.

Huang Bowen is a famous football player from China.

  • Barde

Someone who sings ballads is a Barde. The moniker sounds trendy and is the first choice for music lover parents.

  • Chang

Chang is indeed a well-recognized Chinese name for a boy. It means sunlight, good, prosper, long and smooth.

Liu Chang, the emperor who belonged to the southern Han dynasty, is a namesake.

  • Chao

Chao means to tide or surpass. It also symbolizes something extraordinary. Chao could be an excellent choice for those parents who wish their child to grow up to be exceptional.

  • Chen

Chen or morning is a short name to keep for your boy. It is easy to spell and pronounce, which doubles up the name as a nickname and a first name.

The name is carried by the famous Chinese actor names, Li Chen.

  • Cheng

Cheng means to be sincere, which is a trait that all parents want in their kids. Cheng also implies a journey. This makes it a fantastic choice, especially if you are a parent who loves to travel the world.

  • Chih-Cheng

The name Chih-Cheng means to accomplish your goals in life. You will find a lot of boys with this name in Taiwan.

  • Chia-Hao

Chia-Hao means to have a great objective in life.

The name is shared by a famous baseball player called Sung Chia-Hao.

  • Chih-Ming

If you want your boy to have clear goals in life, name him Chih-Ming because the name means the same.

Chih-Ming Ho is the name of a Chinese scientist with who your son will share his name.

  • Chun-Chieh

The Chinese origin name Chun-Chieh means life, youthful, and spring.

It is also the name shared by a famous Chinese scientist Chun-Chieh Wu.

  • Da

We like Chinese names because of their simplicity with a profound meaning. One such name is Da. Da means great, attainment, significant, and intelligence. Like all parents, you expect your child to accomplish extraordinary things in life. So why not give it the right start with the apt name selection- Da

The given name of Emperor Zhang, who ruled in the first century and belonged to Han, was Da.

  • Dishi

Dishi means someone who has a high virtue. A moniker is an excellent option for your baby boy.

  • De

De in Chinese means virtue, a name that you would want to keep for your baby boy.

  • Dong

Dong means pillar or east. Donghai is an alternative spelling of this name, and it means the eastern sea.

Dong Dong is a trampoline gymnast who carries this name. He is an Olympic medal winner.

  • Feng

The Chinese name Feng means summit. It is a popular choice among adventure freak parents. You will see how your son will stand true to his name, conquering even the summits of the unattainable mountains.

  • Fenhua

Fenhua is a unisex Chinese name that means energetic and youthful. You definitely cannot go wrong with this name.

  • Fang

Fang means virtuous and fragrant.

Wang Fang is the name of a Chinese politician.

  • Fu

Fu has multiple meanings like hibiscus, wealthy, father, and man.

Du Fu is the name of a famous poet who lived in the eighth century.

  • Gang

Gang means strong, which is also a famous Chinese boy name.

Tian Gang is a renowned mathematician with this name.

  • Guo

Guo means the country. You may want to choose this name for your boy.

  • Hai

Hai symbolizes the vastness of the sea. It also means to come from the sea. Your traveling boy is sure to visit exotic beaches and oceans in life.

Thanh Hải is a Vietnamese poet who carries this name.

  • Haoran

Haoran means grand in mannerism. Therefore, the alternative spelling of this name is Hao Ran and Hao-Ran.

Hao Ran, who goes by the pen name Liang Jinguang is a famous namesake.

  • Hao-Yu

Hao-Yu means a grand house. It is a rare Chinese name that you may want to choose for your child.

  • Haoyu

Parents passionate about the cosmos may choose to keep their baby boy named Haoyu, which means the vast universe.

  • He

He means harmony and river.

The Chinese recall Explorer Zheng He, belonged to the first century and was the Emperor of Han.

  • Heng

Heng means constant, and it is a name that you will come across often.

Li Heng and Zhao Heng were two emperors of different provinces of China who carried this name.

  • Hong

Hong means to expand, wild, swan, and vast.

It was the personal name of the second-century emperor of Han, Liu Hong.

  • Haitao

For parents who love the sea should choose this name for their baby boy. The name Haitao means the mighty and strong ocean wave.

  • Jia

Jia is not just beautiful but also has a lovely meaning attached to it. It means family, home, and auspicious. It also means good. So if you want a name that is a little more realistic, then go with Jia.

Hu Jia is a Chinese activist with this name.

  • Jian

Jian means healthy, strong, established, and built. So the man of strength or Jian is an apt name to keep on your boy who will grow up with a strong personality.

Yang Jian is the personal name of the sixth-century Emperor Wen of Sui.

  • Jiao-long

The name implies dragon and if you would dare to keep this name, then go ahead.

  • Jin

Jin means gold and is a typical Chinese boy name. The alternative spelling of this name is Chin. The color holds a lot of meaning in Chinese culture. If you have a family member named Huang or yellow, it is a great idea to call your son Jin.

  • Jing

Jing has many meanings like spirit, quiet, the capital city, and crystal. If you like any of the meanings, then look no further but to name your boy Jing.

Xu Jing is a famous mountaineer with this name.

  • Jiang

Jiang means a flowing river that moves at a constant speed. Your boy is a charming brook, so name him Jiang.

  • Junfeng

Junfeng depicts a picture of a majestic mountain. The name is for those warriors who will not stop even when the hike is steep. For the brave ones out there, Junefeg is the name to choose. They are those who never accept defeat.

  • Kang

Kang is a simple name for mothers who do not dream big but just want their children to be healthy.

  • Kai

Kai means to start or victory.

Zou Kai is a world champion and an Olympic gymnast who carries this name.

  • Kuo

Your child should always be motivated to achieve the limitless. Teach him that nothing can stop him from reaching infinity and beyond. Kuo means limitless, and the name carries with it high dreams for your kid.

  • Lin

Lin means forest. A variation of this Chinese name is Lim. You may choose any of these names to bestow on your son.

  • Lixin

Lixin name lets you picture a sunny and bright boy, which is true to the name that means gorgeous sunlight.

  • Li Jie

Li Jie means logic and reason on one side, but on the other hand, it means heroic and beautiful. Li Jie is a popular name, and we are sure you will love it for its meaning.

  • Liang

It is a great idea to name your boy Liang that means brilliant and bright. Just like his name, Liang will shine bright in life. The name is a perfect fit for your baby boy.

  • Lingyun

Lingyun is made of Ling, which is high up and lofty, and Yun, which means the clouds. The imaginative name is best bestowed on your baby boy, who you are sure will have and achieve high life aspirations.

  • Ming

Ming is a Chinese name that means bright. A name plays a role in deciding the character of the individual. So it may be a great idea to name your child Ming.

Ieoh Ming Pei, the architect, is a famous namesake.

  • Ping

The Chinese name Ping means level and stable. It also means peace which makes it an ideal choice for those who want to name their boy such that he mimics the characteristic of the name.

It is also the name of an American and Chinese actor called Ping Wu.

  • Qiang

Qiang means strong. The Chinese name is adorned by Wang Qiang, who is a martial artist.

  • Qianfan

Qianfan is a thousand sails. If nautical and the sea inspire you, then choose this name for your boy.

  • Qiu

Qiu means hill and autumn.

A famous Chinese philosopher from the first century was named Qiu.

  • Rong

There are several meanings of Rong, like glory, prosperity, appearance, and harmony. Rong is a moniker you want to keep for your boy.

  • Shuchang

Blissful and easygoing is what the name Shuchnag suggests. You want your child to be a happy gentleman, so choose this name.

  • Shen

Shen means to be highly spiritual. The name is the right start to encourage your child to respect his religion.

  • Sile

What does every parent want for their child? They want their baby to be optimistic, cheerful, and happy always. So go ahead and name your son Sile.

  • Shi

Shi has a Chinese origin and has many meanings like honesty, generation, and stone.

Shi was the name given to Emperor Yuan, who ruled Han in the first century.

  • Song

Song creates an alpha male personality. Choose this powerful meaning for your baby boy.

  • Sicong

Sicong means original and clever. You have a scientist in the making here.

  • Tao

Tao in Chinese means large waves.

Z.Tao is the stage name of Huang Zitao, who is a famous actor and singer.

  • Tianyu

The classic name Tianyu means heavenly jade. You won’t repent picking up this name.

  • Wei

Wei means greatness and is a suitable name to keep on your boy.

Yang Wei is an Olympic gymnast, and Yang Weidong is a businessman.

  • Wen

The Chinese name Wen means literate.

Your son will be proud of sharing his name with Wen Ho Lee, a well-known nuclear scientist.

  • Wu

Wu means military. The spelling variation of this name is Woo.

Yung Woo Kwang is a famous Chinese actor.

  • Xuesong

For the nature lover parents, choose to name your baby boy Xuesong. Xue means the snow, and Song depicts a pine tree. It’s the most picturesque name that you will come across, which immediately flashes the image of a winter day with pine trees covered in snow.

  • Xing-fu

Xing-fu means happiness and joy. It is a trait that you want your child to possess all his life. The name will coax the happy temperament through his years, so choose to name your child Xing-fu.

  • Xiang

Xiang is a treasure and means good luck or soaring, just like a bird. In addition, the Chinese name has a soothing effect on the ears, making it an apt selection for your baby boy.

Liu Xiang was a Chinese poet and scholar from the first century.

  • Xing

Wish to raise a thriving baby, then Xing is an excellent option to consider.

  • Xiyang

Xiyang means the sunset and the evening sun. So go ahead with this name if the sunset vibes mesmerize you.

  • Yang

Yang means male, sunny, and ocean.

Your boy will be full of glee when he gets to know that he shares his name with Yang Yang, the actor.

  • Yufei

Yufei means a flight feather. The name is a blend of tranquillity and strength.

  • Ying

Ying is a pure Chinese name that means brave. You may also choose to keep the name Yong which is an alternative variation of the name.

Lee Yong is a famous Chinese soccer player.

  • Yat-sen

Yat-sen means celebration or festival, which is an apt name for the new family addition who is indeed a reason for delight and joy.

  • Yuze

Yuze means brilliance or rain. It denotes the refreshing monsoon that welcomes you after a hot and humid day.

  • Yangfang

The name is sure to charm the bold and the adventurous parents. Yangfang depicts the views of the majestic sails that catch the wind.

  • Yuxuan

The name Yuxuan means a high house.

  • Zihan

Zihan has two meanings, namely tolerate and child.

You have Loo Zihan, the filmmaker with this name.

  • Zhiyuan

There is a lot in a name. If the name has the potential to decide your child’s personality, then do not look beyond Zhiyuan, which means a go-getting dreamer and a visionary.

  • Zixuan

Zixuan means high and child.

  • Zhao

Zhao means excellent. Remember to mention to your child that he is lovely, just like his name.

  • Mùchén

Do you want to give your little boy a name that screams royalty? How about the name Mùchén?

This is an uncommon name that is very popular in China. It holds the meaning of “bathe in celestial abode.”

  • Yìchén

If you like to give your son a name that has a connection to celestial bodies, you can choose the name Yìchén.

This elegant name holds the meaning of splendid sun, stars, or moon. It is a great choice for parents to want their kids to grow up brave as a ruler.

  • Yìzé

Do you want your son to grow up as a kind-hearted man?

Yìzé can be the name for you! It has a charming vibe to it and holds the meaning of kindness and goodness.

  • Hao

If you are looking for a short name for your baby boy, Hao can be the one for you. This Chinese name comes with the meaning of “open-minded,” “straightforward,” and “vastness of the sky.”

So, if you want your little one to grow up something like this, you can go for the name Hao.

  • Jun Hie

Don’t you want your son to grow up as a successful man who excels in whatever he does?

Jun Hie is the name you can go for. This Chinese name translates to outstanding, and you need to pronounce it as CHUYN-HEE-E.


You may want to keep a Chinese name for your baby boy either to respect the cultural heritage or just because you have always marveled at the beauty of these names. Whatever the reason, we give you various choices to consider.

From modern to contemporary, our list covers it all. So it is time to get enthused and select from the many Chinese boy names we have listed for you.

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