40 Elegant Victorian Male Names For Your Boy

The Victorian era remains one of the most timeless, romanticized periods in history, and with good reason. It brings to mind lovely images of horse carriages, lavish celebrations, and impeccable manners. It was a beautiful time of gentlemen and ladies, art and culture, ideas, and beliefs. And the names of this period reflect the beauty and class of this era like no other.

Just like this classic period, Victorian-era names retain an air of elegance, style, and appeal. From this era came lovely names for little girls, as well as strong, solid Victorian male names for little boys that are sure to give your baby son a good start with the charm and class the names bring with them.

If you are looking for a name for your baby boy that is timeless and elegant, Victorian male names are great choices to look into. These Victorian male names stand the test of name and are names that your little bundle of joy will surely be proud to carry throughout his life.

40 Elegant Victorian Male Names For Your Boy

Victorian Male Names For Boys

We’ve come up with a list of Victorian male names to help you find that perfect, strong name for your baby boy. 

  • Abraham

Abraham is a hugely popular baby boy name from the Victorian era. It has a grandiose meaning. Abraham means ‘father of multitudes’. Among its most famous namesakes is the former United States President Abraham Lincoln. A shorter, more modern-sounding variation of Abraham is Bram. A well-known namesake is the author Bram Stoker, who created the ‘Dracula’ series.

  • Adrian

Adrian is a beautiful name that rolls sweetly off the tongue. It is because of this sweetness and stateliness that it was among the more popular names during the Victorian era. Adrian is also a Pope’s name.

  • Albert

Albert is a name that bears greatness because of its meaning. The name means ‘bright and noble’. Albert is also associated with intelligence not just for its meaning, but because it is the name of one of the greatest minds of all time, scientist Albert Einstein. A variation commonly used during the Victorian era is Bert, which stands strong on its own. Bert also means ‘bright’.

  • Alfred

Alfred is among the popular names during the Victorian era. This is due to two great, noblemen carrying this name during this era: Lord Alfred Tennyson and British Prince Alfred. The name carries the meaning of ‘elf ruler’.

  • Archie

Archie is actually a shorter variation of the more stiff and formal name Archibald. The name Archie is a strong boy’s name with a strong meaning too. Archie means ‘one who is bold and true’. In recent years, this name has risen in popularity once again in the UK. Prince Harry has also given the name Archie to his son.

  • Augustus

Augustus is a dignified name that is fit for Roman emperors and boys destined for greatness. The name means ‘great’. Augustus is a respectable, serious name that comes with a short-form version that is fun and whimsical: Gus. Gus is a more approachable variation of Augustus that can be used as a nickname or can stand on its own.

  • Baxter

Baxter is a posh, proper and prim sounding British name which can actually be used as a name or as a surname. The name means ‘baker’ and has a classic, old-fashioned, good-natured feel to it. Baxter saw a rise in popularity after being featured in the film ‘Anchorman’. It’s also got a cool, modern nickname variation on the form of Box.

  • Charley

Charley is an informal, unique form of the name Charles or Charlie, which are names that were immensely beloved during the Victorian era and continues to enjoy massive popularity to this day, and is a favorite of the British royal family. Charley means ‘a man’. This can be given as a name for your baby boy, or used as a nickname for the more proper name of Charles.

  • Clarence

Clarence is a name that is full of Victorian elegance, vigor, and charm. It is a beloved name because of its association to the classic film “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Clarence is a name that sounds lovely to the ears, and brings with it class and a gentlemanly air.

  • Claude

Claude is a short name, but don’t let that fool you. This one-syllable name carries with it a magnitude of stateliness and greatness. Claude is a name of Roman roots, and it means just that: ‘From the Roman clan’. From this name, Emperor Claudius comes to mind.

  • Conrad

Conrad is a strong, elegant name that saw immense popularity in the 19th century, and is still beloved to this day. It is a name of German roots, and has a noble meaning. The name Conrad refers to ‘a brave counsel’.

  • Douglas

Douglas is a powerful, strapping name from the Victorian era. It carries with it a meaning that is affecting: ‘Dark stream’. Douglas is a name that has been famous in royal lineages. A shorter, less serious variation is Doug, which can be used as a casual nickname for this dominant name.

  • Edmund

Edmund is a very posh, very classy name that is among the top names for men during the Victorian era. This name has a serene, positive meaning. Edmund means ‘prosperity’. It can be shortened to Eddie for a more approachable nickname.

  • Ephraim

Ephraim is a traditional name of Hebrew origins. In the Old Testament, it is also a tribe of Israel. The name is very deeply saturated in culture and history as well. Ephraim is a rare boy’s name that carries with it a vintage essence and stateliness. In recent years, the name has begun to gain popularity in the United States.

  • Ernest

Ernest is a name that carries with it much greatness and respectability. It is associated with a character from a play by Oscar Wilde, and also boasts of a great literary namesake in the incomparable Ernest Hemingway. Ernest means ‘earnest’ and is a brilliant choice for a boy who is meant for literary greatness.

  • Fletcher

Fletcher is a sturdy, strapping name which was very popular during the late 1800s. It has a unique meaning. Fletcher means ‘arrow maker’. It’s a catchy sounding name, which is associated with the movie series “Fletch”.

  • Frank

Frank was among the most popular names for boys in the late 1800s in America. It is a refined, strong name that carries a powerful meaning. Frank means ‘free man’. A longer variation is the cool-sounding name Franklin, which means ‘free landholder’. 

  • George

George is a highly beloved name from the Victorian era and is still enjoying huge popularity in the present day. The name is of German roots, is approachable and timeless, and carries with it the meaning of ‘farmer’. George is a name that has been and still continues to be popular in the British royal family, and is the name of Prince William’s eldest son.

  • Gilbert

Gilbert is a name that was introduce by the Normans to England. It is the name of an English saint of the 12th century. Gilbert is a stately, classy name. It means ‘shining pledge’ and is also said by some to mean ‘a grove of trees’.

  • Harold

Harold is a name that is bold, strong, and powerful. This strapping, stately name comes with a meaning of equal greatness. Harold means ‘ruler’. It is a name that is associated with being a leader, and with power. This strapping, timeless name also has a good, strong variation in the name Harry, which brings with it effortless charm and enduring class. Harry is the name of the younger son of the British royal family’s Lady Diana.

  • Harvey

Harvey is a name that is beautifully vintage and timeless in its stateliness and class. The name carries with it a powerful meaning. Harvey means ‘battle worthy’. It is associated with the Batman comics because of the character Harvey Dent.

  • Hugh

Hugh is a name that is wonderful in its vintage essence and timelessness. It is a name with German roots, and brings with it an air of intelligence and a strong mind. Hugh means ‘intellect’. It is a variation of the more Victorian sounding Hugo, which is a slightly more eccentric version of the name. Actors like Hugh Jackman and Hugh Grant have been instrumental in being this name back into the top lists of baby names for boys.

  • Ives

Ives is a name that is stately, creative, and unique all at once. It is a variation of the name Yves, which is actually the name of a well known saint. Ives means ‘eve’ and is a strong, rare choice of a name for your baby boy.

  • Jack

Jack is a name that was incredibly popular during the Victorian era, and remains to this day a timeless choice to name your little boy. This classic name saw a huge resurgence in popularity in modern times because of the movie “Titanic”. Jack is a strong, strapping, enduring name that carries with it the meaning of ‘man’.

  • Jerome

Jerome is a name of Greek Victorian origins. It is a name that was very much adored in Victorian England. Jerome means ‘Hieronymus’ which means ‘with a sacred name’. It is a name that continuous to be beloved in England. Jerome Kern is a famous namesake.

  • Louis

Louis is a classic, Victorian name that is vintage and timeless. It is a stellar choice for those who adore names from the Victorian era. It also has a strong, enduring meaning. Louis means ‘famous warrior’. Louis is the name of the third child of Prince William. It is also the name of Sandra Bullock’s son.

  • Martin

Martin is a sophisticated, strong name from the Victorian era. It brings with it a powerful meaning. Martin means ‘warlike’. It is an elegant, strapping name that continuous to enjoy fame in many countries all over the world.

  • Merritt

Merritt is a name that is crisp, stylish, and respectable at the same time. It was used in the olden days as a surname, but now this English surname has become a favored choice as a name for sons. Merritt also carries with it a powerful meaning. The name means ‘worthy’.

  • Oliver

Oliver is a classic, elegant name from the Victorian era that brings with it a lot of literary clout. The name is associated with the Charles Dickens’ classic, “Oliver Twist”. Oliver refers to ‘olive tree’. With its significant ties to literature, it is an excellent choice for a name for your little boy.

  • Raymond

Raymond is a strong, steady name with an air of magnificence. It is a Victorian era name that remains timeless because of its meaning, which brings greatness. Raymond means ‘wise protector’ and it is said that a person carrying this name will grow up to be ‘a complete man’.

  • Sterling

Sterling is a stellar choice indeed to name your baby boy. It carries with it affluent poise and a posh manner. Sterling is an uncommon name with a unique meaning. The name means ‘easterner’ and has an air of grace about it.

  • Theodore

Theodore is a name that was incredibly popular in the late 19th century. This name is solid, steady, and carries with it a beautiful meaning. Theodore means ‘gift of God’ and with its grace and charm, it is a perfect choice for your little blessing.

  • Victor

Victor is a name that, though ancient in its origins, gained popularity in the 19th century. It’s a magnificent name that brings greatness with its meaning. Victor means ‘winner’ and is sure to give your baby boy a winning start to life. Victor is the male version of the name Victoria, and is one of the most beloved names from the era.

  • Wellington

Wellington is a name that has a posh, upper class, high society feel. It is a British surname turned name which has a meaning-filled with affluence. Wellington means ‘from a wealthy state,’ and the name harkens to the Duke of Wellington. A city in New Zealand also goes by that name. Wellington is one very prestigious, classic name choice.

  • Willie

Willie is a name that many will be able to find somewhere in your family as far back to the 19th century and even in more modern times. It is a derivative of the name William and can also stand alone as a name on its own. The name means ‘resolute protector’ and with a strong meaning like this and with its casual, fun feel, Willie remains a favorite choice to give to a baby boy. William is also the name of the eldest son of Lady Diana.

  • Edison

You sure have heard about the famous American inventor Thomas Edison, right?

So, the name Edison carries the spirit of the invention. It has a sense of dignity. 

If you want your son to have characteristics like this famous person, name him Edison. It translates to the son of Edie.

  • Floyd

The name Floyd has Celtic roots. It means gray.

Floyd got all the popularity in 1863 – all thanks to the famous novel Aurora Floyd, which Mary Elizabeth Braddon wrote.

  • Ivor

Doesn’t this name sound enigmatic?

Ivor is very popular, especially in places such as Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. It translates to a bow warrior.

If you or someone in your family has a Gaelic heritage, you can use this trendy name.

  • Luther

Isn’t the name charming?

The name Luther has a prominent Victorian vibe. It sounds classic. And who can forget Martin Luther King, Jr., the leader of American Civil Rights?

The name translates to a renowned warrior.

  • Phineas

This unique name is perfect for your baby boy if you are looking for uncommon names.

The name Phineas has a manly vibe, and you can relate the Victorian age to it. It carries the meaning of the oracle.


Your baby is the greatest gift of all, and choosing the right name for your little one is a great gift from parent to child. These Victorian male names bring personality, history, and timelessness that make them amazing choices for your baby boy. Choose the name that feels right for you and for your bundle of joy. Happy naming!

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